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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Japan Arrival after Maddox's iPad Theft

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Japan Arrival after Maddox's iPad Theft

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are all smiles as they make their way through Haneda International Airport on Sunday (July 28) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 38-year-old actress and 49-year-old actor were joined by their adorable children Pax, 9, Vivienne, 5, and Knox, 5.

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The week before, their 11-year-old son Maddox‘s iPad was stolen from a car in Bellflower, Calif.

That same week, Brad was spotted pulling his own luggage while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

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  • qt

    WWZ Update @ 07/28/2013
    Per boxoffice mojo, estimates thru 7/28:
    Domestic: $192,620,000 40.7%
    + Foreign: $280,400,000 59.3%
    = Worldwide: $473,020,000

    Is this containing foreign numbers updated???

  • Angie in Japan – Salt

    When Angie present Salt in Japan, her dress was the most sexy, hot and stunning that i ever see. They talk too much about the leg in the Oscars, imagine if Angie pick this dress instead… she was gorgeous.

  • trt

    oh, oh, oh….I know why Ticky said she already felt married to her dude…it’s coz they’re always separated and on different coasts ….just like her first marriage….he’s always trying to get away from her. Reminded her of Bradley who had to be coaxed and blackmailed to come back to her if only for a photo op.


    Thing is, the two brothers could start shooting their next Brad Pitt picture tomorrow. Then sell it for a Facebook load of money.

  • anustin

    hear dat fvckniston…….totsieniston feels married to the batman head theroux…bwahahahaha.lovin it!

  • Japan Premier

    The JPs showing their extraordinary elegant beauty through their beautiful children. The pics are gorgeous, each child resembling both Angie and Brad are such lucky little JP ascendents one day to rule the world like their famous parents.

    Thanks to everyone of the JP Fans who were quick in finding the precious photos. Viv is the prettiest little girl so ladylike almost a twin look alike to her sis Shiloh. Knox makes my heart melt, dressed like Dad a real honey. And Pax Awwe he is very special to my heart , such a fun child going to be a handful when the teenage girl time arrives. How very special seeing them as a family again as is uncommon only receiving sporadic photos if we are lucky. Why are the JP pics or one pic not being shown at the top of JJs page? Seriously the Tootsie Ticky Fug pics don’t do anything to enhance JJs. Weird!

  • anustin

    #307 anjie salt

    i love the long legged!!! oscars is nothing compared to this one.

  • sunny

    an oldie
    I don’t think it was Viv who held them up for an hour and made the fans wait.
    What ?
    You believed my joke ?
    No one has a direct access to the Princess Viv.
    They left LA around 15:00 on Sat and they must be sleeping when they landed at Haneda. Children needed time to be awaken and change their clothes.
    Everyone and everything should be into the bus and it would take 30minutes.
    It’s long way to the airport building and takes 5-10 minutes bus riding.
    So it took almost 1 hour to reach their fans .
    The boy who got an autograph from Angie is 5 years old.
    His younger brother got a kiss from her.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Angie in Japan – Salt: agree!! she looked so regal coming down those escalator..what a real, true superstar supposed to look like! love love the dress!! gorgeous family…can’t wait to see the legacy continue through all their children!! in about 14 yrs…Hollywood will have the next Brad Pitt!! lil dude Knox is already perfecting his natural charm& legendary swag;)

  • Premalee

    @sunny -#313

    Thanks for all your info. All the best.

  • Not a huge fan, but

    OMG you fans know I am telling the truth about Zahara’s hair. I already said I’m not a huge fan of the Jolie-Pitts. I could care less. Usually when I see their threads, I just pass by them. Not interested. Neither Jolie or Pitt has produced really great work as actors. They just made a lot of money. Not in the league of really great actors in Hollywood. Beautiful and popular, yes, but that’s it. The posts on here have really dwindled for them, so I think most people have moved on, except young fans who don’t have lives of their own yet. Plus Aniston is boring too. She keeps trying to act, but all her movies are basically duds. Hollywood will never be like it was a long time ago. Even the movies suck!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Huvsy is going to be so piss when he see this list. His favorite client is not on this list bwahahahaha!!!!,,20715605,00.html#21358126

  • were the morons

    Huvesy must be on the same diet as maniston… They both look fat.

