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Kanye West: Felony Suspect After LAX Photographer Scuffle

Kanye West: Felony Suspect After LAX Photographer Scuffle

Kanye West rocks a hoodie after landing on a flight at LAX Airport on Friday (July 19) in Los Angleles.

The 36-year-old rapper was reportedly involved in a scuffle with a photographer after coming out of the terminal.

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After the incident, Kanye was named a felony suspect after attempting to take the photographer’s camera, according to TMZ.

The photographer was taken to the hospital after the reported attack and the extent of his injuries are unknown.

15+ pictures inside of Kanye West landing at LAX Airport…

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kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 01
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 02
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 03
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 04
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 05
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 06
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 07
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 08
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 09
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 10
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 11
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 12
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 13
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 14
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 15
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 16
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 17
kanye west felony suspect after lax photographer scuffle 18

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  • amika

    the sad part is that the charges are going to be dropped or they’ll just send him to anger management. it’s sad the people who need to go to jail are the ones who evade it

  • Aisle14

    I hope he goes to jail. Being someones bitch will bring him down a few.

  • four


  • Monae

    Lol I don’t see what the problem is. Paparazzi are the most annoying little turds on the planet. They are overly aggressive & obsessive for no reason. And then they get mad when a celeb finally has it? You have to be kidding me.

  • Sarah.

    I honestly do not like Kanye at all. But the pap was obviously provoking him. And afterwards I noticed the pap was smiling until he realized he was being filmed. So I don’t know. Saw the video on x17online. So either Kanye is dumb to fall for it or it’s all just fake..

  • gia74

    The photogs are gross, and why are they allowed to be in an airport is crazy. but since they can you can’t take away their camera. This is the same crazy crap Larmar did. And I don’t think anything happened to him. The arrest Chris Brown for breathing. There are celebs that get way more crazy around them and you never see them react this way. He is not hounded that much. And you can’t tell people not to talk to you.

    Just don’t answer and keep walking.

  • Eye Roll

    Bottom line: the photographer did nothing illegal. Kanye (Wild) West did.

    Having an over-inflated sense of self worth doesn’t give you the right to take someone’s property or assault them.

    Somehow, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have managed not to get into conflicts and they have ten times the celebrity that West wishes he had.

    He and Chris can be jail buds.

  • LaCroix

    Paps are annoying as hell.. we all know this but the difference is what Kanye is doing is illegal. What the photographer is doing is not. Celebs really think they can get away with anything they want because they have the money to buy their way out of trouble. Great example he’s setting for his child.

  • SouthEast

    There is no law saying that people cannot photograph you and sell your picture! There is no law saying that a person cannot follow you either (according to Travon Martin case). So, the paps did nothing wrong. Kanye West is just another crazy n i g g a! Let’s be real. And that stupid bi t c h Kim Kardashian thought Kanye was going to be submissive and she could take all the $100 he ownes lol? Ha. She messed with the wrong Black guy. This man is crazy! And ugly! Untalented waste!

  • Love The Shoes

    @amika: What?! If this pap was in the face of someone you didn’t dislike you’d be bitching to high heaven that the photog should be arrested and buried UNDER the jail! Hypo-freak-ing-crites! I don’t like Kanye but I’m glad he kicked the paps ass and I’m also not a hypocrite who would say it’s a-ok for some just because I liked them and not a-ok if I didn’t! Wrong is wrong!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Eye Roll: BULLSHIT and you know it! If this was some celeb on your love list, you’d be chirping a different tune altogether. Hypocrite!

  • Love The Shoes

    @SouthEast: What’s “real” is that you’re just one more big badass “online” racist who got no problem “nigga this, nigga that” in cyberspace. Just a coward.

  • believe

    I don’t care for him at all and really, what does he expect tying up with Kim. But in fairness, it was a tussle not a fight. That the pap wanted medical attention is ridiculous and revolting. Paps really need to start being restricted. Laws should be passed for the protection of everyone.

  • liz

    I believe these people should only be allowed to take pictures from a distance, not swarming around them like a pack of hyenas. And they should not be talking and yelling out to these celebrities- THAT is what Kanye hates. He is always telling them “Don’t talk to me!”

  • AHB

    If you don’t like being beat up, don’t become a paparazzi.

  • Eye Roll

    @AHB: If you don’t like having your picture taken, don’t become a celebrity.

  • Eye Roll

    @liz: Why is it okay for Kanye to say, “Don’t talk to me.” to a photographer but the photographer can’t speak to Kanye?

    He does not get special rules because he is a rich celebrity. The photographers have just as much right to speak as he does.

    What he does NOT have is the right to assault someone.

  • AHB

    @Eye Roll: He’s a musician first and celebrity second. The paps are bitches, and bitches get slapped.

  • LOL

    “paparazzi are annoying” what the hell are you doing HERE??? really??? HERE? Just Jared site? a gossip site? lol your little sh1t and dumb

  • Fun

    @AHB: nope he is a celb his music is not music it is trash!!! aaaaand he is dating Kim K soooo he is a celeb first stupid person!!

  • Eye Roll

    @AHB: Musician? He better stick to the Miley Cyrus brand of celebrity:

    If it don’t work, twerk.

