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Halle Berry: Baby Bump Check-up with Nahla!

Halle Berry: Baby Bump Check-up with Nahla!

Halle Berry brightens up her baby bump while heading to a doctor’s appointment with her adorable daughter Nahla on Tuesday (July 23) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 46-year-old pregnant actress and her five-year-old daughter kissed Mickey Mouse at a showing of Mickey and the Magical Map during a fun day at Disneyland in Anaheim.

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Also pictured: Halle‘s husband Olivier Martinez, in Levi’s jeans, buying a loaf of bread while dropping by a grocery store on Friday (July 19) in Hollywood.

FYI: Halle is wearing a Zadig & Voltaire bag and wearing a krisa top.

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Nahla stopping at the doctor’s….

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halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 02
halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 03
halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 04
halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 05
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halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 12
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halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 14
halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 15
halle berry baby bump check up with nahla 16

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  • Shelbe

    See, Halle’s not smiling cause her kid’s in tow. She understands paparazzi need pictures but she is right, keep the kids out of it, do that and she’s all smiles. Goodness she looks like she’s about to pop just like Penelope Cruz, can’t wait the see the baby. Olivier is looking hot, walked right past that blonde cause he got one of the most beautiful women on the planet at home, lucky couple.

  • JJ

    Halle’s not smiling because Nahla threw a temper tantrum earlier (see DMUK) and Baguette Boy isn’t with her. At least, her gay/bi sperm donor went to the doctor with her on several occasions and did his share of the diaper changes and went to the doctor…it’s going to see how much of a hands on father he will be or leave most of it up to Halle?

  • JJ my bad

    my bad–misread it…she’s probably taking Nahla to her check up not taking her with her to her baby doctor. Nahla still threw a tantrum as Halle took her to school earlier in the day.

  • c’mon

    @JJ: JJ don’t start upo with Gabe’s gay/bi rumors again…things have been quiet about that. You could be right about Aubry may have gone more to Halle’s ob-gyn than OM unless she doesn’t call the pappis for that one?

  • today

    I have my doubts about this marriage, they are both just too ugly, on the inside and out so I reckon they will clash way too much. The little girl is very cute though.

  • Sam

    Halle is such a beautiful woman.LOL :) Olivier is always buying food, like a typical french guy :) I dont understand why the Papz love the kids of the celebz like that. As if the Papz would like it, if some strange men with cams take pics of them kids.

  • Hanna

    @today: #5

    Your comment is so ridiculous.

  • Elaine

    @today: Right the little girl is beautiful and so is her parents:) Please don’t Judge!

  • today

    @ Hanna, I could say the same about yours.

  • Anita@Shelbe


    She is not the only celebrity that get’s followed while with their kids.
    Goodness, you sure do care a lot about what they are doing. Halle could care less what you think and if she knew you, she would need to keep her kids clear away from you.

  • Sam

    Its still wrong that the Papz follow celeb-kids, it doesnt matter which kids from which celebs they are. Its just wrong. No person celeb or non-celeb would want that strange men with cams take pics of their kids. Somebody need to speak about this issue, otherwise things will never change.

  • Anita@Sam


    I agree with your statement. I was just pointing out that it happens to others and yes it is not right. Halle is very passionate about protecting her children and rightfully so. I would do the same thing. Any person would want to protect their children. I saw a video of another celeb who was very protective and I can respect that for sure. It has to be hard to take that stalking all the time. Kids should be absolutely off limits and I don’t know how they can change it since our culture is so driven by the magazines and images we see all the time and the paps contribute to it. It’s a money making machine and a lot of innocent people get hurt in the process. I would never condone the stalking of someone’s child. I don’t comment about her child because I think kids should not even be talked about. Halle has been followed for so long so she must be a strong person to deal with it.
    My statement was more a general one.
    Your point is well taken. Thank you.