  • Jen The HAG

    Media Wh@re MANiston @ 07/28/2013 at 11:23 pm

    Huvsy is going to be so piss when he see this list. His favorite client is not on this list bwahahahaha!!!!,,20715605,00.html#21358126
    Or People Mag knows that TICKY is all fake .. her boobies and all bwahahhaha!! Or wait .. maybe TICKY thinks she’s still in her FABULOUS 20′S BWAHAHAHAH!!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: how embarrassing for the ” hottest woman of all times” not making the cut but a reality star housewife made it!!! maybe people’s mag saw the picture of the poor man’s tootsie and decided it can no longer support Huvane’s boldface lies!! bwahaha

  • Maleficent Trailer Description
  • Maleficent Trailer Description

    Ocelot_Snake posted a BLOG item 1 day ago
    Maleficent Trailer Scene Descriptions

    A tall castle looms in the distance, as dark clouds approach the sunny sky. The camera zooms back through a wall of tangled thorny branches. A young girl sits on a hill, looking out at the thorny wall and the castle in the distance. A crow flies towards her. She smiles. Her voice: “Ever since I was a child…”

    A pile of leaves on the ground. The girl emerges from them, laughing. Her voice: “I’ve seen the beauty…” A small flying creature lands on a plant and flicks its wings. The girl continues: “Magic…” The girl reaches out her hand to touch a large flying creature. The creature bows its head and lets her pet it. The girl continues: “And mystery…”

    The girl, wearing a hooded coat, walks curiously through the woods. She continues: “Hidden in the world around me.” In the dark, four glowing fairies fly through the woods and surround the girl. She laughs and touches one. The fairy is shocked by something, and all four fly away quickly.
    The girl looks into the woods. Maleficent’s evil laugh can be heard. In the fog, Maleficent’s silhouette appears.

    Three fairies fly over the woods towards a castle. An aerial shot of the castle, with blue ribbons hanging on its walls. The girl’s voice: “I know who you are.” Maleficent’s shadow can be seen climbing steps. The girl continues: “Your shadow has been following me ever since I was small.” A baby girl in a basinet looks at someone above her. Three fairies next to the basket whisper to each other.

    Maleficent laughs evilly as she walks down steps, her dress flying behind her as thunder booms. The young girl chases a butterfly in a field. Her voice: “You’ve been watching over me my whole life.” Maleficent and her crow are seen watching the girl from far away. The girl runs after the butterfly toward a cliff. A nearby tree reaches out and grabs her, sitting her down.

    Small flying creatures fly towards something glowing in the dark woods. The girl’s voice: “Don’t be afraid.” Maleficent walks down a hill with her scepter, her crow flies in front of her. Maleficent’s voice: “I am not afraid.” The girl, in the dark woods, responds: “Then come out.” Several creatures in the woods watch. Maleficent’s voice: “Then you’ll be afraid.”


    Maleficent steps out of the dark woods. The girl takes a step back, scared. Maleficent stands, staring at her.



    Mood: Chillin’

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  • http://computer Susan

    # 316 @ 11:21 pm
    Go back to sitting on your finger, I know you’re stupid, post a thread with more posts.
    You can’t even afford to rent a movie from Red Box.

  • lurker

    @Maleficent Trailer Description:
    I want to see the trailer now,thanks for the link

  • Paige

    I am so excited to see Maleficent. Thanks for the link.

  • anna

    Brad used to be so hot and now he’s a smelly old man who doesn’t shower.

  • Lily

    In that infamous VF article about WWZ production, I remember Paramount CEO Brad Grey said ” I’m not a fan of zombie, but I’m a fan of Brad Pitt” . He believed Brad’s star power would bring audience to see WWZ. he was 100% correct, Brad’s star power makes WWZ a world wide hit.

