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Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller: Sant Ambroeus Date After 'Into the Woods' Exit

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller: Sant Ambroeus Date After 'Into the Woods' Exit

Jake Gyllenhaal walks hand in hand with his girlfriend Alyssa Miller after grabbing a romantic lunch at Sant Ambroeus on Sunday (July 21) in New York City’s West Village.

It was recently announced that the 32-year-old actor could be replaced by Billy Magnussen after he exited the highly anticipated movie musical Into the Woods to focus on his upcoming film Nightcrawler.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jake Gyllenhaal

In addition to Nightcrawler, Jake is in talks to star in Everest, which is based on “the ill-fated 1996 climb to the top of the world’s tallest mountain.”

FYI: Alyssa is wearing a Reformation dress.

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  • ace11

    Does she really sleep with him?


  • Vera

    Jake always looks sullen or bored when he’s out and about. And I see no chemistry between these two at all.

  • Lars

    Are we going to be subjected to weekly photo ops of this snoozefest? Over him.

  • Bree

    robotic like leo and his models.

  • Rose

    Jake always looks happier and more lively with his boyfriend Austin Nichols. He looks totally bored as hell when he’s out with his beards.

  • sam

    why does he always wear the same clothes? you’d think the guy was just some working stiff like me.

  • Ella

    “Yawn” he needs to exit totally

  • gracie

    errrr I like her dress
    can’t stand him

  • monde

    her gff got MANly body… big hands, broad shoulders…

  • Belle

    Somebody please buy this guy a new hat!!

  • pssst

    I prefer Jake GAYllenhall than Henry GAYvill… at least Jakey CAN act.

  • cueshe

    another never-heard model who becomes a HW beard for an instant / 15 mins. of fame – wowza!

  • justine

    jake couldn’t act his way out of a sack. he’s in movies because of his dad and mom not his so called talent.@pssst:

  • Brady

    Looks like he’s all stiff and leading her around on his imaginary leash. Maybe cause she left her dog at home?

  • June

    Rebound time for Alyssa. Jake resembles her photographer ex of 2 years who she split up with only a few months ago.

  • Sea

    pretty girl, dorky weird looking dude. they seem strange together.

  • gayle

    he’s making a fool out of himself chasing all these models in the soul cycle class. he’s trying to turn back the clock and be early twenties again.

  • South America

    She posted in her twitter a pic and said that she was alone in bed, after i saw this pics i could understand that jake wants some time alone, maybe to reed the newspaper he has with him (I don´t see she reading newspaper). But anyway no man like a needy girlfriend, why u don´t try to do something, like WORK.

  • I wanna play too!

    Jake doesn’t like girls!

  • Delilah

    Wow I guess the three Jake is Gay harpies decided to invade Just Jared with a lot of their same old nonsense. You learned a few words like “beard” a while back, so now you think you can visit all the gossip blogs and spew your nastiness. If Jake Gyllenhaal were gay he would be out and gay. Period. He’s not gay, he has no kids with Austin Nichols, and he is dating a young woman who models for a living. So go F@ck yourself with a cactus.

  • So gaaaaaay

    Once the rumors hit the Internet that Jake was gay with Austin Nichols back in 2007 and having a baby by surrogate, he has been a different man. And, not a very likeable one. Recently, there was some sort of flimsy “explanation” for his new serial “dater” reputation. Supposedly, he is no longer interested in settling down and having a family like he always said he wanted because Reese broke his heart. Truth is that no one likes a phony and a liar. These two look about as real as Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco and that “relationship” lasted only two weeks. Jake is so arrogant he still thinks people buy these fake girlfriends. We’ll probably be subjected to this “summer fling” for another month. Sad that he won’t come clean and has such contempt for the public’s intelligence.

  • Delilah

    Hey you don’t have to be “subjected” to anything. You don’t like Jake, just scroll on by and ignore him. WTF are you, to think you know all his personal business and judge him, and call him arrogant. You are some sick crazy @ssholes on some kind of crusade. All three of you. You know nothing and yet you talk like authorities or something. Do you really think people are so stupid? Go back to your parallel universe and do yourself a favor. Get some help.

  • Gabby

    @Delilah: I have no knowledge or opinion of Jake Gyllenhaal’s sexual orientation (and neither do you) but I can be sure of one thing. If Jake IS gay, he would absolutely not be “out and gay” as you suggest. At least not if he wants his current career. It is too risky for him. Most gay actors are not even out to their own agents much less the general public. And if you don’t know about the long history of the Hollywood closet, you need to do some research before you suggest an actor would just be out and proud. It is not their choice.

