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Adam Levine Shaves Beard, Shops with Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine Shaves Beard, Shops with Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine shows off his new fresh face while going shopping with his fiancee Behati Prinsloo on Monday afternoon (July 29) in New York City.

The 34-year-old entertainer and the 24-year-old model searched for a new apartment with a realtor in the Soho neighborhood and also stopped by some shops.

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Adam has been sporting a full scruffy beard for the past few weeks and was seen filming reshoots for his film Can a Song Save Your Life? the day before in the Big Apple.

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  • Tiana

    I thought he said in and interview that he wasn’t ready to get married or have children well look at him now, I wished him the most happiness.

  • phony

    oh goodie now they can hang out with fake Jake G and his s l u t

  • xo

    Thank God he shaved that awful thing off of his face. He looks so much better now!

  • lol

    Well, at least that nasty looking thing on his face…now to get rid of that nasty thing leached onto him.


    For a man who is hardly ever papped in LA they sure have been spotted an awful lot since landing in NYC. Guess now that they are on B’s turf all that “privacy” they want in their “relationship” is out the window. Also Jared must be making bank to keep posting all these Adam stories in a row.

  • Jenn

    Just like Adam . . . can’t spend time with his “fiancee” without Shawn or one of the guys being there.

    The love just pours out of this couple.

    And yeah, HMMMMM, they’ve been papped quite a bit in two days. At least, when they were in LA, a few days or more would go by before they’d make a run to Gelson’s.

  • AmyR

    I swear Adam barely touches Bee whenever they walk together. It’s like he’s guiding around his daughter. Kind of strange.

  • KSB

    Actually the guy behati seems to be talking to in the 3rd pic is shawn. He looks old.

  • kyle

    he’s a joke and she looks like she never eats

  • Jenn

    @KSB: Well, as much as Adam switches girlfriends, he’s probably aged Shawn about 10-12 years. That guy must have some great stories. He’ll need psychiatric treatment.

  • Kay


    Haha Shawn deserves some sort of award for the shlt he’s put up with from Adam over the years.

  • Truth

    Two posts in the same day? What a private couple !
    For a couple thats barely dated 8 months, there has been a lot of posts on them. Considering the fact that for at least a month , they were touring outside the US.

  • Joke?

    Adam, you’ll need a really big apartment for you, Bee, the girl Uknown’s been talking about, Jessica, and the triplets. Good luck with that, buddy!

  • Unknown

    Sweeties. Hes not moving to NYC he would never blend hes from LA. As far as the body language. And the paps. He isn’t that famous for the paps to be there everytime he steps out. This is def from a call in. Theres reasons for no PDA, he dosent love her and they don’t look like a couple. Ms. Patsy is none to pleased with his attitude, his mouth seems to be overloading his behind. There are few who want to knock him out. If Adam was as famous as he pretends to be he would be on many covers of mags. His shame engagement would be cover stories and its not. Looks like he has became a diva.

  • Anon

    OMG that’s Shawn?! I didn’t recognize him. I’m confused guys–Carson just said that Adam is the happiest he’s ever seen him, they are being papped with their arms around each other–maybe this is the real deal? I agree with @Jenn though –was it you who said on one of the last boards that his long term fans (i’m one of them) know that something just isn’t right with him? I hope he’s mentally ok–it doesn’t seem like it. And the girl that @unknown is talking about doesn’t sound like a keeper either. Someone on IG said that he’s moving out of LA too? I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t, but Adam’s behavior is really out of character. Anyone with more insider info please come forward–curiosity is killing the cat, plus I heart Adam.

  • Anon

    @Unknown: you beat me, i was typing as you posted! please keep coming forward with info as you get it!

  • Anon

    @unknown — why does his mother want him with the other woman though? She doesn’t sound all that great either? what would B do to that other woman

  • Melly

    Adam has always said he’ll remain in Cali. What I’m curious about is why Bee is apartment hunting in NY, if she’s always in LA anyway. She doesn’t have to live in NY for her career. If she and Adam actually married, she’s not going to work. She’ll get pregnant. You can bet Adam ain’t co-signing anything with her.

