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Leonardo DiCaprio: Thumbs Up After Dinner with Toni Garnn

Leonardo DiCaprio: Thumbs Up After Dinner with Toni Garnn

Leonardo DiCaprio gives the thumbs up to his group of pals, including rumored girlfriend Toni Garnn, as they leave a restaurant to get their valeted car on Tuesday (July 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model were joined for dinner by his BFF Lukas Haas, among some others.

“On the road again! See you in September NYC! Really hoping these bags won’t get lost too many times on this one…” Toni tweeted earlier in the month. Have fun this summer, Toni!!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garnn after their group dinner…

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leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 03
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 04
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 05
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 06
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 07
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 08
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 09
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# 1

They’re cute!

# 2

How is this not akin to prostitution? These “girls” sell their young bodies to middle men for money and fame. What they want is to get their names out there. Sites like Jared starts referring to them by name and now they’re everywhere.

These girls have NO self-respect.

# 3

Cute in a chaperone kinda way!

# 5

They look happy.

# 6

What a belly he has there… lol

# 7

Oh this thread is going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs popcorn*

# 8

You realize its not new right? I mean John Casablancas who started Elite model agency and died very recently, (he famously called Heid Klum ‘a talentless German sausage’ and described Gisele as ‘a monster of selfishness and prostitute’) used to bang supermodel Stephanie Seymour when she was 16 and he was 41!!!!!!

# 9

Someone should give her a hamburger.

Italian girl @ 07/24/2013 at 3:42 pm

Lol… i have never seen Leo with such a skinny girl before. They looj so awkward tigether it’s hilarious !!!!

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 3:43 pm

so i guess now it’s official!!! What a sleaze!!

Uncle Leo is taking his skinny kiddie for a ride.

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 3:46 pm

He will never change…haha it’s funny though to see how long it ‘s gonna last

They look happy. No haterade here.
Leo looks cute in the thumbs up pic. But I am going to pray for that beer belly!!

It`s nice to see them smiling ( especially after those miserable Toni photos in LA ) but it`s still creepy. Daddy Leo pushing 40 only dating barley legal girls. No smile is going to change that! And Lukas always has to be there… It looks like she is just part of his entourage.

…they’re smiling because they are not awate of the paps.
It always starts like that.

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 3:51 pm

btw toni looks waaaay older than her age.She’s 21 and looks like 31,even me who i am 4 years older than her look alot younger than her.Maybe it’s because of her intense bone structure in the face

I agre with # 2. Leo, has been with so many models — they must get bigs bucks, I wonder how much the girls agree on, must come out to be a pretty big sum of $$.

Bwahhhhhh. Lukas and Leo matching so cute. Wonder why he giving a thumbs tho?

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 3:56 pm

@ eat ”Someone should give her a hamburger.” oh please ,now that she’s dating the multimillionaire she’s gonna get the habit of eating only foods that befit the upper crust like lobster or what? hamburgers are so not for toni anymore …lol

Seems like Lukas is the only one who finds out the pap is taking pictures

Le sigh. Toni’s tall and lean like most Catwalk and High Fashion models. That her looks are dissected by the JJ trolls is simply typical for the Leo and Leo’s ex girl friend stans. I don’t know what dissing her appearance acheive for anyone tbh. If you look younger/fresher good for you. You must be gorgeous, but then why are you on some blog catting or caring? A person as beautiful as you will surely have her own boyfriend or friends to worry about

IKR. Pictures are actually rather sweet :) runs & hides:)

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 4:14 pm

@22 commenting on a gossip site doesn’t mean necessarily worrying about a superstar.I try not to take your comment as a personal attack to me since you don’t know me and secondly i tend to skip having an argument with someone who is so biased as to call people here “trolls” imao….but my reply to you is an exception now. Then again you are entitled to your own opinion as i am entitled to expressing my thoughts here whatever they may be even it takes( why not) bashing toni. see ya

What a disaster…

Anonymous @ 07/24/2013 at 4:21 pm

Love her outfit. Kate Moss wore something similar to Nobu, so fierce.

So we finally got a new thread,and some pictures of them,together.When I saw the post I thought we had gotten actual date pics.So I lol’d when i read that Lukas was there plus other friends.Leo def got a gut in these pics.

Frankly, she should consider to go to the hairdresser and consult a professional stylist.
And register to a gym, because she needs serious work out for her boney skinny boyish legs
I certainly wouldn’t go to a restaurant with such hair a such a miniskirt.

Is Leo trying to hook up Toni with that guy? He looked happy as they interacted.

LOL! Too funny
@well – Yep, Lukas seems the only one aware they’re being papped.

Has she been spotted yet with a JM pendant (or earings) and a Nikki Erwin’s handbag?
If not, we should see her shortly wearing both.
We know Leo follows faithfully a pattern with his youngsters.
Those legs of hers are scary. Hope she doesn’t use them to model

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 4:28 pm

btw leo looks very washed up here like he’s wasted or something … wonder why….

He dresses like an old man. Seriously, my dad dresses better than that, and he is a helluva lot older than Leo. And. That. Belly. Omg. Hahaha

As for the two of them being together… Meh. That’s all I see is a whole lot of dullness. These two together are so vanilla. There’s nothing interesting about them. He has become so boring and predictable in his personal life. He seems so disingenuous theses days. There is no spark… Or at least it appears that way. Blarrrgh. Hopefully his performance in WOW is phenomenal and he pulls me back in as a true fan.

@vagabond @ 07/24/2013 at 4:35 pm

“thought we had gotten actual date pics” really vagabond you would love to see them date??

Leo thought he was safe by leaving through the basement parking.

Pretty girl

his belly and his lolipop…hehe
it’s like he’s….that’s why he’s in that mood and cheerful!
lukas face is ya know like oh my god! we papped, no we can’t get papped!

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 4:39 pm

@message: great comment

“lukas face is ya know like oh my god! we papped, no we can’t get papped!”

lol i was thinking exactly the same thing.

You finally came out of hiding, Leo! yay!
I’m starting to love this couple. Age difference and all…

GirlGoose ! @ 07/24/2013 at 4:46 pm

his acting is boring , i can put anyone of his films in close my eyes and listen to him speak and not know which movie it is, he sounds the same in all of them… except maybe the diamonds movie with his fake accent. anyway this double thumbs up looks really creepy like he is saying ” i bagged another one pal ” Yawn !

gay man and his skeletor least pick someone who looks like a woman and not a 13 year old boy.

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 4:54 pm

@philly:it’s true that she IS pretty( she’s so young}.There’s no denying it but i would go so far as to say that hell she’s waaay too pretty for him and that’s because she’s young and fresh while leo as of late looks more and more washed up.I think leo sets the bar too high with her( she’s too fresh for him) ..on the other hand i don’t get what this girl is trying to prove by dating him(i always have a feeling that she’s trying to prove something by hanging out with the megastar).we will see..

Alyssa Miller eat your heart out

As much as I don’t want this to be true, I actually think Leo is gay…all these models that he pretends to date are just a cover up…and also add the fact that this dude Lukas Haas is everywhere with him…I just can’t believe someone who says such smart things in interviews is actually such a shallow person…I just can’t…

Pretty? In a very plain way. I see her being very skinny and kinda cute but pretty? Definitely not hot! Just a blonde model who is willing to date Daddy Leo. Nothing special.

She’s not pretty, she’s beautiful (!) not in the paps pics but with a good makeup she’s gorgeous, especially on the runway.
But everyone has different tastes.

Who knows @ 07/24/2013 at 5:12 pm

I dont understand why Lukas reacts shocked as he s the papparazzi. Why hangout with a girl when you dont want to be papped together…it looks so silly

Looks like an underground garage. And Lukas does looked shocked

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 5:18 pm

i dont think she is pretty enough to be a model let alone a top model lmao but for LEO she is toooooo pretty and that’s only because she is 18 years(!!!) his junior .I think his hanging out with her intensifies his somehow withered looks. That’s what i was trying to say. @also thank you for your comment

@47: Yeah, we all have different taste. I don`t find her beautiful runway / makeup or not! I`m not saying she is ugly but she is not all that. Plain Jane.

“i dont think she is pretty enough to be a model”
lol what a joke… Toni Garrn is born to be a model.

She is pretty, obviously a good professional model under a heavy makeup and when her hair is done But Good Lord, this person lacks sensuality. Is it because of her boney legs or her posture, or maybe her young age.
Selena Gomez is the same age but she has so much more sex-appeal.

@not with toni: Interesting comment. I see your point but I do think Leo could do better than her and she is not too pretty for him. She is just simply not a good match for him. As long as he keeps chasing these barely legal bland girls he will look old and withered. I don`t know if these young girls make him feel younger but they sure don`t make him LOOK younger. Quite the opposite!

with some good make-up on many -many girls are stunning.That doesn’t prove anything.Go to the subway and ya”ll see girls way more beautiful(!) than her.and yes tastes differ obviously. so why bashing someone who bashes her looks? i see no point ..

@53: SO TRUE! Toni is lacking appeal and that`s what I thought about Erin. Take away the clothes, makeup and hair and they are just meh.
That Selena Gomez thing is really disturbing. I mean that she is Toni`s age dating 39 years old Leo. Selena is so young, Bieber generation and that`s what attracts Leo. Still.

Confirmation of a couple? .. nah.. a group of friends and her, the pic is taken the same day as the coffee pic by the car, she wears the same clothes and hairstyle, maybe they are all out together, and if Lukas was there it is not like a “date”.. Id say this reminds me of him and Blake (nothing serious). Maybe he will get serious with this Garrn just to disprove the rumors he cant be? haha, he is so about his image. Ridiculous.

@also #54
So true. Totally agree with you

Plus: When he thumbs up … hahaha, seems to be he is handing her over to the other guy and thumbs??? wtf is that ??……any clues? Got some more pics from other sites from this day? I bet Lukas was in the car, too, when they got their coffeee that same day.

Oh man, Leo has a beer belly

how FUNNY is it that the last picture of them is the one with lukas looking aghast!!

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 5:33 pm

@LOL !!!!!! i noticed that too! weird moment so weird….i was sure someone here would tackle this bizarre view lol what’s up leo? what’s wrong with you?

I don`t think anything is wrong with him. Barely legal sticks turn him on!

Working in Brazil @ 07/24/2013 at 5:35 pm

Wasnt Toni working in Brazil just that day before? She uploaded some pic… so now she is going to travel and work again? What a romance…. in… and out…. busy… and busy…. she was not in his house for 3 weeks, wrong.. she just came there.. she was in Brazil or that jungle-place.. dont know, it looked like Brazil. She did some work. Whats up with her tweets ?

Well if this is their official dating pics, they are sure weird. a whole gang going out for dinner… so grown up ?

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 5:37 pm

@also lool!

lukas hmmmm @ 07/24/2013 at 5:37 pm

Lukas is like crap i’m not supposed to be in the shot! this is about them…. i agree with people thinking it’s a cover-up. What guy has his bff with him ALWAYS with his dates…. it just looks ridiculous.

double post – thought the 1st one wasn’t posting

Lukas is like crap i’m not supposed to be in the shot! this is about them…. i agree with people thinking it’s a cover-up. What guy has his bff with him ALWAYS with his dates…. it just looks ridiculous.

@also #63 @ 07/24/2013 at 5:44 pm

OR some white powder and by this i don’t mean baby sweet smelling powder ..?

i wonder if this thread will go to 3000 comments too lol
leo took some weight on ; toni is looking great and lukas is hating the paps ; this won’t last till his birthday let the BOY have some fun

@69(!!!): lol Who knows? Any other ideas?

Not with gisele and bar… with those two dates/girlfriends, he could manage to be seen out and about alone with them without his entourage, and actually go on real dates. With erin, too, even if it looked staged and boring. but with bar in particular… they were on vacation alone and almost never in group dates, at least after several years dating. but bar is a bit older than these latest girls… isnt she 26?

Do you think this weird bulge(ohhh i wonder what is hiding in there.. i would like to SEE that actually.)in his pants is because he is high on that not -so -baby- powder???

LooseLipz @ 07/24/2013 at 5:55 pm

Mr Doughboy only dates young models, nothing new there. He’s so predictable. Lives in hotels, drinks, parties and lives in denial that he’s aging, poorly I might add.

@75: You are right, as a couple Leo spent time with his friends. The difference is that you also saw Leo alone with Bar or Gisele. Not only with friends and so far that`s missing with Toni ( at least not photographed or tweeted ).

@@haaaa: ]
Huh? There are many pictures of Leo and Bar on double dates either with Lukas Haas and his girlfriend or Alex Mace or some other group. Same with Erin with Lukas, Tobey or Nikki Erwin or something. And Bar’s 28. I dunno how many alone time he had with any girlfriend though I’m Sure he did with all of em as well as going on “real dates”. I also dunno why people choose to remember a Leo play that does not exist because they are fandoms of an ex.

@not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 5:58 pm

“so i guess now it’s official!!! What a sleaze!!”

No. Not until Lukas is not in the same group. I mean if the two want to date privately…. they have been seen around separetely , this is the first sighting for a long time where they are at same place… and they bring.. Lukas.

Who is the big guy? I have seen him before

@75 yes of course they have been seen with his BFFs , too, but I am talking bout they have been seen alone …very much too. all of the official ones have been out with him alone! and he doesnt look in love here, he looks like he is happy because she gets to meet the fat guy?!

Anonymous @ 07/24/2013 at 6:03 pm

Its what always happens when there is another girlfriend. To fit the bitchfest on the new one, glorify his past relaysh while appearing to have personal knowledge of Leo, his love and his motives. Leo does rinse and repeat but so do some.

@Anonymous @ 07/24/2013 at 6:16 pm

Its not about glorifying his exes and his love life with his exes, they all ended and all had something weird, but…. you gotta admit, he was much more affectionate with all of them in public. he seems to be afraid of showing it like tense with toni, as if his public image is a lot more important to him than the actual relationship, which for me as an onlooker tells me that there is something odd about his “love”-thing for this woman.. um… girl. as if she is hired for the season, to fit in, but not to fit his heart. see… with bar he tried, and tried, they were on and off. but they got back together many times, at least he was not satisfied with one round and went on fighting until he gave up. he may be attracted to garrn because she is german, but problem is… just a few days ago he looked as if the whole world had ended! and in several photos this summer, he has looked far from a man madly in love with “his garrn”, you see this point ?

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 6:19 pm

@77 i hope you are right. it’s terrible to see this amazing actor date stupid girls(like toni).Yes, he ages(surely it shows) and it’s amazing !! It means he is living his life and keeps doing great work which is his legacy and we are all grateful for this but …those girls are just not for him.They all make him look so F@#$%ing shallow and intensify his superficiality as well as his ageing. It’s VERY unfair such a gorgeous and immensely handsome man to look washed up JUST because of this almost adolescent girl …it’s so unfair. Leo, if only you changed!

Anonymous @ 07/24/2013 at 6:27 pm

I don’t. I personally think when a relationship is so on/off, along with a lot of cheating esp if its one-sided, its not a sign of someone trying or something positive growing, but more a case of having your cake and eating it. I don’t know Leo’s routine to measure his daily happiness but he looks content in these pics IMO, and there are also pics of Leo looking pissed and like he was running on fumes in past relationships. But I don’t wanna derail the thread, we disagree and see things differently

@not with toni:
Sorry but the one who looks stupid in those paps pics is Leo, not Toni

I’m really starting to believe that in those pics he looks high or something..

not with toni @ 07/24/2013 at 6:46 pm

Funny thing is that in the pic he has this bulge in his pants(!!) it seems that he is staring at garrn’s BEHIND with this particularly voluptuous looks in his eyes! ….what a stud

Leo, Adam and Jake all are gross men with peter pan syndrome. They will not age gracefully and will join these other old actors with these girls young enough to be their daughters as they keep aging.

I also think he is drunk or high.
@80: I do see your point. Great comment!
@not with toni ( #81 ): Also good one! Thumbs up!

Isn’t Adam getting married? Apparently he dumped/informed Nina Agdal by text. Cold

I agree with the peops that think Toni is beautiful. Some of her photo shoots are beyond stunning. Here she looks pretty but nothing special. And she seems sort of… Awkward? Right? So does he. I think that’s why it doesn’t seem to be anything special between them. They just look so awkward together. I’m sure he is enjoying the physical benefits of dating a beautiful young girl, though. No doubt.

P.S. Serously, though… WTF is that weird bulge in his pants?!?! What a freakshow. Lol

@89: LMAO! Hahaha!

Staring at Garrn’s behind? What behind? She is as voluptuous as an ironing board

WOAH leo is that an anaconda in your pants?!?!

What`s going on with the comments? The numbers and the order keep changing! Weird! My comment was for @85!

SOMEONE was going home for s e x…he probably is high on weed or something, widely known he ocassinaly does it…weeds no biggie

Maybe they had a quickie in the resturant, hence the bulge her tossled outfit and lukas’s oh crap this shouldnt have been snapped impression?! Never know..



Leo looks so funny.

@@86: adam hasn’t gotten married yet and even if he does it won’t last. always another young skinny model around every corner.

What's next @ 07/24/2013 at 8:05 pm

Glad that Lukas is there to keep him content. lol

These are very unflattering pics. Leo looks overweight and drunk and his flavor of the season looks sloppy and neglected.
While Lukas looks depressed or shocked.

@102 They’re not perfect. They’re humans, justl ike us.

What is Leo hiding in that belly of his?!?Presents for the babies down in Haiti?-Nikki M..

She is beautiful……………………………………………………

nothing special

Someone said exactly the same thing about Erin at the beginning of her relationship with Leo.

so any “psychics” have any guess on how long this one is lasting and what not? ha

@@105: haha well we already know the ending to this story…I guess he has something for pale-ruler-legs

i can’t stand bar but she probably had the best legs and prettiest face but she was/is a total air-head and has no brain and is so superficial posting pics of herself all over her twitter constantly of her mag covers, etc… lame-

@114 Bar has the prettiest face ? i think you’re blind

… and what do you think Gisele B. is posting on her Twitter? Pictures of the Pope or the Prime Minister of England?
Bar has not the best legs, they’re a bit short and muscular. Her face is gorgeous, and her whole figure is incredibly voluptuous
Of course, she’s 28. Her physique is more mature than Toni Garrn’s one.

Just slipped back in to have a read through. Over a 100 comments already? Only Leo and I guess Gerard Butler posts
LOL at the Leo – ahem – bulging pics. Some of your comments on that are hilarious.
Hi @Message

Miss stumpy had the best legs? The ‘model’ who never cracked the big time or ruled the catwalk had the best gams? She has the muscular legs of a soccer player. The Barf fans are on edge here it seems.

oh believe me i’m not a “fan” but i mean she had athletic legs so not stick legs… i can’t believe i’m giving her compliments but these models make her look interesting ahha..

What's next @ 07/24/2013 at 8:40 pm


But she is not the only one. Models LOVE taking pictures of themselves constantly EVEN Toni. ;)

And as other models she also retweet her own pictures and articles.

