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Zac Efron Forgets to Zip His Fly for Business Meeting

Zac Efron Forgets to Zip His Fly for Business Meeting

Zac Efron shows up at an office building for an afternoon business meeting with the fly of his jeans undone on Thursday (July 18) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old actor also wore a white t-shirt with a small rip and a navy blue beanie cap.

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The day before, Zac was seen leaping over a row of bushes while quickly making his entrance to a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Zac currently has three movies in post-production – Parkland, Townies, and Are We Officially Dating?

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zac efron forgets to zip his fly for business meeting 02
zac efron forgets to zip his fly for business meeting 03
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  • lauren

    how do they know it was a business meeting?

  • Lol

    Oh my Gosh hahaha poor, Zac!

  • Maika

    Funny, wonder if he had a bj on his way there yuck

  • F.

    Unfortunately we can’t see anything :(

  • leelee

    His fly is open so I guess the meeting went well.

  • nate

    i guess it was a booty call

    was he the top or the bottom

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    that’s what happens when you wear tight pants … and that hole in his shirt? will be coming from a fight LOL. On the other hand, I like your shoes, however, continued to love him and he is as cute as ever

    I love my zattackers, we always take everything with a lot of fun

  • flyhigh

    His face is so serious, yet his fly is open… lol He still looks good though.

  • Maika

    A hand job

  • kasia

    @F.: HAHA right? I wish! He looks sexy with that pissed off face

  • lauren


    your comments are old and not funny and your hating is getting old.

  • Monty VanDezzle

    Hot! that tear in his shirt, unf!

  • Priti

    How one gets the business in the crazy world of LA.

  • BO

    he’s cool .he had a hole in his shoe yesterday , you know that jumping off bush thing . now a hole in the tee

  • Tiana

    I have always been a fan of Zac and I hope he continues doing well in his career. I know this might be inappropriate but I got a feeling that he has a small penis just saying it doesn’t matter he still is fine but different strokes for different folks I guess.

  • kasia

    @Tiana: LMAO small or not I’d still wanna see, why is it that only female stars come out with the nude pics, not fair for us girls!

  • Kim

    He is! O_o Love him anyway.

  • Taste of their own medicine

    OMG, what a famewh*re, walking down the street twice this week!!!!

  • OK

    @Tiana & @ Kasia If you saw “The Paperboy” you would no better than that

  • kasia

    @OK: Actually I did see The Paperboy he was sexy in those little tightie whities

  • OK

    @Kasia He sure was he had at my heart going. But to be fair I loved every scene he was in. In fact this is now one of my favorite Zac movies

  • kasia

    @OK: I did like that movie also, despite the vulgar Nicole Kidman role…but my fav Zac character ever is Nat on Liberal Arts :-D

  • Claudia

    Hahaha LOL! That’s funny.. it’s happened to me and i’m a girl, not good.. :3
    Loove you Zac :D

  • Louise

    Shitty movies at that, I mean seriously where has his career gone? Down the pan along with the last few movies he’s done, thats where.

  • OK

    @Kasia My favorite was Richard in “Me And Orson Welles” Jack in “The Paperboy”. But his best acting is Dean in “At Any Price”.

  • flyhigh

    Huh? His career is looking better than ever though? His sappy chick flick phase is finally over and he’s doing very promising movies now. AWOD is getting wide release and Townies is a big comedy from Universal. Parkland should get a lot of attention later this year.

  • MM

    Guess he’s hitting the casting couch again. Certainly doesn’t get roles based on talent…although his roles are smaller and smaller.

  • Rachel

    What a stupid comment. How lame!
    And small roles? Haha. He didn’t have a small role in AAP, got good reviews for his work. No small role in paperboy or the upcoming Townies. And he’s the lead in The Falling, AWOD.

  • Rachel

    I haven’t seen Liberal Arts yet but from what I heard, he was amazing as Nat like you said.

  • Rachel

    And he is talented. Check out the reviews of his work in the past year (AAP, Liberal Arts, The Paperboy).

  • poppy

    having smaller roles does not equate to being less and less talented or whatever. in les mis anne hathaway was in the movie for a small amount of time but won a damn oscar (even though i dont think she should of won cuz oscars are overrated and easy to obtain but STILL). zac is underatted and will get the publicity he needs in the right time. zac is not the “New leo dicaprio” he is just zac and could even build a new category of actors as well as guys like logan lerman (who i also adore).

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @Louise: Where has his career gone? Well he seem to have lots of movies in the can and lots more to come, I’d call that a career wouldn’t you? Unless you, like others, think a career consists of being photographed shopping and going to the gym, in which case, yeah. He has no career!

  • poppy

    @Merlin’s Mum: dont bother reply to them, trolls will always be trolls.

  • kasia

    @OK & @Rachel- I haven’t seen AAP yet, that’s next on my list, thanks for the tip :-)

  • OK

    @Kasia In my opinion Zac is flawless as Dean.

  • BO

    stop replying to hate

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • kelly martineau

    V dhould come home and help him zip up his’s pants. That happens when his’s pants are to tight on him.

  • kelly martineau

    Zac needs v to zip up his’s pants. He looks good with tight jeans on. And rip shirt. Where has Zac been?

  • Rachel

    I read that Townies will come out next spring or summer.

  • Brenda.

    Zac does get good reviews for his acting talent. critics loved his acting in Liberal Arts, AAP, TPB, ECT.

    I’ll take a guess that you’re just a bitter vanessa fan. What? You mad cause zac didn’t play a prostitute in a movie to get good reviews? or you just think that he hurt vanessa’s heart years ago? L O L.

  • truth

    @Brenda.: can i just talk about how much harder it is for young women who have been child/teen stars to get away from the stigma due to double standards? you cant even name that many women who have come out of disney and have successfully made it without the need of taking their clothes of. but i bet you can name lots of guys who didnt need to isnt it? magic mike was accepted, but as soon as a woman does the same thing she is called all sorts of names. isnt that double standards?

  • Rachel

    From Vanity Fair:

    That Zac Efron managed to parlay his teen-idol brand of fame into a successful film career is impressive. That he did so before descending into either obscurity or scandal is nothing short of miraculous. These days, Efron keeps it classy with sophisticated three-piece suits, fitted denim, and aviator sunglasses.

  • Rachel

    Parkland is going to TIFF.
    Saw this tweet:

    Marcia Gay Harden ‏
    Yay @ZacEfron #parkland made #Torontofilmfesrival! C u there doll!

    I remember she said great things about Zac’s work when they worked together. This tweet is so cute!

  • truth

    if anyone is wondering, parkland will premiere at the TIFF festival in September :)

  • Lilly

    Parkland just got a release date of September 20. Don’t know how wide it will be.