  • Dani


  • cute

    he is trash! hope someone punch him!!! his face is ugly!!

  • ginger

    He needs to deal with it now that he’s attached to the Kardashians who live their lives for the paparazzis… Without the paps, the Kardashians wouldn’t have a good lifestyle to live by. That’s why Reggie Bush left Kim. He couldn’t take the craziness of the paps following him everywhere. So Kanye needs to live with these people following him everywhere. He just needs to ignore them when they provoke him… It makes him weak and stupid when he lash out. Just ignore them.

  • AHB

    @Eye Roll @Fun: Once you hit puberty, you’ll get his music. In the meantime, chill to the Teletubbies.

  • JoeyMo

    Why would Kris K want him for a son in law ? He might do a chris brown on Kim. Didnt Kris learn anything from O J ?

  • Jessie

    Kanye loves the attention!!! I honestly think everybody should stop taking his picture and give him zero publicity. The same goes for the whole Kardashian clan.
    They moan about the paps but secretly they love being in the spotlight. Seriously, we should all just ignore losers like Kanye and the Kardashians and hopefully they will go away.

  • Fynn

    ROTFL! The photog pull a Lebron, and is now just looking for a easy payday.

    You still don’t have the right too do stupid stuff like this though, and if the camera was miraculously damage though all that, then he’ll 9-10 pay for it, but felony assault charges? GTFO!

  • Smitty

    this whole story teaches us you don’t have to be too smart to take millions from a brain dead society of people who support and buy products from the likes of Kanye and the whole Kardashian family !

    the pressure of being associate too closely with the K Klan has not only made Kanye crack up but also Lamar Odum too as he also went ballistic on the other pap last week breaking into the pap car and throwing all his stuff into the street, Kanye and Lamar must have meetings on how to attack and fight with the paps LOL Lame

  • jkl√∂

    Oh please you all act like this papz are saints. In an interview Matt Damon said it is crazy with Brad, because he sees that the papz have no problem breaking the law for a pic of Brad. Many Papz are also nuts on the street, chasing you like crazy, dont forget what happend with Nicole Richie and her little child in the car. Papz calling your names so that you react. Papz are no Saints they do everything to provoke you and get a picture. The Brangelinas have no chance to sue them all it all happens to quick and they are to many. This one Pap did what all Papz do, provoke and play games.

  • mhd

    He is just taking it out on the paps because he was stupid and walked into a sign and embarrassed himself they got pix and vid of him doing that – now he doesn’t want to be kool w the paps- what a loser and Kim will be sorry if she marries that abusive guy.

  • Ray

    The song everybody knows you’re boyfriend is a douchebag comes to mind whenever I see this dude

  • Robocop

    Looks like KK has two babies to contend with!

  • Rodriguez

    Most of these papas are illegals anyway and make their living off of provoking American celebrities then suing them in court. Why don’t they stay in Mexico and harass their own celebrities.

  • lola

    I don’t like Kanye at all, even a little bit BUT we all know this story is SO FAKE! The paps do anything to make it look like celebs attack them, when clearly the pap was doing all the moving in these pics and making it look extremely dramatic to his own extreme. He NEVER needed to go to the hospital or have any treatment for it, they are just money suckers who are sue happy and want there free piece of the cake just like all the ones that purposely stick there foot under a celebs tire when their leaving just so they can sue them for “running them over”. It’s so fake and unjust/unfair to the celebs (even the crappy full of them selves celebs like kanye.) Paps should all be condemned in their afterlife for being such scumbags.

  • semil

    How can 6% take the old and too young about 3% of the population committ over 50%, murders over 56 % of all rapes , any the numbers for robbery , assault are in he same percentile … The gravest mistake America made , after the civil war , not make it a law that blacks had to go back to their homeland, ship them all back to Africa, 150 years later America still suffering

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Eye Roll: Go take a nap.

  • Katmoe

    He said the pap can take pics, but don’t talk to him. The photographer kept on talking to him disrespecting and ignoring his ask, as usual, so it ticked him off. He should be allowed to travel w/o being disturbed. The pap takes that journal amendment (freedom of the press) too far. They have rights but what about the rights of the celeb.

  • Eye Roll

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]: Are you sure Kanye will allow it?

  • Imagine if Ramos have a gun

    Imagine if the Paparazzi have a gun, and when he was in the floor he pull his gun and shoot Kanye West in he chest and kill him ?

    Just imagine if any time someone is put down in a street fight the person that is below shoot a gun thinking he is defending is life?

    Imagine if Kanye West is killed when he try smash and punch the paparazzi head ?

    It would be interesting to see the Paparazzi go free after a jury decided that it was self-defend and that the Paparazzi was afraid to lose is life and it have the RIGHT TO KILL TO SAVE HIS LIFE ?

    Just Imagine …..

    I hope Kanye West be put in jail and pay a few millions of dollars to the Paparazzi.

  • Imagine if Ramos have a gun


    Well, With that name you too must return to Mexico … Mr. Rodriguez

  • Ariel

    “photographer”? Seriously? More like “stalker”.