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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Hawaiian Vacation!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Hawaiian Vacation!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse make their way through the airport on Wednesday (July 24) after arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The 38-year-old actor brought his 21-year-old gal along for the trip while heading down to Hawaii to start prepping for his upcoming film Deep Tiki, which is the new Cameron Crowe project.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

The day before, Bradley was seen hopping onto his motorcycle after working up a sweat during an afternoon workout at the gym in Brentwood, Calif.

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  • Anonymous

    This is the prettiest I have ever seen Suki look. She’s normally trollish

  • Sera

    They look cute despite her whacked out outfit.

  • julia

    another sicko with a young girl. these guys have a problem.

  • BieberFan

    Bradley Cooper definitely has Bieber Fever.

  • Carol

    I think they look happy together. I don’t know why people feel the need to be so vicious about this woman. Get over the fact that she’s dating your celebrity crush.

  • jenny

    they are so creepy together

  • LooseLipz


    You’re terribly wrong. He’s hardly a celebrity crush. He’s just a near 40 year old who should be dating someone closer to his age instead of robbing the cradle. Bet he has lots to talk about with a 21 year old. NOT.

  • ace11

    Still dating her??

    Guys is nuts

    She is a child

    His Mom must be so ashamed

    and his Dad must be rolling over in his poor grave

  • Jenna

    When are we going to start seeing near 40 year old women with 21 years old guys. Make it happen universe…

  • Annie

    They look cute and happy. Some people are cruel , obsessive to them.

  • Liz O

    Haven’t read a JJ message board for BC in a while. I was starting to become a fan when he started dating the child. His PR interviews made him sound kind of like a Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt family kind of guy. Then I just realized he’s more of a DiCaprio, Gerard Butler Hollywood sleeping with models half his age type. She’s acting her young age so you can’t blame her…he’s unfortunately acting it too and that’s such a turn-off when looking at a guy his age. #ExFan There’s my one and only comment…..

  • Dan

    @Jenna in the real world or the bubble of Hollywood?

  • supernatural

    hahaha, a green sweater with trousers xxl blue and purple… What sense of style! they smile at the Granny because she had their talk of honolulu.

    photo by suki on its instagram with the Green sweater to of be made in the toilet of the airport in los angeles

  • Loves gossip

    @supernatural: Exactly!

  • Ray

    JJ i couldn’t write half the stuff y’all get paid to write.

  • Love The Shoes

    Bradley is the Nu-George Clooney were women are concerned and I’m so surprised no one has made the correlation yet. He’ll trade her in shortly for a newer model (or model).

  • What’s new

    Awww Bradley and his daughter on holiday. How sweet.not. He is such a pathetic douchebag and she is such a talentless famewhore.yawn

  • jenny

    @Jenna: Madonna? She’s 54 and dating a guy who’s 23 i think

  • Ava

    JLow is 44 and her boy toy is around 24… So the celebrity women are doing it, they just don’t have guy fans criticizing it… It isn’t her age it’s her weirdness( WTF is she wearing) he’s into chicks weird like her what’s that say about him, to me nothing good, lost any attractness I felt for him.

  • Wendy

    What a gentleman. He’s holding her passport and phone for her. I think they look adorable together. I’m sure they don’t get bothered by obsessive anonymous trolls spewing hateful crap.

  • Uncle Bradley takes his kiddie Suki to Hawaii… so tenderly.

  • megan

    @Jenna: aaron taylor johnson and his wife sam johnson. He’s 23 and she’s 46. have 2 kids together

  • LOL

    most men who have the wealth and looks that Bradley Cooper does don’t want to date a women who is his age. They want as young as legally possible. My overweight near balding neighbor or co-worker can’t get away with a hot young girl because the look out of shape and can’t afford to keep these young girls with perks and goodies. A woman his age is focused on her career or stressing about having kids..a 21 year old is in the prime of her wrinkles no worrying about having kids….
    that’s why he’s not giving this up.

