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Katie Holmes & Suri Hold Hands After Rare LAX Landing!

Katie Holmes & Suri Hold Hands After Rare LAX Landing!

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri hold hands while arriving on a rare flight at LAX Airport on Sunday (July 21) in Los Angeles.

Last week, the 34-year-old actress was seen looking cute and chic while picking up her seven-year-old daughter from gym class in New York City.

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Over the weekend, Suri‘s father Tom Cruise promoted his new film Edge of Tomorrow during 2013 Comic-Con in San Diego.

Since Suri and Tom are both in California, maybe they will reunite for some father-daughter bonding?

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  • Danielle

    A “rare flight?” What does that even mean? She’s an actress, it’s not unusual at all that she would go to LA from time to time….

  • annie

    both so cute, katie looks great in leather jacket, always has.

  • Yassine

    They both look great although they seems a bit tired [normal after a long trip]

  • Shawna

    I still can’t believe that Tom has all but abandoned his daughter. He acted like he wanted a child so badly but now doesn’t even bother with his visitation. Poor girl with a deadbeat dad. At least Katie is a great mother to her.

  • denise

    @Shawna: #4

    Leave Tom alone, you don’t know how often he see’s the child, or when he sees her. You are just another internet NO-NOTHING, talking sh*t about a situation you know nothing about.

  • Jen

    @Shawna: – #4

    As soon as you see Katie and Suri went to Los Angeles, you have to take a hit at Tom. Just because you don’t see Tom with Suri does not mean he does not spend time with her.

  • Jen

    @Shawna: #4

    P.S…..Tom has his own private jet, and you don’t know how often he see’s the child. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • missy

    I believe that Tom does still see Suri, but not very often. It’s pretty telling that even during summer vacation she has spentv most of her time with her mother . Oh well, it’s probably for the best. Hopefully, Suri won’t end up brainwashed like his older kids.

  • Just a Comment

    - We hadn’t seen Suri holding a blanket for months, she was down to a stuffed animal but it looks like the blanket is back. Wonder if this trip to Los Angeles has anything to do with the alleged “Knowledge Report” Katie was said to have written about Leah Rimmin. I think the last time we saw Katie in Los Angeles was this year during the pre Oscar weekend but it was a whirlwind trip, I think she was in Los Angeles 24 hours and then returned right back to New York. She was photographed arriving to LAX and then arriving back to New York. Katie didn’t stay in Los Angeles for the Oscars ceremony on Sunday. Boy, the things that Katie knows could probably make a bestseller but she’s better off not revealing all she knows because she wants to be a working actor and she’s have to think about Suri. Whether she is Cruise’s biological child or not he has claimed her publicly and Katie went along with it so it also makes her look bad if Cruise is not the biological father.

  • annie

    Suri seems to always have her blanket when she’s in a plane, little kids have their own little ways too, don’t think it means much, the aircon on a plane can be cool sometimes, she probably snuggles up with her furry toy, she usually sticks them down her jacket, to keep them warm.
    She’s sweet!
    My god , the things she knows alright…..but it’s true, Suri might see Tom, but it’s not often, Missy is right.
    I’m very accepting of peoples philosophies and religions, but sometimes when I read things about Scie, you know from people who have left, there ‘s something wrong.
    Take Leah Remeni for example, what stood out in my mind, and I can’t get my head around it… is a family that was in it for 37yrs, her mother accepted her 2 little daughters living in horrible cockroach infested dirty dorms, with 15 or 20 other kids.
    These people hand their kids over, just like that, for other higher up members to do with their minds whatever they wish, and torment them until the tormenter hears what he/she wants to hear, if they did something wrong.
    Here is Tom Cruise, and he takes his” big being best friend” on honeymoon with him and Katie.
    Seriously I always thought it was tabloid gossip, but Nicole Remeni said that it happened. This is not normal!
    These people are not normal, and KH was in the middle of it, with a little child.

  • shia

    when he see his daughter, where he see his daughter, it’s his privacy. He is not necesarry to let you know or let you see. you think who you are?

