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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Japan Arrival after Maddox's iPad Theft

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Japan Arrival after Maddox's iPad Theft

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are all smiles as they make their way through Haneda International Airport on Sunday (July 28) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 38-year-old actress and 49-year-old actor were joined by their adorable children Pax, 9, Vivienne, 5, and Knox, 5.

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The week before, their 11-year-old son Maddox‘s iPad was stolen from a car in Bellflower, Calif.

That same week, Brad was spotted pulling his own luggage while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

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  • Love The Shoes

    I said it many many MANY times before that Knox likes the camera and the camera likes Knox. He’s just beautiful! He really doesn’t seem at all bothered by the paps like most of his siblings are. Viv is just so pretty! I love this pic so much:

  • Love The Shoes

    @anustin: Lol!

  • soultosoul

    Wonderful pictures. The resemblance between Vivi and Shiloh is uncanny. They all look so happy and joyful.

    Can’t wait for Angie’s speech and the WWZ red carpet.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Love The Shoes: Looking at this photo again I realize Viv is holding on to one part of Daddy’s hand and Knox has the other part of the same one. Brad’s multitasking. So cute!

  • http://computer Susan

    Good morning J-P fans.
    All the kids are lovely, Pax with his bear, be careful with those flip-flops.
    Knox is Mr. Cool, smiling at the fans.
    Viv is ready for the wedding, is she wearing sneakers? what happened to her sparkly ballet flats.

  • repost

    Vivi looks like her sister Shiloh in these pictures Beautiful little angel

  • Jack S.

    Don’t these people ever stay home? Her children probably don’t even have any friends. It’s so sad being gypsies.

  • http://computer Susan

    Paps only bother Zahara and Pax, the other four don’t care, Zee is getting better, she just glares.
    Knox is always ready for his close-up, only saw one pic of him wearing a leather jacket giving the paps the I’m tired of you guys glare.

  • lurker

    Trolls have melted braincells how mny times did we see the JP kids with their friends just three days ago maddox and his friends were seen,even the twins go to the park with their friends i guess the trolls are in pain sucks to be bitter betty and whine all the time

  • siennagold

    What a lovely family! The kids are looking good!

  • African Girl

    They all look good. ..AJ’s smile is just wow!
    About Pax’s ipad….who steals a child’s stuff for goodness sake? Stupid thieves. I sure hope there aren’t any really personal on it.

  • cee

    Aniston fans are hurting. People mag lies are now supposed to be not true. Who can believe anything Aniston and her PR team say. It is always about what the Jolie Pitts are doing with them. Just like her hens hanging around here. Love the JPs.

  • WWZ Update

    Per boxoffice mojo, estimates thru 7/28:
    Domestic: $192,620,000 40.7%
    + Foreign: $280,400,000 59.3%
    = Worldwide: $473,020,000

  • Rose

    @Susan: Good morning Susan, how are you. Isn’t it great to see our favorite couple and children first thing this morning. Susan sometimes I cannot tell who the kids favor more. Sometimes I see Brad, other times I see Angie. The only thing I’m sure if, I believe, smile, is Viv has Brads nose. I also believes that Viv is looking more like Shi and Angie had said that at times when she looks at Shi she sees Brad. All I know for sure is, all the kids are beautiful and well behaved children. So good job Brad and Angie!!.

  • repost

    @Jack S.:
    Don’t be ridiculous please !

  • Adorable kids

    Whow, for the first time in yearsssss, Just Jared write the word “adorable” about the JP kids. congratulations JJ, it´s not difficult when it´s the reality.

    The kids are truly amazingly adorable and cute. Viv is a little princess in a withe dressed, Pax a rebel warrior with is purple-shield-puppet and the star of the Clã is Knox, the little dude is the cool, cute and stylish of all.

    For me Knox, begin to be more and more like is bigger sister Shiloh, a strong and vibrant personality. Shiloh is the copy of Angie and Knox is a mini-Brad.

    Angie is looking wonderful as always and she appear to be in is best shape since the surgery. Her smile and face make anyone happy. Love is leather pants. She is a gorgeous charming lady. A dream of a woman.

    Brad is the happiest man in this planet, with a woman like Angie, with “adorable” kids like this and a new movie being a world success, he is the luckiest man.

    It´s great to see this pictures that we are waiting for a long time. The kids are growing fast. I with loved to see Shiloh and Zee but … it´s a good day for the JP. I will follow Angie talk later. Kiss to all.

  • lurker

    @WWZ Update:
    amazing numbers will cross 500 million soon bravo to brad and the wwz team

  • http://yahoo krissy

    Agree with u anustin knox is poppa pitt jr. he’s lovin the camera :)

  • Rose

    @African Girl: Someone attempted to steal the “Family” iPad that was left in their SUV. The thief was caught in the parking lot and the iPad returned to the family.

  • neer

    AJBP really makes beautiful children together. Knox definitely looks likes AJ while Viv looks like Shiloh. I cannot really say who between AJ & BP that Shiloh really looks like.
    Knox, the older he gets, his facial features is very AJ. His smile is very AJ too. There were so many younger AJ pics I’ve seen before that reminds me Knox.

  • Angie&Brad4Ever

    Finally! I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms as it’s been so long since we got pictures of the most beautiful family! And yes, the kids are all ADORABLE!! Can’t wait for the red carpet and Angie’s speech.

