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Olivier Martinez & Nahla Pick Up Pizza for Dinner!

Olivier Martinez & Nahla Pick Up Pizza for Dinner!

Olivier Martinez and his wife Halle Berry‘s daughter Nahla pick up dinner together at Vito’s Pizza on Sunday evening (July 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 47-year-old actor and Nahla, 5, carried out a box of pizza as well as some brown paper bags full of goodies! Yum!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Earlier this month, Halle and Olivier got married at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez and Nahla grabbing a pizza for their dinner…

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olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 01
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 02
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 03
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 04
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 05
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 06
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 07
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 08
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 09
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 10
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 11
olivier martinez nahla pick up pizza for dinner 12

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  • http://jj person

    clearly people should respect that child and stop leave her be- she clearly does not like the people taking her pictures against her will and she should have the right to protection from that, what kind of country is this that doesn’t even give children the rights to not be photographed?

  • Joann

    That girl is 5 1/2 , 6 1/2? And he is still carrying her like a baby.

  • denise

    @person: #1

    Stop bellyaching over it. As long as there are celebs and their children, people are going to take pics of them. It has been going on since the beginning of show-business, and will not stop.

  • A

    @Joann: Maybe she’s scared of the papps. She’s a child ffs. Of course she is going to want to be in her parents or step parent’s arms when there are several men with cameras harassing them and calling them god knows what.

  • Joann

    @A: #4

    She has been running around the paps, playing smiling all of her life. She is not scared of the paps. There are years of her in pics to prove it.

    I think Olivier just likes to treat her like an infant.

  • snikop

    @Joann: @Joann Stop lying on a child!!! You can’t find not one damn picture if that little girl being friendly with the paps because her mother would never allow it!!!!!!! Your PATHETIC! !

  • just saying

    Why is Olivier carrying Nahla she can walk. Now I know Halle Is crazy.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier is acting protective of Nahla, and I also think she just likes to be picked up. @just saying, Gabriel is also always picking her up, guess he’s crazy too huh?

  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier looking good as always, nice of him to take the girl while he got the pizza. Bet she wanted to go and he couldn’t say no.

  • Fred

    This guy is waaaay to touchy feely with this kid. He is not to be trusted.

  • Ashley

    Sorry about your step daddy issues, Fred. lol.
    They are so cute together. And Re: picking her up, he’s picking her up to put her in her carseat. Sheesh.

  • just saying

    Sorry about your loving child porn issues, Ashley. lol
    They are not cute together she is cute with her father Gabriel not this French man.

  • Ashley

    I know, it must be really hard for Nahla to be the only child in this world with a step parent that obviously cares for her. That must be really tough for the poor kid.

  • Ashley

    And I don’t know why I’m even giving second thought to this but you comparing picking up a 5 year old child to something as horrific child porn is uh… more than disturbing. My 6 year old is just recently too big to give a lift and it stinks, I miss lugging him around. They should enjoy it while it lasts.

  • msirene



    I’m wondering the same thing. It’s kind of creepy the way that man is always carrying her in his arms, I don’t care if he is her step father. That little girl is going on 6, and needs to walk. He seems to show her more atterntion than he does his wife. It may all be innocent, but it’s kind of creepy. Just my opinion…..

  • msirene


    Ashley, a big girl like that needs to walk!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying, child porn, you have official gone off the deep end. Nahla has two fathers now so deal with it. and @Fred your just sick.

  • msirene


    It’s kind of scary if a parent can’t say no, Shelbe…. (Halle)

  • msirene


    A, when she’s with Gabriel (her real daddy) he lets her walk!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Msirene it also creepy the way Gabriel is always picking her up, kissing her too, makes you think doesn’t it. Doesn’t matter if he is her father by your way of thinking he is a male after all. She can walk can’t see but you see it in almost all the pictures of the two, hmmmm.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @msirene, bet you say no to your kids all the time. Last time I looked Olivier was a real daddy, been acting like a daddy to that girl for years, don’t get any realler than that.

  • msirene
  • Shelbethegreat

    @msirene wha’s the matter, hit a nerve, make you cry.

  • msirene


    Not true, Shelbe. Gabriel lets her walk, and I’ve never seen him with his lips touching hers. And even if he did, it’s not as creepy as a “stepfather” doing it. I’ve noticed, like everyone else, how you always come to Halle and Oliver’s defense and badmouth Gabriel. You are either Halle herself, or on her PR team. If a poll were taken of your remarks degrading Gabriel, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, you’d definately get a 10. You are sickening!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Msirene, if you can’t take the heat get out the kitchen. You come on this site just to bash Halle, I am a fan an supporter. Your lying if you aint never seen Gabriel pick that girl up or kiss her, and just cause he’s her father don’t mean he ain’t capable of the stuff your accusing Olivier of. How dare I defend Olivier and Halle, I should be a hater like you right. Never going to happen.

