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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Vampire Diaries' at Comic-Con!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Vampire Diaries' at Comic-Con!

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev pose together while attending a panel for their hit show The Vampire Diaries during the 2013 Comic-Con International on Saturday (July 20) in San Diego, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor and the 24-year-old actress were joined by their co-stars Kat Graham, Candice Accola, and Paul Wesley.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

Earlier in the day, Nina donned a different outfit while attending the convention.

Check out a video of Ian and Paul talking about the show’s upcoming season and their bromance at the convention.

FYI: Nina is wearing a Matthew Williamson dress and Rupert Sanderson booties at the panel and wearing a Sachin + Babi outfit with Jimmy Choo shoes earlier in the day. Kat is wearing Belle Sauvage.

Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley – MTV Interview

15+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev attending Comic-Con…

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ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 01
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 02
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 03
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 04
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 05
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 06
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 07
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 08
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 09
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 10
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 11
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 12
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 13
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 14
ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diaries at comic con 15

Credit: WBEI; Photos: Invision/AP, AKM-GSI
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  • Grey

    Damage control!
    They didn’t pose together, they posed with whole cast around. Everyone and their mothers seen that beside when it is needed Nina is by herself. Cast don’t even pretend to bear her anymore
    and she left her cast and long time friend for a new one and fly to LA.
    Though she promised on twitter to her fans to make up for all cons she failed to attend this year (as was said under earlier article)
    she is always to busy party with JH to do her TVD comitements
    Only posting her name near Ians can save her ass from fans anger. Only bc delusional Nian kids wants Nian back.
    So JJ nice attempt of damage control but too late all other press is posting about awkward alert and extras from set already tweeted who childish and super b!tch is Nina Dobrev who decided she is better than other TVD ppl

  • sofia

    TVD is not about just Ian & Nina! Why don’t make a title with TVD cast, how about Paul, Kat, Candice? It’s a little direspectful

  • So true

    jarod,seriously?U cut Plec and others out of the picture bc that is one of WHOLE two pics where ian and Nina are near each other and make this halfmanip as a headline? Ian and Nina pose together..who cares. Only Nian fans still delusional and agressive,everyone else finally stopped feeling sorry for Ian who was contracted to play a loving bf of screen. The showmance get boring, it is over…move on!

    As for others! I love candice and Kat! with for Bamon in season 5 somehow
    and Defan, def DEFAN
    Salvatore bro rocks! Broes against the hoes!

  • anabelle

    Wow that is an awkward pose with Ian and Nina. I’m a delena fan and even I know how awkward their scenes will look in Season 5. Kat and Candice look soooo pretty! Kat has some gorgeous eyes!! Paul and Ian hot as always. As of right now I think Nina thinks shes too cool to do TVD stuff and its sad that all the ‘fame’ has gone to her head, the poor thing. Don’t like her anymore. I’m slowly converting myself to Bamon and Steroline for season 5. So effing tired of Elena and the love triangle from hell! They need new writers.

  • wqq

    This show is so stupid. If it was real life the guys would be fighting over Kat’s character Bonnie since she’s the hottest one out of them all. Instead she’s treated like “the ugly girl” who serves the other insecure b*tches. But that’s what happens when your fanbase consists of white fangirls, you have to keep them happy since they’re so insecure.


    Nina is the best actor on CW, TVD is nothing without her

  • hello

    Nina dress is on point! I want it!

  • http://@hebabob1 Bebo

    Why is everyone attacking Nina she had done her work and leave to attend her bff birthday party and I don’t see any problem with it and we all know that Nina is wonderful girl and she loves her fans and communicate with them on twitter as possible as she can , there is no reason to call her “*****” just because she break up with ian btw in the photos I never see Nina stands alone and everyone treats her with respect coz she deserve that and Everyone can’t imagine TVD without nina

  • Nana

    First of all to avoid the awkwardness between Ian and Nina, why do you think Julie Plec is in the middlel of both of them? The far they are from each other the better I guess. And they pose together as a cast it was not only Ian and Nina. Adn there are no pics of the 2 of them togetehr as far I know

  • JL

    Please tell me they are not going to start the bearding deal again? It’s 2013! Own it man!

  • Hamlet

    No character is considered ugly on that show, #5.

  • .

    @Grey: kiss somerhalder ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michel

    @Grey: stop with your bullshit. she did all her TVD comitements. at that party were no fans. i know what fans want her to get back with ian….no way!!!!!

