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Katie Holmes Plays Ball with Luke Kirby for 'Mania Days'

Katie Holmes Plays Ball with Luke Kirby for 'Mania Days'

Katie Holmes gears up for the pitch while throwing an orange on the set of her new film Mania Days on Wednesday (July 24) in the East Village neighborhood in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress was joined on set by her co-star Luke Kirby.

Mania Days is about two manic depressives who meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance that brings out all of the beauty and horror of their condition.

Katie and Luke were spotted on the set of the film the day before as well.

FYI: Katie is wearing Levi’s cutoffs and an Alternative Apparel shirt while throwing an orange.

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katie holmes plays ball with luke kirby for mania days 01
katie holmes plays ball with luke kirby for mania days 02
katie holmes plays ball with luke kirby for mania days 03
katie holmes plays ball with luke kirby for mania days 04
katie holmes plays ball with luke kirby for mania days 05

Credit: Doug Meszler; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Cece

    Hilarious – guess she’s supposed to be lousy at throwing a ball?! The movie sounds unappealing to me, but I don’t usually like the type of movies she is in.

  • Yassine

    I actually like her outfits in the 1th picture, pretty.
    There is a great chemistry between them, a precious element to make a good film. Can’t wait to see it.
    Btw, where does Luke look at in the 2th picture?

  • Yassine

    You’ve not seen the movie yet so how is it possible to say the movie sounds unappealing? I can understand you just have a feeling but it’s too bad. In fact, without your consciousness, you are conditioned by certain factors, let me explain. There are several possible factors for having prejudices in advance without having seen the movie yet. The most probable factor is the following: If you do not like the actress and this is the case, your brain starts a negative thought about the movie, it is so true that you still have not seen the movie, if not images but wait, since when images are considered as critical elements of a film? This process is unconscious, do not tell me no, this is a fact ==> conditioning: you were predestined to have a bad feeling, a natural reaction when you don’t like an actress but too bad in criticism.

  • Anne


    Good, Yassine. Do You all right.

  • Cece

    Yassine, you seriously scare me and your grammar stinks. I’m not into chick flicks or dramas, and the plot sounds like some combo of the two. I tend to like action movies, and that’s not her type of movie. So save your psycho 101 crap and examine your inner self to determine why you feel do defensive for a person you do not know. And maybe take a reading comprehension course – I said the movie plot sounds unappealing, not her.

  • Yassine


    Dear Cece,

    My grammar may stink because English is not my first language [my first language is french] and I take my responsability but I’m pretty sure you understood my whole comment ==> This is the typical answer when you’re OUT of arguments. You claim you like action movies so why on earth do you need to come here to say this movie sounds unappealing if the movie ain’t an action movie? Humm not really convenient you know because you are predestined to not like a NO-action-movie! Besides, if you have the right to attack someone you don’t even know and her movie, why shouldn’t I do the opposite? I’m free! LOL, we are crazy when it’s about to defend someone but you are NOT crazy when it’s about to attack someone, simply hilarious.

    [And maybe take a reading comprehension course – I said the movie plot sounds unappealing, not her.]

    ROTFLMAO: Me or you?

    ===> [There are several possible factors for having prejudices in advance without having seen the movie yet. The most probable factor is the following: If you do NOT LIKE the ACTRESS and this is the case, your brain starts a NEGATIVE THOUGHT ABOUT THE MOVIE]

    The fact the movie “sounds” unappealing for you is the consequence [although you've not seen it yet] of the fact you don’t like the actress ==> cause and consequence: Got it?

  • Yassine

    ***[...] because you are predestined to not like a NO-action-movie [...] —> above all if Holmes is in the movie !!!

  • rubyz

    Holmes is way out of her league playing such a complex character. When she did Broadway (flop!), one of the critics wrote that she had the skills of a high school drama student. Indeed. Realistically, without Cruise’s influence, I don’t see Hollywood continuing to front her.

  • Lana


    You seriously need psychiatric help. Someone shares an opinion you don’t like and you feel the need to spew crap at them. Do yourself a favor and look up the words delusional and obsessive. You’re both. You also happen to be obnoxious. You clog every Katie Holmes post with your nonsense. Get a friggin’ life lunatic.