  • lol

    i’m calling it now. this is the end of maroon 5.

  • for real?

    Seriously people…He’s not moving out of California and this isn’t the end of Maroon 5. Plenty of people with money have multiple homes where they’re most likely to be for work. Adam goes to NYC a lot for business; besides, he can’t live in NYC most of the time AND do The Voice. Let’s use some logic here.

  • lol

    @for real?: should i pull an adam and define “JOKE” to you? heh. “pull an adam”

  • Unknown

    He has trust issues and its not just from his past experiences with Anne. I think in his heart he feels he can be with the other woman but isn’t sure he can be the person she knows he can be. Hes running to Behati who he knows doesn’t expect anything. Just to much to be said but not going there. Behati however, is really trying to get him closer away from her. Behati is forcing herself onto him more and more. She is very possessive, jealous. She knows shes not top choice. Sources are telling me other are telling Adam he better watch it, she isnt to be trusted. Hes was told this today. There seeing hes gone down hill since the 4th and when he opens his eyes and he will. It will be bye bye Behati hello other woman. One person and they happen to know one of my sources said that Behati has attacked the other woman on twitter using fake accounts. One source even went on to say the other woman lost her job over Behatis lies. She will do anything nasty to attack this woman like she did Anne, Behati and her friends are bullies

  • So

    @Unknown: Are you talking about the twitter account @researchinguru. The person who created this account has published the sexual history of someone named @ tailscali, but tweet and picture were deleted. She regularly sends tweets to Adam and then remove.
    She seems to like and protect Behati.

  • Melly

    I can definitely see Bee as the jealous and possessive type. That’s what happens when the Other Woman becomes the girlfriend, fiancée, or wife.They know that their man isn’t trustworthy.

  • Shannon H

    They phoned where they would be and told Splash News Online exactly what they were doing there. The stalkerazzi aren’t that bright to figure that out. Adam’s or Bee’s pr gave that news out. Jared not getting big money on this since he gets all his gossip from other gossip sites.


    Apartment hunting? So she is making him pay, literally and figuratively!

    I hope Jared is sharing some of the money he makes from all the traffic with Adam. HE will need it to pay alimony or palimony few months down the line.

  • Melly

    @LOLLING: Her way of getting back at him for dumping her.

  • ana

    Gosh guys, you start annoying me so much with your hate comments about Behati. The fact is that you don’t know her at all, you don’t know whether adam truly loves her or not, you don’t know whether the engagement is a real one or not. I like Victoria’s Secret and I always liked Behati. Just like I always loved Adam and Maroon 5. So let’s just be happy for them, okay?

  • Debra

    @Unknown: Ok. I’m officially afraid of her, she’s a psycho! Ms. Patsy, please slap him so he can finally open his eyes and see the truth

  • Patsy

    Anybody got any questions for Bee? #AskAnAngel on twitter today.

  • Shannon H

    @ana: Why would you come on to a website where you know people will voice unflattering opinions about either of these people. Also coming on here to tell others what to do isn’t winning.

  • Jenn

    @ana: Go follow the Mermaid for needless asskissing and pandering if that’s your speed.

    Also I’m getting tired of the people who come here and say “no one here knows anything about Adam and/or Bee.” Really? How can you say that for sure? You don’t know anyone who posts here and what their connections might be.

    It’s pretty arrogant to assume that no one here knows what she’s talking about. It’s stupid comments like these that make me b!tchy toward some people. Quit telling people how to post on a gossip board.

  • VS Devil

    @ Jenn

    She likes Victoria’s Secret. What more do you expect? LOL

    @ Patsy


    Whats a Stalker?

    Would you ever go to africa to see your parents or will you hang around Adam all the time?

    Do you own an Iron? Would you like that as a wedding present?

    What will it take to wipe that eternal smirk off your face? ( though i must credit KSB with this question)

  • Patsy

    @VS Devil: Alll good questions. Why don’t you put it on her twitter feed and see if she answers you? At least she’ll see them. If she can read, that is.

  • Jenn

    @VS Devil: You’re right. What was I thinking? Oh, I was busy being a bully to a$$holes and brats. My mistake.