  • ……………

    @Nana: there are many pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • victoria

    @Grey: GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • meeeeee


  • So true

    Nina stans are oh so desperate! LOL i dunno who is worse crazy Nian fans or Nina fans who somehow try to prove that Nina is worth smth with out riding Ianš fame
    the article was supposed to be about all cast but the only way to drag attention to Nina is to put her near Ian with out him she is zero
    and if they will start Nian again that will be a proof that CW can’t sell Nina with out Ian,

  • LOL

    Nina:quit smoking,eat some food,u dont like this because you don’t sleep,you had a long refreshing vacation unlike the rest of the have no excuse to look so haggard&dead drawn&tired…paul,kat,ian,candice they were busy doing cons&manage to look fresh

    but you who had a rejuvenating holiday look dark,ill&unhealthy,so much for holidays&finding yourself..LOL

    oh and by the way NIAN psycho fans expect too much out of you and Ian,if u have to make NIAN work,act well off screen too…because nian fans have a future with you two,u know babies&all,,though not sure you are fertile anymore with all that smoking and starving to make your tummy disappear for those bikinis that you pose so much on whosay

    girl,you don’t care for your fans,you are not eager to be friebdly and open with the press yet you want to be famous and glamorous..doesn’t work..pull yourself together,your tvd 3.5 million blind fans doesn’t make you Sofia Loren

    also JJ,the rest of the cast are much more important,talk about them now..Candice,Kat Graham,Paul,and claire holt is a million times better than dobrev..

  • n


  • lolll

    Ian looks like a woman there. He lost weight again, always has the same clothes, is starting to get old, helloooooo 35 is coming soon, his acting is terrible, tvd doesn’t even give him storylines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    @LOL: she does what she wants in her vacations. Lol dumb people!



  • paul fan

    @So true: and ian is who? LOL.

  • So true

    Ian looks hot 24/7 million of ppl and artists admit that, he is born GodGreek
    who will need to try to put him down? Ohh Nina fans who are upset that thei MarySuie stupid fake baby doll are not dating hottiest man alive anymore and no pobe will copmare to Ian
    newflash peeps
    Ian was forced to not deny it in public and make stunt pics with her so fans would go awww
    now hen TVD is less important for producers, CW don’t give a damn about Dobrev who can’t make fans with out Ian near her and Ian and other cast is finally free to show their real attitude towards miss greatest and stupiest b!tch ever
    they can’t bear her

  • paul fan

    IAN IS A DICK. was direspectful the way he acted at ew interview when he called paul character boring. dude you suck at acting.

  • paul fan


  • paul fan

    @So true: well then go and suck his D.

  • erika

    @paul fan: The reason Ian has to butt in and talk about everyone else’s characters is because damon has literally had one storyline the whole show and has had little to no development.

  • erika

    I keep saying over and over again that his fangirls are hurting his career. Holding him back. He’s destined to be typecast if he’s not careful(*cough* 50 shades *cough*). And normally I’d stay out of it, but I gotta say that he really made an ass of himself in every interview—he seemed narcissistic and jealous of Paul among other things. It was very ugly.

  • erika

    he has played the same stereotype for 4 years in his show. sorry ian fans.

  • i just want him to shut up

    okay i just watched the TV Line interview .. ian, really, shut your mouth. this is not just you man. rude very rude.

  • i just want him to shut up

    ian is a piece of shit. ok. he is showing his male ego and he is hurt. his attitude he had for nina at the panel was kinda rude, in all the interviews he acted like he was the only one there.

  • kinda sucks

    @erika: from season 2 she doesn’t have a storyline. he is used just to show his body and less acting

  • aly

    Ian is so bitter and jealous omg I haven’t watched all the interviews from Comic Con but seeing a gifset where he said to Paul that he didn’t bring any nuances to his performance or just talking about Stefan’s character when Paul is sitting right there…wtf is his problem??? Like I don’t care if he’s joking but Paul has always been the main lead since day 1 so Ian needs to stfu now that Damon got his prize the media is interested in something else he’s such an attention whore

  • lisa

    Is it just me, or does everyone in the cast seem to prefer Paul over Ian? All the gifs I’ve seen of ComicCon are of the cast smiling & laughing w/ Paul. Kat, Candice, & Nina were all hugging & taking pics w/him, high-fiving, laughing at what he said. Meanwhile when it came to Ian, Paul had to tell him to stop being a hater, nearly left him hanging & when Nina shhd him to be quiet, I know it’s wrong to make fun of others, but I couldn’t help but laugh at that!

  • amanda

    @LOL: yeah she smokes, like ian, and like 99% of the celebrities! dumb girl.