  • shia

    wow! the Leah Remeni, a z-list actor I don’t know, she knew clearly what happened in TC’s honeymoon, she saw it? or she was with them toghter? so the z-list is kh’s ” big being best friend”? what did she do with kh in their honeymoon? I really want know.XDD

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Why does a rich kid have sunken cheeks like her middle age pimp mama?

  • Thornton

    They both look great. The desperation of Suri the meal ticket just gets greater by the day. Sunken cheeks, really? We can all see they don’t have sunken cheeks. But I guess when you’re a weird, desperate, loner, sitting around thinking up ways to attack someone you’re jealous of, it gets hard to come up with things to write. So sad.

  • Alliana

    Neither Katie nor Nicole will ever spill details on Cruise. He has all employees sign huge multi-page confidentiality agreements–they can’t even tell anyone who they work for. You can bet in his divorces he has every loop hole covered to shut his ex-wives up. Same with the women he dates. Xenu put their full resources behind getting Nicole out of his life once she strayed from being an alien. Then they took her kids away. This is all laid out in the VF article on Katie by top Scientology defectors. For a normal cult member they would immediately be cut off from anyone leaving the cult. But this is Tom Cruise. Several top defectors have come right out and said he gets special privileges and is coddled and insulated from the realities of the cult. However he was complicit in turning Bella and Connor against Nicole. He knew exactly what was going on. So it is very possible he is slowly distancing himself from Suri. This is a horrible Cult that breakup families and destroys people who leave. Google katie Holmes and vanity fair article. It is an eye opener and Cruise is as bad as Miscavage and those who destroyed his marriages to Rogers and Kidman. Google Scientology and village voice–those articles are even more eye opening. There is no way Cruise (as well as Travolta and Ally) can’t know what goes on. By choosing to stay with the cult and not speak out for and about those those being abused they are just as guilty as Miscavage. That worm who kidnapped those women in Cleveland has almost a thousand counts against him including murder, rape, kidnapping and more. Yet the cult gets away with great cruelties in the name of religion from bribery, blackmail, kidnapping, forced abortions, slave labor and more. And some feel they’ve gotten away with murder. So why would Katie or Nicole ever want to spill the details?

  • Anne


    Cruise is obsessed with media. Do you think now that he’s so bad in USA, it would not take a lot of pictures with his “daughter”? For me, the divorce agreement, Katie demanded he leave the life of Suri (was rare photos of these encounters, I think to save face with the fans of Cruise and more $ $ $ $ $ in the trust fund. Soon enough, these visits will no longer exist. Katie is not holy, most gave a masterstroke on the powerful “Tom.” She is a great mother, but vindictive.

  • Anne

    @Just a Comment:
    She entered this to rise faster in HW. Perhaps, by the way regretted having introduced an innocent in this “marriage” and the love of mother spoke up, wanted to protect her daughter from a crazy religious fanatic and his family.

    Tom is so insecure, needs a psychiatrist. Maybe Miscavige was par the Maldives, to encourage him to lose his virginity to a woman. LOl

  • Anne

    These visits will fade with time. Katie allowed only rare visits to Tom does not get bad with your audience and more $ $ $ $ in trust Suri. The culprit will be Scientology. Lost ugly ‘XENU. Katie is a great mother …. more vindictive.

  • Anne

    @Just a Comment:

    She entered this “marriage” to rise faster in HW. On the way … regretted introducing an innocent in these arrangements. If biological daughter Suri was Tom, he would fight more for it. The scandal would be worse for him.

  • Yassine

    Holmes is back in New York city, she is on the set of her new film, we can barely recognize her with Luke Kurby (07/23/2013)

  • Mimi

    very insecure man (the abusive father, caused that) he needs a psychiatrist. perhaps Miscavige went to the Maldives for moral support him. lol
    Tom is a @Alliana:
    Tom does not have “weddings”. It has contracts, which are not renewed for more than 10 years. Katie was fired and she went out for revenge script combined. Do you think it was coincidence all women age 33?

  • Mimi

    Tom does not have “weddings”. It has contracts, which are not renewed for more than 10 years. Katie was fired and she went out for revenge script combined. Do you think it was coincidence all women age 33?

  • Elle

    I think this is the first time Suri has been in LA since last year. I hope it’s not too hard for her to see her old home and room.

  • Macbeth

    His kids aren’t brainwashed, #8.