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Miley Cyrus: Naked for Marc Jacobs Campaign T-Shirt!

Miley Cyrus: Naked for Marc Jacobs Campaign T-Shirt!

Check out a completely naked Miley Cyrus posing in this brand new t-shirt image for the Marc Jacobs’ “Protect the Skin You’re In” campaign.

“Ts are available at 9 Marc Jacobs boutiques including SanFran, LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, & Savannah GA!” the 20-year-old entertainer tweeted, along with a pic of her nude for on a t-shirt. “Don’t worry Europe! My #protecttheskinyourein T’s are coming next month @MarcJacobsIntl so happy to help YOU help SO MANY ❤❤❤”

“Who’s gettin my #protecttheskinyourein Tee from @MarcJacobsIntl ❤❤❤” she added later.

Proceeds go to benefit the New York University Skin Cancer Institute.

Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: Twitter
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  • alex

    my god,this girl would do anything to get attention. now she is naked for charity.this is CRAP she doesn`t even truly support this,otherwise she wouldn`t be smoking and doing drugs!
    this happens when fame,money and drugs drive you nuts!

  • top

    anyone who complains about this should get cancer

    its for charity

  • alex

    @top very smart comment from you! that shows what kind of person you are..and for the record this is not really for charity ,it`s to show how wild and grown up she is

  • lol

    she has the body of a girl that hasn’t hit puberty yet

  • ll

    this made me immediately ROFLMFAO


    you dont need to do this to support your fight against cancer or any other cause. there’s more classier approaches than this, this is just being unoriginal and trashy, just like PETA. take emma stone and olivia wildes classier approach towards fighting cancer by contributing to the revlon charity, plus emma stone’s mother is a cancer survivor so seeing miley do this is laughable and this naked crap is an insulting and crass way to raise funds..

  • True

    Try Hard.

    Sorry, Miley. Your album still won’t sell.

  • Jordy

    She definitely did not do this because she cares and wants to help out. Like the other person said, if she cared she wouldn’t be smoking. How can you support a cancer charity and do something that is one of the main reasons people get cancer? She just wanted to be naked and get attention.

  • eve

    Every opportunity to show herself naked or nearly naked is good for her.

  • http://jj person

    she seems vile to me, Like she has a big ego from being famous but isn’t really any better than anyone else- so she presents weirdly. unappealing.

  • Eye Roll


    Why not just quietly donate half the proceeds of your album to charity if you are so concerned?

    But, no. That wouldn’t stroke your ego enough. You need attention 24/7.

  • PrettyDew

    There goes all of this week’s meals, cannot stop puking….

  • LemonHead

    LOL… Boy oh boy.

  • Jennay


  • DillPickle

    Women strategically cover their breasts with their hands, not their crotches like men do. Whatcha hiding Miley?



  • Naya Fan

    why would i buy a t-shirt like this ??just cause ??cant i just send the money and not wear top of a naked woman around ?

  • XOXO


    my thoughts exactly! no wonder Liam has wandering eyes.

  • Missy

    Anything to get attention…

  • Love The Shoes

    I like Miley but my goodness does the girl try way to hard to convince us she’s so artsy.

  • Diedre

    Of course she is….anything to try to ‘shock and titillate’. Grow the fuque UP, Buck Teeth.

  • Sharyn

    Poor liam. Really. She’s also telling everyone that anyone with short hair is copying her. Wow. I’ve had her haircut since 1998. I got it from watching Mary Stuart Masterson’s character in “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Miley is really out of it.

  • Marika

    Like she needed an excuse to get naked…right….


    LOL at 2:21, no.4; Oh yeah…

  • Landy


  • Tat

    Some seriously silly people in the world!
    Anyway, Miley Cyrus, whether she’s being genuine or not, is generally repulsive. Sorry, if she were underage I’d be a be kinder. But her voice (puke), style (puke), attitude (puke) are all repulsive and offputting. She’s just…awful.

  • Riri


  • Gumby

    Someone should tell her to stop smoking!!!! HYPOCRITE! She is no different than any of these annoying, look at me I need attention 24/7, drug addict freaks in Hollywood. Why do they have her in this campaign t-shirt when she smokes? Cancer…ha, big business today!