I get the attacks on Toni now, the single Go Daddy fan girls are still bitter. Tinkerbell was right

On outer layer is the chaos, on inner layer there is more calm, but its up to the persons themselves to catch up with the inner layer or not. Leo and his sm are not either/or,they both go in and take turns making layers. Sometimes Leo is the strongest, other times she is. So I wouldnt say Leo is weak, at all.
When you read about mid-life crisis with Brad Pitt, didnt you in media and gossips and rumors? Everyone called him “mid-life crisis” when breaking up with Aniston.. those times. I did know, back in 2005 wasnt it. Cause I get Pitts spirit clearly as well, and back then those times he did not have mid-life crisis, he was simply in Chaos! The big chaos before reuniting with Angelina, his core soulmate. So.. for some it takes years, for others months, for others weeks, the times are not same from person to person

Tinkerbell is calling for herself again


So sorry for you, because Toni is already famous, she don’t need DiCaprio for nothing =B


Leo has been in chaos for years. Is called peter pan syndrome.

Bar Bod>>>>>Toni’s Bod
I can’t stand Bar either but her body is way better than Toni no a$$ Garn. If I had to choose to be one of Leo’s gfs body I would pick Bars, then Blake, then no one else.
Gisele, Erin and Toni look like ironing boards and I hate pressing clothes so I have no need for that. But he did seem the happiest with Gisele.
Yep its open season on Leo flavor till he gets bored. He’s shallow and so are we!! Bring on the mayhem!

I`m not gonna praise Bar but I also have to admit that compared to Erin and Toni she has something … more appealing ( for some for some reasons ). Toni already has a great career so clearly fashion people see something in her but I sure don`t. It`s not like I think Bar is anything special but I understand what was it about her that appealed to people ( mostly guys ). I`m gonna say it compared to Toni or Erin`s body Bar is more attractive. I don`t like these stick-type VS models so maybe that`s why I think so.

‘Leo has been in chaos for years. Is called peter pan syndrome’. –
True and along with his posse I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The reason I don’t really judge Leo on that is because I know of sooo many “happily married” stars who are cheating on their wives with inappropriate ones. Paying for condos, education and abortions. I feel. Leo’s mistake could be that he did not get married for appearance sake while hounding it with models continously.

I don’t care what the fashion industry tries to sell looking like a stick is not attractive. I know the example in this link is a bit extreme but I love meat on my bones.

No thank you madam!

@126 Thanks. Pretty girl.

Actually I didn’t know who Toni was until she was spotted with Leo. She may be a model and a successful one, but the majority of” us” seem to not have heard about her before… but she’s pretty though, I have to admit that I liked Bar and Gisele better.. But again that’s just my opinion

@ @also: Sorry but I don`t care. I said fashion people see something in her but I definitely don`t see her appeal. I agree with sunshine and @127 has some good points.

On outer layer is the chaos, on inner layer there is more calm, but its up to the persons themselves to catch up with the inner layer or not.

Wow not sure what to make of these photos. Leo looks sleazy and out of shape big time but that photo of him smiling is cute. Lol of course Lukas was with them. Well i think they definitely have something going on but it does not seem THAT serious so who knows..ihave to say even though he is with her, its nice to see him smile for once

funnybones @ 07/24/2013 at 9:29 pm

We need some funny people for this new circus. We use to have some funny people that said some really funny comments. Tinkerbell started out great but she went nutbar and not funny anymore. Now she just sounds like a miserable old hag. We had the funniest comments around the time Leo was dating Bar. People were pretending to be Leo’s dog Django and his turtle. Good times.
It would be cool to see come interesting funny quips instead of people saying the obvious that we all for the most part agree on that this aint going nowhere.

I wonder does this mean he has spent the whole month in LA? I honestly thought NYC was going to be his base as he spent so much time there these past few months but i suppose he’s returned home now.
Those bulging di*k pics juxtaposed with his thumbs up are still giving me life. Haha.

Give it up.

@@Psychic: I know right. STFU,he’s a shallow a**hole and that’s all there is to it! Need no psychic to say that…

The shallowest!

Why don’t you STFU? If Leo is a shallow a**hole what does it bother you what others post about him? Psychic or not everyone has the right to post here.

@Deja vu:

That smile looks staged! In here he looks like hes genuinely smiling, but i wonder if its because he smoked a little weed like some said or if its because Lukas is there or who knows he may just be genuinely happy. and LOL at his boner. Wow. he is forever 22.

Am I the only who thinks he looks quite cute here? Not including his beer belly and boner in the pictures


Of course he smiles .. Lukas is there to save him from boredom.

Carlos "Danger" @ 07/24/2013 at 11:11 pm

leave him alone let him have fun i know i am

fun till.. @ 07/24/2013 at 11:16 pm

hes in the nursing home alone…..

look closely at belly @ 07/24/2013 at 11:19 pm

weird stuff going on there. it looks like hes got something stuffed in his shirt and its not his belly fat. weed?! who knows but his underwear or something (white stuff around his waist) depends!? looks almost like a diaper but there is stuff amiss going on there and he looks def stoned

lukas shirt @ 07/24/2013 at 11:32 pm

lukas has a matching shirt. was is up about that? sharing clothes…now matching shirts!? the guy is totally weird!

mr. October 1998 playgirl magazine on sale on amazon ?

Wreck ‘em Tech!

i hope he married her this time, she has the same look with his mom, and that’s just odd but probably that is what he want.

He’s just gross.

Gross looking. Gross for dating a child.
Gross for being a man *****.


@not with toni: I don’t agree. She looks like her age in many pictures =D

i agree and i messed around w a 21 yr old a few wks ago a future nba player but i wasnt proud of myself. you would think it would get old after awhille plus this doesnt help his oscar chances with these escapades. same with johnny deppp. gross!

haaaaaa. good one!!!

Toni is pretty but she is in no way sexy. He looks gross here. And definitely showing his age. He literally looks like creepy Uncle Leo in these pics. At least they don’t look miserable.

toni doesnt look anything like his mom. look at early pictures of her! irma looks like my friend shari, a russian jew… very cute though is irma and much more personality and heart!

Wow! I guess it’s official now! JJ has given Toni her own tag! LOL!! On the last thread I mentioned that I thought it was weird that JJ hadn’t done that since JJ make tags for all of Leo’s gfs, but today, there it is! Well I guest the hate – name calling – gf bashing has officially begun! While I really hoped that the instagram debacle would make him take a step back and re-evaluate things, I think I knew that was just wishful thinking. This is LEo we are talking about the forever 23 yr old frat boy! When Toni tweeted she was going on vacation – I got the feeling she was really saying “I’m going to LA to be with Leo.” So I wasn’t surprised when the photos of her popped up within a day of the tweet and it was just a matter of time before a picture of Leo and her was taken. Although it took longer than I though – she’s been in LA for over week.
@not with toni: Not trying to start a fight with you, but I am really surprised at your comments. Before these pictures, you seemed very mellow and calm. Now your comments seem rather bitter and angry… I didn’t see any of this bashing before… Why all the hate suddenly? Did you really think all the sightings of them – Versailles, Hamptons, dinner with godson, 4th of July, her birthday – were just coincidences?
@HAHA #133: I agree, it is nice to see him smile and actually look like he is having fun!
Re the bulge: someone got some last night! @not with toni – don’t think he was looking at her butt- he looked like his eyes were closed!
Re the belly: I am hoping that he just overate and the way the shirt is tied around his waist is just making look bigger than it really is. Either that or he’s been packing on the weight! He did not have that gut in the 4th of July photos!. He actually looked good.

@Zzzzzz: Leo is too lazy to re-evaluate. That takes too much effort and while he is still pulling the young, hot models… He doesn’t really have to.


He definitely looks sleazy and out of shape in these pictures but its nice to see him look like he actually has life in him for a change. As for the Toni situation, despite them going multiple places together including today i dont think they will last very long. its definitely on between the both of them, which is sad because I too was hoping he’d rethink things over but knowing him..
it wont last much longer everyone. Be certain of it, his relationships rarely do. I dont think believe he is saving her for marriage at all

@Lucy #160: Sad, but true – and as long as he has fame and money, he will always get the young models!

Zzzzzz how long do you expect this to last between toni and leo? beyond november when he has to promote Wolf?? highly doubtful

@HAHA: I would be surprised if it lasts that long. I think if he is still dating her when he starts to promote Wolf, not only will he be slammed with questions comparing Jordan’s life (partying – young babes) and his. But think of all the articles that would be talking about his personal life vs the film. I think it would overshadow the movie – which is something Leo would hate! He got a lot of that with Gatsby, but I think he would get it even more. Don’t you agree? Or am I off-base?


I agree with u! Some people were talking about that in the grocery shopping thread and it would not make leo look good at all and it would take away from his performance. People would just say ‘he is playing himself’.

What a cue couple.. Love Leo what a nice guy..and the best actor..

@HAHA: it’s so nice to have an actual conversation without all the bashing! Hope you stick around – a voice of reason in the madness!!


on a side note Iwas glancing through IMDB today and came across this thread on Leo from the Movie Awards board. It was a topic on if Leo is underrated or overrated. a lot of people said he was overrated and although i dont agree, a lot of points people were making were true. he was much more unguarded and natural as an actor when he was younger dont you agree? you should read it:

Universal Studios sighting @ 07/25/2013 at 1:53 am




thank you! and back at you :p i have a lot of time to comment here but sometimes it gets too crazy in these threads that i just do not want to stick around lol

Well. A sighting together was what was missing for me to be completely convinced it’s on, That beer belly and Toni’s messy appearance: noooo. But at least they’re smiling and I agree Leo looks tipsy here. Hate to see this though I was secretly hoping despite the obvious. Saw this coming. About Toni’s body: it’s probably just the way she’s built you know. No prominent boobs or ass. Kinda mean to bash on that since she probably can’t change it unless she gets implants. She’s almost 6 feet tall so of course her legd are tall and slim and lanky. I guess she’s his tallest gf. But I agree she looks rather messy! Could’ve looked a bit more put together but look at Leo. Lol. I guess she’s adjusting her outer appearance to his as well as probably a lot other things.

@HAHA: I read the imbd – very interesting. To be honest, I have not seen a lot of his movies – incl Titanic, which I refused to see, because everyone told me I had to see it. (I did see the boat sink – great CGI – but stopped watching it before he died!) I’m funny that way. Loved him Django – really pushed the envelope. Thought he was great in The Departed and decent in Blood Diamonds. Gatsby – I’m not so sure – I think all the SFX/CGI overshadowed the actors, but he looked good! I need to see some of his earlier films. I might not have seen them, but I read enough to know that he picked some edgy characters and really changed it up. Now it seems he just plays it safe – I think that had to do with him trying to get away from being typecast as a heartthrob and wanting people to see him as a serious actor. Hopefully, after all the praise he received for Django – he will be willing to take more chances. I truly hope that he does NOT star in Rasputin. I think that would be an even bigger miscast than the Hoover film. What do you think?

@HAHA: Some comments are very accurate indeed. I partially agree with this one:
“It’s hard for me to describe how I feel about him as an actor. He can be good when given the right role, but he’s not versatile. When I’m watching him I can rarely get into the character the way I can with someone I would consider a great actor. For me, he’s always recognizable.” This is exactly why Leo needs to start taking huge risks in his choices and challenge himself.

@Leonie #174: I agree with you. In The Departed and Django I really was able to get into the character, but with Gatsby – it was Leo in beautiful clothing. I completely agree that Leo needs to take more challenging roles that will push him to grow.
re looking tipsy – agreed! especially in the one were Toni is hugging the guy and Leo’s eyes are half closed!

@Zzzzzz: Agreed. About Gatsby. Having read the book a multiple times I thought he portrayed Jay Gatsby very good. The opposites within Gatsby, his aching despair etc but as I said a couple times before that’s hardly a tough job for Leo anymore. He portrayed so many contradictory, mysterious characters with inner conflicts and traumas that it’s nit surprising or exciting anymore. Because of that it appears like he’s limited but I don’t believe that. He’s gifted and I’m sure he can make it work if he took big risks and stepped out of his comfort zone.

I think Leo was great in Gatsby. I liked this comment from the thread about his performance: “In the latter he brought a lot of charm and vulnerability that has been missing from his recent work and it was great to behold.” I liked him a lot in Django too. J. Edgar I was not crazy about.

I agree with you both. He needs to lighten up and play more variety of characters. Thats why a lot of his recent performances feel samesy. If he isnt given a different type of character to play he will just play them all the same. Zzzzzz you should check out his early films-This Boy’s Life, Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries- great work from him there at such a young age. Even those movies were dramas but he played his characters with such a breeze and wasnt 24/7 intense all of the time like he does now. I also wish he wouldnt take himself so seriously. i REALLY hope he does not do Rasputin, not a good casting choice at all imo

Yes those are great older performances. I also liked him in Marvin’s Room. But not so much in Total Eclipse although I do appreciate he took on such a role at such a young age.
Btw I agree with both Zzzzz and HAHA that I don’t see this last. Or to put it better: I’d be very surprised if they would still be together by October. That is supposedly when Leo will start promoting his new movie and DEF will be getting questions about his 21 year old gf and the similarities between his life and Jordans by magazines, interviews and at press conferences. Though I heard Leo has an interview clause lol. ‘No personal questions or the interview is over’. But it will bug him IF it lastst that long. I don’t think he’d be willing to put up with that esp. since I think he will be campaigning.


“Because of that it appears like he’s limited but I don’t believe that. He’s gifted and I’m sure he can make it work if he took big risks and stepped out of his comfort zone.”

I agree with you on this, i read Gatsby recently and his portrayal of him far exceed my expectations because ithought he looked awfully hammy in the trailers. I loved him in it but a lot of people have said its similar to his other performances like Shutter Island because its the same character hes been playing for a long time now. he needs to branch out. look at the wide variety of characters he played in the 90s-a mentally handicapped teenager, a drug addict, a Shakespeare character, a celebrity(mocking himself), etc. c’mon leo, switch things up like you did in the 90s!

yep this wont last around the time WOWS comes out. He has no upcoming movies to film so he has no excuse but to promote it. i have a feeling he’ll go a lot of places with Jonah Hill since they’ve developed a bromance. should be fun! and hes definitely not gonna want to promote it and still date toni. even tho interviewers dont ask him personal questions he got asked A LOT about marriage when he was being interviewed for Gatsby

So i just checked Twitter after that Universal St. sighting and there are more sightings. One with an actual pic from a distance. You see Leo, Lukas and I think his mom and also a couple others I’m outdoors can’t post the tweet unfortunately.

@HAHA & Leonie: I agree about it not lasting long. But I remember an interview with Kate W. and she said that (I don’t recall it exactly), it was something along the lines that Leo was like a kid in that he will do the opposite of what you tell him he should do. (push him to stop dating young girls, makes him do it even more). So if he has a lot of people saying he should not be dating Toni when promoting Wolf – he might actually keep on dating her. It’s very childish – but I can totally seeing him doing it! IMO opinion I think it would be a disaster because it will draw attention away from the film.. Do either recall that interview? Cause it kind of explains a lot of things…. Thoughts?

@Zzzzzz: Yes I remember Kate saying that. It’s true what you say I guess. He’s a little boy in many aspects still, non? Very childish if he does and I have a feeling that it will be kind of diminishing for the movie then. Not in terms of quality ofc cause it’s got Scorsese but I mean the press will talk non-stop about the similarities between Leo and Jordan and that’s not a good look. I’ve read Jordan Belfort’s book. It’s wild. And in many aspectss gross and vulgar. And we all know how the press likes to exaggerate stuff.


There’s no way he’d jeopardize WOWS, a movie where he said he gave his best performance yet, over Toni another one of his interchangeable models. Because if there’s something leo cares more about than his models and his partying, its his career. he’ll probably hide his relationship with her from the press(dont know how) or he’ll break it off come november, which is what ithink he’ll ultimately do.

@HAHA #184: I do agree that I would be shocked if it lasted through October – but I just brought up the Kate interview because IMO it explains some of the things Leo does that leaves people scratching their head wondering ‘what the heck is he thinking!’ I agree it would be extremely difficult to hide the relationship from the press when he is promoting the film. I’m actually looking forward to seeing WOLF – it looks crazy!!
re his career: I use to think that his career was always #1 with him he was the consummate professional, but how do you explain that he blew off the Sydney premier, which he had committed to attend, so that he could stay party in Cannes with a bunch of young models? The whole “scheduling conflict’ was crap! He had already committed to go… IMO that whole incident, was so disrespectful to Baz, Tobey, the entire cast and Australia, which footed part of the budget? Why do you think he did that?


oh i definitely agree that was an incredibly disrespectful thing to do and really low on his part. Honestly all of those pictures i saw of him at Cannes partying disgusted me. Wish I could of erased those all from my memory. Its hard to support and defend leo sometimes when he constantly makes himself look like such a douche in his personal life. but of course, iremember the good things he does and that no one is perfect. why did he do it? perhaps he didnt care about Gatsby that much and didnt want to deal with another premiere, and i also heard the Australian press really invaded his privacy and pissed him off. remember the interview with that lady who asked him if it was true he is a bad boy?

@HAHA #186: Maybe, but IMO that’s a pretty lame excuse. If he didn’t want to deal with all the press, he could have just flown in the night before and left right afterwards. It was so sad to see Tobey trying to make excuses for him. IMO, I do believe he lost a lot of credibility and respect by pulling that stunt…. As for asking if he is a bad boy – come on, IMO – he parties and is photographed all the time with a bunch of young models, and then he gets upset when the press call him on it? What does he expect – the press to pretend he doesn’t do that? Like – I said he cracks me up – but, you’re right he does do good by raising awareness re endangered species and the environment – and he is human…. Talk to ya later! :)

pre nup dinner ?looks like the deal is made,toni looks happy,in the bag,lukas is pre nup witness,best man,leo looks out of character and loaded,maybe there will be a double wedding so he can give mom away at the same time,lol—so,when’s the wedding day ?leo better move fast before he gets cold feet as he always does—he’ll probably be smashed at his own wedding,just to get thru it—lol

“Tinkerbell started out great but she went nutbar and not funny anymore. Now she just sounds like a miserable old hag. We had the funniest comments around the time Leo was dating Bar. People were pretending to be Leo’s dog Django and his turtle. Good times.”

What ever happened to tinkerbell? I saw her comment in the last Leo thread but it seems she’s been gone for a longggg time. I liked her comments even when she went on those long rants. Her comments were always interesting atleast. Same with CanadaGirl. The old Leo threads were a lot more interesting and funnier, now it’s just people saying the usual things about Leo(he is forever 22!), the physics claiming he is lost like Brad Pitt was before he met Angie, and the same people trashing his latest toy, aka Toni. Yawn. Things should be mighty interesting come November with Wolf releasing. Call me out for now.

They look as if they have had a wonderfully boozy dinner, they both look happy and relaxed, good on them, enjoy life!

soon he will date Lindsay Ellingson. She is on his playboy list. The most models are “round-heeled” woman!

They all need to seriously hit the gym and get some fashion advice. Maybe I could help them with that actually.

DiCaprio has no idea what love means. I’m sure Lindsay Ellingson is next on his list:

@193 Toni is the prettiest

@Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 7:03 am

+1 agreed!

