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Taylor Lautner is a Gentleman for Co-star Marie Avgeropoulos!

Taylor Lautner is a Gentleman for Co-star Marie Avgeropoulos!

Taylor Lautner is ready for action as he arrives on set of his upcoming film Tracers on Thursday afternoon (July 18) in New York City.

The 21-year-old actor and his Tracers co-star, Marie Avgeropoulos, took a break from filming on Monday (July 15) to see Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theatre, according to Page Six.

“After the show, they popped downstairs to meet the cast,” a source told the mag. “But Marie, who’s on crutches due to a leg injury, had a tough time getting back up to leave. Taylor carried her up piggyback. They left together and signed autographs for fans outside.” – What a gentleman!

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  • tara

    Taylor forever the gentleman. If I was Marie, I’d keep those crutches longer than needed.

  • aquarius64

    He’s hooking up with Marie. Taylor had a similar location-ship with Lily Collins when they filmed Abduction. Going out to different events while shooting the movie. It’s just a matter of time before sightings after the film wraps. This makes co-star # 3 for Taylor. (The Twilight leading ladies were off-limits because Kristen was with Rob and Mackenzie Foy was a minor. Both would have been scandals, and Foy would have led to a prosecution. Being facetious here.) Anyhoo, Maika is done, and Sara will have to wait at least a year before he gets back around to her, unless he is finally done with here too.

  • leelee

    I smell a bearding coming on.

  • Erin

    @aquarius64: Ummmmm “he’s hooking up with Marie.” So are you Taylor or Marie’s best friend? Are you PA working on the movie? Are you IN the movie or on location at all? Okay then I don’t see how him helping a partially crippled co-star up the stairs means they’re hooking up. If I were with a guy and I couldn’t make it up the stairs because I’m on crutches and there’s no elevator then he better help me up.

  • Lulu

    @Erin: I totally agree with you! Who this Aquarius thinks she/he is?
    Probably this person is basing her info in a few gossip sites reporting Tay and Marie were kissing on the 4th of July, but that was a lie, because people there already told they were there with the rest of the crew and cast celebrating. And both times they were in Broadway, they were not alone at all. It’s just a dirty mind that thinks a man and a woman can’t be friends. And don’t tell me a lot of sites reported about the 4th of July, because it was just a few sites, all of them with the same ghost “source”, I believe more in the people who really were there and told they were just being friendly.

  • Marco M

    he’s also a Hunk

  • nate

    @Marco M:

    he’s also gay

  • samie89

    Aquarius64, what do you have against Taylor. First of all, on Twilight there was Ashley Greene, Nicki Reed, Dakota, and lots of others that he didn’t date. Also the average 21 year old right now is in college and who do they usually date? Other college girls and lots of them. Taylor isn’t in college and his friends that he is around a lot are other cast while filming. So if he is dating her what is the big deal. I don’t see it as a problem at all.

  • Lema

    @aquarius64: Marie is almost 30 while Taylor just turned 21 a few months ago. It’s Marie’s first film I’m pretty sure she’s really excited to be a part of the project and be around a famous movie actor like Taylor. I wouldn’t be so quick to lump them together. Besides the age difference, when Taylor was asked who he’s dating he said he’s trying to just “focus on the work.” Even if they were to PR date I doubt it would really go anywhere, most women Marie’s age aren’t that interested in dating a 21yr old guy whose friends are 19-23.

  • Alex123

    @aquarius64: I think you need a boyfriend or girlfriend and stop talking about Taylor’s love life that much. It’s ok to be interested in celeb’s life, but you are looking really sick now, crossing the limits. No matter what you say to me now, all I know is that every time there’s something about Taylor here, you just show to the world how sad your life is…

  • aquarius64

    To all the little girls coming at me about criticizing Taylor – get your heads out of Twilight; he’s not Jacob. He’s a guy with a history of hooking up with co-stars. Did I say he plans on marrying her? If you don’t want to accept he can be a regular guy with normal urges and actually has SEX with a female without pledging love or marriage that’s your problem. I’m surprised you didn’t rip into the commenters that have alluded he’s gay. He’s 21, wealthy and being a guy. If more evidence comes out you won’t take it very well, judging by your comments here. Dump on me all you want, I’ll say what I think.

