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Beyonce & Jay-Z: Trayvon Martin Rallying Couple!

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Trayvon Martin Rallying Couple!

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z stay close while attending a Trayvon Martin rally outside One Police Plaza on Saturday (July 20) in New York City.

The 31-year-old singer and the 43-year-old rapper joined other demonstrators to protest the acquittal of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman after he was found not guilty for the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

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George Zimmerman started the fight and George Zimmerman ended the fight,” Trayvon‘s mother Sybrina Fulton said at the rally. “My son died without even knowing who his killer was…Today it was my son. Tomorrow it might be yours.”

FYI: Beyonce is wearing a Jennifer Zeuner wishbone bracelet.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce and Jay-Z attending a rally for Trayvon Martin

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Credit: Kena Betancur; Photos: Getty, Wenn
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  • Sam

    So let me understand 9 out of 10 times when there’s a inter- racial crime it will be black person committing it against a white person, half of all white women raped the perpetrator black, while 99.8% of black women are raped by black men, all according to FBI statics … And remember black men are less 6% of the US population. And they’re marching because the anomaly of a black person dying at the hands of not a non black person it must be a hate crime … When a black person inflicts harm or death on a person of another race it’s just a crime , race not a factor & federal hate crimes charges never brought into it… Can non blacks stop buying the crap Beyonce and JayZ sell, unless these race hustlers are held accountable ( their wallet) they will keep at this race baiting.

  • April

    When I see a rally for something like this. Or a rally to help all the black kids that keep killing each other I will join that. It would be nice to see Beyonce and her Husband get a little education and do the same. That kind of rally would help. Instead of continuing a race fight over something that has already been proven to NOT be about race. Not only that, it was proven to be two people that did something wrong….not just one. Unlike the story I linked to. When two black boys shooting an innocent baby in a stroller and shooting the Mom, gets the presidents attention then maybe the Treyvons in the world will get mine.

  • Ava

    Christpher Cervini a white unarmed 16 kid you was shot twice by black Roderick Scott, and Scott got off on self defence, even though the kid never touched him and the black guy was 2 times his size… But he felt thearthen , so he shoot him in the back and cheat and the juor acquitted him. Where was the media when a white kid gets shoot , and black guy gets off on self defence..Beyonce & former drugged dealer husband are scum.

  • Ed

    Surprise Beyonce wore her blond wig, the crowd might have mistaken her for white , but then again I notice she has her armed body guards with her.

  • whatwhat

    Do they ever leave anything out? Or at least go there with a hoodie and support without dressing up like you go to some award show. geek.

  • Simone

    Of coruse JayZ sympathizes with a thug who was high most of the time, once a drug dealer alway a drug dealer.

  • Sam

    Those two wouldn’t have given a flying fig about him when he was still alive. Their famewhoring level is beyond disgusting!

  • Alaia

    Why would she wear that to a rally? Seriously…

  • Elle

    These two are pathetic,there they were,doing their weekly photo op…aww
    That’s sad to see that they are using this trial and its result to promote themselves and pretend they are nice.Nice try,you two are still fame-wh*res and money-hungry losers.Nothing changed.

  • I wanna play too!

    I hate them now! Amanda said J is ugly!


    I’m ecstatic to see J and B out supporting who they are. The hastily verdict reached made me to say the least beyond perturbed. This has impacted not just the nation but the world. I’m assured that together we can insight a nonviolent ,law changing, political movement to seek the justice this nation was founded on for all. Hats off to everyone that is standing in the gap now for Trayvon and his surviving family . As we CONTINUE stand his voice is heard. Justice will truly prevail

  • Tiana

    It’s funny how people call Trayvon Martin a thug and he smoked weed, but when Cory Monteith died it was a tragic death and you telling me race don’t play apart in things okay…

  • offtheproperty

    Sucks to be them.

  • Ashamed to be white

    The comments here prove racism is alive. Disgusting

  • sillyme

    “The comments here prove racism is alive.”

    Yes. On BOTH sides. Blacks are just as bad, and maybe even worse, because for some reason they can get away with racist, sexist, homophobic comments and no one will say anything. I guess because they’re Democrats.

    And, wow, even with Jay and Beyonce there, they couldn’t get more people to come out?

  • Life Model Decoy


    No, we call him a thug because he tried to bash Zimmerman’s head in. He was creeping in the shadows instead of walking on the brightly lit sidewalk so he should not have been shocked when that draws attention.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @ Tiana – Exactly and that Glee guy was on Heroin!!!! And they are calling Trayvon a thug!