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 7:03 am

The only thing that bothers me is the age difference specifically her being 21 and him turning 40 next year, I dont care much about their fashion style or his belly. Does a model have to look great when she has time out? I dont know, is that a must when you work in the fashion industry? Sometimes I feel annoyed by certain celebs who wear perfect matched outfits in order to draw more attention…Jmo. These two have chosen to wear casual and comfortable clothes, whats wrong with that? Leo doesnt have to look dolled up for me as long as he feels good with his weight, I mean he should consider to go to gym to promote his health. We shouldnt be superficial: As women we should not BASH a woman for her body shape neither, it doesnt matter if shes skinny or less curvy. Plus we dont know her personally, none of us know if shes intellectual or not…JMO

“…As women we should not BASH a woman for her body shape neither, it doesnt matter if shes skinny or less curvy…”
The girl has made the choice in her life to become a model. A model works with her body and accepts to have a public life. So if a model can not expect people to “bash” or not her figure…. she should consider to quit her job.
Intellectual???? Give me a break.

Toni is from Germany and we can’t stand her here in Germany. She is trying so hard to be like Claudia Schiffer and in most of her interviews she’s moody and complaining about her oh-so exhausting Job. She’s plain boring and annoying. And as for Leo, he should settle with someone he has something in common with, instead all of These models. Maybe a nice actress his Age?

@Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 7:17 am

“we can’t stand her here in Germany.”
Speak for yourself, you cannot generalize like that!

sorry it was for Leah.

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 7:21 am

Well, I think there is a difference between talking/having an opinion/ stating constructive criticism (…) about somebodys appearance and bashing. Just because there people choosing to be at the spotlight doesnt give us a free ticket to do so (bashing). There is a tolerance limit for everything and I feel sometimes these lines are crossed easily by sitting behind a comp/ notebook/smartphone with a pseudo name, whatever…Yes indeed, she might be intelligent, we cant be sure about that. Even though she might make stupid decisions (she is as human as we are) it does not make her a generally stupid person.

Yeah you can generalize it, because you do not get to see her the way we do on German TV. She does her fake smiling, batting her eyelashes for Victoria’s Secret and everyone believes that’s the nice Girl she is. She is quite the contrary, but maybe one day the rest of the world will get to see this, too, until then Keep believing she is the modest, down-to-earth and sweet model.

Then if you’re right, that really tells about Leo’s personality because “Birds of a feather flock together”!

German lessons @ 07/25/2013 at 7:45 am

You are all wrong. For what I recall, a psychic said they are spending time together because leo needs to improve his german! So toni is his german private teacher for this summer! That’s all ;)

@German lessons: Umm. A private teacher that gives good beej, no doubt.

@Leah: The reason why I`m not shocked is because what you say seems to fit his exes as well. There were plenty of rumors about them being b*tchy. 20, blonde, stick skinny, model, no self esteem AND b*tchy.

Poor Leo *tears*. you look worse and worse. sad that all gorgeous ladies are with you only because of your star status. they get what they want (career boost) and move to a normal guy. even silly blonde is not silly when it comes to starting a family.
If Leo wasn’t a star he’d be that fat mama’s boy unsettled in his 40s, whom ladies usually shun.
there was a parody on tv once about it.

German lessons @ 07/25/2013 at 8:24 am

@Lucy 206 : lol! yep for sure!

Leo is definitely wasted in these pictures. Maybe that’s why he looks so relaxed? And h0rny? Lol. Wine does the same thing to me,

Caroline G ‏@carol_ftw 6h
Saw Leonardo DiCaprio at Roosevelt tonight…I think my life is set.

Caroline G ‏@carol_ftw 6h
Saw Leonardo DiCaprio at Roosevelt tonight…I think my life is set.

Toni the german teacher

✖ ‏@valiums0ul 8h

Vicoh ‏@VicOh28 9h
So I loaded lLeonardo Dicaprio into the Simpsons ride today at work. Yup, it was pretty awesome! :D #leonardodicaprio

Vicoh ‏@VicOh28 9h
So I loaded lLeonardo Dicaprio into the Simpsons ride today at work. Yup, it was pretty awesome! :D #leonardodicaprio

Vicoh ‏@VicOh28 9h
So I loaded lLeonardo Dicaprio into the Simpsons ride today at work. Yup, it was pretty awesome! :D #leonardodicaprio

^Sorry the double post

LOL! After hiding out for the past couple of weeks – Leo is being seen all over the place!
@Leonie: If you have a chance, can you post the link or the name of the person who posted the picture from Universal Studios?
re the vine video: Leo doesn’t look like he has the big belly. I think it was just food bloat in the photos from Tuesday. Is that his mom in the foreground of the video?

Toni is so slu-tty. look at her skirt it’s obvious she wants to give men the bone rs, She’s gross!! She is also wearing white see through shirt with a black bra!!! She’s such a sl-ut and cannot forget that she posed naked(flaunting her ti-ts) at such a tender age.I”m sure she opens her legs (those sticks of legs) non stop!! It’s obvious she takes great delight in having men je$k off just for her a$$(literally ,lol).No wonder a man wh%re like dicaprio is involved with that b!tch.I bet she is a really good h**ker(it is not always easy to satisfy such a naughty boy! ) leo man deserves some good bl%wjobs himself once in a while.I bet the sl-ut gives magnificent handj obs ,too,hence the supernova ere#ctile function.GROSS

@Zzzzz: Sure. Quickly checked it. Its jasondanielllll. 5x L at the end.

Thanks for the info Leonie. I think the tall girl behind Leo in wearing sunglasses might be Toni ( just a guess ).

Uncle Leo is taking his kiddie to another amusement park… where she belongs.:)

@Zzzzzz: Is that his mom in the foreground of the video?
Good eye. Yep I think it is. Especially judging from La tweet pics it could be the same day

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 12:36 pm

Leo really needs to stop strolling around like a naive teenager who is exploring the world(!) full of curiosity.The worst part is that he always drags with him his mother (with her boyfriend) and the whole posse while he should be married by now and it would be for ME (there’s no need to bash me,but i am sure ….)to see him with his wife and kids do what he is doing right now .C’mon Leonardo ,you are not 20 anymore grow the f@#4 up. I dont find this particular pattern flattering at all for a man who is pushing 40.Yes he is a millionaire but that doesn’t mean at all that he is completely entitled to do whatever he wants( although he CAN buy whatever he wants)He wants to be taken seriously, no he doesn’t.Not never will he get the damn oscar(although i don’t find it that important) without some major change in his life.Why is it so difficult for him to understand that it IS feasible to be a great actor , a businessman AND a family man as well.But … i know i’m asking for too much when i see him befriend people like that russian mogul,sorry.

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 12:38 pm

typo: i would be amazing for me to see him

@also…: On the second pic right? Thought so too.
@Deja vu: Lol. I’ve learned so much about Leo’s routines on here. So we’ve had Disneyland. Universal Studios.. What’s next?

Convinced now @ 07/25/2013 at 1:05 pm

I’m am now convinced he is gay… All these girlfriends/models always in the same situation career wise, wanting to break out from only fame In the fashion world to fame in the mainstream.Gisele, bar, Erin and now Toni. Same routine with all of them and Lukas always there in the background.

Atleast he’s not the shallow ageing modelizer he’s been made out to be and I guess his management people can only choose out of the girls who are willing i.e models looking for more fame!

“while he should be married by now and it would be for ME (there’s no need to bash me,but i am sure ….)to see him with his wife and kids do what he is doing right now”
Why should he be married by now? Why should any man or woman live by the rules society or a fan has construed upon them? Ed Norton only just got married at 43, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron who are both older than Leo don’t seem interested in getting married or 2.4 children.

“Not never will he get the damn oscar(although i don’t find it that important) without some major change in his life”
Some of the Oscar winners of the past years have been confirmed bachelors, Adrian Brody, Jamie Foxx (again older then Leo) does the rant target them to?

I don’t understand how someone can be so invested, upset or frustrated on a stranger’s life choices simply beacuse you watch him on screen. Especially when he is not harming anyone

leo di potato! @ 07/25/2013 at 1:26 pm

dont giv a sh*t who leo dates cuz its always the same person. LOL perhaps he’s got a bet running with himself on how many identical women from different nationalities he can bang in his lifetime. altho dont know how any of these beautiful gals could want to date a dude twice their age that looks like an overstuffed greasy potato. EWWW!

This is why people don’t really like Leo enough to give him awards. Does everyone of your girlfriends need to be a model? Your so talented and so shallow…

@Deja vu Thanks for the pictures, I don’t think It’s Toni, the girl in the picture looks “bigger” ( i am not calling her fat) but I think toni’s legs are skinnier, and toni seem always to wear somethings short perhaps a short dress/skirt och jeans shorts. I dont know, i may be wrong…

@also…: No i’m not sure either. I judged by the girls height.
@234: Lol. That’s Bar.

@Leonie: It could be her but I`m really not 100% sure. The girl on the tweet photo has darker hair…
But as deja vu pointed out Leo sticks to the same old script. Disneyland – check, Universal Studios – check, gf not tweeting while with him – check, staying at his place and hanging out with his friends – check, driving his car in LA – check. What`s next? Cabo or a bike ride in NYC? Or flashing the JM jewelry?

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 1:32 pm

@ i for one don’t understand how on earth you draw the conclusions that i am “invested upset frustrated “(!) especially when you read only some comments! You must have some true insight into people’s thoughts and feelings . Impressive! I just express some thoughts here that’s all and i don’t think i have to apologize.The fact that he is not harming anyone doesn’t mean that i cant write what i want here. … but whatever …maybe you forget you are in a gossip forum, ..and last but not least when you attack someone without a screen name it’s lousy ,just saying…

@alison: The `big girl` on that ( old ) photo is Bar. I think deja vu tried to prove the point that Leo keeps sticking to the same old routine.

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 1:33 pm

Everyday he proves how superficial he is .I am so so so disappointed, leo and i am sure that i am not the only one.You think people won’t judge you by virtue of your being supposedly entitled to live the life you want( again supposedly as everyone) but guess what… EVERY person in this world does sacrifice things (in your case growing out of this douchey lifestyle).Other great actors who are married with children(Damon,McConaughey,Hopkins )are what for you ? losers ?Oh yeah sure ! And i can’t get past the thing that he is friends with (who!) Naomi amongst a few other fruitcakes .. But oh well, i forgot he used to ba$g kate moss who is even worse…I’m not expecting any improvement from him anymore… what a shame

Wow the commenting is sh*tty..

Is it just me or the letter on his coap is T? :p dafuq

sorry i meant cap***

Sugar Daddy trend @ 07/25/2013 at 1:44 pm

I haven`t even read the comments when I posted the link… Ouch!

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 1:44 pm

@231 please do me the favor to ignore my comments since you call them ” rants” please do it . I use that screen name for a reason… just skip my comments I don’t need to apologise to you why i have these thoughts.You look very immature when you don’t accept different views. You call my comments rants and i call you the troll that loves bashing people’s comments here..please…

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 1:45 pm

There is a tall girl wearing dark sunglasses in both pics that could really be her.

@not with toni: Say it, girl! I have been in your shoes a million times and I think you are saying the right things here. If someone doesn`t like your comments then they should skip them instead of turning the thread into a fight. If you take away the arguments these threads would be at least 50% shorter…

some comments of yours( many to tell the truth) are shi!ty too. hahah Were you the one who said leo is hiding toni(lol) because they are goonna get MARRIED ??? hahaha wow now that’s crazy. all your far fetched theories are f%^ cked up and nuts …And are you the model maniac that used to fu@# up those threads posting all the time toni’s tweets?? model tweets stalker?? aren’t you..

#sugar daddy trend
Lol…the least we can say is that Moe describes Leo’s home ad it is. PIMP PAD.

@wtf: It’s a Texas Tech Uni cap. Lol.

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 2:02 pm

I think you misunderstood her, from what I understand by “Wow the commenting is sh*tty..” she means the chronological order of comments is messed up…well thats how I interpret it…

Lol at some posters here. Go get that *****, Leo! You are da man, my hero. Hahaha.

@Who knows: That’s what I meant indeed.. But that poster isn’t worth a reply that’s why I didn’t say anything.

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 2:09 pm

@252 I’ve thought so but I couldnt resist :) I’ve been following this past thread (Leo grocery) too and I never had the impression of you bashing anyone so…

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 2:10 pm

THANK YOU so much @ALSO :) thank you so much with all my heart.! I have to tell you that chatting with you here is a major reason why i need to express certain thoughts about our leo:) here in jj! And i always value your comments, always will ! You are so real ,authentic , natural and unpretentious when you comment and it’s so rare here in jj! You will ALWAYS have my support here.Be sure about that.

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 2:11 pm

WOW and it happened again…I mean @253 :D

@not with toni
what a boot-licker…

Aaaaaand 3 or 4 people posting over and over (I know because I checked ;)) with different user names: GET A LIFE! @notwithtoni and @also can marry now, you deserve each other, lol. Leo is too smart for marriage. I will pray for God to put some love in your hearts, haha.

Leo is a King!
Leo is a God!
The jealous people here,
Can s*ck some balls.

Oh, you CHECKED so it must be true! lol I have an idea what you deserve… lol
@not with Toni: Glad to hear that. This is JJ. It’s all about personal attacks because some can handle different opinion. It’s easier to be rude and b*tchy ( see #259 ) or calling comments sh*tty than skipping comments and moving on!

Leo and Toni …
Sitting in a tree …

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 2:37 pm

@258 yeah …i guess i am… clooney is my role model you know … will you give me an oscar? ?

I admit I couldn’t stop laughing at the moe jackson article. Such a cliche that you can’t see it differently than the blogger and I tend to agree with the comments as well. It’s sad that he is perceived like this but it us what it is.

Some people are mad,
Some people are just sad,
Some people deserve bad,
A d*ck in(to) their a**.

@Funnybones @ 07/25/2013 at 2:47 pm


Someone remembers Leo’s turtle! Flattered, honestly. That was a long time ago. I haven’t done Django in awhile, either. I did post as Leo recently, just for the nutter obsessed with Toni.

So it’s official, huh? If he’s going to date youngins, he needs to lay off the booze and get himself in shape.

Who cares ? @ 07/25/2013 at 2:47 pm

@also no one read moe jackson, it’s not a popular website.

ummmmm i think kissing for leo is just not enough, sorry …he needs more! saw that supernova in his pants?

Once upon a time …
A ***** with no life
She thought she was smart
But she could not spell right.

@271 guess who wrote this …ummmm….. the *****… ha… you suck get a life, stat

Supernova, Lol. Good one!

don’t worry lukas will take care of that…. just another beard… funny to see all the crazies obsessed since he obviously isn’t in any real female relationships. he does it lately always around this time. goes to cannes and gets another beard from a modeling agency. all too predictable… if it was normal, it would vary the way he gets them….

found this picture hehe

I guess it’s Bar since i’ve seen some other pictures from that day. lol.

thank you for remind me of that puke…

HAHAHAHA. WTF? Maaaaaan … you go, Leo. I could live without that, lol.

@268: Oh, honey, maybe you don`t care and it`s not popular by your standards but posts from that site are reposted by other sites frequently. I guess because it`s soooo unpopular. And who cares about what you think?

Some people think they own this place
Must be a mental case so I will say
You can post
I can reply
You claim he is a d*ck
But some of you are so sick
Don‘t come back, I hope you die
Kiss my a** and goodbye

you don’t care but did not stop you responding. you are only bigging up that site because they mirror what you and not toni project. truth is sites like that, celebslam, the superficial, icydk, are a dime a dozen. they aren’t as important as you like to think. and they don’t suddenly develop imprtance because random internet goons on showbiz forums support their theory

Well I care what that poster thinks as maybe some others. Now what are you going to do about that?

Who cares about what YOU think?

Supernova @ 07/25/2013 at 3:18 pm

What the… is that supposed to be talent? Writing stuff like that.. need soap in the mouth eh?

@HA you have some work to do :start writing some lyrics i think you like rap or what? leo lyrics are your forte!

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 3:28 pm

@also you can always ignore bashing trolls .. i think it is the best for everyone… oh now i’m starting a new fight….haha

@280: Sure, whatever you say! Yes, I happen to agree with it and I know I`m not the only one. I`m `bigging up` the site and your are making it irrelevant because you don`t care about it. Two way street!
@LOL: Nothing. I wasn`t the one who started posted under the screen name `who cares?` What are you going to do about that? I didn`t tell anyone to ignore those comments. Now what?
@282: Well, if you read my comments clearly you do… ;)

@not with toni: it`s easier to say than to do… lol look I couldn`t resist… all these smara**es irk me so much!

Some people are mad,
Some people are just sad,
Some people deserve bad,
A d*ck in(to) their a**. LIKE YOU??

I’m a rapper, man
Not a famous one
They say Hova is the guy, done
He has Bey and I N.O.N.E
Can’t compete with that
Even if I was Kanye West
I admire Leo, that’s all
He doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap
But I’m gone for now
Peace to y’all.

i suppose @ 07/25/2013 at 3:52 pm

that hoo%ker who resembles a stick and looks so washed up without makeup gives magnificent too- good -to- be- true blo%jobs… have you noticed her lips?? hahaha well leo knows something we don’t! I’m sure she engages in a**l too loool that would be the most GROSS thing EVER about her…

we LOVE leo be sure about that! :)

#278 – “And who cares about what you think?……….”
#286 – “Well, if you read my comments clearly you do……….”
and if YOU read 268 comments, clearly YOU cared about what s/he thought too. What an unaware hypocrite
and as LOL said some care so what the ***** are you going to do about it

HA AKA LUKAS @ 07/25/2013 at 3:54 pm

“HA” is LUKAS! lol! he’s giving us a preview of his new song dedicated to Leo!!!

@292: Nothing. Ignore you and the others. Keep posting, talking about moe jackson and whatever I want just to annoy you. What are you gonna do about that? lol

I`m the hypocrite meanwhile someone with the screen name `who cares?` keeps responding to all kinds of comments contradicting her own screen name. Ok…

I have the feeling this thread has been taken over by the BZ junior high schoolers.

HA AKA LUKAS @ 07/25/2013 at 4:08 pm

“Don‘t come back, I hope you die” : don’t be so mad.

“Some people deserve bad A d*ck in(to) their a**” : and YOU can keep su*king Leo’s d*ck!

Awwww I actually think HA is fun. Reading through the post and seeing funnybones, ? remarks Leo comments used to be insightful and a good kind of crazy. HA brings light relief jmo.
Incidentally is Leo really not aware of the cameras here? That’s what some blogs are saying . I dunno I always assumed Leo had a radar for that pap stuff, and could sense them a mile away maybe he knew but just does not care??? Anyway I’m out

Yara Attieh ‏@YaraAttieh
Saw Leonardo DiCaprio with his girl Tory Garn yesterday at Universal

Erm, I think you need to rhyme, for that to really flow

HA AKA LUKAS @ 07/25/2013 at 4:19 pm

@301 : ????? try again

Tall taller tallest @ 07/25/2013 at 4:26 pm

A girl who tweeted she saw Leo at Universal. She got a picture of her with her friends and the very tall Toni G.

House of wax? @ 07/25/2013 at 4:26 pm

Toni looks like a alien or a wax figure without eyebrows Lol

LOL, OMG this photo is scary. The girls look so tiny next to her.
What’s wrong with her eyebrows?