  • huggybear

    It can work both way’s because those kids are well known in the public ,God forbid anyone should try to kidnap them amber alert will be in full alert and everyone know what their look like and that could save them from bad people. So it can work both way’s I think Halle should live with it because she also used the paps for her own needed like when her movie’s come out .

  • shelbethegreat

    Shelbe@Anita I am only addressing you because you addressed me. First you think Halle should live with her kid being stalked and now you don’t , your worse than a fool, your a hypocrite. I see you on theses boards all the time too and I don’t make accusations about you until you did with me. I’m sure Halle would certainly not want a hater like you around her family either. Just cause I’m not a hater but supporter you and the rest of your poisonous group go after me. Doesn’t matter, going to keep posting. Go drink your haterade.

  • Anita@Shelbe


    lol Shelbe, that’s funny honey. You made me chuckle. You are the hateful one trying to put others down when they comment. I’m not hating on Halle. I’ve seen her grow in her career for years and yes she is gorgeous so get over yourself trying to say other people are haters when they have something to say to you. lol you are delusional in your post. Grow up lady and get your own life. Stop drooling on Halle and her husband. You are a disgrace.

  • @Shelbethegreat

    Keep posting showing how ignorant you really are.
    Just because someone comments toward you does not mean they are a hater. Ignorance is Bliss for you I see.

  • Kelly@Shelbethegreat

    Would Halle defend you that passionately if someone asked her about you right now? Not! You have a false since of entitlement because you call yourself a supporter when in fact you are just like so many people who put celebrities on a pedestal as if they are better than other people. They are only human just like the rest of us. Halle does not even know you but you defend her all day long when she is out living her life. Its people like you that feel a celeb is more important and that everyone else should just sing their praises. And, no, no hating over here either. You need to come back to reality. There are lots of people out there that are just as beautiful, have beautiful kids, and have a wonderful husband. The only reason you fight for Halle is because you are looking at her life through photos and you think you know what her life is like. How do you spend your time arguing with others over someone you don’t even know. The only reason I am calling you out is because you seem to be the most in love with this couple. Yeah yeah yeah….I’m a hater. I’m sure you will try to claim that I am because you have nothing else.

  • So?

    @Kelly@Shelbethegreat: Who cares? Let Shelbe love who she wants to love. Half of the black females here worship Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Why? They aren’t even black and have no idea what it means to be black. The total worship of those two doesn’t make sense to me, but live and let live. Halle deserves some love on these boards, esp since so many of the black people come here with so much hate and bad wishes.

  • anon

    @shelbethegreat: Keep supporting Halle. I do. I like her. I think she is a very nice/kind person. That’s the feeling I get about her in general.

  • Sam

    @So?: “Who cares? Let Shelbe love who she wants to love” Exactly. Dont understand all this bitter people who just comment to insult a celebrity. I mean this is a celeb/gossib blog. Not a ‘everybody show all your bitter, ugly, hateful side while insulting celebs on the comment section’- blog. Everbyody hates bullies, but as soon as they can be anonymously hateful and cruel, they become a bully on their own so easily.

  • Guest

    @sam , Shelbe is the one who shows the most of the bitter, ugly and hateful side!!! You must not have read many of her posts. She is so bitter in her posts, its pathetic
    @So? The total worship of these two doesn’t make sense to me either but lets try to keep it real, it’s when people act like they know them personally that it becomes a joke. It’s not like you are ever going to believe them.

  • Sam

    @Guest: Sorry but I’ll decide on the things I saw/read on my own. I rather have an understanding for a fan commenting on a Halle Berry post because they promote what they love, instead of people promote hate, in commenting insulting stuff about some celeb WITHOUT KNOWING THEM. Or acting like they got personally offended from Halle Berry just because she has a totally understandable issue with Papz taking pics of her lil daughter.

  • shelbethegreat

    @Anita and @Kell and @Guest , don’t really have to call you a hater, your words prove it. Fighting against the hate is hard but someone has to do it. I doubt that Halle or Olivier read these boards but if they do then hopefully they will see more positive than negative. When people put Halle down about her custody case they are only looking at one side, I am presenting the other. You haters are the one’s obsessed with Gabriel and I am sure that he wouldn’t have anything to do with you either. This guy is not a saint but I digress. When there is so much howling from the trolls it tells me the truth is hitting too close to home. Keep bringing it.

