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Royal Baby Name: George Alexander Louis!

Royal Baby Name: George Alexander Louis!

George Alexander Louis is the name of Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s first child!

The 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the heir to the British throne on Monday (July 22) at 4:24pm in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital.

“The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.” Clarence House, Royal aid, tweeted just moments ago about the name. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son George Alexander Louis.”

Prince George weighed in at 8lbs, 6oz. and everyone is doing well following the birth. William released a short statement following the birth saying, “We could not be happier.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Royal Baby’s name???

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  • LooseLipz

    Predictable, but understandably. So conservative those Royals. I prefer the middle name as the first name…Alex is a cute nickname.

  • True

    George is such an old name. Alexander is should be.

  • kel


  • P


  • Great name for next heir

    George is Queen Elizabeths brothers name did you see the King’s Speech. Thank goodness no Spencer or Earl after dear ol mom
    Ne er hear the sons talk about their mom and he goes to his mother in Laws house .. Now let’s bring out the Diana tapes again ! Perfect name
    For him!

  • Sammy

    I think that’s an appropriate name for the heir to the throne. It’s nice to not see “apple” or “ivy” or “north” anywhere….

  • Elizabeth

    Love the name. One name of great-grandma, grandfather and father each. Great idea.

  • M

    So much admiration and respect for these people! They are ROYALTY ( for God’s sake) and they try to act so normal.
    This is a name, a NORMAL NAME!

  • Kate

    @Great name for next heir: Actually the Queen Elisabeth has no brother only younger sister, princess Margaret. The movie “King´s speech” was about her father, King George V.

  • LOL

    Alexander would have been better as a first name. George is solid but staid. We’ve had so many King George’s its now like meh!

  • 2nite

    @Kate – Actually, the Queen’s father was King George VI, not King George V.

  • betduke

    Hopefully now the monarchy can get back to basics: incest, adultery, beheadings, starving of the peasants, and just good ole mayhem.

  • Matt

    For everyone saying they are happy William and Kate didn’t name him something outrageous like ‘North’ or ‘Apple’ – what made you think they would?

    They are British royalty, not C-List brainless celebrities. It should have been expected they would name him normally.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    I called ‘George’ correctly. Just ask my husband.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Oh, Great Name for Next Heir, Queen Elizabeth has no brother, only a deceased sister, Margaret the Partier. George was the name of her father and grandfather.

  • Wrong Name

    The baby’s name is LOUIS not LEWIS!!!! #Fail

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Another point, Great Name for Next Heir, ‘Earl’ is not a Spencer family name. It is a title, like ‘Duke’ and ‘Prince’ are titles. Diana’s brother is the 9th Earl (of) Spencer. Sheesh.

  • maria

    I HATE it. Sorry. George is such a common monarch name, like someone said, it’s “meh”. I would have loved James. It’s classic as well, but has a better modern vibe. Oh well.

  • just me

    love the name! Just knew Alexander would have been one of them!

  • essie

    not a fan of George either.. reminds me of an old dude

  • jule

    i would´ve loved Louis Philipp Spencer.

  • True

    I have a feeling this kid will start calling himself Alex or Alexander.

    Similarly, William (which isn’t as dated as George) calls himself Will, and Henry calls himself Harry.

    King Alex, or Prince Alex works.

  • Lisa

    So, after all the talk and the changes to the consitution which would make a little princess Queen one day…it was a little G.A.L after all….ha, ha….I rather like the irony.

  • Hanna

    The child is named after his great great grandfather, but it is still an ugly name.

  • um

    The only bad name in that is George..But Alexander & Louis? EPIC !!!! I hope he prefers Prince Alexander kind of like Prince Harry is known by Harry and not Henry (his first name)

  • mellow

    I absolutely love the names George Alexander Louis! It’s a great honour to his great great grandfather (George VI) and great great great grandfather (George V).
    God bless the Duke, the Duchess and Prince of Cambridge!

  • Reality Bites

    @Great name for next heir:

    Actually, King George was Queen Elizabeth’s father. He was also known as the reluctant King since he thought his older brother Edward would ascend the throne. But he ran off with an american divorcee and abdicated the throne to George.

