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Tyler Hoechlin: Batman Opposite Henry Cavill's Superman?

Tyler Hoechlin: Batman Opposite Henry Cavill's Superman?

Rumors are swirling that Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin is in talks to star as Batman opposite Henry Cavill‘s Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

The 25-year-old actor will reportedly be screen testing with Henry for the role, Comic Book News reports.

The new Batman/Superman mash-up film was announced to a stunned audience at 2013 Comic-Con.

Production on the film is set to begin in early 2014, with a slated 2015 release. We can’t wait to check it out!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Tyler Hoechlin as one option for Batman???

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  • Roz

    Might just be me, but Batman and Superman just don’t make a good combo…they’re so different from each other

  • Sophia

    If it’s just gonna be for a fight scene, wouldn’t it be easer and better to ask Christian Bale to do just that one scene? I mean, Nolan is producing so it should be easy. I think Bale would do it…

  • ab

    @Roz: There are comics about Batman/ not a weird thing.. IT IS a good know?

  • Karim

    he looks if he were Henry’s brother LOLOLOLOL

  • ab

    Hes too young for playing Bruce Wayne/Batman… Bruce Wayne is older than Clark and Henry Cavill is older than this guy…so no!

  • if u ask me

    who needs batman in a superman movie? 2 completely different universes. just don’t f*cking do it. i’m not gonna watch that. :P

  • Pats

    I’m sure Cavill’s up for a go… oh and the Batman thing is good, too.

  • ab

    LOL some people are annoying..they want a Batman/Superman movie and when is going to be real they say they are “opposite” and things like that…is not weird…exist comics about both is not strange thing!
    The only thing is Im not agreed to this actor playing Batman..he is way young for it!

  • Ashley

    As much as I know people aren’t going to be happy with this if he gets the role – don’t forget, he’s just screen testing for it – I’d be happy for him if he got it. Obviously this could be a role that kickstarts great things. He’s also definitely attractive; Tyler is charismatic like Bruce Wayne. Regardless, I know there will be backlash just for the mention of someone other than Bale (which, tbh, I’m personally happy it’s not him), but it’s going to be interesting to see who they pick for the new version in the long run.

  • Ali

    yeah don’t care about the movie, he’s hot on teen wolf

  • Livin’ the Life

    I love Tyler!!!! I hope they chose him. I don’t care what it’s for, he will be great!

  • k88

    I would LOVVVVVE to see Tyler as a superhero, he is so damn hot! I’d love to see him up on the big screen all hot and sexy and gorgeous. Hell I wouldn’t even be watching Teen Wolf if he wasn’t on there, Tyler HOECHLIN is the only reason I do watch it!

  • KIM


  • PyaarAngel

    @if u ask me:

    Um, they are in the same universe. It’s called DC comics. Try and read The Dark Knight Returns or…the Batman: Hush comic series. Try watching the three Superman/Batman animated films. You might change your mind :)
    These two are the world’s finest!

  • PyaarAngel


    It’s not gonna be JUST for a fight scene. Batman will be one of the characters that is potentially against Superman in this movie. In the end, they will become friends or just mutual acquaintances. Plus, Christopher Nolan’s Batman series is OVER. Zack Snyder and Nolan both said that the Nolan Batman universe does not exist in the Man of steel universe. So its time to say goodbye to Bale and hand over the torch.

  • Calamity

    Christian Bale on NOT playing Batman anymore: “We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy.”

    “It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another,” he said. “So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.”

  • gulbis

    hope he’ll get that role, he was great as a kid in Sam Mendes movie and then stuck in teen shows so this may be his breakthrough role.

  • True

    Good for him. He looks older than his age. Maybe they want a younger Batman.

  • nm

    How about NO?

  • Lou

    Eric Bana or Richard Armitage could be awesome in Batman!!

  • ace11

    Gyllenhaal or James Scott (the soap actor) for Batman

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie


    Have you seen Teen Wolf’s ratings? He already has his break through role.

  • Amy

    Yep Armitage, he is charismatic and Batman have to be like that! :)

  • Amy


  • michael knight

    I think look-wise he is perfect. Face and body are ready for the bat suit. Voice is not terrible and acting in teen wolf seems so-so. The only negative point I see, is DC comic movies become a too gay-friendly-franchise with actors based only on looks

  • Gucci

    It sucks that it’s not Bale. His Batman is still very fresh, so it’s hard to think in someone else playing the part.
    Big no for this guy, looks so young and kind of resembles Henry.

  • james le cuirot

    I think he would be amazing as bruce wayne/batman, he’s got the looks to play the charmastic billionaire playboy and a good physique for batman (although they will probably change it), he’s got the ability to play the serious side of batman but also the lighter side of bruce wayne (although they could give batman a lighter tone in this movie, considering that he will probably eventually be winding up teaming with superman) so yeah, I think he would be an amazing batman/bruce wayne

  • gulbis

    @eternalozzie: teen wolf isn’t that popular outside US, batman is an icon just like superman, james bond, spiderman. besides Tudors fans, no one really know Henry Cavill before MOS, it’s the same thing with Tyler, now only TW fans know him after batman movie he can become one of the biggest movie star, now he is c-list actor.

