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Leonardo DiCaprio: Thumbs Up After Dinner with Toni Garnn

Leonardo DiCaprio: Thumbs Up After Dinner with Toni Garnn

Leonardo DiCaprio gives the thumbs up to his group of pals, including rumored girlfriend Toni Garnn, as they leave a restaurant to get their valeted car on Tuesday (July 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model were joined for dinner by his BFF Lukas Haas, among some others.

“On the road again! See you in September NYC! Really hoping these bags won’t get lost too many times on this one…” Toni tweeted earlier in the month. Have fun this summer, Toni!!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garnn after their group dinner…

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leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 01
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 02
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 03
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 04
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 05
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 06
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 07
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 08
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 09
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 10
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 11
leonardo dicaprio thumbs up after toni garrn date 12

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  • also…

    @47: Yeah, we all have different taste. I don`t find her beautiful runway / makeup or not! I`m not saying she is ugly but she is not all that. Plain Jane.

  • @49

    “i dont think she is pretty enough to be a model”
    lol what a joke… Toni Garrn is born to be a model.

  • PaulaT

    She is pretty, obviously a good professional model under a heavy makeup and when her hair is done But Good Lord, this person lacks sensuality. Is it because of her boney legs or her posture, or maybe her young age.
    Selena Gomez is the same age but she has so much more sex-appeal.

  • also…

    @not with toni: Interesting comment. I see your point but I do think Leo could do better than her and she is not too pretty for him. She is just simply not a good match for him. As long as he keeps chasing these barely legal bland girls he will look old and withered. I don`t know if these young girls make him feel younger but they sure don`t make him LOOK younger. Quite the opposite!

  • @47

    with some good make-up on many -many girls are stunning.That doesn’t prove anything.Go to the subway and ya”ll see girls way more beautiful(!) than her.and yes tastes differ obviously. so why bashing someone who bashes her looks? i see no point ..

  • also…

    @53: SO TRUE! Toni is lacking appeal and that`s what I thought about Erin. Take away the clothes, makeup and hair and they are just meh.
    That Selena Gomez thing is really disturbing. I mean that she is Toni`s age dating 39 years old Leo. Selena is so young, Bieber generation and that`s what attracts Leo. Still.

  • And?

    Confirmation of a couple? .. nah.. a group of friends and her, the pic is taken the same day as the coffee pic by the car, she wears the same clothes and hairstyle, maybe they are all out together, and if Lukas was there it is not like a “date”.. Id say this reminds me of him and Blake (nothing serious). Maybe he will get serious with this Garrn just to disprove the rumors he cant be? haha, he is so about his image. Ridiculous.

  • Lorelei

    @also #54
    So true. Totally agree with you

  • LOL
  • And?

    Plus: When he thumbs up … hahaha, seems to be he is handing her over to the other guy and thumbs??? wtf is that ??……any clues? Got some more pics from other sites from this day? I bet Lukas was in the car, too, when they got their coffeee that same day.

    Oh man, Leo has a beer belly

  • Telling

    how FUNNY is it that the last picture of them is the one with lukas looking aghast!!

  • not with toni

    @LOL !!!!!! i noticed that too! weird moment so weird….i was sure someone here would tackle this bizarre view lol what’s up leo? what’s wrong with you?

  • also…

    I don`t think anything is wrong with him. Barely legal sticks turn him on!

  • Working in Brazil

    Wasnt Toni working in Brazil just that day before? She uploaded some pic… so now she is going to travel and work again? What a romance…. in… and out…. busy… and busy…. she was not in his house for 3 weeks, wrong.. she just came there.. she was in Brazil or that jungle-place.. dont know, it looked like Brazil. She did some work. Whats up with her tweets ?

    Well if this is their official dating pics, they are sure weird. a whole gang going out for dinner… so grown up ?

  • not with toni

    @also lool!

  • lukas hmmmm

    Lukas is like crap i’m not supposed to be in the shot! this is about them…. i agree with people thinking it’s a cover-up. What guy has his bff with him ALWAYS with his dates…. it just looks ridiculous.

  • sorry

    double post – thought the 1st one wasn’t posting

  • haaaa

    Lukas is like crap i’m not supposed to be in the shot! this is about them…. i agree with people thinking it’s a cover-up. What guy has his bff with him ALWAYS with his dates…. it just looks ridiculous.

  • @also #63

    OR some white powder and by this i don’t mean baby sweet smelling powder ..?

  • bliss

    i wonder if this thread will go to 3000 comments too lol
    leo took some weight on ; toni is looking great and lukas is hating the paps ; this won’t last till his birthday let the BOY have some fun

  • also…

    @69(!!!): lol Who knows? Any other ideas?

  • @haaaa

    Not with gisele and bar… with those two dates/girlfriends, he could manage to be seen out and about alone with them without his entourage, and actually go on real dates. With erin, too, even if it looked staged and boring. but with bar in particular… they were on vacation alone and almost never in group dates, at least after several years dating. but bar is a bit older than these latest girls… isnt she 26?

  • @all

    Do you think this weird bulge(ohhh i wonder what is hiding in there.. i would like to SEE that actually.)in his pants is because he is high on that not -so -baby- powder???

  • LooseLipz

    Mr Doughboy only dates young models, nothing new there. He’s so predictable. Lives in hotels, drinks, parties and lives in denial that he’s aging, poorly I might add.