  • Reality Bites

    My lil son is named George. We get more comments from people about how much they love his name. It’s not stodgy at all. Of course when I think of it I lean more to George Clooney then to George Bush… but that is just me. Now a Prince George.. adorable!

  • Jean

    Well,a predictable name,given his family history.George is an ugly name,too outdated to name a baby nowadays.Alexander,also predictable.And Louis…ugly too,i personally hate this name…
    But they are his parents,not me…so they gave the name they wanted,good for them.At least he has a name now.It’s a tacky and boring name,but he’s their kid,so that’s their problem anyway.I’m bored now…lol

  • juicy lucy

    I predicted the little prince would either be called George or Alexander on another thread. As much as I really do like the name George, perhaps the little tyke will be known to the world as Alex.

  • Susan

    Very fitting name for a prince!

  • Isabel

    I understand the historical value of his name and knew, based on what’s been chosen in the past, that it was a front-runner but I, too, would’ve preferred Alexander as the first name. Alexander George Louis would’ve still had a strong, traditional, royal ring to it.

  • Kresta

    So nice to see a boy’s name that isn’t Jayden.

  • blueee

    its a great name but i COMPLETELY agree that Alexander would’ve been a lovely first name!

  • numerology

    The little prince’s name matches his mother’s name numerology. So it’s safe to say he’ll be more Middleton than Windsor.

  • Junk Removal Companies

    Interesting name.. the name includes all kings name of the past a little like estate clearance manhattan

  • Jes

    Gotta say I am shocked at this name choice considering that William sticks it to the royal family whenever he can. Clearly it’s a name with historical importance and family significance but its just too much for a child. Yes, I know he will grow older but he will be a boy and a young man for far longer then he will be an old man. And the initials?! I just feel this kid (royal or not) will be bullied and dislike his name, a name that his dad picked to please his gran.

  • ellie’

    I love the name of the little baby Prince.. Can’t wait to watch this little one grow up in this beautiful family…

  • Mary

    So the baby is named George after the father of Elizabeth II, Louis – after the founder of the Mountbatten dynasty prince Philip’s grandfather (my guess) and Alexander after who?

  • zzzzz

    Boring just like them.

  • http://@thesinglecycle Bobbie

    @um: It’s dignified and refreshingly modern sounding!

  • french

    Kate is so ugly

  • Oscar

    Yuck! Remind me of fat old man. Just a thought, without their fancy tittle, really they are just normal people who has not achieve anything in their life and never will. Not aspiring at all! Don’t understand why are they being worship like as if they are brilliant scientist or some genius who contributed to the society. We need better role model like Mother Theresa or Luther King who has proven themselves as one and not through some birth or marriage! We are living in such a lame world!

  • shane

    @french: you’re blind as $het, shes a classic beauty and that boy will look gorgeous with her features mixed with williams.

  • ams

    Wish they could’ve slipped Andrew in there for their tennis star

  • nasra

    @Great name for next heir: Of course staying at the in laws, William believe his son and the heir to the throne is more safer in absence of Diana and I fully agree with the arrangement! The Middletons have given Wills a room to ease the pain of not having his own mother at this time!

    Camilla is no where in the picture here and can enjoy her long summer break!

  • Sara

    @Great name for next heir: George is the name of Queen Elizabeth’s father.

  • Jojo

    Prince William is naked here:

  • N

    My first thought about the baby’s name was George from Seinfeld… the character’s middle name was Louis, and he was played by actor Jason Alexander.

  • Nothing new

    Yeah I bet ££££££ the queen had a say in it Calling him George alex Louis there not going to call him shayn, paul, connor, aden , adam , julien , scott, david , Richard , eric, etc etc etc etc keepIng the old tradition going and using horrible old names however
    it’s still going to grow up spoilt,
    Looking down at the poor only dating hot young noble blueblood socialites with £££££££££££££££££££ in daddys bank.

    Kate still grew up in a wealthy family she didn’t grow up struggling to make a living she had the best education and life along with daddy’s money.