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Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Baby Girl with Nancy Juvonen!

Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Baby Girl with Nancy Juvonen!

Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen have welcomed a baby girl into the world on Tuesday (July 23), his rep confirmed to People.

The 38-year-old host and his 46-year-old wife were “overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter.”

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Jimmy and Nancy are first time parents after tying the knot in December 2007.

Their baby girl is the latest addition to the family, which includes their pet pooch Gary.

Congrats to the couple on the new bundle of joy!

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  • maria

    Wow. That’s pretty old to have a baby. Good luck to them! I wouldn’t wNt to have a teenager in the house at almost 60!!!

  • Kelsey

    I didn’t even know they were expecting a baby! Congrats!

  • Sarah

    aww congrats

  • missmississippi

    It didn’t say she gave birth- I’m sure it was a surrogate. That’s probably why he didn’t talk about it.

  • maria

    @missmississippi: Whether she carried the baby or had a surrogate, they will still have a teen when she is nearly 60. I would never do that to a child.

  • Love him

    Jimmy Fallon is so cute and seems genuinely nice. I wish them the best… she is so lucky! I’m sure he is too.

  • Amy


    That’s cool, but everyone isn’t you. Some people want to wait until they’re financially secure and/or have met the right person first.

  • soy

    @maria: Uhhh, being 58 and having a 20 year old child is not a big of a deal.

  • anonymous

    46? Why did they wait so long?

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    What a good looking couple! She is really pretty. Congrats on the baby girl.

  • Gucci

    Congrats to them, he’s really funny! And having old parents it’s not that bad, I’m 22 and my dad is 65. When I was a little kid it bothered me that everyone thought he was my grandfather, but then it didn’t matter and I feel as everyone else….Sometimes it’s better to wait.

  • Isabel

    @anonymous: They don’t owe anyone an explanation.

  • Mai

    A surrogate was obviously used here. Probably with donor eggs too–it’s not really her child. Congrats to them I guess, though it’s kind of cruel that the child’s going to have to worry more about retirement homes than colleges when she’s a teenager. Should’ve married someone younger, Jimmy, if you really wanted a kid.

  • Cass

    @Mai Uhh judgemental much? Of course it’s still her child, no matter how they conceived. And their daughter won’t to have to worry about retirement homes as a teenager, come on. She’ll be lucky to have two loving parents, which is more than some people have.

  • Piper

    Wow, some people are really mean! So what she is 8 years older then Jimmy, he is still in his thirties so the kid will have one younger parent. If they got married in 2007, that would have made her 40. My guess is that she wasnt able to get pregnant and they probably struggled for the last 6 years with fertility. Should they be ridiculed for not giving up on their dream of having a baby? I think these comments are downright cruel! People dont go into retirement homes when they are in their 60′s, its more like 80′s. This girl will be 14 when her mom is 60 and 20 when her mom is 66. The mom will still be able to raise her daughter and make sure is equipped to handle the world. That is what is important. I know people who had their kids in their twenties and also died in their twenties, leaving the children without a parent. Nothing in life is guaranteed. The most important thing is raising your child, giving them good memories to hang on to, and hoping to be alive to see them get married and have children. Nancy Fallon can do all of that, she just will be older. And lastly, why do women get chastised for having a baby in her mid forties but men dont get any kind of backlash for the same thing? What about the men who have babies when they are in their 50′s and 60′s. Elton John, Geraldo Rivera, Alec Baldwin there are a TON! I have a feeling these comments are coming from very young people, people who still have time on their side when it comes to having a baby, however you dont know what turns your own life might take down the road, so quit being so judgemental because you haven’t walked in their shoes. Life is imperfect and you will find that out as your get older.

  • Piper

    Christie Brinkley had her last two kids at 41 & 44, and look at her, she looks better then most 20 year olds and she is now 59. Seriously, look up current pictures of her, she looks no older then 35. I am quite sure that if you were to ask her daughter if she is embarrassed of her mom’s age, she would say no way. If you take care of yourself, eat really healthy and exercise then your life can be extended and one can live well into their 80′s and 90′s. Christie Brinkley is so amazing and such a great role model, she clearly is dedicated to healthy living so that she can live along time for her kids. And no its not all plastic surgery, one has to put in the hard work to look that way with excerise and healthy eating. I doubt Christy has has any plastic surgery. My point is that Nancy Fallon is is only two years older then Christie was with her last and she too can look that good and live a long time if she takes notes from Christie’s book.