“@ found this picture hehe
I guess it’s Bar since i’ve seen some other pictures from that day. lol.”

What the… this guy and all those boner pictures, dafuq?!

He looks happy<3

@house of wax
Seems like Leo refused to be in the picture…..:) Poor girls.

She‘s 1,78 m. It‘s not that much. The girls are tiny.

Nice people @ 07/25/2013 at 4:49 pm

@312 Toni is 1,83 m. :)

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 4:50 pm

Missy do you see what i see in that picture?

@Missy #311 @ 07/25/2013 at 4:50 pm

Lukas was coming…

@not with toni:
Yes, I see. It was just ironic ;)

@@Missy #311:
Yes, of course *rofl*

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 4:56 pm

Missy ,now these pics are the proof we need(lol) that he isn’t g-a-y and i mean that :) People who think he is as gay as a bluebird need to stfu!

@not with toni:
Never believed that he’s gay, by the way. And yes, he looks happy. About her age. I don’t know, She young yes, but she is grown, so… don’t see a problem with her age. americans are sometimes a bit too conservative, I think ;)

I mean Johnny Depps ‘rumored’ girlfriend is 24 younger than him.

@Nice people @ 07/25/2013 at 5:05 pm

Thanks. Where did you get that from? That probably was an old information. I find different things everywhere. She probably has grown a little :-) Leo is still taller than her.

@Missy: Dating younger women ( girls ) is fine. But Leo doesn`t date anyone else other than 19 to 21 years old same type of models all the time. No change unlike Johnny Depp. Or Bradley Cooper. They are not serial barely legal daters…
Toni is tall and she is very skinny that I think makes her look even taller.

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 5:15 pm

Missy you may be right about the age difference that doesn’t always matter but i believe that what annoys people mostly about dicaprio’s life is that he dates always the same girl/ woman.Haha ! after seeing all these pictures( …you know!!) i think now i know THE REASON why he is still unmarried !!!! lmao! glad you are here btw.

Huh? so he was with 2 chics at Universal Studio? Bar, too ? or who was that first picture we saw? That was def not Toni, I think…. when the young girls who seem turkish in their looks tweeted they met Leo and his girl Tony Garrn and uploaded that second pic with her hoodie, she wears another top and shorts,not jeans like the first one. So they went more people again, am I right ?

@Sarah: The Bar photo is not new, it`s a couple of years old. It was posted to show that Leo was there with another girlfriend. You know the same script all over again.

Depp’s girlfriend is 27 years old. Not barely 21.

@not with toni:
Mhm. I’m blonde and tall and german, too – but I’m definitely not Toni Garrn. And Toni Garrn isn’t Erin isn’t Blake isn’t Bar isn’t Gisele isn’t Kristen, do you know what I mean? And it’s such a cliche to say that all models are dumb or whatever. I never understand this HOLE logic. I mean yes, leo has a type, obviously – but most people have, I think. I don’t see it as something really bad, honestley. But maybe it’s just me.

@Nice people @ 07/25/2013 at 5:32 pm

Thank you. There are some nice pictures. Against some peoples opinion she can look pretty feminine.

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 5:34 pm

sooo….leo hides a supernova in his pants….

So, if Leo would date Toni in- uhm- 6 years it’ll be ok? O_o

Seing Depp next to Amber Heard do nt look as gross as Leo with toni. Amber is a grown woman while Toni became 21 recently. Toni being so skinny makes her look so young while Leo’s belly and style of clothing makes him look older than he actually is…but I think many posters before me have already pointed that out many times. Well, anyway

@Missy-332 @ 07/25/2013 at 5:42 pm


Just in time to dump her for being too old for him.

@Nice people:
Wow, she’s stunning in these pictures!!!

Belly? At miami beach this month you could see him shirtless… he looked fine.

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 5:51 pm

i wish leo in six years will be happily married to a decent woman and i will say it again :decent woman and will finally understand how beautiful it is to create your own family .( i suppose so) I have a feeling that if leo ever gets married he will be completely the opposite from what we see right now and if it’s really true then his wife will be the luckiest woman.people have a hard time finding someone that has pure and chaste heart these days

Leo looks great here, in my mind. I have always liked that he never looked like all this photoshopped stereotypes from hollywood!

“I mean yes, leo has a type, obviously – but most people have,”
hmmmm dont you think if I -purely hypothetical- would start dating JUST blonde, blue eyed, tall medical students between 20-24 – except for one 26 year old law student- people would b*t c h about me?! While Im a 38 year old business woman. I agree on poeple having a certain type but Leo s preferences are exaggerated

Haha, you guys have seen it? In this vid from wackos he thumbs up too in the end. He liked that, huh?

or fake preferences…

As long as you harm no one, I think it’s alright ;)

@not with toni:
Maybe he should just married Kate (Winslet)- finally.

Fake for what?

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 6:06 pm

who knows what he has in his mind, at the end of the day Leo is an enigma! i think he is just seemingly predictable and in the end he will surprise everyone .He knows what he does:)

@Missy: Well Leo has been a notorious modelizer for 2 decades. He is going through models at a steady pace, they are always the same age and most of them look alike. He is aging yet his girls remain the same age. And you don’t see the big deal about it and why ppl dislike this situation. Well, Toni seems to be OK with being a new trophy at the end of a long line ( and definitely not the last one ). It might be a Gernan thing…

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 6:09 pm

Oh my gosh Missy i can never forget what he said to her: ” i love you sweetheart”!! He is full of contradictions : that’s why i find him to be an enigma. Ohh he was so sweet so true and unpretentious when his said those magic words !

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 6:10 pm

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe he always has ‘accidentally’ a weakness for blondes… i don’t know.

Italian Girl @ 07/25/2013 at 6:19 pm

Found this pic of Leo holding Bar’s behind at a nightclub in Sardinia in 2010.×435.JPG
When he is not aware of the paps around him, he’s smiling and looking affectionate with his girl. But when he knows he might be spotted outdoors, then he bends his head and looks distant.

@Missy Well, he is “harming” himself in a way ;)
@ Bells Leo has put some weight, not just muscles ;) it doesnt bother me, but it does make a difference seeing him next to youngish/skinny Toni.
@@339 I dont buy the rumor Leo being gay maybe he is bi but I dont believe he is gay.

“Toni seems to be OK with being a new trophy at the end of a long line ( and definitely not the last one ).”
Wow, now you can predict the future!
She’s probably not the last one but we can’t be sure.

No I don’t see the problem, honestley. Leo’s ok and the girls he dates are ok, too. I doubt that he forces Toni (and all the others) to anything. Sometimes when I read all this comments I have the feeling that Leo makes something criminal O_o But he dosen’t. So maybe you all should calm down, really. Or go and discuss Brad Pitt’s life. I mean he is a great daddy and a happy married man and a successful actor. And he’s good looking, too. Isn’t that all what you want? We don’t want all the same. And for now Leo wants Toni and Toni wants Leo. BOTH want it. So it’s nothing wrong, in my mind.

Who knows @ 07/25/2013 at 6:24 pm

@Who knows It cannot be a coincidence when you are a serial-modelizer, especially dating blonde, tall and very young girls

that ..garrn is a wh%re that’s why she LOVES being a trophy woman It’s the only thing that she can be(along with being a cute h%le! for our leo).I saw that video posted here ( although i was not too keen) in her interview she just sucks and it’s crazy that people here find her interesting just because she is a model IMAO . people who admire that piece of cr@p are nuts at the best or just like her at the worst.Jeez … that s-l-u-t is a role model here for jj stans. loolz…

I agree with you Missy, you’re open-minded. It’s nice.

My Leo as gorgeous as ever LOVE YOU!!

I think you are wrong here maybe you should pay a visit BZ, they gonna welcome you with open arms

@Italian Girl:
He has explained this reaction in many interviews.

No, some of you guys can’t accept the simply truth. Maybe YOU are wrong here ;)

So leave Missy alone. She seems to be a nice girl.
Bar and Erin are the past why do people keep linking up pictures from years ago? Holding on to something?
It’s as sad as pointing out which EX-girlfriend is wearing Jen Meyer jewellery.

“‘No I don’t see the problem, honestley.”" ummm then you should be wearing some good glasses lol(no offense, kidding)

brad pitt has no oscar yet! so not everything is perfect *rofl*

Getting tiresome @ 07/25/2013 at 6:41 pm

This GIRL is young enough to be Leo’s daughter. I’m sorry but we all know she’s not interested in anything but his money and he’s only interested in having a young GF. Leo needs to grow up. BTW, does Lukas have a life??? He goes EVERYWHERE with Leo. It’s so weird.

You are tiresome. Toni has her own money.

So what is the simple truth, my dear? While Missy suggested us to go to a Brad Pitt thread, I simply returned the favor by suggesting BZ , that seems to be the best for her, thats all :D

@Getting tiresome @ 07/25/2013 at 6:44 pm

Do you think old women are not interested by money? lol
age means nothing.

*rofl* Good joke ;)

I meant ‘different opinions’. I don’t know the truth, of course ;) Missy has a different opinion on the hole leo/toni subject as many others here, that’s all. I mean it’s a running discussion yet or not?

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 6:53 pm

@getting tiresome :I find Lukas Haas really cute!He’s so peacefull ,quiet and sweet .It makes me sad when people call him out on his looks.That’s so superficial but what can you expect? Leo knows how to choose his best friends.He ‘s lucky to have that innocent looking friend who will never betray him and whom he knows since childhood, as a best friend.I am sure their friendship will last forever and it will be amazing!

Is here anybody who have met/seen Leo in real life? I bet he has a lot of charme and charisma.

Its sad that you dont know the truth, I had high expectations on you ;) – just kidding. Yes, its an endless discussion with reps and everyone is entitled to state their opinion.

@not with toni:
Maybe this is a problem too: I mean many of his friends he knows since childhood, before his fame, money and god knows. but to find a woman, who just likes HIM and not the famous Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t so easily. he was very often disappointed by many people-especially after this huge titanic hype. he told it once in some interviews and that it’s not easy for him to trust someone new. However, he was referring not only to women but more generally.

@351: I said it a million times I post my opinion. Seems like for some people that still wasn`t enough to understand. But that`s ok since it`s you… You even agree with what I say yet you have to whine about it. Whatever helps you through these threads! lol
@Missy: Good for you. Let`s see how you think about it when your own barely legal daughter starts dating a guy who could be her father. Nobody said Leo is doing anything criminal. These comments are about what people think and how they see him and his modelizing ways. For you it`s perfectly fine which is odd for most people. As I said it must be German mentality… you, Toni, Leo and his mother.

I must say I really like the Leo-Fandom ;) It’s fun to talk with others about all this leo-stuff here, positive and negative!

I think These sickly looking models with no personalities are the only women Leo could ever work with. A woman his Age with her own career and mind would crush his ego. He does not want his girlfriend to steal the Spotlight. Bar and him made a good couple, but from then on he went downhill with all these faceless models. He’s like Clooney, the eternal Bachelor. But soon enough it will become an even bigger embarrassment for him as he continues to get older and People will no longer see the actor in him, but the old, weird guy who chases after younger Girls. Sad.

Dream Girl @ 07/25/2013 at 7:13 pm

@ Tia : I met him in my dreams lots of times and he was very charming! We were saving wales and all endangered animals put a hold to the unnecessary tree clearing of the rain forest, took Django for a walk and to the doctor cause he had passed a lot of gas, it was very stinky.

Lilly has but she is gone – forever – chased by evil other fans at this place… *rofl*

I don’t think that’s what #377 meant. Leo is very attached to his mom And his girls do have a Germanic resemblance either physically or linguistically to his mother Irmelin, starting from his American girlfriend Kristen Zang. Toni being a blue blood German has maybe established a closeness or bond to him from the Motherland. I think that’s what was suggested.

No one will Clooney seen as an actor? Have I something missed???

Erin and Blake were german, too?

Missy or Lilly @ 07/25/2013 at 7:18 pm

@Mia maybe Missy is Lilly and Lilly is Missy! I dont think shes gone forever i BET she is still reading this exciting thread and posting with a different name.

Is Leo into an&l?

@also…: Oh my goodness. You gave me a different perspective when talking about daughters dating a sleazy 40 year old (sorry, but his reputation is nothing short of gross!) when they are 21. I have three young daughters and that thought sickens me. Really makes me even more disappointed. I wish his emotional intelligence matched the intelligence he shows in his work ethic and his interviews. What a joke he is turning out to be… And I have loved this man for decades… Literally! Ugh.

i thought about that too!!!! maybe she loves ‘our leo’ ….. as everyone here! i don’t blame her!

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 7:28 pm

@G&Y now that’s completely irrelevant lol and what your screen name stands for?

I’ve never said that I’m perfectly fine – I’m just said I don’t see the actual problem. I mean when he’s married in a couple of years you guys have all played so crazy for free. it’s just too early to make such a big deal from his current dating behavior, in my PERSONAL mind (this has nothing to do with your opinion). I mean NOW he’s 38 and NOT 40. In one year and a half a lot can happen and change – only for example. you always receives a future for leo – a future that may never happen. so… let us just wait and see what future brings.

@Mia: I don’t respect Clooney as an actor, nor do I respect Leo. Their acting has always been mediocre, but their behaviour off the Screen makes them even more mediocre. They dump their gf via text message and simply waste their time with such nonsense. A guy with decency would refrain from being the Headline in every gossip mag with their new trophy Girl by their side. I also still believe that Clooney is gay and only has These Girls as his Alibi. But thats just my opinion.

“he told it once in some interviews and that it’s not easy for him to trust someone new”.
I remember that. I think it was 2010 Rolling Stone interview. I HONESTLY found that interview very odd. Even the writer was surprised that Leo was talking about how difficult it was it meet girls and have a real relationship considering he had a girlfriend at the time. Who talks like that if you have a partner or even thinks about that if you are in a relationship you see going somewhere? Why would that issue still be on your mind? Strange

@Message: Disturbing perspective, right? Those barely legal models are daughters… and a seasoned modelizer is playing with them. It`s impossible not to think about it that way.And he goes for the same type deliberately just to have fun in spite of his age. Whatever intelligence and ethic he has is in his work.

Anonymous @ 07/25/2013 at 7:36 pm

Bar was as big a doormat. Or else she would have had enough ‘personality’ or brains not have taken his s-hit, let him cheat on her constantly, conduct an on/off relationship on his own terms, non stop carousing while she sat in Israel (non stop nightclubbing with Usher for example) and then dump her unceremoniously. Same story with Erin. These girls take the goods and the bad as Leo dictates complete with gifts and trips. None is better than the other

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 7:36 pm

someone here said garn has blue blood.How come?

@392: He said it not only once, but yeah, maybe he said it in this rolling stone interview, too ;)

Maybe you should separate their work from their private life? (both leo and george) … just my opinion.

@not with toni:
I did not mean blue blood as in royalty. I meant blue blood German as in she’s 100% ethnic German and she comes from wealth. I suppose I could have worded it differently.

his personal jester @ 07/25/2013 at 7:55 pm

Toni Garrn is nothing to him but his personal jester .That’s what she is…. i feel sorry for her ‘cos she’s i gonna be dumped and she will suffer big time.Too bad.Once he gets bored with her he’s done with her.Men are going to suck the life out of that girl. She already looks older than what she is and it’s because of this lifestyle: keeping companion to men… I’m sorry. .She had money to study and become something worthy but she chose to offer her companion to older men .Her choices will haunt her forever cos her past will always define her as the kind of woman she is. It must suck ,poor Toni. or Nana of Zola’s or………………….

@Anonymous @ 07/25/2013 at 7:56 pm

Poor girl….it’s about time you get help over your obsession towards Bar. It’s getting ridiculous and mostly disturbing.

Italian Girl @ 07/25/2013 at 7:58 pm

Agree with you. After Bar, he went downhill and was never serious with any of the them.
Bar with Leo in Greece, September 2006.

not with toni @ 07/25/2013 at 7:59 pm

@ 398 thank you.

oh i love Greece !! I wish leo would marry a cute greek girl,:)

@@Anonymous @ 07/25/2013 at 8:26 pm

Truth hurts? Don’t you have any Toni pic spams to engage in? Barf fans never stop abusing Leo’s subsequent girlfriend in their bitterness and talking about them as some BS Romeo and Juliet.
As much as her fans who like to claim otherwise Bar was no different than Erin.
She lasted cause after he dumped her again in 2009 because she begged him . Per US Weekly she did not stop calling and begging him. ‘She lets him do whatever he wants. She tried to get him to commit, or at least toe the line in public as a monogamous boyfriend by breaking up with him last year, but she couldn’t stop calling and begging him to take her back.
And she is a girl that would accept that kind of treatment because she is the type of person who would marry a 50 year old family friend to avoid serving her country
These girls take the goods and the bad as Leo dictates complete with gifts and trips. None is better than the other or he would have married them instead of dumping them them the way Leo’s pal Kevin C is going to marry his current girlfriend Lydia Hearst

“”"None is better than the other or he would have married them instead of dumping them them the way Leo’s pal Kevin C is going to marry his current girlfriend Lydia Hearst”"”: you hit the nail! i agree that he knows what he does

So you get your infos from the US Weekly…??? WOW.

that lydia @ 07/25/2013 at 8:48 pm

is a massive sl ut too.I’ve seen some very inappropriate shots of hers on the internet.Another fruitcake haha hope leo doesn’t become SO desperate as to end up with one of her likes

@@#404: ]
LOL believe it or not, US weekly and People mag are top of the celeb mag market, even if they write stuff you don’t want to hear. Leo’s subsequent activities verified the story. Unlike the Enquirer or Life & Style there was never a Leo engaged and getting married story as is typical. US and People break the stories and in America are famously majorly fed stuff directly from stars themselves or star’s publicists/friends. See recent Eva Longoria/George Clooney gist. And to a lesser extent the NY Post.

At least Lydia was born in 1984. Kevin won’t be ridiculed as “Uncle Kevin” when referred to his relation with his gf.

thank god @ 07/25/2013 at 9:05 pm

leonie that potty mouthed b!tch with her extravagant theories is outta here thank goodness

@thank god @ 07/25/2013 at 9:20 pm

Yeah, thank god she is outta here, so the lowbrow poster can take her place instead.

say what you want about bar, but she’s breathtaking. I’m not a fan and really don’t know much about her, but i can’t deny she’s beautiful and according to some interviews she seems to be very down to earth.

I wouldn’t mind looking like her!

You’re not a fan? With the random ex girlfriend tweet pic? Yeah right! *eye roll*
Whats going on here win an earlier Leo thread we had gushing some about ERIN and how amazing she was and now BAR. Its also interesting that its often ERIN and BAR peeps on Leo threads playing Jen Meyer jewellery watch. smh

Anonymous @ 07/25/2013 at 9:48 pm

This was from an earlier Leo and Jonah Hill post 01/01/2013 and its seemingly accurate
“When will Leo’s ex gf stans move on? How long do others have to be subjected to this? It’s interesting how Gisele and Blake fans don’t pollute every Leo post with this BS of what he did or did not give them. I guess Erin/Bar fans still need Leo for relevance,it’s not like they’re A list models. Sheesh”.