  • amanda

    @lisa: he was annoying there.

  • kelisa

    I love Ian and TVD family.
    But I also feel sorry about all the hate spread by some rude fans.
    Hate makes you ugly and miserable. I never wana be such a pathetic person.
    Ian is a beautiful,talented and generous man.I just wana adore him without attacking someone else.

  • Seriously

    1. Just Jared: its really pathetic to crop the picture of the WHOLE cast to make some silly Nian story for the fans. We saw comic – con and we are not stupid enough to make us believe it. So stop wanting numbers and and hits over this Nian thing and get the picture of the whole cast. What you did shoes luck of professionalism. Sorry but that is the truth.

  • hmmm

    If Ian is so bad and lame then why all articles use his name as a headline?
    may be bc despite what haters say Ian as paul is the reason wjhy TVD is still exist
    While Ian was faking his love for Nina bc of fans all his sarcastic comments would be seen as awww now he is a bad guy? and why? bc fans are disapoined that he his not a lost puppy as they wish him to be
    fans hoped ian would be skulking and crawling on his knees in front of Nina, like very chick dream
    scratch that he is hot as ever and finally free and happy and successful
    U rock Ian!
    And Paul is a star as well. They are friends. They share jokes and rock the show
    only haters see smth that isn’t there

  • VE

    I just felt Ian was out of line when he criticised Paul’s acting performance. It wasn’t necessary him to comment Paul like that. Honestly I found Ian alright at the start of season 1 but I found that overtime he just annoys the crap outta me. Some hardcore fans are so invested in his looks and don’t care about the bullshit that comes out of his mouth.

  • Seriously

    2. This Nian shit is over. Enough with the fairytale. Get over it. It was PR for a purpose and now you are trying to make juice of the so called break- up. MOVE ON.
    3. Ian was great there, he has beautiful pictures with Kat and Candice..why dont you put someone of them there and you are trying to prove sth of the one of the 4-5 pictures with Nina? that werent even nice?
    4. Paul is great, i adore him.. But evn he calles his character boring and is thrilled to be Silas this years. So stop bringing Ian down. Paul and Ian are great friends..when you will accept that? is it too much for your low – apparently – IQ?

  • wontbefooled.

    What a fake pathetic attempt at PR. CW goes to great lengths to sell this couple and make their fans happy, no really. Most of their fans are delusional. Ian went on to drop hints thanking his management and the girls are still fangirling over two pictures! I for one am so so sick of this showmance and this Dobrev-I care so much for my fans. She’s proven time and time over how fame hungry and selfish she is. And this summer proved that Nina is NOTHING without Ian so CW is at it again. I can read body language and Ian/Nina were totally awkward at comic con.
    Now dear Just Jared stop this PR bullshit and post pictures of Ian with Kat and Candice. They all have a lovely friendship. Also, try deluding other people.

  • wontbefooled.

    @Grey: totally agreed. amen.

  • Katya

    Ian is constantly turned away from Nina on the photo. He has bad manners. Not a gentleman. sad face,

  • Seriously

    excuse me? where you saw the bad manners? it was a cast photo and for your knowlenge it is Nina who has turned her whole bodu away from Ian. So get over your fairytale and stop making Ian the bad guy here.

  • dissapointed

    Maybe Damon should have gotten the cure then Ian wouldn’t be acting like such a jealous little bitch. The media could be asking him questions like how he was feeling about having to portray a human Damon instead of how he was going to try and be a good boyfriend to Elena *yawn* Suck it up dude you chose to be the token eye candy character with no depth when Paul wants to do more he actually says so now he has 2 storylines and 2 characters both with more material than you can poke a stick at

  • dissapointed

    @wontbefooled.: who is ian???????? LOL. this comic con showed to me what a whore attention he is

  • michelle

    @Seriously: he delete the photo after because all instagram was sending him hate!

  • hmmm

    Ian having a bad manners??? What a joke! ian is a perfect gentelamn. It was dobrev who seek attention to her self any time she is on panel or duiring ONLY one interview
    Cas had plenty inteviews and Nina was only at one
    Pople mag didn’t invite her along the cast to a photoshoot for them!it rings helluva loud bells!
    She is all about herself and the cast finally showed their real attitude – they don’t care about her. If whole cast is like that then it is her fault not cast fault
    Nian fans are delusional and pathetic
    stop hating Ian bc he isn’t crawling back to Nina
    the sowhmance is over, that PR Nian stunt is ended
    so shit up and enjoy our TVD boys!