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Miranda Kerr: FAO Schwarz Trip with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr: FAO Schwarz Trip with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr carries her little Yankees fan Flynn, 2, as they head to do some shopping at FAO Schwarz on Sunday (July 28) in New York City.

The 30-year-old model was later seen walking to a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

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“Getting nailed by @nailsbymarysoul and @ayumutakasawa for @harpersbazaarus Happy Sunday!” she tweeted.

The day before, Miranda pushed Flynn in his carriage as they went for a morning stroll through Central Park.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn spending the day together…

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miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 01
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 02
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 03
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 04
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 05
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 06
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 07
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 08
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 09
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 10
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 11
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 12
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 13
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 14
miranda kerr fao schwarz trip with flynn 15

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Anna

    I have never seen a more fake person…it almost takes away from her beauty being so fake…

  • @1

    Taking your son to a toy store is being fake?
    You’re just ticked that Miranda remains beautiful and successful. And Flynn is just too cute!

  • tam

    They both look beautiful!

  • Alex

    Miranda is so skinny, she’s starting to look like a crack whore.

  • Alice

    She is very pretty!!

  • yay

    Another magazine spread!


    she has a sweet ass

  • Alex

    I thought Miranda was 30 not 32…

  • deb

    This girl is SO not cute. How did she ever become a model?!

  • Lynn

    tam @ 07/28/2013 at 6:14 pm #3

    They both look beautiful!

    We have eyes, you know. We can see that she is not even close to being beautiful .

  • @9&10 (socks)

    Yeah, sure Ms. Sockpuppet, you’re right. She is way beyond beautiful. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Daleann


  • RafaƂ

    She’s beautifu.Oralnd’fanatic are so looser.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashains: We discover that FOA Schwarz is actually a hotbed for the paparazzi. I mean, how else would they have known that Miranda Kerrdashain would be there??

  • Y

    There are some seriously insane people in this world! I get it if you don’t like her, but all this vitriol for someone you’ll probably never meet and who hasn’t murdered, raped, committed genocide, or assaulted anybody?????!

  • @15

    Every celeb has haters. Deal with it. You want to feel bad for someone who doesn’t deserve hate? Go visit a Kate Bosworth post. That poor girl gets it in spades and she deserves it even less than this famewh@ra.

  • Y

    @16 Just pointing out that the level of hate is truly staggering. I don’t need to deal with it as I’m not the one with a psychological condition over someone I don’t even know.

    BTW, I’m not a fan girl; I happen to visit JJ for entertainment, not to see a bunch of very unhappy people commenting.

    I’d put Diane Kruger, Alex Knapps, and Blake Lively in the same category as Miranda Kerr. These poor ladies are capable of inciting the most venomous hatred on the Internet. And I’m pretty sure that none of them can match the crims down at your local jail.

  • @17

    If you can’t deal with what you see on the internet stay off the internet. Everyone is crazy on the internet it is the law of the internet. If you don’t want to see peoples comments don’t read the comments. BTW if you are getting butthurt on behalf of Kerr I would put you in the category of fangirl.

  • Katie

    I love her so much, she can do no wrong! That outfit is amazing!

  • @18

    This is indeed the Internet. A land where bullies and losers can post things that no decent person would think of, much less post. Things that only the worst kind of people would say. Things that they feel free to say because they are able to hide behind the anonymity of fake names and blind posts.
    Where else in society could despicable people say such horrible things about total strangers who have never lifted a finger against them? Where else could sociopaths insult innocent children, calling them horrible names, and even go so far as to actually wish harm to a pregnant woman and her unborn child?
    And where else could you find such pathetic reasoning as ‘this is the Internet, if you don’t like hearing us libel people then that’s your problem’?
    Yep, the Internet. The only place where losers can feel a bit better about their sad little lives.

  • Nanette

    For a fashion model, her son’s clothing looks so uncomfortable. He wears the same tight green jeans everyday.

    I wish she’d dress him in cute toddler clothing instead of this mini adult attire.

  • Darla

    She arrives to take him up for a photo op at the toy store. Gee thanks Mom

  • Anon

    Flynn is so cute. Miranda is very beautiful.

  • @22

    There is a post on Bellazon that includes a photo of all of the paps waiting for Miranda. There are at least NINE visible.
    Are you guys who keep claiming that she calls them actually admitting that she is famous enough that ALL of these paps jump at her phone call?
    One pap showing up after a call is one thing. 9+ showing up PROVES that no phone call was needed.
    I love it when idiot haters talk themselves into a corner.

  • @22…’hater”…

    Oh please YOU have no clue what Miranda & Flynn have been doing together as a family since she returned from Japan.

    Just the same as you don’t know the reason why she was at FAO Schwarz.

    Just the same as you will use ANY excuse to insult Miranda regardless of what she’s saying, doing or wearing.

    That’s because you’re full of irrational hatred for someone YOU don’t know & never met……Jealous much???

  • @22

    You do know that publicists slip those guys cash, don’t you? You are so freaking naive for an old lady. I know you think you know all that there is to know about Hollywood but you don’t even know the half of it. PR paying paps, stars paying paps…not only to take pictures but to suppress pictures or delete pictures. Your fangirl head would sin if you really knew what was going on. You’re the idiot if you don’t think games are played and money is exchanged and images are built in the “candids” that you see. It has been done in Hollywood and by celebrities from time in memoriam. You just don’t want to have to admit that this woman that you are so invested in, who you identify with and pretend you are in the wee hours because your life is so unbearably mundane, lies to you.

  • @26

    I don’t think she’s ever said she hates paps or any of the like, so those “lies” would only exist in your head if what you say were true. Which it isn’t. She called 9 paps? Me no thinks so

  • @26

    So you’re saying that PR can afford to pay at least NINE paps, when one could have done the job?
    And that PR can afford to pay all of the web sites and publications to run those photos?
    Uhm, do you realize how delusional you sound?
    Or are you just too stupid to realize that you are embarrassing yourself.

  • VIP

    I find the Twilight Zone going off in my head whenever I read these crazy haters. And I’m not even a Miranda fan.
    Take it easy people. Learn to focus your intense hatred on the things that matter in life. Good luck, you’ll get more out of life!

  • @26…

    Yes of course some D listers like Brandi Glanville & others pay for pap “staged” photos. Hollywood will always have those types as well as celebs that use their PR to control what information the public knows about them.

    No one is saying otherwise BUT there are also celebrities that are followed by paps & have no need to call them.

    Whether you like it or not Miranda IS very famous & popular.

    Newspapers, magazines & gossip sites pay the paps for any pics of her because they know they will receive more hits on their sites, it’s called supply & demand.

    When there is a new set of photos released of her every major site will post those pics. If there was no interest in her none of them would bother.

    You let your irrational hatred & jealousy of Miranda ignore the facts.

    Who do you think buys her skincare line, her books, or followers her on social media, why do so many magazines & fashion sites do features on how to get her “look” or write articles about her health & beauty routines??????

    Do you really think she or her PR team pay off all those fans, thousands of sites as well as Forbes???

    Once again get over your jealousy & move on!!!

  • Dee


    Stop frothing at the mouth loon! You are not queen of the internet, so shut up, sane people have a right to point out how annoying you nut jobs are. You are not just random commentator hating on a celeb, you are delusional stalkers & there is a difference so you ain’t fooling anybody.