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Katie Holmes & Suri Shop for Home Furnishings!

Katie Holmes & Suri Shop for Home Furnishings!

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri walk hand in hand while exiting ABC Carpet & Home on Saturday (July 27) in New York City.

Earlier in the week, the 34-year-old actress showed her sporty side while playing baseball on the set of her upcoming film Mania Days in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

It was recently announced that Suri‘s father Tom Cruise will reunite with Edge of Tomrorow producers Erwin Stoff, Tom Lassally, and Jason Hoffs on the upcoming film Yukikaze, which has Dan Mazeau attached to write the script, according to THR.

FYI: Katie is carrying a Loewe bag. Suri is wearing Ipanema Summer Love sandals.

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  • James

    JOEY POTTER!!! <3

  • Yassine

    Prettiest celebrity mother/daughter duo in Hollywood

  • Meh2

    Little Miss Crabby Pants.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    The close up shows that KHo’s meal ticket looks nothing like Tom Cruise. Nothing. No wonder.

  • Midge

    so boring. D lister all the way. yawn….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Poor Katie /sarcasm

    I bet she regrets the marriage and not doing TDK. But wasn’t Tom Cruise *a-ma-zing*, Katie?

  • Sui

    @ Suri the meal ticket

    Who do you think Suri’s real father is?

  • Priti

    I’d be crabby too if one couldn’t cross a door threshold without weird guys yelling your name, snapping photos and calling you “Brat’. Suri’s life is a nightmare, and it will turn her in to one.

  • Frozoid

    Kinda hot to be wearing heavy jeans and boots in NYC today. But I guess Holmes is looking for any excuse to cover up her thick legs and cankles.

  • Violet Vixen

    How is Katie not hot in jeans in the middle of summer!

  • annie

    They are def the prettiest celeb mother and daughter, katies outfit is cute, her hair is so natural and nice like that, love the cute summer top, and suri is an extremely pretty child.
    All the time you see hundreds of pics of celebs here on JJ Katie, and Suri, are mostly always the cutest looking, and not because I like Katie either, and if the truth be told , and regardless of everything else, Tom is one of the most attractive men pictured on JJ as well.
    And by the way , hated Katies outfit yesterday!
    And Suri looks like Tom, because she is his….his blue eyes. Katie has green/hazel eyes.
    And please don’t say his cousin is her father, or that guy from Scie.
    Just once can we use just a little commonsense in all this, just once!

  • Meh2

    @annie: Drinking the Kool-Aid, annie?

  • Yassine


    Those pants are too expensive for you.

  • Yassine

    @Poor Katie /sarcasm:
    She clearly regrets, no doubt about it.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Hope some day Suri writes a book…

  • Yassine

    And you do still have time to comment a boring article? Please educate me.

  • Yassine

    #8: agree
    #11: spot on!

  • Cece

    I’m usually not a fan of her outfts, but I think this one is pretty good – the top is pretty and the little bit of skin is just right. Can’t get behind the hair – looks like she needs a decent cut.

  • ClaireG

    Suri wouldn’t have to put up with the paps If katie lived in a private area. Katie lives on a very public street so the paps can get plenty of photos because she wants to be seen. Suri shouldn’t have to live like this. Katie is an awful mother.

  • annie

    Yes isn’t she an awful mother, don’t know about the rest of you, but we go to furniture shops, don’t you?
    Oh yes, I forgot, what is good enough for you, me and everybody else, but not for Katie. She’s not allowed to take her daughter with her to buy or look at furnishings, or doing anything in public really, that everyone else does!
    You people are so ”f…..g” sad, excuse my language.!

    Hi Yassine
    Do you think Katie has moved into another place?

  • Yassine

    Hi @annie, how you doing?
    It’s highly probable, ABC Carpet & Home is a place to get ideas for home furniture and decorations, I think they have everything so she took a look about what she’ll buy . Therefore, she has probably moved, I also think we’ll have pics of her new apartment as soon as possible: articles, twitter (neighbors) etc. and at the moment, there is nothing.

  • Yassine


    What an awful remark or what an ignorance should I say, really … Wouldn’t you want to be a little more smart? She had a look for some decorations, furniture for their new apartment, they are living together … It seems easy to understand but some people don’t get it at all.

  • Karen

    PIMP MAMA! Why do you need the little girl to go furniture shoping? What is she going to do, help you pick out the fabric? BTW the money behind that $hit hole movie she’s making, Spike Lee, is begging for money on the streets of Kickstarter. LMAO, how you producing a movie now and begging for money. She just wants to be seen, she’s not getting paid to be in the stupid made-for-TV movie. Just think, HOW MANY CELEBRITY KIDS DO YOU SEE USED, COMMERCIALIZED, SHOPPED AROUND, W HORED AROUND, LIKE SURI. Think about it, how many mothers do you see in HW DRAGGING their kids around like this. YEAH b icth is CRA-CRA. KHo is stupid, ugly, frumpy and crazy. And Yassine don’t come for me with you bad English – never know what the hell ur saying.

