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Selena Gomez Celebrates 21st with 'Birthday' Video - Watch Now!

Selena Gomez Celebrates 21st with 'Birthday' Video - Watch Now!

Selena Gomez celebrates turning 21 with the premiere of her new video for “Birthday“!

“I wanted to celebrate my 21st Birthday with all of you, so we made this video for us all to celebrate to,” the entertainer wrote along with the video. “Thank You for all the love and support you have shown and continue to show me. I love you all so much!!”

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“Birthday” is featured on Selena‘s upcoming album Stars Dance, available in stores on Tuesday (July 23).

Selena Gomez – ‘Birthday’ Video Premiere
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  • Emma

    She’s already been used up by so many men at the ripe old age of 21 LOL! I’ll give her 1-2 years before she ends up like the rest and abusing more of the coke and weed daily.

  • Sydney

    all she’s doing is having fun with her friends so why are people constantly bashing her? its not like she’s going out and getting drunk. she had TACOS for her birthday “cake”. i don’t understand why people treat her so differently, she’s allowed to drink anyway. She’s not doing drugs or anything, she’s still the same humble Selena. she’s just older. smh give her a break people

  • Sydney

    she even shared this video for HER FANS. to show she trusts them and she knows they won’t judge her for what she does. She didn’t even look drunk tbh. she was just having fun, stop acting as if she has to listen to what people say all the time. she’s one of the most grounded celebrities ever.

  • Maddy

    Haha Go Selena! Turning 21 is so exciting! It’s like.. FINALLY!

  • jj

    i could only take watching that video for less than 30 seconds, the song is horrible, any birthday song is really cheesy and stupid in general so why would anybody advise her to do a birthday song in the first place. plus she wants to act like she has a gangsta party when shes the farthest thing from it lmao. oh god, the little wannabe hipsters we’re breeding in this sick society, stop it already goddamn.

  • pika

    @Emma: its sad but true. i mean there is always a pattern with these disney stars, mainly the girls. with selena, i bet she already has s ex but the fact that her pr is so good at brainwashing kids and presenting this cute half latina princess she has managed to cover up whatever tracks are seen. i remember a while ago i briefly heard about a scandal she was in but within hours it was taken down and nobody heard of it again.

    HOWEVER, this video is ten times more appropriate than miley but i feel that miley is just a scapegoat in this whole thing.

  • anne

    i dont think people have anything wrong with her, its just how she is showcasing herself to the media. her team is fully aware of how popular she is among children/teens and of course will use that to their advantage…but at the expense of being taken seriously by the young adults and maturer audiences. as i go through comments on teen blogs its all “i love u sel” “OMG UR BEAUTIFUL” etc. and then i turn to the more adult sites where they started off with “shes cute” and “she seems level headed ” to ” shes everywhere now” and ” i dont see her career lasting long”. listen up: in reality, what teens and kids think of child/teen stars does not matter because their opinion is viewed as irrelevant to the situation. when she wants to breakout, who will she be looking to for approval? the adults. and if she isn’t accepted by the adults on her overall image, it will be much tougher to gain their approval in the long run. but i wish her the best.

  • anne

    the critics are adults, not teens or children. i wish she didnt do the whole music, clothing line and perfume thing because it has already tarnished her image. why? how many actresses/singers have clothing lines, perfume and music? how many of them are taken seriously? you’ve got people like rihanna, nicki minaj even beyonce with merchandise but in no way is selena on their level. even taylor swift is up there as she even got given her award from beyonce in 2009.

  • Taylor

    @Emma and @pika…..I loved the song and video- loved the whole thing. You haters out there, she is 21 and nothing like the other Disney stars. She is doesn’t get drunk, do drugs (weed like Miley). She’s a normal 21yr like any other. I love Selena and I am a fan. She isn’t brain washing anyone. She’s being herself and people, kids, teen, and young adults like myself loves her for it.

  • Baby

    you guys are dumb obv she isn’t going to show herself smoking or drinking and what not, thats off scene. and second she is trying to advertise her new song to get money so relax, stop acting like she is a good girl.

  • I wanna play too!

    You are so pretty! Stop doing drugs!

  • aquarius64

    So much for not using your personal life to promote your projects and career.

  • lll

    the song is SO BAD , and so is the video

  • Chris

    SO lame!

  • pika

    @Baby: thank you! of course she isnt going to show if she does those sorts of things therefore people like @Taylor are actually brainwashed into thinking shes this “Normal” and perfect young young adult. this is her main appeal as well as her generic beauty, catchy music and appropriate clothing lines. its all too perfect and as a young adult myself its a little sickening. i want to see her challenge herself which is why i would rather skip movies like getaway and head straight for rudderless where she isnt a typical religious girl.

    in cases like these, they either transition too quickly or dont transition at all leaving a small percentage of those who transition perfectly. lets see what category selena falls in.

  • go go

    She smokes, snorts, and drinks like miley and ri, but unlike them, she doesnt tweet everyone with the details thank god, very annoying. Look who she’s dating…..

  • wow even on her bday

    @jj: same shit different day HATERS ARE GETTING OLD AND NEED A LIFE

  • wow even on her bday

    same shit different day HATERS ARE GETTING OLD AND NEED A LIFE

  • xcbxcbert546

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  • talia

    @pika: WTF is your problem? nobody has ever said she was perfect and neither has she.she is having fun maybe you should try having some fun once in a while. you will feel so much better if you do

  • Rodriguez

    She is half Mexican but she hates Mexicans herself.

  • http://Charter rdh

    Happy Birthday Selena! Hope your day rocked!!

  • LowenotLowes

    Happy birthday Selena. I remember watching you on Disney… You are growing up so fast!

  • Marilia

    Wow, who cares Selena? Instead of doing a horrible video with a horrible song you could give yourself some respect, and not publish this.

  • yumi

    @Marilia: obviously u do, or u wouldn’t be watching it and commenting on it