Italian Girl @ 07/25/2013 at 9:56 pm

@jenny – 413
Bar is incredibly beautiful! Even more at 28 than when she was 20-21. Her eyes and smile are so gorgeous. Totally bellissima.

Lol @404. @406 the nyt is a publicist playground. Ill rank them as people, nyt, then us weekly.

I didn’t like bar. Only gf Leo seemed happy with was Gisele.

@HAHA – where are you – we need a voice of reason. Also, Leonie – I hope they haven’t scared away. We had a great conversation going on about 200 + comments ago!
re the Universal pictures – I believe the daughter of Leo’s mom boyfriend is there along with her husband – the guy from the Black Keys. Must be awkward since she is a really good friends with Leo’s ex Erin and last year at this time she vacationed with Leo and Erin!
Not really going to say much about Leo’s dating habits – it’s all been said before. Leo is Leo! The eternal 23 yr old frat boy – only problem is in approx 3 months he will be 39.

oop! scared you away!

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Forgot to mention – re the Universal picture – a person thought that the girl in the jeans and sunglasses walking a little behind Leo was Toni, but someone commented that it couldn’t be her because she wasn’t wearing a short skirt or short shorts. Sure enough in the twitter photo taken at Universal, Toni is wearing a really short skirt! LOL!! Whoever made the comment nailed it! The girl who took the photo was asked why they didn’t get a photo with Leo and she said he was”to cool to take a photo with his fans!” She said his girlfriend was sweet. That’s odd because I’ve seen tons of pictures with Leo posing with fans… maybe having an off day?

@Zzzzzz: Hi Z! Don’t think she’s visible in that first pic the twitter guy posted, but you can see a tall person with shades on behind Leo in the second. Seems to be wearing smth red if you look clearly. I think that’s her. I’m also pretty sure Leo didn’t want to take a pic because he was with Toni. He must’ve guessed the girls were gonna put it up on some sort of social media so even if they were to be pictured seperately I assume he didn’t want to. And lol at the girls taking a pic with ‘Tory Garn’. I wonder if Toni thought they wanted a pic because they were fans of hers.

Whoever said Americans are too conservative: maybe, but I’m European and I think 2 f*cking decades of age difference is disgusting.

@Leonie #423: So glad to hear from you:) I didn’t see any comments from you in awhile and thought you might have been put off by all the crap people have been spewing! I haven’t seen any comments by HAHA – hopefully will read one soon!
Yes – I do believe that it is her in the BG. Re the tweeter photo of Toni: I see what your saying about Leo not wanting to be posted even if separately, but that’s silly. It’s not like people don’t know he’s dating her, so why the secrecy? Re Toni thinking they were fans of her: LOL! IMO she loved that somebody asked her to pose for a picture, but she would have to be pretty dense to think they really wanted her photo. I guarantee you, the girls asked Leo first for a picture and when he said no, they then asked her. Heck, they didn’t even know her name.

@Leonie – #424: IMO it depends on the people involved. I don’t have a problem with a 35 yr old and a 55 yr old or even a 30 yr old and a 50 yr old. It’s the fact that she just turned 21 and he’s almost 39 is what turns people off. There is a big difference in the maturity level btwn a 21 yr old girl and a 30 yr old woman. I don’t believe he has ever really dated a girl that has gone to college. They only have a high school education… Not everybody needs to go to college, but IMO, it does add a level of maturity…. I don’t know, but maybe because he only has a high school education, he isn’t comfortable or he’s intimidated by someone who has and that’s the reason he goes out with this young girls. Your thoughts?

I can tell you one thing for sure : Americans are everything BUT conservative. This is just hypocrisy.
About Leo without being a psychic I can already predict he will keep dating/b*nging barely legal “vs” models and WON’T settle down with ANYONE. But if he does marry, I bet it will be so bad JJ won’t have enough pages for the bashing that will go on here. Mark my words.

@Zzzzzz: As I saw Toni’s “On the road again…” tweet, I knew she was heading towards LA to Leo cause of her pic, where -what a surprise- she was wearin short again! She is definitely trying to impress Leo with her looong legs, you can tell from the Versailles images. I cant believe how shallow this kid is…someone has to teach her to have some self esteem

@Zzzzzz: Nah I won’t leave cause some here can’t deal with different opinions. They can’t rant and bash as much as they want lol. I guess same goes for HAHA I’m sure she’ll be back! I notice that now we have actual candid pics of them together, the posters who were so fervently in denial before have now moved on to extreme bashing and cussing on Toni and calling people names who guessed at this outcome. Lol. About the pic w/ Toni. I am actually positive it went exactly like that lol – Leo refusing and then Toni was asked and she was probably flattered but she must have known it was because she was Leo’s gf. A little sad actually.
About the age difference: yeah I get what u mean and I partially agree. I should have added the fact that she just turned legal and he turns 40 next year. That’s more bothersome than the age gap I guess. Plus it’s not only that, it’s Leo’s dating habits and I learned so much in the last couple of months about it. I find it creepy and cringe-worthy that he for instance does almost exactly the same things with all of them. It’s like a pattern he sticks to just like the fact he sticks to barely legal girls. I stated before that I think he doesn’t want to be challenged intellectually by a woman so I agree on that. It may be because he is insecure about his own intelligence but I somehow never got the impression Leo is not intelligent. He’s so well-spoken and apt in his interviews and he has very close ties with names such as Scorsese and Daniel Day Lewis and Spielberg. All people who I consider to be very intellectual. I actually believe Leo’s life is compartmentalised. His intellectual energy is put into his job and to some to some extent into his friend. And women are just for fun. For the times he is at ease. He doesn’t have to have interesting convos with them or mentalky connect with them as long ws they keep him good company it’s all good. Maybe that’s why he is often single when he is shooting a movie. I really don’t believe the working schedules or being off-location is the reason he is single when he’s working. There are so many actors who maintain normal relationships while working.

Gosh so many typos!? Corrections.
- They can* rant and bash..
- .. and to some extent into his friends*

And mentally* obviously. Lol stupid ipad.

@@Leonie: I haven’t been following JJ or Leo’s love life for a very long time (though I did learn a lot since I’m here) but I’d believe what you say. Some posters will bash and spew hate no matter what.

@Tweety #428: re the short skirts and shorts – it’s very funny, but not surprising that Erin wore same kind of shorts and skirts. Were talking almost identical! Erin in the shorts
Erin in skirt
Maybe Leo tells them how to dress? LOL!!

I haven’t the original interview, but I love this gif-set, he’s so cute and funny:

@ Zzzzzz: OMG, I’ve no words for that…seems like Leo is not the only one with issues! At this point I can see him doing that too, giving his potential “girlfriends” a to-do list. I really hope we see her with more cloth around her legs. LOL
Maybe I am interpreting it wrong, but if you come together as a couple for reasons of superficial, you wouldnt try to impress your guy with mini skirts and shorts all the time you leave the house, right? Oh as a previous poster mentioned Toni wears a black bra underneath her white see through shirt. It seems like, Toni is trying to keep Leo horny so he sticks around her for a bit longer. They might have some mutual interests, like being adventurours, but it could be literally a superficial thing. JMO

shut down @ 07/26/2013 at 6:27 am

@leonie @HAHA and @zzzzzz are a bunch of snobs here in jj who cannot take what other posters feel and believe and post here in jj .They can’t get past the fact that yes! there is room for everyone here to express whatever the heck they want and one of them-that leonie- calls people’s “commenting” ” sh!tty”. Very immature and despicable of you @ Leonie! But what someone can expect,here when whole pages of jj are dedicated to the perceptions of only those posters who are willing to interact ONLY with each other?Shame!

oops: *for more than superficial reasons,…

shut down @ 07/26/2013 at 6:34 am

@shut down:
LEAVE THEM ALONE. You don’t own the forum. They actually have constructive interesting discussions. JJ is not just meant for rants and lets s-hit on the girlfriend talk!

@shut down: If you would pay more attention to the comments -like reading and understand them- you would have noticed that Leonie did not bash anyone. That was all cleared up.

I agree with your comment and i’m happy that you see it the way i do about the black bra with white see through shirt ( that previous poster you mentioned was me).So i guess this means-along with many many other things- that toni is really a s-l-u-t.But what a surprise!

I actually don’t think it’s a big deal about the short skirts and shorts. I mean, these girls are models. They have legs that go on for days. I would wear short skirts and shorts if I had long legs like that. Especially when I was younger. We all dressed differently at 21!

@Anonymous: Hey, Leo fans obviously have an opinion about which of his girlfriends they preferred, for their looks, personalities, modelling ability or whatever, so don’t always assume they are fans of that girl and need to move on, I’m sure they are just Leo fanss no more, no less

guess what :neither do you !!! neither leonie nor haha – zzzzz.Sigh!

Guess what. I never said I did. But Zzzz, Leonie or whomever can come here and gist/gossip (and imo make lucid points) without deserving an out of nowhere attack because they keep themselves to themselves and don’t join the relentless bashing. duh

ohhh reveal yourself you are certainly one of them maybe@ z but you can’t command anyone here to do something such as” leave someone alone”.Helloooooo it’s a public forum!!! And who are you to say what jj is meant for .oh ……maybe you own this forum! What a SNOB!!

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 6:53 am

Obsessive-Compulsive personality disorder
An individual diagnosed with OCPD needs to show at least 4 of the following criteria:

Is preoccupied with details, rules, lists, order, organization, or schedules to the extent that the major point of the activity is lost.

Shows perfectionism that interferes with task completion (e.g., is unable to complete a project because his or her own overly strict standards are not met).

Is excessively devoted to work and productivity to the exclusion of leisure activities and friendships (not accounted for by obvious economic necessity).

Is overconscientious, scrupulous, and inflexible about matters of morality, ethics, or values (not accounted for by cultural or religious identification).

Is unable to discard worn-out or worthless objects even when they have no sentimental value.

Is reluctant to delegate tasks or to work with others unless they submit to exactly his or her way of doing things.

Adopts a miserly spending style toward both self and others; money is viewed as something to be hoarded for future catastrophes.

Shows rigidity and stubbornness.

Is unable to enjoy close relationships, including being part of a family.

Shows emotional coldness,detachment, or flattened affectivity.

Individuals with this disorder grow up with rigid perfectionism, intimacy avoidance, restricted emotional expression and perseveration. The core features of this disorder are: (1) extreme conscientiousness (rigid perfectionism), (2) detachment (intimacy avoidance, restricted emotional expression), and (3) negative emotion (perseveration – continuance of the same behavior despite repeated failures) . This disorder is only diagnosed if: (1) it begins no later than early adulthood, (2) these behaviors occur at home, work, and in the community, and (3) these behaviors lead to clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

Individuals with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder are rigidly perfectionistic and insist on everything being flawless and perfect, including their own and others’ performance. They become preoccupied with details, organization, and order. They may show excessive procrastination and perseveration (stubborn continuation of the same behavior despite repeated failures). They are inflexible and unwilling to take risks. Individuals with this disorder often are inflexible about matters of morality, ethics, or values. They may be miserly.

Individuals with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder have difficulty in establishing and sustaining close relationships. Their emotional expression is restricted. They have difficulty expressing tender feelings, and rarely pay compliments. They are often viewed as Control freaks.They tend to control their relationships because deep down inside they are so terrified of being vulnerable.They are unable to make commitments, to trust other people and their greatest fear is being EXPOSED.

OCPD is a chronic mental disorder.There may be periods of time where it would seem like the individual is functioning normally, also it is more common in men then in women.


@444 i GUESS @ 07/26/2013 at 6:59 am

ITS LEONIE the one who posted in @438 and not @zzzzzzz and I don’t forget what she said once:’ i use to skip many comments’ and then she stated who were the posters she only reads here . ha … don’t bother she’s a french hypocrite and as potty mouthed as it gets

NOT Leo. Zzzzz, Leonie, HAHA e.t.c make for interesting fodder here with their views and talk. Geez

Leo has “constructive interesting discussions” with 21 blonde model sl*t? then it speaks volumes about his intelligence…

Lmao I’m laughing so hard. Thanks to the posters who spoke up! The reason I don’t reply is I advised others to ignore such comments so I had better follow my own advice. Someone is obviously pissed off about my comments I’m not exactly clear why but it’s rather amusing I have to.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 7:11 am


Not OCD.
OCPD, a completely different thing, you didn’t read my post.

if you are insinuating that leo suffers from ocd then you are totally mistaken! Leo himself revealed in an interview that he doesn’t .It’s silly of you to try to justify him because of the supposed woes of his.He is a man wh%re! No biggie!But thanks for your post:)

typo: I have to say*

Oh so she’s a s-lut too. Well good to know where you’re at.
Dunno why I bothered to respond then
And the sane posters have now left. #424 – #435 talk is no more I guess its your shift

Philly you are the bashing troll here…. I see what you are up to.Not to mention you put wh%res like garrn on a pedestal …ouch!! I wonder what are you doing here, besides bashing whomever bashes the hoo#ker(lol) , you know there is a place called bellazon! You are always welcome there!!!!!

She is with him only for fame like bar, i hope he will go with another girl soon who is not a model

So its no more Leonie thats is the ‘stupid bashing troll’. its now Philly.
You are obsesed with other posters and need professional help


“@leonie @HAHA and @zzzzzz are a bunch of snobs here in jj who cannot take what other posters feel and believe and post here in jj”

“Very immature and despicable of you @ Leonie!”

“ITS LEONIE the one who posted in @438 and not @zzzzzzz and I don’t forget what she said once:’ i use to skip many comments’ and then she stated who were the posters she only reads here . ha … don’t bother she’s a french hypocrite and as potty mouthed as it gets”

“Philly you are the bashing troll here…. I see what you are up to.Not to mention you put wh%res like garrn on a pedestal”


philly has always been” that stupid bashing troll” as you so beautifully say! Not only for the time being…. and it was not me who trashed the girl you mention.There are other posters here, you know.Maybe it’s you who need it since you tend to “see” the same person behind every poster.Paranoid much?

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 7:46 am

Allow me to explain.
The difference between people with OCD and OCPD is that the first group can be very aware of their disorder, while people with OCPD don’t think that there’s something wrong with them.

If you look back Leo said once in an interview that when he was little he used to surround himself with big kids in order not to get bullied.
Now, I see the same pattern going on with his life, he surrounds himself with big directors to make sure his movies are somewhat successful, he surrounds himself with young girlfriends to make sure the relationship goes his way.It’s the same pattern all over again.

Now, what I see here is a very low self esteem and an excessive fear of failure,although he seems very self confident in the interviews, but that’s just a mask , trust me.

There is definitely something from his childhood that bothers him and that he’s not letting go off.

@philly @458 @ 07/26/2013 at 7:47 am

ummm the psycho here is you who write with capitals and see the same poster everywhere.It’s so funny! Keep ranting:) btw good job collecting all these! It seems you are loser enough to have allll this time at your disposal to do so! hahahahah

I’m not Philly. I’m not Leonie, I’m not Also, I’m not the Walrus. But keep telling yourself in your delusion and obsession on other posters. At least you can’t harm them from your keyboard. And ‘collecting’ what? Your psycho rants are only on the previous page, easy peasy. Lets see we’ve had from you as well h*ooker, s*ut, wh*ore. Your’e right anyone can see I’m the psycho. Unsurprisingly once you show Leoine, Zzzz,and the others, leave.

@446 hmm so Leo has a disorder?

your english suck

The word is actually sucks – ‘your english suck[s]‘

Now you don’t use capitals. improvement! It means you took your pills, good! it’s nice to play all above and stuff but … i don’t think you believe what you post here since you continue responding here as well as ranting here.I’m surprised you use the word “harm” though.I bet this word mirrors something sinister going on about you ewwww What a .creep…. yeah i agree with what you said about the bodyguards it’s nice to keep at bay creeps like you…. agree..

i bet irony is an unknown word to you ! good comprehension skills! :)

And you too! Isn’t it a fortunate thing!

Hey at least ‘creep’ is a step up from you calling some – troll, ‘h*oker’, ‘wh*re’, ‘sl*t’. and then laughably refer to others as psycho or sinister! guess you must have taken some happy pills too.

Concur 100%
Leonies @450 : Lmao I’m laughing so hard. Thanks to the posters who spoke up! The reason I don’t reply is I advised others to ignore such comments so I had better follow my own advice. Someone is obviously pissed off about my comments I’m not exactly clear why but it’s rather amusing I have to. :)

you have the intelligence of a gnat’s maybe that’s why you find that pu$$y of a model pretty, too. .I give up:) see ya! Keep your madness!

Thanks. I’ve never actually studied any model’s anatomy but I’m sure Philly will know you’re thinking of him/her. I think Leonie is already aware of your attention.

“I’ve never actually studied any model’s anatomy “I think someone needs some advice from the thespian !!!!

@@Tweety 440: That was a good observation, whoever you are. However I would not call her like that, she could do alot worse…I am sensing (it is just a theory) that she is simply wearing this type of clothes in order to attract Leo. Its common that women as well as men, if they find the opposite attractive, start to display one’s charms, but it shouldnt be just skin (superficial). Thats all. As for Leo he isnt as innocent as a lamb, he chooses them after their outer appearences too.

Wow! Almost 500 comments?! Leo rules! And he looks fine in those photos. I really like that he is smilling and having a good time.

I met Leo once. He is a good guy. I was at a jazz concert in New Orleans and he was also there. We didn’t talk for long but I complimented him on his work and he said “Thank you, it means a lot to me”. It was really cool to see one of the biggest movie stars in the world just there, enjoying the music like anybody else. I don’t get all the negative stuff here on him or his gal. We are talking about people, human beings. I know this is a gossip site, but at the end we have to be careful about the things we say, especially when we are just speculating and we don’t know the people we are talking about. JMO.

“I met Leo ONCE. We DIDN’T TALK FOR LONG but I complimented him on his work and he said “Thank you, it means a lot to me.”

Result : ” He is a good guy”.


@???: Great comment. Glad you got a chance to meet Leo. He is a legend, after all!

I’m not sure why people pick on each other so much on these threads. It seems pointless. We can all agree to disagree and call it a day! We all have strong opinions about Leo because we are such huge fans… And that’s okay! Just take it easy on each other, guys.

This is rude and unnecessary. If you do not like Leo what are you doing here? You have nothing better to do than bother people on the internet? I want to hear what people have to say. L-O-S-E-R.

@478: It doesn`t sound like #476 doesn`t like Leo. That poster is making fun of the quick conclusion #475 made about Leo based on a couple of sentence conversation. Honestly I had the same reaction reading that comment about #475 meeting Leo but I didn`t feel the need to make fun of it…

i did not feel the need to respond to #478 but i had to at least post again to thank you for your common sense.

@478#maybe@ LOL @ 07/26/2013 at 12:52 pm

i wanna tell ya to stfu.You are no better …just saying…

@snowflake – yeah i agree on your ideas about it and how you believe he’s why he is right now.

Also i agree that some of the recent newish overly posting posters are just immature and annoying but what can you do other than ignore them?