  • Pickles

    This is stupid. It happens every single time something good happens for Jake. He has new movies coming out, and he is dating and he has been dating all along, and he said himself he is not gay. He said that. In public. Years ago. But there’s some people who insist he has to be gay but he is hiding in the closet, and every time he dates someone it’s a beard. You have no proof. You have nothing at all to support your claims, N.O.T.H.I.N.G. You can say you have it, or know about it, but you have to do a lot better than that. Since you speak so sure of yourself. Show the Proof or STFU.
    These people are passing judgment on Jake, saying he is in the closet, that he’s a liar, and condemning him. They know nothing about him. I don’t think they want anything good for Jake. I think they are crazy and they are just trying to use being gay and in the closet to harm him. You are ugly nasty people. You use being gay as if it’s a bad thing and try to make Jake sound dishonest and bad. Jake’s fans aren’t dumb. We know your game.

  • Sunny

    I don´t know … should a fresh couple look a little bit more happy? Seem both more like bored and annoys, something wrong at that game … mmmh… Maybe about the paps, whatever, who knows this already?

  • Delilah

    You know you people contradict yourselves. If you believe, as “Gabby” says, that it is “too risky to his career” and he would not be out IF he was gay, then obviously the people who come here insisting he is gay, on a public message board are doing it not to support him, but to harm him. I agree with Pickles. Put up or STFU.

  • Gabby

    @Delilah: Who is “you people” ? How can what I say contradict another person??

  • Pickles

    I have no problem with Jake being gay. It’s not like I was going to marry him, and Oh, well, now I can’t. So if Jake was gay that would be fine with me. He would still be Jake and he would still be hot and I would still be a huge fan. But there is definitely something wrong with all of you who insist he is gay, and you do it as an accusation. You insist he is hiding and lying, and his relationships are fake. This is something you would know. You are so special that you have these special insights and you are some kind of insiders who “know”? Well, LOLOLOL! @ssholes.

  • jerald

    She’s a babe
    He’s a controlling Azzhole
    That’s why he’s only had 2 relationships in his entire life that lasted only 2 years.

  • mimzy

    Bored now.

  • anne

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..wake me when it’s over

  • bleeeach

    he’s a weirdo and she’s a fame hoe

  • 40martian

    he used to go to that same eatery with his friend Chris who is a chef. are they still friends? haven’t seen any pics of them together for a long time.

  • South America

    @40martian: Chris posted a twiitter photo 3 weeks ago he and jake in the Kitchen, in his restaurant.

  • rhoda

    don’t really get his appeal, but if she likes him and he likes her, so be it.

  • European

    @rhoda: Of course she likes him, he is a Hollywood movie star. One month ago nobody had never heard about her, today she is everywhere. Sure she love´s him.

  • jessie

    @European: Very true. I never knew about her until she hooked up with Jake. He will definitely boost her career and I guess she will boost his ego.

  • mona

    You think he could dress up a little more taking his gf out on a sunday date. She looks nice and he looks like he’s just going to spend the day at home watching tv. And that beard looks so unkept and grubby. Why does he want to look so messy?

  • Oliver

    Something seems weird about these 2. They looked forced and not happy. Kind of staged looking. They don’t seem real to me.

  • gay, gay, gay

    Can’t Jake’s management find better beard for him?

  • Poopie C

    Her C U N T smells like week old fish
    She is a W H O R E

  • madmax

    They look good together, who knows maybe this is the one

  • jess

    @madmax: Nope too young and a fame hoe. Might last til fall maybeeee, Jake’s turning out like Leo, Bradley and Adam.

  • miller

    Looks like jake pinch ledgers butt

  • L

    @miller: The wrong cowboy died. I hate Jake Gyllenhaal and his s lu t gf.

  • fjones

    Yep she’s a HOE

  • European

    T Swift fans just found out a very ironic tweet from Alyssa:

    @luvalyssamiller: Taylor swift is all F U Jake Gyllenhaal, F U John Mayer, F U Joe Jonas! And I like it!!” 17.02.12

    And now Alyssa what u think about it? Do u still like it?

  • ellie

    Alyssa is a cack slucking HOE

  • Jenny

    Lots of mean people in here

  • Gross

    @Jenny: Yep they don’t like the fact that Jake is a fake and strolls around with all these set up girlfriends. It gets on people’s nerves.