  • Bellz

    For a thin girl, she has seriously chunky legs. She also can’t act to save her damn life. This is another movie Holmes is in that will flop hard. She needs to find another line of work.

  • Thornton

    Katie is looking good. I wonder how many times people can call non chunky legs fat before they leave their delusions behind and look at their own legs. It’s amazing how obsessed people are with Katie, I guess she must be much bigger than I thought. I mean you would have to be really crazy to be obsessed with an actress nobody cares about , right? I guess she will find a new line of work when no one will hire her. Until then why would she bother if she wants to act. It certainly is interesting why people are so concerned that she continues to act. There are thousands of actors of all degrees of talents, doing work of various sizes, and all are needed to make Hollywood continue. Yet the same few people obsessing over Katie continue to stalk her. It is amazing how blind, stupid hate can twist a persons mind. I wonder what the over under for the amount of years crazies like Ruby will continue to let their hate for an actress, just trying to do the job she was hired for, wreak their life. Sadly probably quite a while, I can just see some of them in the nursing home creating problems for the poor staff as they rant about Katie. That’s if they can remember who she is at that point. A few people can sure make humanity look stupid and ugly.

  • rubyz

    Thornton, as Lana has said to your pal Yassine, “Get a friggin’ life lunatic.” You are not qualified to speak about people ranting.

  • Yassine

    Dear Lana,

    Tell me what’s the goal of the option : “@reply”? Yes, if someone wants to reply a comment THEN he can and obviously I’m not an exception. You must figure out that I actually don’t need psychiatric help, AGAIN: when it’s about to defend someone: we are crazy, delusional and obsessive. What about people who say bullshits? They attack people with ZERO arguments that make me laugh you know and I feel the need to … help them in fact ?

    I personnaly speak with VALID arguments, some arguments that actually make sense:
    “why she appears without Suri if she is not relevant without Suri?”. Lana, do you know what means logic? If not, get a serious look little girl.

    “why on earth do you need to come here to say the movie sounds unappealing if you like action movies [approximately predestined to not like this movie without action] and ABOVE ALL if you don’t like the actress [therefore her movie in which she appears to have a first role]?” ===> CLEARLY predestined. Lana, do you know what means conditioning? prejudices? predestined? Get a serious look little girl #notnonsense

    Dear Lana, don’t try to learn me what mean delusional and obsessive, I saw real delusional AND obsessive people, many people would laugh at you if you see me in real life. I may appear obnoxious but I’m defending someone as a fan, what about people who attack her? Oh wait, I anticipate a potential thought:

    -> “why do you think they are attacking her? They just share their OPINIONS”.
    Oh please, to come here and trying to convince us that she has fat legs [in fact: muscles]… That’s truly pathetic, dumb as you and above all wrong. I’m wondering if we are in a pre-school here.

    About my life, I’ve already talked about my life for someone who also said that I should get a life [typical response when you're out of arguments, indeed, you must fill your comment], take a look, you will rapidly understand how my life is pretty more “interesting” than yours. Bye little funny girl.

  • Thornton

    Right back at you, my little lunatic hater Ruby. Looks like someone pointing out your crazy behavior is really getting to you. Typical nasty little nobody bully, hate on everybody else and then cry when someone gives it back to you. Looks like I’ll be right, you just can’t stop. Don’t be to hard on the nursing home staff, or maybe the way you seem to be heading I should say the psychiatric staff. But you’re not a hater , right, because that takes time and investment. That’s what you said right, but you just continue to spend all your time stalking Katie Holmes. I think we all see who needs to get a life. Do you ever think about the fact you don’t have a life and Katie does? How does it make you feel, kind of pathetic hey. It seems like you are the one it is so easy to get a rise out of, lol. It’s so east to get a rise out of you. Don’t have a breakdown now, just because people ear treating you like you treat them.

  • annie

    love the pic where she’s wearing shorts,shirt and cropped jacket.
    Yassine and Thornton you are wasting your time and energy on them.