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Kate Middleton & Prince William Welcome Royal Baby Boy!

Kate Middleton & Prince William Welcome Royal Baby Boy!

Kate Middleton and Prince William have just welcomed a newborn baby boy on Monday (July 22) at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, England.

The 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge gave birth at 4:24pm local time in London and the baby weighed in at 8lbs, 6 oz.

“The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth,” the statement continued. “The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry & families have been told and are delighted. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well and will remain in hospital overnight.”

This is the first child for the Royal couple.

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  • Missy


  • Jen J.

    Wow! Congrats on the future King of United Kingdom! Everyone was expecting a girl, so this is such an unexpected welcome surprise. Congrats England!

  • mel


  • ivy

    No, but almost a Leo…he was born on the cusp. had he waited a few more hours, he would be a Leo.

  • WOW!

    Hope they picked an awesome name!

  • LOL

    Would have been perfect if he were a Leo. Perfect symmetry. King of the Jungle – King of the UK and Commonwealth

  • Camila

    It’s a boy!!!

  • bestofbest

    @ivy: No girl, I think he’s a Leo. They programmed having the baby in summer just to be Leo. As the queen mother Elisabeth and many relevant people.

  • Daniel

    Congrats :)

  • mellow

    Congratulations! It was an exciting day! Hope they both doing well.
    Best wishes to them all xxx

  • Cambridge baby

    Just like Diana , giving birth to a boy ! Wow. Her parents weren’t even there! Wow coming out the same door with a son Just like Diana!

    Wow is Spencer going to be his name or Earl her sister (Diana’s)
    brother? We know the press is going to put Diana in this play
    The videos from 30 years ago.. And how Katherine has to raise
    Him just like Diana cue the Videos from30 odd years ago!

    She is not Diana Katherine has her own parents who will help raise
    Him… And live at Kensington Palace just like Diana! Half
    Prince so was Diana she was not royalty either!

  • m3iii

    congrats!!! the baby will be gorgeous…i’m sure!!! katherine will come out with the baby tomorrow with william…..while kim is still hiding…ha!!

  • luci

    Little Satan

  • sallyedelstein

    The last time the world went on a rabid royal watch was 31 years ago in June of 1982 when we waited with baited breath for the birth of Prince William. Just as today, the wave of royal baby fever spread across the pond to the US, where the souvenir market was cashing in. For the millions who couldn’t get enough of this 20th century fairy tale, they could have fun browsing through commemorative memorabilia such as a paper doll book cheekily called “Chuck & Di Have a Baby” For a peek at the book featuring cut- out dolls of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the anxiously awaited royal baby, visit

  • believe

    Best wishes to this lovely couple. I think Kate is remarkable and an amazing addition to the royal family, She has done a great job in her role and handling the press. A truly remarkable woman.

  • Cece

    Nice big baby! Good for her – everyone said that she was too skinny, but she must have been eating well and giving that babe some nutrients. My wish for them is a little privacy at this super special time, but that’s the downside of being royalty.

  • @Cece

    The weight of the baby has nothing to do with the “nutrients”. It has to do with heredity and moreover, Kate was a week overdue.

  • Janet

    Congrats!But now i hope the media stops showing them and let them alone forever,which i doubt,to be honest.Finally this pathetic media circus will be over…finally.:)
    Yay,congrats again!!!:D
    And guys,if this boy becomes king one day,he will be at least 60 until there.Don’t dream too much,first comes Charles,then William(or his brother) and after that this boy.80 percent of us will be already dead in 60 years.even me.Come back to reality,people…this future is still too far from here.

  • kel

    All the Best to the Royal Family and the newest Prince!

  • marq


  • What a shame

    Poor little soul being born into the most dysfunctional family on earth.

  • Abdicate now

    @Janet: “And guys,if this boy becomes king one day,he will be at least 60 until there.Don’t dream too much,first comes Charles,then William(or his brother) and after that this boy.80 percent of us will be already dead in 60 years.even me.Come back to reality,people…this future is still too far from here.”

    Well if Liz would abdicate we wouldn’t have so long to wait. She’s off in a few days for two months of doing nothing.

  • Glenda

    I wish they had a girl…OH well. Congrats anyway.

  • Ashlee

    who cares the boy will be another devil in that ugly evil family

  • Mona


  • cami

    Congrats!!! Best wishes from Brazil :)

  • xx

    Half-blood prince was already born!!

  • Laura

    Just like Diana Kate has a boy, but I think this will be a happier marriage. Will and Kate genuinely seem to be in love. Plus they are both the same age, and a decade older than Diana was when she married, her older prince who secretly pined for another woman. I think Diana will be watching over them too.

  • Emma

    Now they’ll hand the baby over to their nannies.

    The British monarch are jokes. They haven’t done anything to care for their people and resolute any poverty over there. The prince and princesses of that kingdom have done nothing much but party at elite clubs, vacation on other people’s money under the name of “government business”. Prince Harry is ironically now a commander of a squadron after how many years in the service? While in reality, most commanders are in their mid-30′s and 40′s after serving several more years than Harry has.

  • Emma

    I’ll give them 3 years and after the 2nd baby, before they start having affairs with other people. Dude’s been balding really fast. Yeah, she really did marry him for love…LOL!

  • janice

    She’s stunning. That is one good looking baby. congrats!

  • dch

    Congrats!!!! Best Wishes to them all!!!

  • M


  • Asefire

    The “royal” baby, keep worshipping a family that was born to have all the money in the world because their blood is blue, this world is full of retards.

  • Bohoo

    Sorry,,but this is over hyped..also do not find this woman attractive…she is like a piece of dried leather…william really got looped into this
    half duty done, now a spare and the prince can go party


    Rumor has it, they are naming the boy Greg.

  • ann

    Why are Americans so obsessed with these inbred idiots?

  • Princess Sheena

    @ Ashlee…..what’s so devilish and evil???? You must be a sad soul.

  • Boohoo to tax payers

    Boohoo another future unemployed royal duty sponger for the British tax payer £££££££££££

  • Tax payers

    Boohoo another unemployed royal duty sponger , for the hard working British tax payers , ££££
    This baby will live in a lap of luxury will never get his hands dirty or never have any money troubles Thanks to the expense of us people
    keeping them
    while other new born babies live in poverty stricken areas , no social help and grow up struggling to survive and end up on the wrong side of the law

    Yeah congrats

  • http://ifashionusa Jasmine

    I’ve been looking around stores and went out to shopping malls but I can’t seem to find Kate Middleton’s polka dots blue dress at all. Thank god I found it through ifashion –