  • shelbethegreat

    @anon and especially @Sam I appreciate your support. @Sam your right, their just bullies, hating on a man and woman they don’t even know. They just want theses posts to be for those who only hate Halle and Olivier, that’s why they gang up like a pack of wolves. It’s okay, have dealt with bullies before, will remain a fan and supporter, not going anywhere, keep the hate in check.

  • ItsBerryScarySon

    Wow! All this passion and emotion for a woman who would look at all of you and turn up her big stuck up nose. No one and I repeat no one cares about his woman in Hollywood anymore. She is box office poison. Her career is next to non-existent. All of you arguing about her relationship with the paps need to remember that she has been known in the business to have her “people” call the pap agency for them to take pics of her! There are plenty of richer, more beautiful, more famous, more successful actresses in the business who are not “stalked!” With Halle, it’s always her blaming others for her problems: Her Father, her ex-husbands, her past boyfriends, the paps, the critics of her work, her baby daddy, etc. Watch in a few years, Olivier better have a great lawyer because she will blame him for abuse, racism, and everything else. And that daughter of hers…good luck! I can’t wait for her book.

  • just saying

    @Sam what about @ shelbethegrea and Shelbe bulling Nahla’s father Gabriel? when you speak about Everbyody hates bullies it go for all party not just for two people who don’t play fair.don’t be one sided. go back and read some of the thing their speak about that child’s father please play fair .

  • Guest

    @sam, Her posts are full of what you said you don’t understand! I’m not talking about this topic only. I’ve never so many posts with such hatred in them. Nothing but bitterness in this girls heart.

  • We Know it’s You.

    Clearly all that bitterness against Gabriel from Shelbe especially regarding all the child support aspect which seems to be the one thing that keep coming back in her comments, is something only the person who’s affected personally would even be pissed about… Which is Halle. By now most people know Shelbe is Halle Berry. So to everyone that ever read Shelbe comments can clearly see how much the woman HATES Gabriel.. For what you ask ?! Money. All of this is because of money. You think she would be like that if the roles were turned ? If he had more money than her and had to pay child support ? So to all of you who ever read Shelbe’s comments, and there’s a lot of them, you can see what a crazy woman she is. I mean CARAYYYZY !!!!!

  • #28 We Know/Dave 1965

    @We Know it’s You.: Have been a Halle expert since 2004/2005, I really don’t think Shelbe/Shelbethegreat is really Halle. Only a few of you think so
    She could possibly someone from her staff or just a wacko fan.

    I know Halle was accused standing in her backyard poolside right after Nahla was born with her laptop open and some gossip site on it. So, she/her staff reads these sites, her imdb site etc because of statements she’s made in interviews.

    Nor do I think she’s bitter that she has to pay out support to Gabe because of the Family Judge got tired of her antics and that she didn’t have an existing agreement in place. She knows that she really hurt her rep and is trying get her/OM’s Turkey Day ClusterFck behind her and get on with her so-called life.

    Shelbe/Shelbethegreat is posting her garbage all over the internet not just here or the Daily Mirror. Halle wouldn’t do that no matter how much free time or desperate she may be for us to believe that she and Baguette Boy are so happy and in love.And to make the dysfunctional relationship work as brief as it may be.

    So, Ms. Irene etal again may be right about it may be a staffer. I would almost bet money that Shelbe/ShelbetheGreat is not Halle Berry.

    Do I think Shelbe/Shelbethegreat are posting under additional name on JJ, possibly.

  • @We Know

    @We Know it’s You.: possible staffer , multiple poster and/or wacko fan….not Halle trust me.

  • Not Halle

    she does mimic what others say on other sites to sound more intelligent when’s she not. not Halle–she’s a terrible typist, speller and writer remember when she would write stuff for her fan club or articles w/other writers.

