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Henry Cavill: Superman 75 Party at Comic-Con!

Henry Cavill: Superman 75 Party at Comic-Con!

Henry Cavill poses with “Action Comics Issue #”1 at the Superman 75 Party at 2013 Comic-Con International at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on Friday (July 19) in San Diego, Calif.

The 30-year-old British actor was joined by his Man of Steel director Zack Snyder.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill

Paul Wesley and Michael Ealy were also spotted enjoying the party.

“There wouldn’t be a Comic-Con without Action Comics #1 and Superman so it’s fitting that we’re honoring the comic book that started it all here in San Diego,” President of DC Entertainment Diane Nelson shared at the party. “It’s been a year filled with milestones for Superman – while we celebrate 75 years of entertainment from the world’s first Super Hero, the global success of Man of Steel proves Superman is more relevant than ever.”

15+ pictures inside of Henry Cavill attending the Superman 75 Party at Comic-Con…

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henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 01
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 02
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 03
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 04
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 05
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 06
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 07
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 08
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 09
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 10
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 11
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 12
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 13
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 14
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 15
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 16
henry cavill superman 75 party at comic con 17

Credit: Jerod Harris; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Henry Cavill, Michael Ealy, Paul Wesley, Zack Synder

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  • Elodieee

    Yaaaasssss Henry Cavill still looking almighty fine as f#ck unnnffff! Nice touch the blue shirt and Supes hair.

  • Another


  • Lauren

    Any fake girlfriends you’d like to parade in front of the cameras, Henry?

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  • pssst

    Oops Mr. GAYvill is now also announcing that his looking for a new HW BEARD!

  • me


  • pup

    Why heeeeeello there Mister Cavill!!

  • Faye S.

    Seriously…you state that he is gay as a fact, but you have no evidence.And don’t give me the “he had photos with gay people” crap.Not being homophobic does not make you gay!Perosnally,i know from someone who worked with him on Immortals that he is very straight and he had a relationship with a local girl and he was really into her.

    Anyway,he is gorgeous as always.

  • Anna

    i loooooooove him!

  • Azwe

    Gorgeous as usual Sigh… Henry ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Lkor

    He doesn’t have a gayface. Not gay.

  • Cori

    Sad, he was made to look like a fool in the pr debacle. After 3 shady shomances, no one will take one seriously. It’s 2013, honesty is in, or just stay single.

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    @Faye S.:

    So delusional. Poor thing.

    Yes, I’m sure you know “perosnally.”

  • Faye S.


    Delusional?Do you have any evidence that he is gay?I’m sure you don’t!I heard many stories about him and all of them proove that he is straight.You can hate all you want and write things that you can’t back with evidence.From what i read and from what i know i came to the conclusion that he is straight.Especially when his gay rumors started from 2 stories that are completely untrue! Also we should ask the girl from the stardust make-up team,the girlf from vancouver,the girl from ireland and the girl from Montreal …i’m sure that they have a different oppinion than you!

  • Piper

    @Faye S.: “I know someone” LOL

  • Arya


    The sad thing here is that there was this blind item suggesting that the Henry and Kaley,indeed,met through their PR teams but he was really into her and wanted thing to work out.She ended thing when she saw all the bachlash and hate .Poor Henry…he can still come to me.I can break up with my bf if Henry will just ask!

  • Elodieee

    IDGAF about the rumours, true or not, he is still fine as hell, just like I crush on Matt Bomer.. unnnfffff!!!!

  • wawa

    so pretty Henry! Marry me! Why does he look so tired? His face looks red; eyes red….what’s wrong baby you drinkin too much? jk

  • Ambar

    I totally agree

  • Ambar

    with Cori

  • June

    hi everyone, listen the first part ;-) (this is from yesterday)
    have a nice weekend! XD

  • Katie

    I look at him now and feel absolutely nothing.

    That PR showmance has completely turned me off him.

  • ian

    So hot…

  • me


    Haha! Hon if he even looked your way in real life you’d pee pee in your fat girl pants.

  • ohenry

    @June: Wow, seems kind of sensitive and sort of feminine, interesting. Better to not let him be interviewed.

  • Ellery

    Global success…. ????!!!! “Man of Steel” was a supermassive ludicrous financial and critical flop, so what success are they attributing to it????????!!!!!!!!


    Why is that little gay retard Jim Lee there with him? Are they lovers now? Not surprising.

  • lilo

    It made 620 million dollars. Pretty sure that makes it successful.

  • Stacy

    Sensitive and feminine? You must not have been listening properly.