@436: So Leonie, HAHA and I are snobs because we actually have nice conversations and exchange ideas and we don’t spew hate? Really? Well, I am going to take it as a compliment because you obviously are able to separate us from the people who rant, rave and bash other people!
@438, @444 @448: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Feel free to join our discussions anytime – it’s great to hear other people’s opinions without all the hate :)
@445: Not me! I only go by my name.
@438 #449: I think the person meant the “constructive interesting discussions” between HAH, Leonie and myself – That’s the way I read it.
@Leonie – #450: I completely agree — that attack came out of left field! Still haven’t heard from HAHA – hopefully soon…. Us snobs have to stick together! ;)
@Tweety & @ Lucy – re the skirts/shorts I think you both have valid points and IMO she probably wears them for both reasons.
Hi Tweety – nice to hear from you!
@also #479: Nice sentiment – I agree :)

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 1:07 pm

I watched a couple of his interviews, and to me he seems like a person who is terrified or doesn’t consider himself to be worthy of true love.
Also he seems like a sick perfectionist and a sick perfectionism comes from low self-belief.

You sound like you take yourself too seriously.

@snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 1:19 pm

yes that’s def it about him. i understand because i’m kind of similar to him and very ocd’d in some ways. i also don’t get close to people easily and have never been married even though i’m in my 30′s. i think part of me likes the “relationships” where i know it will go nowhere and I can be “safe”. so i get the mentality but yet it’s not a good thing and keeps you from finding the right person and having a family. alot of it can stem from your childhood and rejection of fear of rejection/abandonment issues. haha i sound like a psychologist!

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 1:24 pm

I am a psychologist, and you’re right about what you wrote, these things can be cured, but a person has to face their own fears and it’s not an easy thing to do.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 1:27 pm

@snowflake Are you here! I’m a big fan of your last posts.I hope you are always here to express your thoughts about Leo.You comments are interesting and you seem to be insightful.It’s beautiful to read something interesting here after all these stupid rants and personal attacks.It’s very sad what you say about him feeling not worthy of true love… i hope with all my heart it’s not true but unfortunately it seems so true considering his love life pattern. I think,too that he is very very very insecure. And i think you nailed it about his surrounding by certain people because it makes him feel more secure. I think that the man full of confidence we see in his interviews is a facade maybe all these reasons make him avoid giving interviews.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 1:40 pm

He puts his mother on a pedestal,about how he is with his father i don’t know, I’ve seen a few pictures of them having dinner in public, but that could be just for the public eye, for what i know.I know his father abandoned him when he was just a baby, and wasn’t always there for him throughout his childhood, so maybe deep inside he still resents him something.Maybe his father did not give him much affection and attention as a child.That can cause damage way into the adulthood.This is my theory.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 1:41 pm

@snowflake : (cute screen name btw!) Did you remember when he said that he was reluctant to play as Gatsby ? Maybe this is explained by the his fear of failure as you mention.But i believe that it’s because he is a perfectionist too and his perfectionism is down to his insecurities.Maybe hidden aspects from his relationship with his parents could explain alot of things ,too.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 1:48 pm

It doesn’t have to be anything serious like abuse or something.It could be that when he told one of his parents that he loves them as a child, he wasn’t told back.And i doubt that it was his mother.I bet that he doesn’t confide with his girlfriends or tells them that he loves them,even if he does tell I doubt that he means it.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 1:59 pm

Snowflake i find it wonderful that he is an actor ! I think that through playing different characters and living all these lives ,he somehow heals!! On the other hand i suppose hadn’t his childhoon been that complicated and not normal he wouldn’t have been the great actror that he is now.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 2:05 pm

You have a point “not with toni” when you say that he’s a great actor , but I feel that the reason for that is because he doesn’t like being himself.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 2:43 pm

snowflake do you believe that marriage and true love could heal him as a person? Or does he need some kind of professional help to get over his woes? I am asking you since you are a psychologist and your opinion counts!What do you think that he needs , generally?

kelly morris ‏@tykell311 8h
@tykell311 it was a very busy @ work had fun though. saw a cople of celebs . shout out 2 jamie foxx an leonardo d cap

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 3:24 pm

@not with toni:

True love always heels and changes people except I don’t think that he’s ready for that yet. In order for him to find true love he has to change himself willingly, but he keeps dating these young girls who are submissive to him, he easily controls them, with these girls he plays safe.I think he’s very vulnerable.At this time professional help could just about be the best thing for him.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 3:28 pm

And I also have to say that that kind of patterned behavior always backfires, eventually everything that he’s afraid of will happen to him.

Psychic2 where are you? @ 07/26/2013 at 3:37 pm

Tell us more about Leo and Toni.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 3:42 pm

You would definitely have to be a psychic to change Leo, you would have to be able to read his mind.

Antonia & Leonardo 4ever ♥♥♥

@Zzzzzz #485: Really? LMAO – I definitely do not take myself too seriously! Good god! – I’m making comments on a gossip site about a person who doesn’t even know I exist! The ‘snob’ comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.
@snowflake: I read your comments – very interesting, but Leo is the very definition of a Mama’s boy. Don’t you think that plays a big part in the way he is? IMO his exes look like his mom (granted a tall version of his mom). There was a picture of Bar and a picture of his mom and it was scary how similar they looked. He almost fits the definition of Freud’s Oedipus complex “In adult life this can lead to a choice of a sexual partner who resembles one’s parent.” What are your thoughts?

@Zzzzzz: Honestly I find it kinda creepy… the similarity between his exes and his mother. I love it how he loves his mother and respects her but I think this is just too much. They might look like his mother but that`s just looks and the rest just seems empty.

@also #502: I agree with you – but I have met some Mama’s boys. The moms are very domineering/controlling and refuse to let them ‘grow up’. I’m not saying that Leo’s mom is that way, but in interviews he describes her as being very strong! That’s why, when I did meet a mama’s boy – I would run the other way, because I will never be good enough for her son and will always be 2nd to her! Which IMO is un-natural!

@snowflake #504: Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that he should look for the opposite, but is it possible he doesn’t even realize he is doing it?

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 5:09 pm

Could be true.Could be a self defense mechanism, but if he has a grain of salt in his brain then he must know that he can never find a girl that is exactly like his mother.There are no two people in this world that are completely the same.He should look for the opposite.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 5:16 pm

My gut feeling tells me he’s just protective of her, who knows what happened between his parents when he was young.I see Leo on an event with his mother and then on a different event with his father.But do you ever see Leo with his both parents on a same event?Something must’ve happened.Think about it.

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 5:18 pm

@Zzzzzz: @Zzzzzz:

Of course it’s possible, that’s why I’m almost certain he suffers from obsessive compulsive personality disorder.Those people don’t think something’s wrong with them, and they want to control everything and everybody.

@snowflake #506: I believe both parents were at Cannes. Not sure if there were at the same events, but were there at the same time. As to being protective, could be – that doesn’t really explain why all his gfs look like her…. I do agree something happened…..

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 5:23 pm

They could’ve stayed at separate hotels.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 5:31 pm

I want to express what i think too and i’m pretty sure that one particular person here won’t like my “intrusion”. But i will not be intimidated! Well, i think that your observation @snowflake about Leo not been seen with his two parents with him at the same time is so true and so weird at the same time.I’ve noticed this detail too and i think that maybe his parents don’t get along well with each other even after all those years but it’s SO not our business what kind of relationship their parents have! i think it’s improper and crazy to comment on those people who did their best to bring up leo. But i think his parents’ relationship must have played some role in Leo’s perception of the relationship between the two genders.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 5:39 pm

Where are you @Missy? ?? I miss your comments and your interesting leo-links.Don’t tell me they’ve scared you away….

snowflake @ 07/26/2013 at 5:41 pm

I know,and you’re absolutely right about that.All I’m trying to say is that something must’ve happened between his parents that shaped his behavior in adulthood.Upbringing plays a major issue on a child’s behavior when it grows up.

@not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 5:42 pm

@ 511
i think missy abandoned this thread.

@not with toni #510: I don’t mind your opinion at all – not sure why you think I would. Judging by your comments – you are very disgusted with Leo’s dating habits. I brought up the whole mother issue – not to slam her, I know she did the best she could and considering he’s never been in trouble with the law – busted for drugs and he’s at the top of his chosen field, she did a great job! But IMO she plays a big part (maybe not consciously) in the way he dates. You don’t have to agree, but that’s just my opinion.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 6:12 pm

@zzz Misconceptions in fan forums happen easily , at the drop of a hat, especially when certain people are prone to them ;)(no pun intended) I really didn’t notice it was you who brought up this topic about his parents because i try to avoid comments from posters who tend to misunderstand everything and cannot accept some BITTER AND ANGRY comments but they seem to accept only cheerful comments.I think here we can say everything even bad things because this site is no bellazon and it’s a blessing in that regard!! but yes i agree with you. @snowflake how do you find the fact ( don’t know if it’s truly a fact though) that allegedly his father prompted him to start his sexual life at the tender age of 6? ( I pray to god it’s not true ‘cos it’s terrible)Do you think it traumatised him?(i’m not sure if the rumor is true.)but let’s say it is , could something like that have traumatised him?

@not with toni # 515: I’m not snowflake, but I had a friend who was sexually abused very young and it totally messed them up. If it is true Leo’s dad should be strung up! Like you – I truly hope that his dad was kidding. I think it was his dad that said he started when he was six (although really what can a 6 yr old boy do? Play doctor with another 6 yr old? That is normal curiosity and I wouldn’t categorize it as a sexual experience) and thought Leo should to. I don’t believe he actually did something to him.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 6:42 pm

@Zzzzzz:Thank you for your insight. I agree with alot of what you say but i think this awkward moment (promping him) shaped his future relationship with his father and i will explain it :I’ve read in an interview of his that when he was 17 he was obsessed with s-e-x and he used to talk alot about it and kept asking and asking older men like russel crowe for details concerning s-e-x. What i gather from all of this is that his father was maybe -sad to say-absent in Leo’s teen life so to speak and maybe this(his abscence) was down to dad’s – allegedly – very weird approach to s-e-xual intimacy…..

@not with toni #517: Oh I agree with you wholeheartedly. Anytime a very young person is introduced to sex – it does effect them, and not in a good way. The person I know became very hyper sexual – consumed by sex…. As for being obsessed with sex – I don’t know a 17 yr old boy that isn’t thinking of sex 24/7! Their crotch takes over their thinking from puberty till the mid 20s (or in Leo’s case late 30s heheheh!) There was an actress that said Leo would go through fashion magazines and point out models and ask if she could introduce them. He was obsessed with models since he was a teen and apparently still is!

“He was obsessed with models since he was a teen and apparently still is!”
He hasn’t grown up.

not with toni @ 07/26/2013 at 7:10 pm

@Zzzzz got some work to do. see ya!

Saw this on twitter
“Life is too short to dance with ugly men” – Toni Garrn

Olympe Maxime @ 07/26/2013 at 11:02 pm


shallow just like Leo

what a surprise

his personal jester @ 07/27/2013 at 4:57 am

Toni Garrn is nothing to him but his personal jester .That’s what she is…. i feel sorry for her ‘cos she’s i gonna be dumped and she will suffer big time.Too bad.Once he gets bored with her he’s done with her.Men are going to suck the life out of that girl. She already looks older than what she is and it’s because of this lifestyle: keeping companion to men… I’m sorry. .She had money to study and become something worthy but she chose to offer her companion to older men .Her choices will haunt her forever cos her past will always define her as the kind of woman she is. It must suck ,poor Toni. or Nana of Zola’s or………………….

She was only 17 when she said this. C’mon! And it wasn’t a personal quote from her, she quoted a quote.

A quote she seemed to approve. Leo IS shallow and so is is new personal jester.

Connor ‏@ConnorrrrG 2h
I met Leonardo DiCaprio today, LA’s pretty cool I guess

Nice Friends @ 07/27/2013 at 6:01 am

Guilty in Gambling Scam: DiCaprio, Maguire Pal, Producer of “Ray Donovan” Cable Series

Nice Friends @ 07/27/2013 at 6:02 am

Guilty in Gambling Scam: DiCaprio, Maguire Pal, Producer of “Ray Donovan” Cable Series

nikki davis ‏@nikkid312
just saw Leonardo DiCaprio & Bradley Cooper at LAX airport😍

jenna cali ‏@j_town2 4h
just saw Bradley cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio 😍😍😍😍

terrible mentality @ 07/27/2013 at 6:11 am

@ Bells :”She was only 17 when she said this” : Even worse! Her having such a terrible mentality about fellow human beings while still a teenager (!) proves what a freak she must have turned out to be by now .But she means nothing to leonardo and he’s gonna give her the boot as soon as summer ends .He’s OBVIOUSLY so ashamed and embarassed to be photographed with her that all of this should make her suspect that well… she’s the ugly one now haha and that leo obviously believes too that LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED AND GET OFFICIALLY INVOLVED WITH INTERCHANGEABLE ,PLAIN AND MANLIKE MODELS…..

Bradley and Suki
Leo and Toni
==>> double date

They can take them to Chuck E Cheese`s for a playdate or to build a bear

Pretty Woman plot @ 07/27/2013 at 7:25 am

A handsome, rich guy, hires a pretty young hooker to stay with him as an escort. As his assistant during the day and as a female companion to various society outings where he feels he should have a date on his arm.

What's next @ 07/27/2013 at 7:29 am


A playdate lol

Toni is beautiful……

I can’t wait for pictures of the double dates Suki and Toni escorting their sugar daddies.
@#533 – Lol, Lol!

Are you blind ? Toni is one of the most classically beautiful women!

Maybe… but she’s the least one Leo has ever dated so far.

She’s not a ***** for Swimsuit issue, she’s a HF model.

You know I think someone predicted we’ll get double date pictures. Would be funny if it were true.

Are you blind? She is not beautiful! Just a good old Plain Jane with a flare for Sugar Daddies! Two aging guys can’t accept their age and make fool of themselves with these dumb, blonde bimbos.

Toni Garrn had been modelling all those hugo boss, calvin klein, Tommy Hilfiger’ campaigns for many years, how can anyone not notice her beauty?

euh… what I see is a very tall pale pack of bones…..Sorry. We don’t have the same definition of beauty.

……..Armani, Versace, Donna Karen e.t.c. Don’t forget Toni’s multiple Vogue Covers, and her catwalk credentials. Dem’s the fact, a few bitter betties ain’t gonna change that.
Suki Waterhouse is a flop model though Georgia May Jagger, Cara Delevigne and Jordan Dunn have done much better than her. She’s trying to do HF bit can’t cut it

Who cares what she models or not and for what covers? We’re talking day to day beauty here. These pictures posted above show a skinny who looks sloppy and neglected when she goes out and has horribly untoned legs.

@Nice Friends -
Wow.. Leo has nice friends:)
“..For a short time DiCaprio distanced himself from Nahmad after his arrest spring. But sources in the Hamptons spotted the pair, with a posse of friends, making the scene over July 4th weekend. These people are not DiCaprio’s first friends to wind up in trouble with the government. In 2000, DiCaprio’s pal Dana Giacchetto went to jail after he bilked celebrities and New York locals out of at least $14 million..”

Why get so upset at others opinions. lol. You don’t have to care. Her ‘sloppy neglected look and untoned legs’ from an internet troll is not representative of her or anyone’s day to day beauty. The fashion world for whom she represents and some here obviously consider her beautiful, (which is why she’s a success at such a young age) and are free to write their opinions just like you.

Anonymous @ 07/27/2013 at 8:13 am

True Dat.

I mean, there shouldn’t be an argument about how beautiful she is. It’s one of the most subjective observations one can make about another person. Toni is an extremely successful model. The most successful since Gisele, who is one of the best of all time (and people argue about her looks all the time, too). The issue here is not what any of them look like. It’s how he treats them. And their age. And the fact that everything about his relationships, from their interchangeable looks, to the activities/dates they go on, to the accompaniment of family and friends, to the trips, gifts… They are all the same. It is bizarre behavior for anybody! Let alone an established actor who is pushing 40. He keeps getting older. The girls are actually getting younger!!! And they are all. The. Same.

And seriously… I will puke in my mouth a little bit when we inevitably see the double date pictures of Leo, Brad and their little famewh0re girlfriends. Ugh.

Anonymous @ 07/27/2013 at 8:15 am

*that was in agreement with post 540*

Leo’s taste is getting better and better
Toni is the prettiest of all his gfs imo

“I will puke in my mouth a little bit when we inevitably see the double date pictures” – OMG I will laugh my head off. Mind you we had an introduction of the possibilities with the Leo/Bradley Miami pics this year. In fact I will head to ONTD and not get any work when/if that happens. The fcukery will be epic!

Fashion and modeling is not about beauty or beautiful faces. I watch HF runway shows and naybe a handful of models have actually pretty faces. Listing designer names or the number of her covers won’t make her beautiful. How many times have we seen the ‘Gisele has a horse face’ comment and yet she is on the top of the modeling world. Some Toni fans and their idea of beauty doesn’t represent everyone’s opinion. Model material? Yes! Beautiful? Not so much!

R u kidding? It is steadily going downhill but someone needs to irritate JJ posters. Bored?

I agree, Toni is beautiful. However, it’s not really about taste. It’s about which one he can actually manipulate to become his version of what a girlfriend is. They all follow him around. They all do what he says. They all play by his rules, every second of every day. And in return they get to live his lifestyle. They get to spend time with the great Leonardo DiCaprio, and they should worship the ground he walks on because they are the lucky ones he chooses to be by his side.

i completely agree with you. Toni is wonderful.

Well said. Quoted for Truth.
Message @550 – I mean, there shouldn’t be an argument about how beautiful she is. It’s one of the most subjective observations one can make about another person. Toni is an extremely successful model. The most successful since Gisele, who is one of the best of all time (and people argue about her looks all the time, too). The issue here is not what any of them look like. It’s how he treats them. And their age. And the fact that everything about his relationships, from their interchangeable looks, to the activities/dates they go on, to the accompaniment of family and friends, to the trips, gifts… They are all the same. It is bizarre behavior for anybody! Let alone an established actor who is pushing 40. He keeps getting older. The girls are actually getting younger!!! And they are all. The. Same.
And seriously… I will puke in my mouth a little bit when we inevitably see the double date pictures of Leo, Brad and their little famewh0re girlfriends. Ugh.

#556 = dumb famewh*res

Nice pic by Steven Meisel.

Aw, its nice to see the pic spamming begin #Well. So predictable in attempt to **** shame.
The shots are beautiful, they remind me of Kate Moss at 17 for Calvin Klein with Steven Meisel.

is beautiful as a MODEL (covers, runaways). She is beautiful for the fashion industry ; I know most my boy-friends would not bang her. They need a woman in their bed.

Those Kate Moss CK ads were controversial and legendary!
And I think Leo banged Moss too!!!!!!!! Small world lol

@555 thats my opinion

@@ : ) I wish the best for them

i think it would be easier to start a list with the HW ladies & models leo DID NOT bang lol!

@567: Maybe “beautiful” ( lol ) Toni can help Leo make that list! I bet she would be proud of herself being at the end of such a long list with all her covers and stuff! lol

lol! sure the german teacher can help! but that will be an extra fee! for leo!