  • four

    disgusting, absolutely disgusting

    Bey can’t even form proper sentences


  • Esquared

    The word “thug” has nothing to do with race or whether someone is using or dies of drugs. The definition of a thug: a violent person, esp a criminal. So by definition, yes Trayvon was a thug. Cory Monteith however only harmed himself which in the end killed him. And people HAVE said that Trayvons death was tragic…BOTH men made bad choices that night and unfortunately one of them paid with their life. And I 100% agree with previous posters – not right that only white in black killings are considered hate crimes

  • Tomax

    If Beyonce is in an elevator with five black guys wearing hoodies and baggy pants. She is definitely clutching her purse tight.

  • Terrance


    @ Sam.

    I have no idea where you got those insane stats from but THEY ARE TOTALLY MADE UP and absolutely not true. Most white women are raped by white men! And HELL NO, Blacks DO NOT commit no where near 90% of all crimes against whites. But why don’t you focus on crimes that whites commit everyday, like walking into a theater and slaughtering dozens of innocent people? Or walking into a beauty salon and killing everybody in sight. Or perhaps showing up at congresswoman’s rally and killing lots of folks, including children? Or worse yet, lining up dozens of innocent babies and their teachers and shooting them in the back of he heads? Yeah, come the lies idiot!

  • ToniSoprano


    No it doesn’t, you made it a race issue with your comment.

  • ToniSoprano

    Funny how they want to rally but yet went to a known Communist country for vacation. Did they do anything there to help the Cuban people? Did they rally there? Speaking as a Cuban, I can say that I was a fan until they did that. I was never a fan if his ugly asss but I was hers until that. Nothing but fame whhhhhores, rallying for what’s convenient for them. Efffff her & her ugly husband.

  • karl

    this is so overhyped…

  • A mother

    Racist unite. All I see is s child who didn’t make it home because a grown assed man couldn’t follow police directions. You fail to remember he (Zimmerman) was the one who got out of his car to follow a child returning from a store. Are white men do weak that a man taking MMA carrying a gun is afraid of a teenager? No wonder your women flock to black men.

  • http://JustJared fatusankoh

    Is good to see bey and jay leading their support this two do good all the time but this mad hate mongers have bad things to say about this good star god bless bey and jay hatters have noting on you

  • Beloue

    If George Zimmerman had NOT had a gun, he never would have gotten out of his car. All these racist comments here make me sick. I haven’t been to a movie theater since what happened at Batman. Most serial killers have been white men.

  • Sam

    @ Tiana… When you see pictures of Cory with his gold teeth, bragging about his guns and what a tough fighter he was and getting caught with stolen property, you can call him a thug too. I know you aren’t too bright and only look a race but you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that Trayvon himself on Facebook page called himself a thug and a kick a** street fighter.

  • well

    @Sam: You forgot to give one stat: How many times does the black person get off (found not guilty) except for OJ?

  • Anne got a gun

    Beyonce has bad skin, look at all those little pimps.. And WTF is she wearing, shh gurl this ain’t no awards show….. couldn’t she have left the blood weave at home, to be in solidarity it’s with all the other black racists.

  • well

    @Ava: Never heard about the case. Maybe those that did should have protested than we would not have these laws in 2013

  • A mother

    @Sam: Does racism eat brain cells? Are you really bring up what a child wrote on Facebook? I assume you have no children. On second thought you probably have a boatload because that’s all hicks do, procreate. (the dumming down of America)
    Btw,do you have a French fiance you met on the internet, because no one can lie on the internet

  • Tommy

    @a mother.. your reasoning is so a** backwards it’s not even funny, and it’s obvious you didn’t watch the trial , Why shouldn’t Zimmerman not be able to leave his car, all of sudden leaving your car means someone can attack you, WHAT !!!! he had more might to be there then Martin, he actually had a home there, wasn’t visiting someone like Martin and was the neighbour hood watch , looking for suspicious people, which Martin was, why was the kid walking on people’s private property on the grass in-between houses in the rain, a kid that got suspended from school for having stolen items from a burglarized home a block from his school.
    And he told that chick on the phone he was at his day’s girlfriend’s house, and lost the guy following him, at the same time Zimmerman told the cops he lost the suspious person, and the killing happened up the hill a block away from Martin’s dad home, so that means Martin swung around and went back, which corresponds with Zimmerman’s story that he was surprised attacked, walking to his car.