  • Nadia

    Welcome to the big league Henry. You have not made it until Hollywood tabloid starts making up CRAP about you & their ditto heads readers Start Hating on you. You have arrived baby.

  • Nadia

    @Lauren: he was not the one twitting a pick of himself salivating over a MOS poster. And he was not the hanging on for dear life kissing shoulders wrapping arms around the waist while walking to the Market. If anything he looked downright uncomfortable. I think you should save that question for Cuocco.

  • delorb

    What is so wrong with saying you think he’s gay? Its 2013. No reason to get your panties in a twist. All the venom being spewed against any thought that he might be gay, seems to imply that that person is homophobic. Yes, Faye S., I’m talking about you.

  • Henna

    I don’t think Gina Carino was a beard, and I don’t think the 2 week thing was fake either. If it were, they woulda have kept it on for longer.

    He might be bi, but you need to get a life if his sexuality is that important to you.

  • vi

    Other posters who kept saying he’s closeted gay without proof is homophobic too. It works both way for both parties

  • linda

    look at all the envious wannabe actors here spitting their venom ! haha!
    have some dignity, guys and gays, be decent, envy silently!
    have a nice day in your Starbucks ! Love & Peace!

  • NJ


    You r right. It was all kaley. She was the one getting too clingy. Now thre’s news that he is a playboy and he’s not good enough for kaley. All those negative press and Henry’s silence clears the fact that henry dump kaley and moved on . and now that man shouldered girl is trying to ruin his reputation.

  • Katie

    @me: LOL…what a loser you are. I am current 38 years old and a size 6. In my younger years I was a model.

    What a ridiculous assumption. Get a life

  • Blue

    Henry you looked dapper! :) The colour of your shirt was an excellent choice! ;)

  • HC FAN

    when you don’t have nothing in your life .. he’s making a lot of money and fame.. what about you haters? hahahaha

  • Blue

    For the haters: The Henry-Cavill-is-gay stories are so boring already! For us who like Henry it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or straight!

  • Red

    Doesn’t matter either way to me just hope he’s man enough to own it one day and please let him b a top.

  • nadia

    @NJ: no actually . Actually I making the point that it’s 50/50. it involves 2 people after all. But all I hear is how poor Kaley is used by Henry for publicity. Really most Foreign websites didn’t know who the hell she was. He did a Global press tour for MOS which had a huge box office opening. Then he need to date a tv star on a drying up comedy show for publicity? HILARIOUS does not even begin to describe it.

  • Jeanie

    @nadia: most people still haven’t a clue who he is and no one went to see the movie for him, it was all about the character Superman. Fan girls so naive. To really make it in show business, you need to be known in the US and he has lots of work to do after his lame pr fail here.

  • Nadia

    @Jeanie: really & you know this bc all the people who went to see the the movie called you personally & told you this I’m sure. Save your your fan girls comment for somebody who cares. I know people who work behind the scenes. If he wanted pr, I mean real pr, he would not be dating a tv actress.& hanging in Sherman Oaks. Get Real.

  • Prc

    Henry has been on American TV doing the carpet round here since 2007. He was in the Tudors on showtimes for 4 years & has a fan base from that show. Why do you think a lot people wants him to be C. Grey? I saw him several times on TMZ before MOS. once he was announced for MOS, I ‘m sure all the comic book geeks looked him up. Before MOS opening I saw him on just abou every morning shows & entertainment shows so he’s not totally NEW to American Audiances. Somebody started this whole PR rumor & knowing the evil ways of Hollywood, that person or group has an Agenda. 2 people can’t just go out & then go their. separate ways? sheesh

  • June



  • Blue

    @Prc: I second this sentiment! Henry didn’t come out of the blue to be Superman!

  • donna

    Why should it matter whether he is gay or not, people? If he is, he will come out when he wants to, or not. Sexual orientation of actors should really be a non-issue. If the actors beard it’s mostly because people make such a big deal out of this issue.
    He is working hard for his roles and fame. The whole Kaley fiasco was in bad tast, imo both are equally to blame. But that’s Hollyweird, why single him out when most do it?

    On another note, is it me or he is not looking that good, surely handsome but looks good only in some pictures..other not so. Lacks charisma imo.

  • Blue

    Can you guys just stop talking about this Kaylee thing? It’s over! Stop blaming either of them! Move on!

  • Lilith

    I am truly amazed by some persons point of view. So…. according their opinions.. if you have any gay are gay as well!!!
    Following that mentality, if you are white and have any black friends..well… you instantly become black!!! (or white), and if you are a bank clerk (for example) but happen to have many friends in science community… let me guess… it will automatically make me a scientist!!! OH WOW!!!! :/