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Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Land at LAX Together!

Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Land at LAX Together!

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley ride down an escalator together while making their way out of LAX Airport on Saturday afternoon (July 27) in Los Angeles.

The Vampire Diaries hunks are back on the west coast after filming their hit series over the past week.

The Beatles & loud headphones always make airports better-the shower and the nap I cant help you with-you can nap on my shoulder;)” Ian tweeted at the show’s creator Julie Plec, who was also flying back to Los Angeles.

That same day, Ian and Paul‘s co-star Nina Dobrev was honored for her charity work at the 2013 Variety Power of Youth event.

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  • kat

    I like how they have a friendship outside of the show :)

  • Clare

    Don’t start with your bitter hate comments guys. Because these two love and respect each other like brothers. It’s obvious the love they share for each other if you sit and watch their interaction at conventions. Best bromance out. Love them both.
    Paul made me laugh at comic con. He is so funny. I saw a Jim Carrey vibe there, and he’s be great in a comedy movie. Loved the setting Ian up with a guy in the audience too. “The night is still young brother”. They both have a wicked sense of humor.

  • aj

    Only one man can do a fedora and thats Bomer and Ian will never reach the Matt level at anything…

  • Sasha

    Ian and paul bromance! Ohh how i missed that! can’t wait for another con with them!
    they totally rock! love rm!
    Jared that is amazing how you still trying to link Nina even if there is no place for her under the article
    WHY? that is already annoying as hell

  • CC

    Lolol Ian’s iPhone case has a photo of him and Paul holding hands. He’s not ashamed. Best Bromance Ever. The way they joke and bounce off each other is truly special. Nina who? Somersley <3

  • CC

    Ps…they need their own Tonight Show these two.

  • Queen

    Ian looks so hot, like wow! <33 I love their bromance! They are the best on TVD.

  • Love this

    I love their friendship! Ian looks good! On a side note, just jared, not everything is about Nina or Nian. A LOT fans love Ian without her and A LOT of fans just want to enjoy seeing Paul/Ian. Stop filling up space.

  • Saskia

    I love Ian’s style so much, gorgeous man!

    @Love this: yes thank you! I’m sick of Nina, she can go party with JH for all I care…I WANT TO SEE IAN! He and Paul have a great bromance, they are the Heart and Soul of TVD. More pics of them please :D

  • Mhhh

    Ian and Paul! Hell yeah they rock, looking good guys *-*

  • H

    I love Ian and Paul’s bromance. I like how they are like brothers even when not filming. Yay, Team Somersley!

    Also, JJ…not everyone cares that Nina was “honored” for her so-called charity work, okay. Some of us are more than happy just to see the Ian and Paul pics. You didn’t have to drag Nina into this story.

  • B.


  • q.

    @Saskia: when ian is bashing paul. wow. greate.

  • me

    Ian lost weight. looks like crap again. and dude please get some acting lessons!

  • LT

    Love the Ian and Paul bromance, they need their own network sitcom. And yes, can we please get Ian articles without Nina mentions… Ian and Nina are no longer together. I have no interest in what she’s doing to be quite honest.

    @aj What the heck does Matt Bomer have to do with anything? Get a grip and find Matt articles to post on…oh wait, must not be many.

  • kat

    ian somerhalder ..another whore attention

  • kat

    his acting sucks so hard. and when he does that disgusting smirk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mhhh

    @B.: shut up! Your jealousy is showing! Ewwwww

  • Tvdfan

    Ian is such a breath of fresh air! There are so many “Stars” out there that couldn’t give a crap less about anything other than themselves and Ian cares so much about the world and animals! He’s multi-talented and just an all around beautiful person! I hope he keeps the good work up! The world needs more people like him.

  • WTF

    IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE ONE ARTICLE WITHOUT ANY HATE??? JUST ONE? You guys are so incredible lame, Paul would be ashamed of you!!! ASHAMED!!!! Enough is enough! If you don’t have anything good to say STAY THE HELL OUT OF HERE AND LET OTHERS ENJOY THE ARTICLE!

  • Saskia

    @q.: you talk about bashing? Are you serious? First: go watch Ian/Paul Panels ( Paul interruptes and bashes Ian too, they do it all the Time) 2. you should not call Ian out if YOU are the one bashing Ian all the Time. Learn some manners. 3. Ian clearly DID NOT bash Paul. He was only talking about his character 4. Why are we even talking about this? It doesn’t belong here at all.
    CHILL PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • Maya

    Aw Paul looks so thin and pale. Get some Rest dude. Ian looks so sexy, love his new Fedora :)) heard they are there for a photoshoot, can’t wait for the pics

  • sefy

    why are they back in LA ? any convention ?

  • laviny

    it’s true what I’ve heard of Paul and Torrey? they have problems?

  • ……

    @sefy: photoshoot for Season 5

  • Dani

    Only Ian can look like a God after a 4 Hour flight. Damn :*

    @kat: You need to gain some self respect and stop leaving ridiculous responses…sweet Jesus! Unreal :’(

  • Kate

    Ian looks sooooooo skinny. dude go and eat something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol at paul he didn’t went to torey sister weeding!

  • Homie

    @Kate: he looks perfectly fine to me. And how do you know Paul didn’t went to the Wedding?

  • Missy

    Ian is really attractive.

  • Some Bunny

    Love the show looking forward to season 5

  • sarah

    Paul and Ian are GORGEOUS. They are BOTH such talented actors. Who are generous with their time. Whether it’s doing charity work or greeting and spending time with US fans. They are BOTH the reason why TVD’s is #1. As for people leaving negative comments or cutting them up. Give us a break trolls. And please people don’t assume it’s “Stelena” or “Delena” when either of them are being cut up by an idiot. Bottom line 99.9% of fans are fans of BOTH IAN and PAUL. Hope TVD’s show more of the brother bonding this season. Well, of course Silas is going to be out f reakin fantastic to watch too!

  • cris


  • IK

    @CC: Oh Yeah!! Somersley all the way baby! <3

  • cris


  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    Ian & Paul are so hot so sad that ian and nina broke up but its their life Paul and Torrey are too cute i love them

  • Vera

    omg i love Ian’s and Paul’s bromance! Such great guys!! As for them that call them skinny…well they have instructions from production to keep themselves this thin for vampire diaries..
    Also JJ we dont care about Nina in a article that has to do with Ian and Paul so stop trying to fill in the space…If you want go to and article about her and keep this article ONLY about Ian and Paul.

  • bri


    It’s JHo now, not JH. Sorry, read that somewhere and thought it was hilarious

  • Natalie

    @LT: love Ian, but not in Matt’s league star wise. Why so much hate here?

  • van

    God, Ian is very beautiful! Answer me one thing: It is true?

  • van

    God, Ian is very beautiful! Answer me one thing: He
    is it true?

  • Kate


    Yes, why so much hate from Matt fans? Matt has nothing to do with this article. Jealous of Ian much…

  • Danny

    @van: he’s an Alien! Too good looking to be true! Love him

  • http://evelinegalo evelin egalo