Another sighting in LA or somewhere else will do it for her!


i’m sure a lot of boys would like to have Toni as a girlfriend… :)

yeah right boys

and thats exactly what leo is…a boy who seeks little girls

Your boy-friends are not scraping the bottom of the barrel like aging, overgrown baby-boy Leo.
@572: lmao

“A BOY spends his time finding a girl to sleep with.
A REAL MAN spends his time looking for the one worth waking up to.”

WTF !!!!This is NOT garrn’s thread.Oh yeah the bellazon girls have occupied this poor one again.. I bet that philly is here and is giving her best self to prove the masculine beauty of that girl’s.haha that’s why this thread goes to sh!thole again

And YOU are back to start s!it-stirring and YOU are the one that is going to turn this thread into a s-hithole as you did when Leoine, Zzzz, Philly, also and the others were talking as well as obsess on other posters. AGAIN. Let’s commence your s!ut, w!ore, h!!ker claims.
You are truly insane

It’s also Lukas and Toni’s thread.

Exactly there are 3 people in these pictures. But that ****** out crazy comes in here as usual and start raving and throwing accusations, obsessed with BZ and other posters in a public thread simply because its not what she wants to read. (she can f-uck off then)

I would say to all just copy Leonie’s words
Leonie @500 The reason I don’t reply is I advised others to ignore such comments so I had better follow my own advice.

579=577=581= she’s talking to herself! = You are totally insane!

You’re very aggressive. Is it because some people find Toni beautiful ?
You have a problem.

577=579=581=583=………… the same maniac talking to herself LMAO

Leo is not in LA anymore? Someone posted a tweet that had him at LAX airport.I wonder what he and Brad are up to,lol,Let’s see….

Probably taking both their barely legal girlfriends to Europe on a yacht or in Cabos.
I’m sure Uncle Leo and Uncle Brad will take good care of their kiddies and will make sure the youngsters stay impressed with their lifestyles…. while it lasts.

@586: You really want me to throw up, don`t you. Not that I disagree but it`s hard enough to stomach these couples separately but together it`s unbearable.

but i agree with you:)

“A BOY spends his time finding a girl to sleep with.
A REAL MAN spends his time looking for the one worth waking up to.” Thank you for your quote ! It deserves re posting:)

LOL! Can’t wait for the pictures of the foursome to appear!

@@so: but their kiddies will take care of sugar papas ,too, you know @#$!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least Suki has more of a sweet face .More baby face. i think she’s cute .

I posted it before but it`s still true. Still no change. We should post it every dat, right?

that`s their job, that`s why they are hired and kept for a while

I say both couples show up in Cabo. That’s my guess.

exactly. Some people here need some depth and thanks to you….

That’s the deal.

Cabo sounds good. Could be Miami as well since it’s know to be the perfect spot for aging modelizers.

Grammar troll: the proper spelling is “ageing”. But i agree with your comment

Julia Ortega ‏@Ortega_j13 6h
I just spent the night with Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper. My job does not suck.

hmmmm, now it was a three-way? That’s what i gather from your post.Kinky Leo!!I wonder what her job is…

Isn’t Leo looking at properties in NYC? He could be going to NYC. I doubt him and Bradley will be doing any play dates together anytime soon.

New here….love all the comments about Leo and his child gf! I’m going with next stop cabo. Isn’t that his itinerary with his new gfs???

Julia Ortega ‏@Ortega_j13 12 Jul My job does not suck.


busy life @ 07/27/2013 at 1:03 pm

Leo has a busy life.I wonder if he ever sleeps. Every night he is spotted patying it out at some club.Wow i want some of his energy and guess what i’m only 26 lol

The girl works in Vegas.

@LOL: ;)

@@601: I got the imoression she’s an airplane hostess. Quickly scrolled through her tweets. If it was an overnight flight they might be heading to Europe. But NY is possible as well.

Btw thought snowflake’s , Zzzzz’s and not with toni’s convos were very interesting. It made sense.
And I agree on most of the things Message pointed out!

they are going on a date weekend with each other. hope lukas isnt jealous like he was of them in miami. their beards are along with them for show

I think peonies right. She’s a stewardess

Lol no you guys are right. She prob works in Vegas. I misunderstood.

you Leonie for the info:) but mind you those air hostesses are always likely to get impregnated by tycoons and famous actresses while in the air(love is in the air as the song goes !) Don’t you forget Prince Albert’s case….Oh Leo be aware naughty boy.

In English, we don’t say “air hostess”, but flight attendant.
But the girl looks more like a Vegas barmaid!

typo actors i meant to say hahah

You are certainly refferring to a BI.Yeah i read that blind item too. It’s nonsense. leo is not g-a-y

Well i am not leonie but if you open thefreedictionarycom you will see that IS air -hostess along with stewardess and flight attendant too ( all friendly)

@@Léonie: Lol you’re right bear with me haha, I’m learning. I said ‘airplane’ hostess and that’s def wrong I guess. Air hostess is fine though non? But I’m confused. She follows Virgin America. But yeah she could be working in Vegas. Don’t we generally get a lot sightings in Vegas though? Guess we’ll see where they pop up.

daily mail @ 07/27/2013 at 1:47 pm

Dis you read the last Daily Mail’s article comments about him? Welll… the comments there were not very flattering…wonder why…

I’m gonna laugh my a** off if we get double date pics in the near future though. I really hope they’re not that stupid.

@Léonie: I believe that they are that stupid and we are about to see the happy foursome vacationing together(EWWWWW). And i say this thing because they were that stupid to start dating the kiddies in the first place.Now we can expect EVERYTHING!!!

the question isn’t where leo is but where the model is…..(i hope not with him)

@Leonie – nice to see you back!
@522 re “Life is too short to dance with ugly men” – Toni Garrn. (on her twitter account): Completely agree with you. I thought what a tasteless quote to have on your account. Not only shallow – but mean spirited. I was actually going to ask people to bet how long before she removes the quote since people are pointing out how shallow it is. Guess what – I believe she already removed it! Somebody is reading the comments!
@525 – you made the excuse that she was only 17 when she said it – & that she was just repeating someone else. She’s now 21 and she still had the quote up and the fact that she pulled it down the minute people started pointing out how bad it was – tells you she knew she screwed up!
@aha #575: Love the saying – so true!

i follow Toni and inever saw this quote on her twitter!
and i doubt she reads jj…

Wake up Leo! You are dating someone with nothing inside just nothing She is all flesh and bones .Leo , gosh such an amazing artist dating all those empty and brainless girls…( the latest one takes the cake)

Leonardo & Antonia 4ever ♥♥♥

“People here don’t write bullsh!it .”
LOL they do.

Maybe you were not paying enough attention while following her tweets. Read more carefully next time!People here don’t write bullsh!it . I bet the quote was there

And to tell the truth she comes off as a very arrogant ***** and full of herself especially without some reason.Being more humble wouldn’t hurt:)

and guess what : you are one of them ,too hahahahahaha!!!!!

@Zzzzzz: Hi Z! And you too! I have been following Toni for quite a long time now but I never saw that quote in her profile. But I agree that quote sounds wrong regardless of how old she was when she said it (if she really said it).

From an interview she gave in February 2009
Favourite quote:
Toni: Life is too short to dance with ugly men.

Exactly ! and if you google “toni garrn life is too short to dance with ugly men” you are about to find some extra info

Wow, she’s a fan of MGMT

Yeah. She kind of sucks, dude. JMO

Ugly inside ? it’s a nice quote.

Bells #525 : “She was only 17 when she said this. C’mon! And it wasn’t a personal quote from her, she quoted a quote.”

So i guess Toni must have said, thought this UGLY thing. Shallow as shallow can be. Sighs.

it’s like “don’t lose your time with bad people” you never knows.

At 17 she also posed in the nude while girls her age were in high schools.
No wonder she chose disgraceful and degrading quotes as her favourite quote.
Lack of judgment, perhaps?

Here we go again,People always admit it here that she is a sl* ut .The sluttiest of ‘em all( of his exes)

Life is too short @ 07/27/2013 at 3:05 pm

to waste your time on jj

well he’s the one picking them so…with always the same requirements. and no need to give the list again :)

@Life is too short: squandering your brain cells on Leo’s next wh%re ,right?

and what are you doing here?

The HF model... @ 07/27/2013 at 3:18 pm

Wonder if Irmelin will ask for these to be enlarged and placed on her living room wall

crossed mind @ 07/27/2013 at 3:20 pm

Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe this “rumor” about Cara Delevigne rejecting Dicaprio is maybe true, in that Leo’s PR approached the girl maybe for a contract and she just said no? I find it suspicious that during in Cannes he was rumoured to approach firstly Cara and just shortly after his current model followed…

@The HF model…: Gross , tacky and lowly…

Lol! maybe who knows…

but i dont think she minds anymore…im sure she’s used to that now and doesnt really have a choice anyway :(

@The HF model…:
Beautiful pictures.
Gisele, the worlds No 1, had nudes and Irmelin loved her so I doubt she’ll care.

@The HF model…: I don’t know about mama dicaprio but if Django the dog see these cool photos of toni garn that i’m sure he will have some nice time jer#king off.


Toni’s true colours shining through. She sounds like another Bar: bratty, immature and ugly inside. It says a lot about who Leo is as a person to date women like that, but the good ones know life’s to short to spend it with a manchild like Leo DiCaprio.

Anonymous @ 07/27/2013 at 3:36 pm

Aw pic spammer I doubt Irmelin is scouring the net actively looking for Toni pictures. #butyoutried

@?: LMAO!!!!

How old was Gisele when she did her nude photos? Was she underage like Toni? I doubt Irmelin cares since she must know that Toni is just like the others and she will be dumped just like the others…

Exactly! So like “The HF model” said Irmelin might ask for these pics to be enlarged and placed on her living room wall!

He and Bradley will probably get together to j**k off to their respective girls’ pics. Haha

@661 I care. and yes she’s gorgeous, thanks @657

Yep Leo banged Miranda Kerr and she’s practically ALWAYS naked. Its probably a turn on for Django the dog


Toni’s true colours shining through. She sounds like another Bar: bratty, immature and ugly inside. It says a lot about who Leo is as a person to date women like that, but the good ones know life’s to short to spend it with a manchild like Leo DiCaprio.

No i disagree.You cannot say that Leo is shallow just because he F$cks those women .We have never seen him marry one of them.Only when this happens (god forbid!) you will be free to incriminate him as a shallow person.Till then , just wait and see.Ans what you will see? Haha Leonardo DiCaprio is anything but stupid he knows what he does.Trust him!


Too bad all those makeup artists, hairstylists, designers, and photographers and can’t give her a good heart and a brain. Life’s too short to pay attention to people who are stupid and ugly on the inside.

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 3:51 pm

“not with toni”, leonie, zzzzz are you here?

@melodie : too bad you will never be like her…

“We have never seen him marry one of them” : but he WILL end up with one of them. Trust me!

And why do we have to wait until he finally marry one of them to call him shallow??

Can you link me to frontal topless nude pictures of Gisele, please?


Stop making excuses for him. Leo’s worse because he’s old enough to know better. He’s rapidly turning into a dirty old manchild.

Totally agree!!!

oh, you try to be mean with someone who finds Toni gorgeous ? i’m sure you’re beautiful “on the inside”. Hypocrite.

Who cares about nudity? The human body is beautiful. It’s ugly souls who say things like “life’s too short to dance with ugly” who are the problem.


If you’re referring to me, I’m not the person who made that comment.

@@Léonie: I see, thanks. Even if she quoted someone else’s quote it’s still a low thing to say. Jmo. @The HF model…: She’s a model. Nudography is part of their job. If you consider modelling a low profession then I can understand. That’s your opinion. But all of them have similar poses. Toni is no exception.
Oh hi snowflake!

Please, don’t be so bitter. I’m not trying to justiify him but i try to make you see that maybe he isn’t THAT bad( although he is gross indeed) He could have been worse( dump his wife and kids,).He just fools around and it IS gross indeed. But i pray to god he is not Hugh Hefner in the making!

Toni might take good shots. They can do wonders with hair makeup and clothes but when you see her dressed down she’s plain tall and lanky and boyish. And she’s definitely not a supermodel model. She better get as much exposure as she can with Leo bc that’s whats going to make her known. IMO

@Message: Hey Message! great comment.I think a double date with he,Bradley and the girls would be hilarious.I really can’t imagine what that would look

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:06 pm

Finally someone polite I can talk to, haven’t been on a thread for a while.

@@#653: Gisele is more like a show her derriere kind of gal haha. And let’s admit it it’s a perfect bum. You can google her latest Vogue Italia spread. (Love it!)

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:11 pm

What’s going on? I can’t post comments.JJ is tellin’ me I’m posting too fast.

@ Leonie #631 & @624: OxxIGahf (me taking my foot out of my mouth!) Leonie, if you say the quote wasn’t on her tweet, then it probably wasn’t. I know I say the quote attributed to her and when 521 said it was from tweeter I assumed that’s where I saw it (you know what happens when you ASSume?) Maybe it was on her BZ thread, I don’t know, but I will be verifying my facts before I open my mouth again (hehehehe ugh!)
@snowflake – #668: I am here! for a little while. JJ is weird in that you have to wait a little while to post again
re nudity – virtually all models pose nude – it’s the nature of the biz.. It doesn’t seem to bother Leo. If she was really only 17 when she did -I guess they have different laws in Europe, because I believe you can’t pose nude in the US if you are under 18.

@snowflake: Same thing happened to me. JJ tends to do that every once in a while. Glad you showed up I found your posts very interesting. Some of the things totally made sense with Leo’s behaviour. That he’s affraid of taking risks an be challenged in both his professional and personal life. Affraid of failure. It’s probably why he sticks to safe projects in his job and the same kind of women and dating pattern in his love life. I find it reepy how similar his relationships are. That’s why so much if what you said made sense to me in a way. It’s a shame I can’t stick around much longer now. Would love to ask your opinion about some things I was thinking about. Please keep posting!

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:21 pm

I’ve haven’t been here for a while , from what I read they’re goin’ on a trip somewhere?

*saw the quote
Yes, Gisele has a great bum! On the other hand, Toni’s, well she really doesn’t have one! I noticed when she is modeling bikinis she poses certain ways to make it look like she’s got a booty. When she is just standing normal, it’s like a little boys butt – not there!
@snowflake – glad you are back!

@Melodie 674 @ 07/27/2013 at 4:26 pm

Don’t worry, Melanie. I think Toni is gorgeous, too.
There are so many negative people here. And the quote is funny.
That’s also what I thought. They probably are gorgeous inside and very mature and everything she is not. And probably they rather like dancing with ugly men. – ok, do that, guys, as you like.


I’m not bitter. I’m just calling it as I see it. You make excuses for him that you wouldn’t make for the women. He’s no better than “them”. I have no doubt “he knows what he does”. That only makes it more gross. But he can be Hugh Hefner if he wants. It’s his life.

@snowflake #686: There was a tweet from a woman who is a flight attendant. She mentioned Bradley and Leo, but didn’t say anything about Suki and Toni. It both were there, I am pretty sure she would have mentioned it – so maybe it’s just a guys trip!

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:30 pm


Yeah,you’re right Leonie.
Perfect friends(the same people from his childhood), perfect career(the same tortured characters),perfect girlfriends(all same in looks and age,intelligence wise I’m not sure),even perfect environment.

“maybe he isn’t THAT bad”
you will always find worse than him. this planet is huuuge. and yes thanks god he hasnt married anyone and hopefully he will never because i doubt he could be a great husband. maybe a great father. i wonder if he gets some training prior to his interviews to know exactly what to say to please his fans and the mags…because i noticed a lot of what he says does not reflect what he then does in his life.

@684 I saw the quote attributed to her as well. It might have been BZ

@@Melodie 674:

Don’t feel obligated to agree with Toni’s ugly comment because you’re a fan of her modeling. Life’s too short to emulate her immature, ugly attitude.

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:34 pm


F*ck buddies.

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:35 pm

I will answer your question, but I have to tell you I don’t think that Bar looks anything like Leo.

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 4:37 pm

Hi @snowflake @Leonie @Zzzzzz ! I hope @also and @Missy are here too.Leonie you said how much it creeps you out that his relationships are so similar to each other.I agree and i would like to add that what creeps the hell out me literally is the resemblance that Bar Refaelli has with Leonardo himself.Besides the same colours(hair,eyes skin color) i think her eyes are so similar to leo’s eyes , exactly the same shape , the same size and color.It’s creepy because this woman looks like she could be leo’s SISTER.Really those two could pass easily for brother and sister.And my question is if he had a sister would he continuechasing women who resemble him? @snowflake as a psychologist your opinion is important about this :)

@695: Is that really you, cause it doesn’t sound like something you would say or is someone posting under your moniker?


Toni and Suki are probably sitting with the other kids while the men sit together. Welcome to Leo’s world.

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:43 pm

It’s not uncommon, you know how some girls are attracted to boys who look like their father, daddy’s girls or mama’s boys.Sometimes a person is looking for a partner that has attributes of a parent it admires. In Leo’s case it’s his mother.

@#699: LMAO!! You are probably right!
@not with toni #697: Hi – glad you’re back. I’m only here for a few more minutes, then I’m off, but I always thought Bar looked like his mom, not him. I will have to look at some old pictures….

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 4:54 pm

I mean that he chose bar ( who looks just like him at least from all his exes i find her to be coser to his looks) not because she resembles his mother but because she resembles him which is different,Do you think it;s because he is narcissistic or what?I think if he had a little sister he would treat women differently.Men likeMatt Damon chose wives that are completely different in their looks from them.I find it refreshing(especially in Damon’s case)

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 4:55 pm


It’s not me.Ignore it .Maybe someone doesn’t like my theories about Leo, or likes my screen name.If someone else is posting under it there’s nothing I can do,can I?

No, I don’t. I actually agree with Melodie. And by the way, it was not Toni’s comment but it was, maybe still is, her favourite comment, some other woman said.
This has nothing to do with Leo, but please tell me, what is sooo ugly about this phrase? Why just not take it as something light-hearted what it is? Do you really want to dance with ugly guys? I don’t. But this doesn’t make me an ugly person, does it? Neither Toni, does it? And her nude photos don’t either …


I knew it wasn’t you, snowflake That person always gives themselves away with their foul-mouth and bad attitude.

@snowflake: Unfortunately, I don’t think you can. But just by what the person said – I just knew it couldn’t be you. I think people who are actually reading your comments will be able to spot the fakes. They kind of stick out like a sore thumb. I’m off to work! I can read the comments, but I can’t post. Will respond when I get home. Later! ;)

You are very ugly person and it IS true because you always attack posters here in jj who dislike that model .Maybe you are just like her on the inside but …. you will never be like her on the outside.Too bad! But you can dream on.

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 5:07 pm

@not with toni:

Maybe he thinks that he’s the most beautiful man on earth, hey, he is a very rich and successful actor, isn’t he, and he looks for a girl that is on his level. But, mark my words, all those girls he dates, he doesn’t consider them even closely worth of him, otherwise he would stick with them, wouldn’t he?Maybe he already met the girl of his dreams, but he feels unworthy of her, or she feels he’s beneath her.Or maybe just he hasn’t found her yet, that’s why the models,to have company
until the right one comes along.