  • ClaireG

    Yassine and Annie you both are Stupid and probably the same person!! Katie is using Suri for attention and everybody with half a brain can see that.

  • siennagold

    This kid is a spoiled brat

  • Poor Suri

    So true ClaireG, I hope Tom takes Suri away from Katie because Katie is a very bad mother with no career and no friends. Suri is the only friend Katie has. Katie treats Suri as her best friend and not as a daughter who she needs to protect.

  • K-FLOP – Dizzy Feet Foundation

    The Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Celebration of Dance gala is our annual fundraising event and is presented jointly with The Music Center at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.THE dance event of the Summer, the Gala features thrilling performances by talent from So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, American Ballet Theatre and DFF community & scholarship recipients among many others, followed by a black-tie Celebration Supper taking place in the Eva and Marc Stern Grand Hall at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

    The Gala takes place on National Dance Day, which is the last Saturday of July each year. This year’s event will be taking place, Saturday, July 27, 2013
    I guess the visit by K-Flop, DFF VP, on July 22nd wasn’t to attend the annual Gala fundraiser for the foundation that she co-founded.

    Oh well, VP of anything still looks good on a resume even if you don’t attend its annual fundraising event.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Priti: How is this any different than any other kids of stars? I.e. Reese Witherspoon, Sara Jessica Parker. It’s all about how Katie handles it. Seriously, some of these comments r just thoughtless.

  • Anne

    Yassine and Annie.

    How are you?
    The Pope is here in my city (Rio de Janeiro), promise to ask his blessing and prayer for all envious of this site (first for K-Flop) to have a life and forget Katie Holmes a woman beautiful, talented, and smart, a good mother. She had not afraid to see her mistake and leave “marriage” and a life of luxury, and start again with her beautiful daughter innocent.
    The Suri”s father is William Mapother.

  • Yassine


    Never know what I’m saying or it’s too hard for your [79 IQ] brain? I feel sad for you when I read your comment. Why do you feel the need to insult her? I think she doesn’t give a crap of what you think dear. Well, haters gonna hate, that’s classic especially when you remember how she dumped your God. You also are hysterical so psychiatry can do a favor for you but sadly your God doesn’t believe in that …

  • Yassine


    The same person? Huh, OK …
    The problem is that people who have their complete brain understand that your theory is a bullshit, it’s especially true when you see someone trying to put that kind of comment: he gets many red arrows in Dailymail … So dear ClaireG, try to get the other half of your brain to understand how you are stupid.

  • Alliana

    The pap frenzy surrounding Katie is dimming. Very few of the gossip blogs feature her every move anymore. JJ and the Daily Mail are the only two widely read blogs or sources that feature them constantly and even JJ has stopped featuring every tidbit about KH. Tom and Katie created this situation with the paps and Suri by tacitly condoning it. You have the JP’s, the other triple A list couple–they have consciously kept their kids out of the limelight whenever possible to allow them to experience things as a normal child. Elizabeth Taylor did the same. As did Jackie Kennedy. As did Diana Princess of Wales. As did paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and a host of other super A listers. For whatever reason(s) Tom & Katie did not shield this child from the glare of the paps. I feel sorry for the child. Imagine when she grows up and if she wants to have a “normal” career as a teacher or accountant or whatever. Can you imagine the paps following her constantly? By over exposing her like this TomKat has created a monster in the form of this relentless papping. There have been weeks where we have not seen Suri so they know evading the paps can be done and they both know how to do it. Sad for the child that they created this situation.

  • rubyz

    Alliana, you’re right: celebrities, ALL of them, know how to evade the paps. And, yes, weeks have gone by where we have not seen Suri. So would Holmes’ PR team have us believe that the NYC paps just happened to be hanging around a furniture store wondering if a celeb might show up? Or is it more likely that they were tipped off that KH was there with Suri?

  • Yassine is a hater


    You are a nasty, miserable hater. Anyone who doesn’t share your opinion, you insult, call names and generally act like a total B*TCH. I can’t stand coming here anymore because all you do is act up. You make all Katie fans look like sick, nasty, unreasonable, miserable, horrible people. With fans like you, acting like disgusting haters toward everyone else, you make Katie look bad.

    I’m a fan and I am embarrassed to be here because of you. Shut the F….Up and stop making us all look bad. You’re as ignorant and obnoxious as the haters….maybe worse.