  • msirene


    Fred, I agree with you. I had a step dad, but my mother would never allow him to always be carrying me, especially at age 5 1/2. . He would not have been my step dad for long, because my mother wouldn’t play this. Unless something’s wrong with this childs leg/feet I don’t see why she’s being carried like this.

  • Stella

    Olivier is a good father.

  • msirene


    Carseat????? Really, now!

  • Jessie

    I don’t like this guy and I think Halle has been hit in the head one time too many, but it’s not like someone holds this girl ALL the time. It’s obvious that she’s walking on her own out of the pizza place. What’s the frigging big deal?

  • Elaine

    @Fred: You are thinking so Negative, with a “Foggy Brain” & The man is expecting to become a father soon!!!!! Touch On That!!!!!

  • uhhh…..


    You hit the nail on the head.

  • Now

    @shelbe, when are you going to realise that you are a NOBODY to these people that you obsess over. They don’t care about your opinion or your loyalty or whatever you want to call it. Gabriel Aubry’s life is in no way affected by your comments so why bother? He won his case and you are not going to change that. Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez would probably deny your existence, that’s if you don’t scare the hell out of them . What celebrity wants to admit to having a creepy demented stalker as a fan? It just reflects badly on them that you are the type of person they attract. The joke is on you. Yes you are definitely a NOBODY and you always will be to them. Get used to it!

  • esi -not true snikop

    @snikop: Here’s a link of Nahla waving to them in her car seat as an infant:

    I am sure there are more of her smiling w/Halle.

    Plus if you check Google images there are several of Nahla smiling with Gabe looking at them too.

  • i @msirene

    @ms.irene—still say shelbe/shelbethegreat are/is not Halle. Still either a possible staffer or ardent fan. Have been researching Halle for a book for 6-8 years—trust me she is not Halle.

  • 4 Joann

    @Joann: you are right….posted one to prove it on page 2

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Now, sure Gabriel won the case and lost the fight that’s why your hating on Olivier. I actually hope Halle and Olivier never read these post with all the hatred I see on here some times. But if they do at least they will see that they do have fans that support them. I am not asking anything from these good people, I just admire their devotion to one another, very rare in this world. The really sick ones are those that come on here day after day to try and put down theses two to make themselves feel better. Beautiful couple, probably don’t care what any one thinks, still a fan.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Msirene, Jesus, what did your stepdad do to you to make you like this. Seek out a counselor, quick.

  • just saying

    Gabriel I hope you are watching how Halle is leaving your daughter alone with this drunk and smoker take lots of picture of him carrying your little girl like that

  • huggybear

    Halle is one mad women, you daughter come first nut head, women why do you leave your daughter alone with this man

  • ola

    @i @msirene:

    We know it’s nutty Halle posting. She’s more stupid than I thought. Don’t try to backtrack now by saying it’s a fan or staffer lol lol.

  • Lola

    @i @msirene:

    We know it’s nutty Halle posting. She’s more stupid than I thought. Don’t try to back-track now by saying it’s a fan or staffer lol lol.

  • Shelbethegreat

    You hater are so numerous I will say this generally, Nahla got two daddy’s now! Sweet how she’s always hugging his neck and wanting to be near him, just like she does with Gabriel, can’t even see a difference. She loves him just like her mother does and who can blame her. Their a family, eat your heart out oh, I see you already have. I can see the blood spilling from your eyes, the trauma of seeing Olivier taking care of Nahla. The obvious look on her face that she is happy with him, what a sweet smile. Oh, you haters I am enjoying your suffering. HaHaHaHaHa.

  • Now

    Ah Shelbe, it’s obviously you that is suffering. Your posts are getting more and more desperate. Once again you are a NOBODY to them and that is not what you want.

  • lola/irene/etc

    I wrote the comment and have written it on other JJ HB threads.
    I have been a HB researcher since 2005—-I will bet you money that shelbe/shelbethegreat is not Halle Berry posting on Just Jared,Daily Mail UK, Perez Hilton, NY Daily News and the many other places this person posts.

    I’m not taking up for Halle whatsoever—shelbe/shelbethegreat may not be the same person and multiple people.You can tell be different writing patterns, language, typing, grammar etc.

    From reading reading posts i.e. her defunct fan club, the 1st Esquire article where she co-wrote the article with the author and other related posts—Halle’s spelling, typing, syntax structure and other poor writing/grammar are deplorable.

    Halle may be cray cray in this forced relationship that most likely will fail like all the others but she herself is not posting @shelbe’s and/or @shelbethegreat’s stupid fanatically trolling bs or as with you other trolls.