  • Alex123

    @aquarius64: Well, you’re not just annoying, you are also dumb. At least I didn’t say he should not date Marie, she’s pretty, and if they are not dating, he’s wasting time. I don’t Like Jacob or Twilight, that was just one argument you gave because you don’t have others. You assumed we all like Jacob here, it’s not my case, and I don’t care if he’s dating a co-star for the 3rd time, this does not make him a bad guy. My point was how every time you come and have bad things to say about his personal life, like you know him or the truth about his days, and obv you don’t, because you believe every shit you read. So, I don’t care if he’s dating a girl, or even if he’s gay and dating a man, that is his problem, I just hate people like you that try to make a point using stupid arguments and tell things about celebrities like you know then in person.
    What you just said about Jacob was the proof of how dumb you are, nobody here said he’s perfect or shouldn’t date Marie, we just said you know nothing to claim something for sure. And IF he dates her, I totally approve, they are young and beautiful and you should find someone for you as well. It’s the most idiot thing to always see you in Taylor’s posts like you were his personal assistant lol.

  • aquarius64

    @Alex123: You don’t have to read my comments, little girl, if you don’t like them. And you don’t know this guy from a can of paint either. Just like me you form opinions based on what you see and read. Throwing your pacifier at me because you don’t like I wrote it in itself childish. Again, I I will say what I think, no matter what you feel.

  • Vida

    @nate every 5 years after the New Moon people like you dream about it, but no your life and wait when Rob,not Taylor, reveal to you that cute secret :)

  • Vida

    @leelee I smell some’re a fan of Rob, Robsten fan, or somebody else? you eat only not envy that guy so loud.
    Taylor is a good guy, humble, kind, a real man.Kristen always known ..

  • Ana

    gay, bi or not, he is stunningly beautiful, sexy man, I’m jealous of those with whom he is in bed.he will excite anyone, even a lesbian, even a dead lesbian…

  • yes

    @ samie89…he’s hooking up with Nikki Reed.

  • andrea

    Sure is alot of nasty comments on here towards someone who merely gave their opinion. That’s what these boards are for. No need to get nasty with someone if you don’t like what they say, maybe just keep quiet or don’t come by here for starters. We have the right to go to as many posts as we want and voice our opinion, like it or not, and people like you won’t run us off!

  • Nicole

    First. Can’t wait to see this movie, been keeping close tabs on all the pics and each time I get a little more excited.

    Second. Sigh, Aquarius64, annoying as always, but I agree with you on this point at least, you have the right to say whatever you like. Likewise we have the right to judge whatever you choose to say, so, take those lumps mama…or like, stop being a total weirdo.

    We get it, Taylor has dated quite a few co-stars. We get it, some people believe he’s gay. We get it, most don’t know what his relationship is with Sara. We get it, some believe he can’t act. We get it. We get it. WE GET IT!

    So, yeah, repeating it in every Taylor post on every site that dares to post something about him is getting a little…well, you’re starting to make my eye twitch.

    To what this article is actually about…aw how cute. He’s such a gentleman, guys everywhere should take notes man. This dudes parents raised him well.

  • aquarius64

    @Nicole: Oh that’s suppose to shut me up permanently? Nope. Nobody’s making you read my posts. This is not a fan site where only glowing praise is allowed. And I have the right to push back at shippers.

    @andrea – thank you.

    Oh here an addition piece of info – Taylor’s dad has a rep for being a stage parent of the Michael Lohan variety. Two years ago Taylor lost representation from one of the best agencies in Hollywood because they didn’t want to put up with control freak Dad-a-ger. That agency he lost could have helped him better transition into adult roles and getting better projects. Also, Pops has been slated to be the reason why Taylor and Selena Gomez broke up; he and the studio wanted him single so he can be “accessible” to teen girls, a move for his career. Funny Dad had no problem with Taylor dating Taylor Swift a couple of months later. It may be water under the bridge now, but that was still foul. Neither story has been denied by Taylor’s side.

    So much for family values. So take those lumps, mama.

  • misti

    Dad also lost millions of his T’s money trying to start up his own production company. Dad needs to stay home and T needs to grow up and start making more of his own decisions.
    @Aquarius-he did have a kick butt agency before his dad messed that up because he was being way too demanding. Didn’t seem to care if it would damage his cash cow’s image or career.