  • Alice

    Uhm, am I the only one who thinks this could mean he’s next to leave Teen Wolf? Ouch. That’s the show’s end.

  • Jake

    Here’s is the rumored storyline

    Batman comes to Metropolis,he does not trust Clark and Clark does not trust Batman.Clark is the main focus and we will see his character develop and deal with the aftermath of the first movie.All the origian cast from MOS is returning.Batman will be apivotal role (but not as pivotal as Clark…probaly on par or slighly bigger than Lois).This film will lead to a World’s Finest franchise,followed by a Justice League franchise.The film will include references to pivotal DC characters that will have a major role on the JL film.Snyder initially was not thinking of having Batman in the film but WB wanted to move things fast and they felt that there was no need to have an origins movie for a character (Batma) who had a very succesful trilogy a year ago.Nolan and all the producers from TDK are returning.Rumor has it that Johnathan Nolan is also returning to write the film alongnise Goyer and Snyder.

    (this is things i read around the internet.sorry for my english)

  • rose

    @if u ask me:
    um Superman and Batman ARE in the same universe…… its called DC comics. Different universes would be Superman and Iron Man since Iron Man is Marvel Comics

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Roz: You’re a complete idiot. There’s dozens of comic books, animated movies, and cartoons about the two. Theyre the leaders of the Justice League for god sake, shut up if you don’t know what you’re typing about.
    He has the looks, manly feathers, dark hair, and build like Bruce Wayne. Plus he’s only an inch shorter than Cavil. I can see it

  • rdh


  • me

    people, stop hating on the guy, he’s not been casted yet, jeez! And as for ‘there’s only one batman and it’s bale!” you can try to ignore the other batmans before him, but that doesn’t make them go away, sorry but only batman is a bit much, he must be ‘the best batman’ but not the only. and don’t judge someone’s work before you see it. I remember people hating on andrew garfield for peter parker and josh hutcherson for peeta and now everyone is crazy for them. so shut up and chill out, if and when he is casted and if and when he does a shitty job as batman you can rant as much as you want.

  • AK

    SHIT! no one like Bale :( Bale or no for batman/superman team !

  • Kara Zor-El

    Sure, Bale was pretty good as Batman but so was Michael Keaton. The point is is that Bale’s Dark Knight doesn’t exist in the Superman universe and he does NOT want to do it. WB has to go with someone new because this Batman is going to continue right into the Justice League movie, thus age is a factor. Also, I think the actor needs to be at a similar level to Henry Cavill in several aspects. Physically, on-screen charisma, talent, name recognition, etc. It would be terrible for them to cast a well known and Cavill ends ups playing “second fiddle.” Tyler would be a good choice. It would really be cool if Stephen Arnell from Arrow could do it, but he’s already committed to another DC property.

  • Nebula

    @if u ask me: Uh… it’s the same universe. Batman and Superman both exist in the DC universe, and are even on a team together. You might have heard of it – it’s called the Justice League.

  • Yummy

    @if u ask me:

    I wish I could smack you.

  • http://@MsAEN713 AnnĂ¡ Noddin

    Too young?! He is amazing actor and physically in shape to do the movie. Age wise he may be younger but he can pull anything off, especially with a little Hollywood makeup!

  • iMember

    @if u ask me:
    Superman and Batman live in the SAME universe and are both of the DC Universe. They are even a part of the Justice League together. This wouldn’t be the first time they are on screen together (or in the comic books) so it’s nothing new. It only makes sense since DC wants a Justice League movie to happen.

  • Alex Bitar

    eff this guy, he would be awful as batman. he’s god damn lame in teen wolf and would ruin batman’s image. Jensen Ackles is the only person that should play batman if its not bale!

  • Rachel

    I wish Christian Bale was returning to play Batman. He is awesome/

  • Martha

    Too young. He could play Superboy since he looks more like Henry Cavill than a Bruce Wayne. We need someone older who can pull off a manly look as well. He can’t be it. Sorry fangirls.

  • AS

    PR planted wish for him, never happen. Stupid movie premise as well. Henry likes the dudes. Next…

  • Superman Action Comics Direct

    Cavil won’t be back for a sequel, especially when no real audience except for marketing trolls want him back or want there to be a sequel. Man of Steel is dead and a money loser for everyone who touches the Superman name. The only ones who want him as Superman or for there to be a sequel are marketing trolls, and they never count as real audience members. Man of Steel has no real audience members.


    Tyler has the look of a radiating playboy in his interviews and is able to play dark characters (Derek Hale on Teen Wolf) = duality Bruce Wayne / Batman . He’s perfect for the role !

  • anna

    this guy’s publicist has done their job.

  • Annalisa

    What about Joshua Jackson?

  • babboom

    He needs to take some acting lessons first

  • http://twitter cindy

    OMG! I’m so behind Tyler Hoechlin being Batman!!!!!!!!!!! He is hot and can act!