  • @Guest


    Right on Guest. Sam trying to justify her behavior. Give me a break. And who said anything about black women? Far as I know black people support Halle. White people support Halle. And there are a lot of people who don’t. The color of a person has nothing to do with it. She can support who she wants but she just likes to spread her BS on the web and then turns around and tries to bash other posters for saying something to her. And, please, other posters can give their opinions one way or the other but it is the constant bashing that she does on Gabriel that is ridiculous! She is a hateful person through and through. People are just calling her out on it.

  • thank you for proving it

    @ItsBerryScarySon: Gosh, you’re really hateful, aren’t you?

  • uh… honestly

    @@Guest: Did you ever think that Gabriel earned the bashing? Women are always ready to defend men, and it’s just sickening. I believe it’s because women are more in competition with other women for a man’s attention… especially the fatherless females — and there are A LOT of them in society! Black women in poorer predominantly black communities like Philly, etc cannot stand Halle because she was always considered to be very attractive in Hollywood and she has been able to date men they cannot ever attract. — white and black. Let us be real! Pure jealousy!

  • And lastly…

    Personally, I believe all of Halle’s exes were the WRONG men for her. I wondered why she ever married them. They’re not horrible people, but they were wrong for the “type” of person she is. She wasn’t raised in a black community. She doesn’t want a “typical” relationship like the ones Denzel Washington and Monique have — where the husband stays with his wife forever — everything looks good to others, but the husband cheats whenever he wants, and the wife lets him do it. Halle obviously wanted a faithful relationship with a black man back in the day, but she never got it. This is true for many black females and a reason why many are single. They can’t get all the good qualities in a black man — money, attractiveness, etc — PLUS faithfulness too! All races of men cheat, but black men are NOTORIOUSLY promiscuous — having not one mistress, but several women on the side as sex partners. It has always been like this because they start out seeing it accepted and practiced in their own homes, or there is no family structure at all — just a single mom raising her kids alone. They don’t see the role model of how a husband is supposed to behave. Sad, but true.

  • @And lastly…

    How do you know what type of person she is? For you know she could be the biggest ***** on earth. Not saying she is. I just wonder how people can make such assumptions. You may be right about people being jealous but she may have gotten that from from white girls too in the schools she went to. She’s just plain gorgeous and women, black and white feel threatened by that if they are not secure with themselves.

  • And lastly…

    @@And lastly…: I highly doubt that Halle Berry is a mean type person. As long as I have observed her (for years and years), I don’t see that in her. I’m pretty good at catching that type of stuff in people. Nothing looks mean/loud/ aggressive about her. She’s more of a softie. I somewhat identify with Halle Berry in how she grew up, though I have never dated men of other races and I’m sure I won’t. Beautiful white girls are never threatened by any black woman — unless the black woman is INCREDIBLY OBVIOUSLY so freakin’ beautiful that she puts everybody else to shame. Even then, a beautiful white girl would probably admire her beauty and be in awe — not be snarky. But white girls who get left “by the wayside?” That’s a different story. Especially, chunky and overweight ones. They have low self-esteem and they are often looking for either a Mexican or black man, because their own men have usually rejected them their entire lives. They often give up on white men at an early age because they don’t want to face any more rejection. Oh yea, and they are the FIRST ones who become jealous when they see an attractive black, Mexican, Asian or whatever. They can’t take it when a minority looks better than them. Shows you how ingrained it is for Caucasians to believe their race is supposed to be the “ideal.” You look around, and they are in your face, pestering you, hounding you, watching every move you make. You may not have ever really talked to them before, but they will find a way to get in your space somehow and usually be snarky in some way. I have experienced it firsthand all my life. Another thing about them: All kinds of more attractive Caucasian women can lose weight around them and they hardly notice it because they feel it is no use to compete with them. But if they see a more attractive minority, especially black woman losing weight — OMG! They can’t begin to contain their jealousy…… differences in the races are there because of society and history.