  • lurker

    how old are you five,so juvenile

  • Lily

    Read on, Paramount renewed its contract with Skydance, they will continue produce movies together. Skydance produced WWZ, WWZ’ success definitely helped. Also, another Plan B project The Normal Heart has wrapped up, saw a pic of Julia Roberts at The Normal Heart wrap party. plan B is on fire.Bravo Brad.

  • Lol

    Stupid tampon, only in your delusion. Lol

  • lurker

    That is good news,their partnership with plan B was indeed a sucess,normal heart has wrapped.

  • Estell

    Viv is such a princess, she is so beautiful.

  • Jen The HAG

    #332 Lol @ 07/29/2013 at 1:42 am

    the is having a withdrawal syndrome coz it just posted the same fanfiction over and over and most of the fans just let the resident sh.i.t with her inane dribble .. maybe if we ignore the t.u.r.d it will withered and die and stop posting crap and polluting every B&A thread with it’s stinking smell …bwahahhahah!!!

  • Well

    After you see ugly Ticky pics on the top bar, you need gorgeous JP pics, otherwise you might have nightmare. Jared, you really should remove Fug Ticky from th top bar.

  • lurker

    just ignore the lunatic,silent treatment kills the loser

  • Lol

    Tampon, keeps living in your lala land. Lol btw did you see TLR yet? How much box office did it make? looool

  • wfb

    Do not feed the trolls!

  • lurker

    please stop feeding the lunatic she is different from other trolls she loves being bit*c slapped,just ignore her

  • Well

    As if tamsh*t has money to see a movie, she lives in trailer park.

  • JJared

    YES. WWZ did better than the wolverine!

  • lurker

    when all fails spam trolls need new book of how to play their method is stale

  • Lol

    lol, so true.

  • FYI

    About half an hour, angie will give a speech.

  • La Dida

    OH!! YAY!

    From Jolie Pitt Stop (

    Just like we did during the WWZ Premiere in London, we’re opening the site to public viewing. Anyone who has a Yuku handle can be able to view the sections JPS Mega Talk and General Discussion only the entire day today.

  • La Dida


  • sunny

    As I expected there is former UNHCR High Commiswioner Ms. Sadako Ogata. She worked hard to rescue saraebo citizrns during Bosnian War. She fought against lazy UN Security Counsil and Nato.

  • jo

    Aniston’s Men:VINCE VAUGHN.
    ORLANDO BLOOM (altho Bloom quickly shot that one down and very publicly courted his now wife)
    BRADLEY COOPER(altho Cooper quickly nipped that in the bud and very publicly went on to date Rene Zellwegger for 2 years)
    HARRY MORTON (Lindsay Lohan’s 29 yr old sloppy seconds. He was supposed to show that jennypoo can attract hot young men LOL)
    JOSH HOPKINS (the cougar Town guy who called her a sportfukkk)
    CHRIS GARTIN (when the first hint of jennypoo’s homewrecker status revealed itself and huvane quickly shut this down)

  • Jen The HAG

    jo @ 07/29/2013 at 3:26 am

    oh don’t forget TICKY’s piece of advice to make it in HW..
    “BE F@CKABLE” and give BJs to make your role in a sitcom longer ..bwahahahah!!

  • rj

    Sunny, what time is Brad’s premiere? Did you say 1700 hours or 1900 hours? I waited all this time and missed Angie’s speach – I fell asleep, not happy about this. Now that I am up I might as well stay up and watch Brad’s red carpet.

  • wwz

    WWZ beat Wolverine another frenchise at the box office WWZ $66 Million opening Wolverine with no competition only opened at $55 LOL

  • sunny

    Angie’s speech was just finished.
    It was humble but very strong speech.
    I don’t know if she and Ms. Sadako Ogata are watching the movie now.
    Ms. Ogata had already seen her movie last year and wrote a recomemdation note on the panphlet. She is one of the women Angie’s admirable women list.

  • sunny

    It’s 16:40 Japan time now
    The screening will start at 19:50
    So my guess is the red carpet will be around 19:00
    I read that she will attend the premiere

  • rj

    Sunny, thanks for that info. Angie is such good speaker. I feel bad for missing it.

  • JPS
  • wwz

    Great Speech Angleina