  • Yassine


    Dear Lana,

    I’m seriously laughing at your post … It hurts you when you see a real/reasonable/respectable [I fan right? I understand … I’m not nasty nor a miserable hater, all what I do is replying, I can do whatever I want and it’s not you who would tell me what I can do or not, got it? I’ve never laughed so much before your post because it actually is … a JOKE, you’re acting like you’re a fan of Katie Holmes who apparently is sick of someone who is defending her own celebrity, PLEASE, do you ever realize what are you saying? REAL fans would be proud of me, that’s why some fans are with me! Well, at least you tried you know but please I’m not so dumb to believe at your stupid story. Lana, you’re probably a Cruise’s fan or another celebrity fan, when you see real fans, it hurts you, I’m sorry

  • Yassine


    Dear Lana,

    I’m seriously laughing at your post … It hurts you when you see a real/reasonable/respectable [I've never insulted someone] fan right? I understand … I’m not nasty nor a miserable hater, all what I do is to reply comments with my commonsense, I can do whatever I want and it’s not you who would tell me what I can do or not, got it? I’ve never laughed so much before your post because it actually is … a JOKE, you’re acting like you’re a fan of Katie Holmes who apparently is sick of someone who is defending her own celebrity, PLEASE, do you ever realize what are you saying? REAL fans would be proud of me, that’s why some fans are with me! Well, at least you tried you know but please you thought I’m enough dumb to believe at your joke? I act like a reasonnable person as you can see my ARGUMENTS, those arguments are nonsense for you but in fact, they are very logical, reasonnable and true. So it’s nice you tried but GO AWAY FAKE FAN!


  • Sincerely concerned

    @ClaireG: #24. No. She is getting on with her life and is teaching Suri how to ignore bullies I.e., The Paps

  • Paula768

    She must do something with HER HAIR!

  • Sincerely concerned

    I wonder if coaching/acting is possible to give her character more depth. Hey, if DeCaprio can bring it, why can’t she????

  • Yassine is a hater

    You’re correct Yassine. You can say whatever you wish….and so can I. You’re a total and complete moron with an abhorrent disposition and a pathetic grip on English. I imagine you’re even more vile in your native language.

    Furthermore, I’m not “Lana”. I do understand that you must have numerous detractors based on your arrogance and ignorance, but please attempt to keep us straight. I happen to have been a Katie Holmes fan since her very first appearance on DC. I know for a fact that if she read your posts, she would be HORRIFIED at how hateful you are in her name. Whether you believe me or not makes no difference to me. I have no problem being hated by someone as moronic, idiotic, and just plain stupid as you. You don’t need me to make a fool of you. You do that all by yourself, everytime you post.

    Finally, you might think about getting a real life rather than spending your days and nights here attacking others.

    Oh….one more thing…YOU’RE DISMISSED.

  • Yassine

    Very interesting, Lana is keeping up with her absurd comments. Don’t worry girl, you sound EXACTLY like Lana, you shouldn’t think you have a complete moron and stupid against you, the proof is that you failed because you’re trying to convince us you’re not Lana (you sound exactly like her)

    Dear Lana, where and how should I begin …

    1°) As I said, English is not my first language BUT I’m pretty sure you understand what I’m saying, it’s the typical answer when you can’t argue anymore and the psychological reaction is that you change the subject so in that way you think you sound convincing! [I think an uneducated girl like you should have a lesson about defence mechanisms ==> psychology]
    I’m extremely good in my native language [university student -.-"], if only you could know that … I learnt English by myself and I’m actually learning English by myself because I’m going to practive wherever I want, see where am I now for someone who has learnt a language by himself: think about it!

    2°) Question: do you realize what are you saying?
    Please, stop trying to take me for a bloody idiot… You sound like a deceitful and hypocritical person! Do you honestly think that me and REAL fans would believe in your joke? REAL fans are with me, see previous articles and you can see how I’m hateful according to them! #a-deceitful-and-hypocritical-fan-of-other-celebrity

    3°) If I follow your logic, you think Holmes would be HORRIFIED when she sees someone who defends her when people say: “Holmes is ugly, thick legs, no talent, no fashion style, old, B*ITCH etc. ??? Wait: either you do seriously have an IQ of 80 [and I'm nice] or you do on purpose to sound interesting and convincing [uselessly] … You are completely nonsense, you are seriously making a fool and an idiot of yourself, really!

    You are desperatly trying to be a [fake] fan to give a maximal level of credibility to the fact I’m apparently a hateful person according to fans and Katie Holmes but you are very unlucky because you met the pretty wrong person for that, what a sad loser you are, I feel sad for you but at least you tried! Get a life stupid hypocrite!

    #bye hypocrite

  • Yassine

    A fan who is defending a celebrity becomes a hater … #commonsense #logic-of-a-hypocrite
    Guys if you want to see an example of a hypocrite, you’re in the good time!

  • Yassine

    @annie, @Anne, @sincerely concerned:

    Katie Holmes will be starting in the new Indie film “Tootaloo.”