I don’t want to sound rude but there could be anyone. Actually many people read this stuff and anyone can post here as there are no restrictions!.So don’t be so sure it is only one person.You sound naive.

@704: I find it a little disturbing that you really don’t understand why people are offended by the quote. The problem with it is, it basically is judging people solely on their looks and nothing else, which IMO is so superficial and shallow. Even if it is a joke – it is still making fun of people’s looks… not cool!

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 5:20 pm

Actually i find leo to be very humble as strange as it may sound.When he won the GG award he showed decency and he was grateful .He omitted to dedicate his speech (which didn’t last long surprisingly) talking about himself but he showed how thankful he was towards his colleagues and parents. He referenced many many names which occupied the biggest part of his short speech! It’s very touching to watch him being humble while on such an important and long expected moment in his carreer.

@704 ;)
I think it’s a lost cause to talk with these people, they CHOSE to hate a girl.
They don’t even know her.
Maybe they’re perfect, and they were perfect at 17 and they never said funny/sarcastic quotes in their whole life…

@Zzzzz 701 @ 07/27/2013 at 5:27 pm

I know what you mean. They have the same smile!

All the sayings Toni could have chosen as a favourite and she chose that one. It does say something about her lack of character and insensitivity towards others. She should have done is kept her mean comment to herself. Discriminating against people based solely on appearance is a not something to laugh at or promote.

Who cares if she looks like Toni now or ever? It’s what’s inside that counts.

@Zzzzzz: It’s nice to hear from you too. :)
I’ve read through your -Zzzzzz, Snowflake and ‘not with Toni’- discussion and I find it very interesting, especially reading snowflake’s opinion since you are a psychologist. I have the impression of Irmelin being a dominant mother too, after all she raised him like a lioness in a difficult environment, alone. It is admirable how Leo values his mom plus despite his fame and the benefits it brings, Leo seems not forgetting his roots. His partners may change but the core, his relationship towards his family and close friends, is steady…he is superficial yet deep. Some find him contradicting others will say he is a round character, maybe he is both.
Who knows, maybe his mom does not want to see her son getting married at all, after all she had a divorce. I know a few mothers who want to take care of their (even ageing) babies until they decease, unfortunately they would rather see their sons with ever changing girlfriends than having a daughter-in-law.

The quote is particularly demeaning and useless.
Yes, she was 17…. but that was only less than 4 years ago. Do you think she has matured that much since then? I doubt it.

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 5:42 pm

@snowflake #608 You have no idea how much i yearn him to wait for the his “princess”. But …. Leo is not even close to being a prince lol.He has been with SO maaany women and now tell me what kind of woman would take him seriously being informed of his “rich” and naughty past. I just wonder.. And oh gosh i’ve read somewhere he used to date the ebola paris hil.(don’t wanna write her whole name ,afraid my pc will burn out) I just wonder what kind of woman…

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 5:42 pm

@Hi Tweety! but where is missy and also…

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 5:42 pm

@not with toni:

Yeah,he is very humble when you look at his intervews, right?
But that doesn’t mean that he’s humble also in his private life, maybe with the way he acts(staying out of spotlight when he’s not working),but he’s everything but humble when he chooses his girls,no?
Look, none of us know Leo personally,but he’s a public person and you can tell a lot from the way he behaves.When children grow up with divorced parents(i’m not going to mention his mother ’cause you didn’t like it earlier) they sometimes look for a complete opposite life for themselves.His childhood was a mess, so now he wants his adult life not to be like that.He wants it to be perfect,but he’s striving to a perfection that doesn’t exist.I too think he is very humble,way too humble,but humble people can also think very high of themselves,just not show it.Is this all too complicated,do you understand what i’m saying?

@707 & @713 @ 07/27/2013 at 5:44 pm

@ 707 You are a little wrong. I ‘ve never written to anyone with a different opinion here before. it’s been the first time talking to you. Don’t you believe, there might be different posters? Actually I don’t know, why you write this to me. You didn’t answer my question though.
You are right, too bad I’m not Toni, because then I’d be wih Leo. – Maybe I should dream a little more. But please, not of ugly men! :-)

@713 You kinda responded, and I think you are absolutely right. About real discrimination, I totally agree with you. But Toni picked the comment several years ago, and this is just about dancing and says “carpe diem” … this is really making mountains out of molehills.

snowflake @ 07/27/2013 at 5:50 pm

@not with toni:

You mentioned earlier that he’s narcissistic.There is a thing called
narcissistic personality disorder.Those are people who act very confident,polite,gracious, but underneath they have a very low self esteem.

I used to stick up for Toni against what I felt were unreasonable attacks on her character simply because she was dating Leo, and still will when people go after her for superficial reasons or hold her to a different standard than him. But with that favourite quote, she’s showed side of herself I can’t support. Life’s to short to make excuses for people who promote uglybeliefs without apology.

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 6:04 pm

@ 712# melodie: First off,this isn’t about just a girl but about a girl who promotes the ideal (!) of being objectified( the last pics show it all). I personally find it very offensive and as a woman( only four years older than her) i feel very ashamed for her a$$(it makes me mad).Doen ‘t she have a mother to admonish her out of posing in the nude at such a young age ? Gross. . And btw this quote is veeery far from being funny.She could have found other quotes more sophisticated( i think most quotes on this planet are alot more sophisticated than this one), but what can anyone expect from that girl.Last but not least ,you don’t have to be perfect at 17 but a little more humanly.I bet her parents are very proud of her especially now that she “bagged” the greatest actor who walked on the red carpet(my opinion) That’s all i have to say. But in the meantime you can keep attacking posters who dislike her….pathetic.

@@707 & @713:
I thinks its best left alone. I mean a poster called ‘not with toni’ is going to despise Garrn with a passion and critiqe every part of her possible. Its hwat it is. Leonie, vagabond and others are more reasonable in their opinions

@not with toni
People who say Toni’s quote is superficial are the ones who said about her “she’s ugly, hideous, palin jane”… Hypocrites, again.

Hi @not with Toni :), yeah where is also?
I agree with you all who think that quote was not the smartest choice. Its not a crime but shouldnd labelled either as funny. There are many teenagers who make less superficial comments as her, maybe she regrets it now or might have changed her view, nevertheless that quote leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 6:34 pm

@725 You want to pick a fight here but i will not do you the favour.I don’t remember myself saying anywhere that her quote is superficial …….It’s ALOT more than that. It’s completely unsophisticated and yes cruel and if you cannot see it that way then hmmmm it’s your problem.Anyone here has stated their opinion about her outter appearence and i don’t quite understand why from all of them you picked up me and you try to start a fight here with me. You are pissed off.Whatever…

@not with toni
you’re so stupid.
“It’s completely unsophisticated and yes cruel”
You said Toni is “bland” etc etc, and now you’re shocked by a quote like that… lol

@LOL just reveal yourself….

@not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 6:53 pm

Its not worth responding. Just ignore them… :D

@not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 6:56 pm

Don’t feed the trolls! Some of their “arguments” do not make any sense! :D By the way, I hate JJ’s comment field, it s*u*c*k*s…-before the trolls start bashiing- I will continue!

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 6:58 pm

@ anything but FUNNY :This is the last time i will respond to your stupid remarks :) I never said i am shocked. Guess who is the stupid here ! Nothing shocks me about that girl, like it or not and don’t try to make up things to accuse posters here.I bet you are the same troll that ‘attacked’ to me days earlier. Glad that now you had the decency to use a screen name .And learn to spell right and READ more carefully ‘cos it seems you have some comprehension deficits .Adios..

not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 7:04 pm

Thank you! :)

@not with toni
“learn to spell right”
i’m not american or english but i read your comments and i understand perfectly that you’re not interesting at all.

@not with toni @ 07/27/2013 at 7:06 pm

You’re welcome!

Shada Love ‏@ChloLovesCarrot
I hate my aunty because she is a celebrity escorter and today she escourted bradley cooper and leonardo dicaprio

@???: The girl is in England and Leo and Bradley left LA… Could be England? Bradley`s `daughter` is from London…

If i am not mistaken being a celeb escort is not something you should be proud of…. or is it something else?And why wouuld leo and brad need some escorts . I call bullsh!t on this…

What's next @ 07/27/2013 at 8:12 pm


maybe is a resort?

Ahtra Elnashar ‏@AhtraE 1m
Leo Dicaprio is living my life, dating his third VS Angel…. He could have done better than Toni Garrn…

@what -
It is a job. Proud or not, this job exists. And escorts are hired by celebrities, politicians and businessmen through agencies.
You read about the article informing on how much escorts earn during the Cannes Festival?
These yachts we’ve seen Leo on filled with “so-called” models all invited afterwards to his villa on the French Riviera?

Celebrity escort @ 07/27/2013 at 8:35 pm

Quotes from a celebrity escort:
“I was temping at MTV and a random guy came up and said ‘Hey, do you want to escort?’ I said ‘No, I don’t sleep around, I don’t do this casting couch thing’ and he reassured me it was legit,”
“Being a celebrity escort is like being a stage manager, best friend, publicist, security guard all rolled into one,”

hmmm i wonder what exactly he does(!) in his rented villa with those girls….don’t you tell me that he f@cks them lol they are full of sdt’s i doubt leo would do such a thing maybe the tabloids made up these stories but are you really sure that he takes them home?? It sounds weird…

Toni and Suki @ 07/27/2013 at 9:18 pm

could be friends.
I don’t understand why people “hate” these girls.
Honestly, if I got the chance to date Leonardo Dicaprio or Bradley cooper I totally would even if I knew it would probably be very short lived.
and I’ll be curious to learn about Leo’s lifestyle…

top two comments on thread @ 07/27/2013 at 9:41 pm

# 7

LOL @ 07/24/2013 at 3:33 pm

Oh this thread is going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs popcorn*

popcorn @ 07/24/2013 at 10:23 pm

Heh heh

Possible sighting?? @ 07/28/2013 at 12:37 am

Rachel Yee ‏@rachyee22 4h

Rachel Yee ‏@rachyee22 1h
@mirandasdfghjkl I was in New York City !!

LL cool Leo @ 07/28/2013 at 3:31 am

There were rumors about Leo sleeping with 7 women, possibly barely legal girls ;), during the Cannes festival. Who knows it could be true why else would he invite so many strangers to his mansion? Have you seen the pic with Leo lookin like a pimp surrounded by women/girls, including the russian girl? If the rumours about Leo and Cara D. were true (or not), the headlines must have injured his pride maybe thats why he is with Toni, to prove that he has still the ability to get himself a 20 year old. I mean the Toni rumours came right after the Leo-Cara rumour…Who knows

No, Toni rumours came before Leo-Cara rumour.
i don’t believe these stupid rumors about Leo sleeping with 7 women.

Omg, Leo has nothing to prove.
And Toni is prettiest than Cara, so…

Cara and Rita Ora have actually denied it too
And I read somewhere that Cara D’s people have linked her to Harry Styles, Prince Harry, Liam Hemsworth and now Leo Dicaprio.
Its not a coincidence.
Apparently in the UK her people are DETERMINED to make her happen in America.
Many British models are called the ‘new Kate Moss’ but never reach La Moss’ international fame or endure.
Cara is in the UK tabloids almost everyday, has walked for VS, very publically befriended Rihanna, and it seems her PR now wants her to get a famous boyfriend for the exposure it would give her (see Kate Moss and Johhny Depp) and have delibertatley linker her to famous names to get her name out there in pop culture.
I mean it was the Leo D rumor that got her name in the NY Post and some other celeb mags for the first time. Mission accomplished

I think in Leo’s mind there is always something to prove. I don’t think he is secure enough with himself to just be Leo. He always has to be “on”. Even though he finds it tiresome, he always has to be Leonardo DiCaprio and everything that embodies. That being said, I don’t think that is why he is with Toni. I think he just wanted a companion for the summer, and she happened to be the easiest catch that fit the bill, so to speak.

Yes you are bitter about Leo and it shows.I’m the same person talking to you yesterday. How are you so sure i make excuses for leo that i would’t make for his gfs?? And yes It’s leo’s life and he can end up like hefner if he wants because as you so beautifully say it’s his life. Then why are you here trying to prove he is sleazy? He has the right you know to be as sleazy as he wants ..

LL cool Leo @ 07/28/2013 at 5:59 am

@LOL Really? Okay. I think the Toni rumor start spreading around end of May and the Cara one a week or so before..well Idk for sure.
@748 “Leo has nothing to prove” According to his behavior I do think he has definitely issues too, cause he is only human.

not with toni @ 07/28/2013 at 6:04 am

@751 I think that it would be very very damn easy for Cara to ‘get’ a famous boyfriend “for the exposure” as you say And even if she wasn’t his real girlfriend she could always be his beard(the beard of some famous boyfriend i mean ) That’s why i don’t think leo – cara rumours were bogus.And you said she was vs model, then why would she pursue having her name out there and making herself “happen”. ??And something else: do you know how many “names” have been linked to leo? Well , i don’t think it’s that easy to promote your carreer just because supposedly you “rejected” Dicaprio and ny post dedicated one or two references to your name…

@LL cool Leo @ 07/28/2013 at 6:04 am

There’s a tweet about Toni/Leo (may 18) and Cara’s rumour came after :)

LL cool Leo @ 07/28/2013 at 6:14 am

@751 Oh, I didnt know they have denied it. “Its not a coincidence.” If thats the case it is a cheap way to catch ones attention..
@755 Thanks, now that you mention it I do remember :D

The fact that @751 says that cara denied the rumour it doesn’t mean that it is true . Jeez,….

@not with toni:
Its not as ‘damn easy’ as you imagine definitely not for Cara or anyone else. or many top models would be with famous guys many are trying see SI models Nina Agdal, Anna V, Alyssa Miller even Hilary Rhoda. As I said Leo was not the first famous man Cara’s name was linked with (in a story that made her look good) within a span of 3 months. But believe what you want.

Cara is g-a-y …the man linked to her will probably have her as his beard too….

@@755: Actually you don’t need a rumour that will make you look “good” in order to make yourself happen and promote your carreer. Bad rumours can be helpful too…..or even a scandal or something JMO

LL Cool Leo @ 07/28/2013 at 6:41 am

@ 758 Jeez aka know-it-all: I said that I was not aware of Cara deniying the rumor and you will find “If” in my statement. I do not entirely believe or reject it. We don’t know the truth this just about guesswork.

@LL cool Leo AKA Dummy: lol you don’t seem to understand my point:you can’t be sure whether cara denied the rumour .I did never say you can’t be sure whether cara’s rumour was real ..Do you see the difference? Wake up you are sleeping. You can’t be sure that Cara denied the rumour just because someone here says she did!! I have never read it nowhere.You can’t prove that she denied the rumour.

@Message # 752: I have to say I agree with you. IMO behind the facade – Leo is insecure and has to prove himself. I believe that is why he always goes for the young tall blonde models. IMO – In his mind that’s the ultimate babe and if he that on his arm, then he’s the ‘man’.
re Cara – I totally believe it was her PR team. Not sure if she knew what was going on considering she is really good friends with Toni!
re Toni and the quote: I have never called Toni ugly or a derogatory name – don’t believe in spewing hate. In make-up she can be stunning. Without make-up – she looks sweet and very young . IMO she is not a supermodel – compared to Naomi, Cindy, Christy, Linda or Helena she doesn’t hold a candle. Besides being stunning – they had a spark, a presence, the ‘it’ factor. You either have it or you don’t – it’s not something you can develop or learn. From the interviews I’ve seen – she pretty, sweet – but she just doesn’t have it.

Lol, that tweet from May18 was the Russian model, mistaken to be Toni.. she was said to be Toni a long way before the actual Toni came into the picture, which was from the Grisogono party and after that, when they did not obviously party together, but I think they hooked up from there to continue their companionship. She came with his jet, but he was still not seen with her for a long time, I think they partied separately (strangely enough) for a long time before hooking up, even though she came by his jet.

Does Leo own a jet???!!!! :D

@ 765 : And what about the rumours of him dating garrn before The Cannes supposedly when in NY??

No, i talked about that tweet from Nowfashion.
“The #cannes2013 rumor mill is buzzing with news that model @RealToniGarrn might have a new boyfriend… @LeoDiCaprio. What’s your reaction?” may 18. They know who is Toni.

Its not like Im on fence or anything about them bangin, but isnt this relationship just SO weirdo… its like he is with her just to prove he is not with 10 women, which we all know he is from time to time. He cant ever be with just 1, and now he just gotta do this for his image sake.

What I do think though… is that this whole thing is more or less like a joke….not sayin staged, but like for the sake of not lookin so dumb, he probably DOES have a secret agreement with Cameron Diaz somwhere, and no one knows so he tries makin it look like he is so damn serious now with Toni girl, but the leaks from the cell phone cams and instagram dozen pics show how “serious” they guy really is with her, and what a joke this whole thing is. All the times he has seen Cameron the last year, what about that? It is now like “few”, and not just events.I bet they do plan to marry in the end when they are both 50, and in meantime they slu– around. I mean, theyre gamers right. and what is better looking than a VS model? I agree with those people sayin there are better models, and VS is like.. not really classy modelling. Were not talkin runway for anything but underwear, and no haute couture stuff. I guess its the easy catalogue, while the other models might have more brains to stay away from the celeb boys, so they are not so easy catch. The VS models are usually “pretty girls” who are hired for being pretty faces and bodies, and can fit a swimsuit, but the BEST models are always those who are ugly lookin for real and great posers in photos. VS are not such posers. They are “pretty faces”.

@768 – Yea sure, but they were referring to the photo of her coming out of his jet (hired private jet), even though it was released one month later they had the news already. She was not seen with him much in Cannes at all actually. We got many other tweets of him from Cannes where she was not mentioned, and she was seen with others. Leo was on yachts with babes instead. and the russian girl followed him a lot, plus all the party pics with the brunette who was seen more than once. I think the buzz started because Toni was asked by a news reporter (german) what she thought about Leo, and then she said those things “I am always excited each time we meet, I know him from many events, and thats all there is to say” – something like that. From there, the buzz went cause she was asked. Some time later they were spotted at Versailles, but that was a while later.

@767 – He was seen with her at an auction with loads of celebs attending, and that was it from NY. But he was seen with many. Not really any “news” back then. In NY he is always partying, with women. Cant really say any dating started back then, thats all speculation.

@LL Cool #765: Toni rode on the private jet Leo took to Cannes, but she flew back to NYC the next day. She then flew back out to Cannes I think on either the 19th or the 20th.
@question: As far as I know he doesn’t own a jet, he just hires them. I think people thought they started dating in early May because she attended his pre-auction party. But from what I read – there were a ton of models at the party. He obviously noticed her since she rode on the jet, but he was partying like there was no tomorrow in Cannes. If he was really into her – do you think he would have partying like that?

Toni was with Leo at Cannes. We have seen a blurry picture of Toni on the yacht. Leo protects his privacy. Good for them.

@770″ He was seen with her at an auction with loads of celebs attending, and that was it from NY”: it was christie’s auction , right? My speculation is that maybe this particular auction was when they first met AS A COUPLE and started dating .(not that they had’t met before)

“If he was really into her – do you think h