  • Rose

    @African Girl: African girl, let me make a correction, the thief did steal the iPad but was seen getting in the car and was held with the iPad until the police arrived and arrested the thief and returned the iPad to the family.

  • Rose

    @WWZ Update: Thanks for WWZ update, I see 500m$ very soon. Just another thing to send the trolls over the edge.

  • the ring

    @WWZ Update:

    disappointing numbers, not will cross the 500$, then the wedding is in Japan? congratulations ¡¡¡¡

  • sam

    Time for another premiere and to use the kids for promo! Yes, drag them around in front of the paparazzi and fans instead of keeping them out of the spotlight. Amazing parents!

  • lurker

    JPS are the least seen kids in hollyweird,wwz already premiered and is a huge hit i doubt brad or angie play games like someone we all know

  • Wiliam

    Neer-Yes,Knox is Angie’s clone,more than her girls

  • the ring

    @WWZ Update:
    disappointing numbers, not will cross the 500$, then the wedding is in Japan? congratulations ¡¡¡¡


  • lurker

    you know trolls are desperate when they insult kids no class lunatic are having a meltdown

  • Summer

    They all look great

  • Rose

    No troll is going to take our joy today. There is a saying, misery loves company, the hens are in misery but the fans are not going to keep their company today, suck it haters.

  • repost

    @WWZ Update:
    Half Billion next week with spain

  • lulu

    the ring

    With still two major market opening next week. and just needed 22 Million to cross 500 MiL. It will definitely cross!

  • wfb

    WWZ is still set for release in Japan, Spain & maybe China. I heard that it still up for review by the Chinese film board or something, so there’s a really good chance it’ll get released there.

  • lulu


    ….just needed 27 Million to cross 500 MiL. It will definitely cross !
    Average BO number in Spain was 12 -15 million while Japan was 20-30 MiL for blockbuster HW film.

  • valis202

    They are such a beautiful family. Brad and Angie always look so blissfully happy when they are the presence of their children.

    Vivi has turned into the spitting image of Shiloh.

  • http://computer Susan

    @Rose:I’m so tired, slept until ten today. When I was growing up, we could act out at home, but in public we had to behave.
    Shiloh, Knox and Viv at times look like triplets.

  • lulu

    Too bad WWZ can’t open in China. Fast and Furious 3 days weekend run was 27 MiL ! Iron man total gross is China was 102 MiL.
    China is becoming a major market in HW. comprising 1/4 of the global gross of any HW film shown in China.

  • Awwwwwww

    Jp family is so beautiful and happy.

  • Adorable kids

    The super-power of the Jolie-Pitts it´s amazing. The number of fans waiting in the Airport it´s incredible. Angie was really sweet to sign is name and take some pics with the fans, especially the little kids.

    It´s because this kind of actions that the Jolie-Pitts are loved in all world. They enjoy and they respect the fans in all situations.

    the JP power is love and be loved. kiss

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Knox looks so cute and Angie is a 100% beauty.

  • plez

    Love Viv all white outfit. She is pretty. Knox loves the attention. He always smiling. Oh sweet Pax with stuff animal will travel. He dislikes the paps but that won’t stop him from traveling

  • Rose

    @Susan: #87, That’s right, we would have he’ll to pay if we embarrass our parents out in public. BA kids are always on their best behavior. I know you’re tired Susan, you have lots of irons in the fire. After awhile the body will tell us, take it easy lady, :-). We now have to wait for the Red Carpet and Angies speech today, Japanese time.

  • diana

    ”’The week before, their 11-year-old son Maddox‘s iPad was stolen from a car in Bellflower, Calif.”’

    What on earth were they doing in Bellflower. That is the last place I would expect to see a celebrity and/or their children. And they have to know that they cannot leave an iPad in a car, especially in plain view.

  • Passing Through

    Wow, look at how big the twins have gotten. I’m kinda upset not to see Z and Shiloh. Those two r eally crack me up. Pax must love to travel though because he and his bear have been on a bunch of these recemt trips. Viv looks a little stunned by the crowd and so dainty, but Knox obviously has no problems with the cameras or the crowds. Look at the huge smile on his face in #5, “Yes, yes, my adoring public. I have arrived. Please stop clapping. You’re goig to embarrass me.”
    Knox is probably already breaking hearts, but damn…that’s Angie’s smile. And why does he have such perfect teeth for a 5 year-old? There are probably modeling agences looking at this picture of Knox and salivating and screaming in frustration that he’s only 5 and not 18…that would probably apply to some women, too…

  • jen the hag

    Awww look at that adorable kids Brad Pitt must been saying thank you everyday to have a these beautiful family and Angelina Jolie as the mother of his kids thank you Lord for Mr. & Mrs. Smith which Brad said changed his life .. and made his dreams all come true !!!

  • Dd

    Beautiful family

  • lurker

    just STFU , Do you own them to say were they should and should not go,…….. the stupidity

  • WoW

    Brad looks amazing, his body is hot, swoon. Angie looks gorgeous. Vivi is beautiful, Knox is handsome, pax is so cute with his purple bear.

  • were the morons

    @Rose: GOOD morning rose! How are you my dear? The JP clan are pictured together again! They look dashing! The kids are so darn cute!