  • Sam

    Sorry @ Terrance to burst your bubble but those numbers are correct, Goggle is your friend, but you wouldn’t find it easily because the media doesn’t like to report the true facts a race relations in America.
    And here another fact about blacks treated in the criminal justice system.
    “Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law at disproportionate rate. “Black Floridians have made about a third of the state’s total “Stand Your Ground” claims in homicide cases, a rate nearly double the black percentage of Florida’s population. The majority of those claims have been successful, a success rate that exceeds that for Florida whites.”

  • http://google Cynthia

    To MOther – for your information Trayvon was not a child but 17 years old and stood almost 6’2″ tall…weighed 175 muscular pounds. The media portrayed Trayvon as a small young man. Get the facts!

  • Sam

    @ Well….sorry here more info.

    The idea that the criminal-justice system discriminates against blacks — and that this bias explains blacks’ disproportionate presence in custody — is a staple of civil-rights activism and of the academic Left.
    Every effort to prove it empirically, however, has come up short. A 1994 Justice Department survey of felony cases from the country’s 75 largest urban areas discovered that blacks actually had a lower chance of prosecution following a felony than whites did and that they were less likely to be found guilty at trial. Criminal Professor, Alfred Blumstein has found that blacks are underrepresented in prison for homicide compared with their arrest rates. A meta-analysis of charging and sentencing studies showed that “large racial differences in criminal offending,” not racism, explained why more blacks were in prison proportionately than whites and for longer terms, according to criminologists Robert Sampson and Janet Lauritsen.

  • A mother

    @Tommy: One more time for the mentally challenged. He shouldn’t have left his car because THE POLICE someone wh actually have authority TOLD HIM NOT TO. If he had WHAT it takes to be a police officer he would have been one. My father retired after twenty five years as one in Chicago. He fired his gun once, and made us visit the guy he shot , because he was someone’s child. So don’t try telling me about a man I was raised by one, married one (who served his country for 24 years, and raised three more. I also know a cowardly racist when I see that one. The kind that sneeks up behind a child with a gun and still gets his ass beat.

  • Tommy

    @ A mother?????? When more time for a idiot like you who obviously never watched the trial…Zimmerman had the every right to leave his car.. Black people do not own street, WHY didn’t Trayvon just enter dad’s house when he told the girl he was in near it……The police DISPATCHER NEVER said stay in your car, they actually asked Zimmerman if he could see where the “suspicious” person was going, and Zimmerman left his car to find the street name… YOU NEVER WATCHED THE TRIAL, or you would know the dispatcher never said to stay in the car, but all dumb people like you know is to regurgitate bullsh*t they hear And why did one call the cops , which is what your supposed do, and the thug Martin didn’t if he felt so threatened, or get inside the house he was staying at, instead of turing back to where he last saw Zimmerman, so he could give him a beat down, like the thug he was.

  • Jamie

    @A mother: Actually, THE POLICE did not tell him to stay in his car, it was a 911 operator. A 911 operator is not a police officer and has no authority whatsoever.

  • Daniel

    OMG how in the world are people really that cruel, calling a teenager who died unnecessary a thug but calling a heroin addict tragic. You are a racist thats for sure. Trayvons & Corys dead will be forever tragic, how sad that racists use their dead for their needs.

  • Beloue

    The 911 operator is trained to deal with these situations. She asked him if he was following the kid and GZ said yes! She told him to stop. Zimmerman had a gun so he continued to follow the kid. All Trayvon knew was that some creepy man was following him to his house.

  • tina

    @Tommy: Unfortunately I watched it everyday you bigoted troll. When his White friends (where were his Cuban friends or is he prejudiced against his mothers people, also) lied on the stand I cringed. THE JURY HAS SPOKEN OUT. The ones not trying to make money said his actions caused Trayvon’s death. THE ONLY THING THAT SAVED HIS LYING LIFE IS THE FACT HE KNEW THE STAND YOUR GROUND LAW AND LIED TO MAKE IT FIT. Repeat he shoule have stayed in his car. He is a coward, plain and simple. So happy my sons have their carry permits. God bless America.

  • Tommy

    @ Jamie …. the 911 dispatcher never said to stay in the car, that ‘s just what black people purposely misreport along with liberal national media , so they have some point to make when they blame they victim for fighting back… Read he transcripts of the trial, if you didn’t watch the trial… the dispatcher actually asked Zimmerman if he knew which directions the suspect was heading , and if you knew the street he was on , why Zimmerman even left his car.