    Landy at 6:54, no.24; Oh yeah…

  • Joan

    Naked for charity…nice try.This pathetic girl will do everything to sell her album,be in the media and make us believe she’s an adult now.She has the body of a man,has no boobs and no female waist.She should have had covered her ugly and manly face instead of her manly body.Nobody wants to see her naked,no wonder LIam cheated on her.If she cares so much about Cancer,so why does she smoke cigars,drinks and also smokes weed?And still sings a song about meth. It’s another PR Stunt to get attention,which worked,but it won’t help her in her “career”.I never bought her albums,never watched her Disney show and never bought or watched anything she was in.And still won’t,not even this t-shirt.She’ll still have to grow up and be more mature to attract older fans.And naked pics won’t help her either.I still can’t stand her.

  • rolly

    Poor Miley..she is being judged bad by her stalking haters…She is 20 who wants to do what she wants who does not care what others think-just like many others do in a certain stage of human life-look at yourselves HATERS—do you do whatever others want you to do ? have you not done anything you like regardless of what others think ?

  • Dee

    She is making an a** of herself. She has alienated the fans she had as Hannah Montana, and she is not getting any new ones either. This whole good girl gone skanky bad act has been done to death, give it a rest.

  • ugh

    When will this try hard go away?

  • Sharyn

    It’s a boy!!

  • Monae

    I’m sorry I try so hard to like her but it’s impossible. She is starting to look more & more desperate. Maybe it’s the people who manage her…idk but Miley needs to stop trying so hard to be relevant. Like we know who you are you were on the Disney channel. Why are you insisting on acting as if you just started your fame? i MISS the OLD country miley. Not this wanna be who pretends to be hip hop’s finest white girl.

  • guest

    There is a campaign on asking Marc Jacobs to STOP USING DOG FUR! Protect the skin you’re in??……….yeah, okay.

  • casey

    marc jacobs does love his skin – check out his fur collection now instores its sooooooo cute

  • liz

    Sorry but this is ridiculous. Don’t try and f**king tell me it’s a normal/okay thing that young girls are getting naked “for charity.”

  • Warren

    Miley, Miley, Miley! Hot, sexy most beautiful woman in the world! Too bad it isn’t in color. Must get me this.

  • LooseLipz


    Tat, you’re right on. This chick, wait, maybe she’s a dude, makes me sick. Like fingernails on a chalkboard she irritates the day lights outta me.

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    mad props to Miley … if you are going to be naked it might as well be for a cancer charity … the bible brigade needs to lighten up.

  • http://fb leo partosa

    oh boy…where’s the old Miley Cyrus… can’t imagine you’ve done like this…for what? just to get attention? unprofessional….sorry but its TRUE.

  • Liam Bottrill

    Instead of wasting money on something else you can spend your money on Trimaleana Garcinia Cambogia to see the fruitful results.

  • Danielle

    Honestly, the more she tries to become shocking and edgy, the less I think she is. She’s sort of like Lady Gaga in that way – she’s so over the top that whenever she does anything that would have ordinarily been shocking it just isn’t. Most of the time, I just look at the stories about her, shrug my shoulders and move on to read something more interesting. And after that try hard video for “We Can’t Stop,” her nudity just elicits an eye roll from me – nothing more. Not to sound crass, but I think she kind of blew her wad so to speak with the video. Her behavior isn’t news worthy anymore for me, it’s just boring and overdone.

  • Dee

    The more important question should be: WHO WOULD WEAR THIS SHIRT? ahaha. The time has come, ladies and gents. We all knew Miley would get naked sooner or later…

  • Reba

    Being underweight doesn’t look so hot in the nude:(

  • nemo

    is that Justin Bieber? …eww.

  • Really?!

    @lol: how many naked girls have you seen that hasn’t hit puberty?

  • aquarius64

    Sorry this comes off as a publicity stunt more than genuinely supporting a worthy cause. If Miley does an interview where she discuss intelligently the effects of the disease, the research involved to combat it and future outreach projects then her involvement looks sincere. She doesn’t have to look like she’s preparing a dissertation, but she needs to look like she did her homework. If an interview talks about the shock value of the t-shirt and Miley slamming her detractors (or “haters” as she would call them) it’s a PR move to keep her name in the news.

  • qt8625

    I don’t care that she is naked or am interested in the clothes or lack of clothes that she wears but what is bad is this is all there is to her. Her voice and her acting are not the main focus of this thing she calls her career. If this is suppose to be art, well, ok. But what else can you do? Honestly, I don’t think there is anything more then this.

  • kohls printable coupons

    Does she know that she looks like an 8 year old boy when naked?