    I wouldn’t wipe my butt with VS lingerie.

  • Lindsay

    @Jenn: and you obviously dont find any other gossip Site except of the comments Board of just jared to Share your awesome reliable information

  • Ana

    @Jenn: there must be seriously something wrong in your life.Why are you hating so much? Just because not every person believes you? Like why do you even care if you apparently knows what is true. Is there any aim you are following? Or why do you post on every single Behati and Adam entry how mich he hates his fiancee? Do me a favor: get a life! Ciao and yes, let me love VS. Just because i have the body to wear it and you are not

  • Jenn

    @Ana: There must be something wrong with your life because you keep reading all of these Adam and Bee posts and targeting me with your hatred.

    I happen to know things about Bee that the rest of you stans don’t know. So I’m entitled to hate on her because of what I know. She’s not a nice person. And what I know about her comes from a couple of other models.

    So, do me a favor: get a life! And go back to shopping with the rest of the frumpy looking women I see shopping at VS.

  • Jenn

    First, it’s “ana” and then it’s “Ana.” SMDH.

  • Ana

    @Jenn: ok i admit it, i wrote my Name the Second Time with a small Letter. Please dont kill me right now lol. Keep sitting and waiting until the next adam post!!!

  • Lovelyn

    @Ana: dont you dare to write your name differenty!!! You are confusing our lovely Jenn

  • Jenn

    @Ana: Like what you’re doing? Oh, and I haven’t posted on every Adam story. Go back and do your research.

    I came back when the engagement news was announced because: how could I resist? But I see a lot of familiar names in these Adam posts, so I’m guessing these people are Adam’s fans. Are they not supposed to post on these stories? Are they supposed to comment on every story on this site? Are they only allowed to post so many posts?

    There are a lot of people commenting on these Adam stories who say negative things about Bee. A number of them have said meaner things about me. So, why are you focusing on me? You know nothing about me. I haven’t called you any names, although you’d deserve it if I did.

  • Jenn

    @Lovelyn: Your spelling confuses me, Ana.

  • Ana

    @href=”/2013/07/29/adam-levine-shaves-beard-shops-with-behati-prinsloo/comment-page-2/#comment-28000089″>Jenn: because you started insulting with your unfunny comments just because i allowed myself to say that i like behati. I know it Must be News to you but not every Person has the Same Option as you.

  • Ana

    i didn’t write my name Differenty. you’re Killing me with your posts. i love sitting here and reading!

  • Jenn

    @Ana: Unlike Adam, I have a lot of options. I don’t revisit relationships with stalkers. That’s what Bee is. You should talk to some models who know her about the kind of person she really is. It’d be an eyeopening experience for you. I’m not talking about the “meet and greets.” They’re supposed to be on their best behavior toward the public.

    Oh, wait. You meant that I have a different “opinion” than you. Guess what? Welcome to the real world! In the real world, sharing your opinions means that you have to accept criticism for them. I don’t give a sh!t that you’re giving me attitude on a message board. I find it entertaining. And others are similarly laughing at you. That’s how things work around here.

    And when I said, do research, I meant go through every Adam post on this site. I have not posted on all Adam posts. If you have time to give me your b!tchy little attitude, you have time to do the research.


    Here we go again, bring on the hypocrites. So apparently we arent supposed to post anything on our observations of Bee but they can call someone they dont know names.

    This is why i hate the Bee stans. They dont bring anything to the discussion table except to say people are bullying when they express an opinion.

  • Shannon H

    So @Ana wants to continue fighting on a gossip site even after comin here to chatise others of being mean and saying nasty things about Adam and Bee. You are entitled to your opinions and you have a right to like who you you deem yourself to like but you lurking here to bait another writer who clearly is not your spot of tea is just silly. Sweetheart post your views on why you like them and keep it moving. I’m not arguing with you nor putting you down I just think you could have takeb the high rode after the first post you did


    Ana and Lovelyn spell Differently as DIFFERENTY.
    Within the same 5 minutes, and then insist they are two DIFFERENT people.

    Girl, we have forgotten more things than you know. you need to pull the other one now.

  • Shannon H

    @LOLLING: She is clearly a Z lover too