  • Tommy

    @. Beloue. And Zimmerman said Ok he wouldn’t follow. That still doesn’t explain why Martin after telling his friend on the phone he lost Zimmerman and was at his father’s house, how Martin ended up on top of the hill on the other side of the complex from his father’s house and where the confrontation happen… And that doesn’t explain why Zimmerman had injuries and Martin didn’t , next time a thug should go inside his home instead of looking for a fight, trying to beat a man to death, he should realize that person might carry a gun and even the odds .

  • @tina

    @Tina, your a ignorant fool, first ” stand your ground law,” wasn’t used in Zimmerman’s defense. All the rest of your post just rambling of a idiot, and what’s with this Zimmerman had no right to leave his car , why because thugs can’t control themselves.. Go take a hike, this is America thugs don’t control where people can’t and can go. And the only coward was Trayvon Martin who hide and surprised attacked Zimmerman, and I bet your last piece of fried chicken , if George Zimmerman had been 6’2 and muscular , Trayvon Martin would have walked into the house instead of turing around looking for a fight.

  • Ava

    @ WELL Chrisphoer Cervini was murdered in New York State in 2009 , a state the doesn’t have ” stand your ground” type of laws, the black defendent used standard self defence claim , same as Zimmerman . I don’t know what law change you think is needed ., self defence has always been in our justice system. Just he was a white 16 year old kid and the killer Black so the media didn’t turn it into a firestorm to get tv rating up by inflaming blacks on their sense victimization, that they can’t exist without.

  • Aleezah

    “I have no idea where you got those insane stats from but THEY ARE TOTALLY MADE UP and absolutely not true. Most white women are raped by white men! And HELL NO, Blacks DO NOT commit no where near 90% of all crimes against whites. But why don’t you focus on crimes that whites commit everyday, like walking into a theater and slaughtering dozens of innocent people? Or walking into a beauty salon and killing everybody in sight. Or perhaps showing up at congresswoman’s rally and killing lots of folks, including children? Or worse yet, lining up dozens of innocent babies and their teachers and shooting them in the back of he heads?”

    Excellent observation. Just ask Gabby Gifford about caucasians who shoot their own.

    Trayvon Martin’s only crime was being black and minding his own business trying to take his brother a bag of Skittles before leaving to go home, when he was followed by a sexual predator with a gun (George Zimmerman, who raped his cousin over 10+ years).

  • A mother

    Can’t help the fact he’s short fat and stumpy. He was in better shape when he choose to follow and kill that child. How stupid are you that you actually belive someone would stop, not far from his destination to “hide in the bushes” in the rain? If he was in the damn bushes how did Liarmman’s head hit concrete as he claimed? I have a mistrust of long haired tatooed freaks and a gun permit, does that give me the right to shoot your son? I live on a col de sac in a nice neighborhood, so if I happen to see your Satan worshipping son walking by ( with a hoodie on to defect rain) I can stalk him and shoot him right? What your son doesn’t worship Satan? I thought all long haired tatooed freaks did. See how profiling works? You bigotted a-hole. My children grew up with both parents in the military. I used to call my youngest friends the rainbow connection. We had this one family on the next circle who we’re as stupidly prejudice as you. Her son ate snacks at my house everyday because you don’t feed your child and not feed his friends. My son ate one snack at her house , she came over saying we didn’t feed our child. When I told her I fed her son everyday and she left with her face red. When she andher spouse moved we threw a party, nastiest woman I ever met, animal control had to come out because they had fifty cats in their basement. Did I conclude all white women we’re lazy and stupid after that? No, I realize it’s only a few of you.

  • Aleezah

    George Zimmerman “murdered” Trayvon Martin in cold blood based on the “Stand Your Ground” laws. When he went to court it was changed to “Self Defense” because the “Stand Your Ground” laws would not hold water [since] he got out of the car and followed Trayvon [against] a direct order not to.

    I must admit [and you have to hand it to the Defense Team], it was a slick way to get Mr. Zimmerman acquitted, but it does not change the fact that he is [TRULY] guilty of MURDER. It only became “self defense” after Mr. Zimmerman followed, harassed, and intimidated Trayvon. Trayvon didn’t know who Mr. Zimmerman was because Mr. Zimmerman did not identify himself as the [self-appointed] neighborhood watchman. Trayvon thought Mr. Zimmerman was a homosexual who hunted young men and rape them. [Fact] Mr. Zimmerman had a past of molesting his own cousin 10+ [Witness #9].

  • Nikon

    Won’t exactly be mistaken for a Mensa meeting, will it?

    Racism is alive and well thanks to opportunistic asshats like Sharpton and Jackson who would be irrelevant without it.