  • lauren

    honestly this relationship wouldn’t bother me if he hadn’t said that comment about him being old enough to be jennifer lawrence’s dad especially since suki is younger

  • Katie

    His hairstyle is making him look younger. Looks good. Interesting pants on his gf.

  • Mora

    @ace11: you have no business talking about his dad you c u n t

  • Mora

    @LooseLipz: Lol don’t act like you don’t want that, please. Your tears reek of desperation.

  • CornishHen

    Looks like Suki might benefit from “ESCORTING” Bradley Cooper around. Her parents should be so proud of this highly publicized affair.

  • Ray

    I’m pretty sure that’s bc phone and passport, they starting to look alike. (Eww) If she was more mature and didnt look like Justin Beiber in a wig I’ll be okay with the relationship. I’m totally shipping him and Selena Gomez.

    Idk how y’all can see cute with them this whole arrangement is disturbing.

  • Maura

    @Ray: He doesn’t have a British passport and a white Iphone. She does, so no it’s hers.

  • supernatural

    you can explain to me why the first pic, she has a fringe of hair and loose hair, and the second pic, not a fringe and hair tied?

  • Brian

    @supernatural: My guess is she saw the photographer and changed her hair-do so she would look better for her close-up. :)

  • supernatural

    he keeps the phone Suki because she does not post pics on instagram and twitter?

  • supernatural

    you are sure that JJ did not put the head of Britney Spears on the body of Suki???. Bizarre!

  • Maura

    @supernatural: Do you honestly need an explanation for that??? The wind is blowing when they are outside.

  • LouLou

    I think Justin Bieber ought to return the sweater and gypsy pants he took from Selina Gomez closet.

  • supernatural

    @Maura. Sorry, but the wind does not tie the hair with a ribbon.

  • Maura

    @supernatural: I guess I didn’t understand your question… Her bangs look different because the wind is blowing her hair.

  • supernatural

    @LouLou: it is a good one then, hahaha, very funny. i’m dead!!!

  • supernatural

    @Maura: zoom on the photo and you see a big ribbon bow behind the head.

  • Ray

    Omg I notice that @supernatural . @maura how can you tell it’s a British passport? Still make them seem like father daughter and not lovers.

  • Maura

    @Ray: The color. It’s British. What about holding a girlfriend’s personal belongings makes them not seem like lovers? LOL WTF. Have none of you ever undone and then redone you hair? Simply picking on every little thing in these pictures. I’m out of this weird comment section now…

  • blunt talker

    Mr. Cooper I’m glad to see you enjoying your life. You truly seem to be focusing on your career without any added personal life stresses. I’m looking forward to seeing your future work. I don’t know what you taking to keep looking young, but it is working. Keep your head and chin up and continue having a great career and personal life. To thine onself be true and do whatever is best for you.

  • Ray

    @maura my brother hold my stuff all the times would that make us lovers? Sw and bc are a lot of things but lovers nope I just don’t see it. But happy trials

    Did I say bc had his passport (*face palm) he American.

  • LouLou

    Interesting…just reading these comments and noticed someone posted as me regarding Bieber comment….i havent posted on JJ in quite awhile–wonder where they got my “name” from???

  • Char

    Right, so can we all just agree now that A Few Thoughts was full of it this entire time? Bradley clearly isn’t trying to get rid of Suki if he’s taking her on a vacation (I was getting the sense back on the second day of Wimbledon he isn’t trying to get rid of her), and he’s clearly been fooling all his fans during award season and every interview before that when he went on and on about wanting to be a family guy and about a 22-year-old woman – his friend – being too young for him.
    All A Few Thoughts did was use some stuff we all wanted to be true or had no way to find out and used it in their posts.

  • Martigirl

    There have been tweets,within the last hour, from two different people that state Bradley is on a plane from Hawaii back to LA…if it’s true, that was one short romantic getaway.

  • Shira

    That might be the funniest thing I’ve read all month long.

  • Martigirl

    @Shira: Let’s see if the tweets are credible…sounds like they are.

  • The shamish from Paris

    @Char: you’re right !!!!!! AFT ‘s just another PR here to entertain us