    “Tootaloo” (formerly “Miss Meadows”), is a low budget, Hollywood Indie feature film produced by Mark Johnson & Rob Carliner and directed by Karen Hopkins.

    The film, a dark comedy about a substitute school teacher with impeccable manners and grace who has no idea just how beautiful and wickedly funny she is… because she is focused solely on her mission: to rid the community of predators and evil of all kinds with her well polished little gun inside her pocketbook….

    “You can almost look at it as Pulp Fiction meets Mary Poppins,” said Carliner.

    The film will begin shooting in August in Cleveland Ohio, all over downtown, Tremont, and Edgewater, with shooting expected to last about 20 days.

    P.S: @annie, the tweet was right :P

  • annie

    Hi Ann, you know , not the Pope or the Archbiship or any priest can make these people nice.
    They are not fans but scour the internet like wolves, finding things about Katie, what she’s up to. Actually if you think about it it’s really amusing!

    Yassine, actually the movie sounds good, and the tweet was right.
    Looks like she’s trying hard to keep her work close to home, and while Suri is on holidays.
    She has my respect, because as a mum myself, you can see when someone is trying to do the right thing, have her career, without disrupting her child. Make movies in NY, when your daughter is in school, and when your child is on holidays from school, if you have to go out of NY.

  • K-FLOP – Tootaloo

    Maybe Tootaloo will have more legs and a better return than
    Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

    [in addition to - Days & Nights - > What's up with that? or Responsible Adults -> Any traction?]

    It will be interesting to see (assuming this one makes it to theatre, tv or rental) K-FLOPs acting chops post Cruise.

    The movie synopsis sounds like my kind of movie though – dark comedy.

    I’d watch it, depending on who else is in it and the trailer (if there will be one)



  • Yassine is a hater

    This is hilarious. I’m having a blast laughing at Yassine as she continues to may a royal ass of herself with her long winded rants and incessant postings. Over half the comments on here are hers!!

    Poor Katie. This Yassine idiot makes her look bad and makes all the other Katie fans look bad.

    Love me some Katie Holmes. Hate obnoxious, delusional, vicious, obsessed, nasty, arrogant, stupid stalkers like Yassine.

    Something to take note of…..I have no problem with annie or any of the other Katie fans. Ya gotta ask yourself then….what makes Yassine different? Easy…..she’s a hater. She hates everyone but herself and Katie.

  • Yassine

    Here is the hypocrite again. Girl, I’m not a girl, keep it real.
    I’ve noticed something, you’re seriously talking for nothing:

    I have a question of a pre-school level for you:

    #Who is the real hater, someone who calls Holmes a B*ITCH or someone who defends her? This is simply hilarious how you are trying to escape this question and that’s normal because you’re a hypocrite who is trying to gain some favors from others fans against me, fail hypocrite!

    Real fans support me and that’s not a hypocrite like you who can learn how should I be.

    Another question of a pre-school level, who makes Holmes bad? Someone who calls her a B*ITCH, UGLY, OLD, NO TALENT etc. or someone who defends her? With those two questions, I think everyone has understood the answer.
    ==> If you can’t answer to those questions, you seriously need a pedagogue.

    [Be careful guys, this is the same girl who tried to appear as a real fan and tried to divide us: she sounds exactly like this post but now I'm the only one who is concerned ^_^ and of course she is a fan of other celebrity: ==> #48 just saying]


  • Yassine

    She has all my respect too!

  • annie

    @ K-flop and others

    Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, did better than Dream House with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz..
    It also did better than Fright Night with Colin Farell.
    Don’t get why you guys want some academy award performances from her, and don’t accept her as any other working actress out there.
    She has never pretended to be anything she’s not ,ever.
    You never see her chasing meaningless events, just to be seen, which I personally wish she should sometimes, because I like seeing her dressed up occasionally.
    She has a fashion line, so do lots and lots of others actresses, and a few no bodies, as well.
    She never goes on television shows promoting herself , like she’s the next best thing out, she does it quietly, and as I have said before I think she has her clientelle, and 4 yrs on still going without the fanfare like others do.
    Even before TC , she was still photographed with Chris Klein, coming out of the gym together, at cafes together, at various sport events.
    She never talked about him, because she’s basically a private person, who now has a higher profile because of certain circumstances in her
    She lived for a while in NY before hooking up with TC, and always said how much she loved it, there always things to do there, places to see and go to.
    She also said while promoting Batman that she didn’t like LA very much, and much preferred NY.
    So whatever she does, it never looks out of character to me, like I said , been a fan from 1998, and we are 2013 now.
    This is why I don’t understand, the nastiness against her sometimes
    and why Yassine gets frustrated.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: #49. I like your opinions. They seem so practical.