  • Mai

    @Piper: Christie Brinkley is also four-times over divorced. And I’m pretty sure she had a staff full of nannies do the job of raising those kids. Plus, the picture they used here is one from the Time 100 Gala this past April. If you look at pictures of her from that event and the Met Gala in May, you’ll see that she has no baby bump. She didn’t carry this child, and basic biology pretty much wipes out the option of the eggs being hers. The baby might have Fallon’s DNA, but it certainly doesn’t have hers. And like you said, she was 40 when they got married. Fallon should have thought about that fact before he even proposed to her. Age may not matter in love, but it sure does when you’re raising a child.

  • Cass

    What is your obsession with whether or not she carried the baby? Like that’s the only thing that qualifies somebody as a mother? That has to be one of the most narrow minded and bigoted opinions. Frankly it’s none of our business how the baby was conceived and it’s completely up to them whether they choose to share that or not. But with the huge number of women who do have fertility problems, often regardless of age, we definitely should not be shaming those alternative options for having a family.

  • Piper

    @Mai: No basic biology DOESNT wipe that out. She most certainly can have viable eggs! Do some research on the internet, their are a TON of women in that age bracket which have gotten naturally pregnant at that age! Geez this woman is still in her 40′s, its not like she is in a walker and on her way to the senior center.

    While I personally probably wouldn’t have kids at 46, I would have them up to 43-44. Plenty of women do and I see nothing wrong with bringing a child into this world who will be cherished and loved.

  • British Latin American

    I’m happy for them, but do young women have babies any more? Its always these comparatively old women one reads about having children now!

  • Susan

    @British Latin American: What age quantifies as old to you?

  • blah

    @Piper: If this kid has Downs or other genetic defect common to children born to women well past 35, then this is most likely her biological/genetic child. Having healthy child at that age is uncommon, but possible. However, the risk of the child having problems is exponential. Maybe that’s advanced biology for you, but if you have questions, dig a little deeper than the first 3 links on Google.

    Source: My Ph.D in Developmental Biology

  • Lisa

    Jesus, judge much, people? For people who ask “why did they wait so long?”, well, I’ll tell ya – I am 8 years older than my husband and did not meet him until I was 37. We established a good relationship first and did not take any major decisions (e.g. moving in together, getting married, etc.) lightly. The same went for having children. Maybe it’s not “ideal” to try and conceive at 40+, but that was a decision we made together, and we deemed it to be more responsible than rushing into things. We have tried several fertility treatments, and while it may not work out for us “naturally” in the end, we are still considering the option of donor eggs since mine may indeed be too old now, but we are both very healthy in every other respect and have a lot of love – and a STABLE HOME – in which to raise a child. Now, what’s wrong with that??

  • Piper

    @blah: Yes maybe you should take your own advice, dig a little deeper then your own ideas and get the facts. You are quite wrong with what you said. Anyone can SAY they have a Ph.D but it doesnt mean you are telling the truth, I think your lying because your statements dont match the statistics.

  • Piper

    @Lisa: Also why are so many women having children in their early forties and we dont hear of the the birth defects? Why is that?

  • blah


    Um, I have my doctorate from Johns Hopkins. So, really, I have more substantial understanding of the science in fetal development. Have you read/studied/researched/engaged in projects revolving on the statistics about birth defects in older women?

    You probably believe evolution is a myth too.

    Also, my ideas are based on facts because again, I’m a biologist. Do you have legitimate questions on this topic not from pulled from your ass?

  • Piper

    @blah: UMMM…you claim you have a doctorate from John Hopkins and your trolling through gossip websites and commenting. Sorry just not believable. Also your poor use of tasteless language isn’t that of someone who is educated at the level your saying you are. So no, I don’t believe that you are who you say you are, its pretty obvious that your lying. I think the general public has assess to solid statistics and information about having a child over 35. Its not as grim as you would like everyone to think.

  • blah

    @Piper: @Piper:

    Because people can’t read blogs for fun? And try reading a research paper. The style is different from say, blog style writing. And English is a tasteless language? Ok.

    Now that you made an idiot of yourself on the internet, you might want to try to work on your own grammar. For starters, distinguish between “your” and “you’re”, and use of commas.

    Have fun in the trailer!

  • Piper

    @blah: I stand by my comments. If anyone is from the trailer park its you, swearing, etc in your posts. A person with the education you are claiming to have, would ever have written the content that you did, nor would they make false claims as you did. You do not have a Ph.D that much is clear. Have a nice day!!!!

  • blah



  • British Latin American

    @Susan: Women older than 40 are old to be having a baby. Women older than 45 are too old to be having babies!

  • Piper

    @British Latin American: I personally dont agree with you, up to 43-44 is fine.