  • also…

    @75: You are right, as a couple Leo spent time with his friends. The difference is that you also saw Leo alone with Bar or Gisele. Not only with friends and so far that`s missing with Toni ( at least not photographed or tweeted ).

  • @72

    @@haaaa: ]
    Huh? There are many pictures of Leo and Bar on double dates either with Lukas Haas and his girlfriend or Alex Mace or some other group. Same with Erin with Lukas, Tobey or Nikki Erwin or something. And Bar’s 28. I dunno how many alone time he had with any girlfriend though I’m Sure he did with all of em as well as going on “real dates”. I also dunno why people choose to remember a Leo play that does not exist because they are fandoms of an ex.

  • @not with toni

    “so i guess now it’s official!!! What a sleaze!!”

    No. Not until Lukas is not in the same group. I mean if the two want to date privately…. they have been seen around separetely , this is the first sighting for a long time where they are at same place… and they bring.. Lukas.

    Who is the big guy? I have seen him before

  • @haaaa

    @75 yes of course they have been seen with his BFFs , too, but I am talking bout they have been seen alone …very much too. all of the official ones have been out with him alone! and he doesnt look in love here, he looks like he is happy because she gets to meet the fat guy?!

  • Anonymous

    Its what always happens when there is another girlfriend. To fit the bitchfest on the new one, glorify his past relaysh while appearing to have personal knowledge of Leo, his love and his motives. Leo does rinse and repeat but so do some.

  • @Anonymous

    Its not about glorifying his exes and his love life with his exes, they all ended and all had something weird, but…. you gotta admit, he was much more affectionate with all of them in public. he seems to be afraid of showing it like tense with toni, as if his public image is a lot more important to him than the actual relationship, which for me as an onlooker tells me that there is something odd about his “love”-thing for this woman.. um… girl. as if she is hired for the season, to fit in, but not to fit his heart. see… with bar he tried, and tried, they were on and off. but they got back together many times, at least he was not satisfied with one round and went on fighting until he gave up. he may be attracted to garrn because she is german, but problem is… just a few days ago he looked as if the whole world had ended! and in several photos this summer, he has looked far from a man madly in love with “his garrn”, you see this point ?

  • not with toni

    @77 i hope you are right. it’s terrible to see this amazing actor date stupid girls(like toni).Yes, he ages(surely it shows) and it’s amazing !! It means he is living his life and keeps doing great work which is his legacy and we are all grateful for this but …those girls are just not for him.They all make him look so F@#$%ing shallow and intensify his superficiality as well as his ageing. It’s VERY unfair such a gorgeous and immensely handsome man to look washed up JUST because of this almost adolescent girl …it’s so unfair. Leo, if only you changed!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t. I personally think when a relationship is so on/off, along with a lot of cheating esp if its one-sided, its not a sign of someone trying or something positive growing, but more a case of having your cake and eating it. I don’t know Leo’s routine to measure his daily happiness but he looks content in these pics IMO, and there are also pics of Leo looking pissed and like he was running on fumes in past relationships. But I don’t wanna derail the thread, we disagree and see things differently

  • @82

    @not with toni:
    Sorry but the one who looks stupid in those paps pics is Leo, not Toni

  • @83

    I’m really starting to believe that in those pics he looks high or something..

  • not with toni

    Funny thing is that in the pic he has this bulge in his pants(!!) it seems that he is staring at garrn’s BEHIND with this particularly voluptuous looks in his eyes! ….what a stud

  • Ella

    Leo, Adam and Jake all are gross men with peter pan syndrome. They will not age gracefully and will join these other old actors with these girls young enough to be their daughters as they keep aging.

  • also…

    I also think he is drunk or high.
    @80: I do see your point. Great comment!
    @not with toni ( #81 ): Also good one! Thumbs up!

  • @86

    Isn’t Adam getting married? Apparently he dumped/informed Nina Agdal by text. Cold

  • Message

    I agree with the peops that think Toni is beautiful. Some of her photo shoots are beyond stunning. Here she looks pretty but nothing special. And she seems sort of… Awkward? Right? So does he. I think that’s why it doesn’t seem to be anything special between them. They just look so awkward together. I’m sure he is enjoying the physical benefits of dating a beautiful young girl, though. No doubt.

    P.S. Serously, though… WTF is that weird bulge in his pants?!?! What a freakshow. Lol

  • also…

    @89: LMAO! Hahaha!

  • @85

    Staring at Garrn’s behind? What behind? She is as voluptuous as an ironing board

  • Hehe

    WOAH leo is that an anaconda in your pants?!?!

  • also…

    What`s going on with the comments? The numbers and the order keep changing! Weird! My comment was for @85!

  • Joan

    SOMEONE was going home for s e x…he probably is high on weed or something, widely known he ocassinaly does it…weeds no biggie

  • Maybe they had a quickie in the resturant, hence the bulge her tossled outfit and lukas’s oh crap this shouldnt have been snapped impression?! Never know..

  • Baby


  • LOL


  • Cool

    Leo looks so funny.

  • cynthia

    @@86: adam hasn’t gotten married yet and even if he does it won’t last. always another young skinny model around every corner.

  • What’s next

    Glad that Lukas is there to keep him content. lol