    I do agree that Halle/Team Halle is in PR overkill mode since post wedding and 2+ years prior of this fake dysfunctional relationship as with the whole Gabe thing and when she tried to make him all wonderful, until she freaked out when she found out that he really did care about Nahla etc. and couldn’t be bought off since Halle’s tryings since day one of her arrangement with him regardless of him possibly being opportunistic in the beginning with his restaurant etc. and Halle did her smear campaign to be with this jacka$$ (who I am surprised didn’t get arrested with Halle and is even allowed back in this country).

    I do believe she pays Aubry support because they didn’t have a set agreement in place for what he by law is legal entitled to by law as a co-parent and being the lesser money earner–this is typical procedure all over the country not just LaLaland: and that the Family Court Judge got tired of Halle’s pissing/moaning and lies that she got zapped in doing so.

    Do I think she’s bitter unlike when she spread lies about Eric/India (who Halle lied and later admitted she lied about) him actually getting support (she never paid a dime of his withdrawn motion), no she knows it is what is.

    I seriously doubt that he’d still be around if Halle weren’t footing the/most of the bill and pregnant. Yes, I believe Halle is very clingy and insecure (hence all the pix with OM, Gabe etal) with all of her dysfunctional/other relationships.

    It’s not an accident that they are not in France and LA because of both OM and HB shared karma and cause /effect of their actions.

    It also wouldn’t surprise me if Halle actually thinks that the baby providing all hopefully goes well that she can keep OM sober (which supposedly is part of their agreement and have questions that he actually is or not given my long recovery experience) or that he hopes to get.stay sober being a father.

    I also believe that not only is Halle is going to back to work because of that she knows she can’t be an at-home mother with Gabe and all the several nannies with OM, worries that OM isn’t always going to be around and a safety net when they actually do split. Do they have an agreement unlike she and Gabe not, possibly.

    Yes, I do believe OM is more controlling than Halle and lives up to him womanizing giggolo rep. and believe the rumors that have been circulating OM has been cheating on her all along even at the Film Festival.

    Did he marry her to avoid her wrath? IDK

    Also, don’t know how much more of Halle/Team Halle’s PR love affair with the pappis he can take whether him being with Nahla is creepy or him being protective or not.

    I don’t think he’s going to be around long enough to get alimony and/or child support regardless of the law.

    I do believe that it very will be interesting when the split occurs.


  • lola/irene/etc part 2

    who knows how this will end up for @shelbe, @shelbethegreat when they do split and if she will side with Halle if Halle does her lying victim thing. I do believe she/they as with the other trolls will go away and HB will get a new set.

  • msirene


    Much of what you say really seems to make sense. I think that you are right on point.

    Why do I think Shelbe/Shelbethegreat is actually Ms. Berry or her a member/members of her pr team? Because of the intensity of her defenses against Ms. Berry and Oliver. I could be wrong. I’ve never seen anyone that defends someone so vigerously! That’s creepy, too!

  • The Here and Now

    @Shelbethegreat, You post the hatred all over the internet. @ Now is correct, you are an embarrassment to Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez. They must cringe when they hear of your rants/devotion and I’d be surprised if they haven’t heard about you by now. What’s even funnier is that your hatred is directed at Gabriel Aubry and it will not hurt him in the slightest!! I doubt there is any love lost between him and Halle Berry so he might just get a kick out of reading your nonsense posts and seeing the type of idiot she attracts. You are not a fan, you don’t even come close. I don’t know what your agenda is but nobody needs or wants your type of devotion. It’s sad that there is obviously more than one person posting under your name or did you think nobody would notice this. What a weird group you have. I am a real fan of Halle Berry’s, I have been for years and I hate reading negative comments about her but I would never ever stoop so low as to support you. You are a joke.

  • Wurry

    How can such an issue be made about a child riding along to pick up dinner with her step-dad? We know that Halle sets up photo-ops like this all the time, but still …they look pretty normal to me.

  • esi reply @msirene

    @msirene: your point is well taken. I thought the same thing at first about Halle or staffer. It’s certainly not her PR agent who’s one of the top in the biz. If one of her assistance or nannies–it’s of their own doing. My obsessed fan comment is based on the pattern of few who may be left on her imdb page after the ambush on Aubry, grabbing Jamie Foxx’s crotch on that award show etc.

  • esi reply @msirene2

    @esi reply @msirene: sorry for the mulitiple posts—-plus at this point it would be counterproductive for Halle to keep bashing Gabe (she’s accepted that she has to pay him support because of her own doings) regardless of that bogus line item about that Canadian auction (which never said Aubry was involved) being cancelled.

    I believe Halle is more concerned that all goes with Jr’s childbirth, keeping her lie going/making her marriage work. I will say as yucky as OM may be, he is what I consider closer to Halle’s lower self than Gabe, her other exes or anyone she’s been with. So, in that respect, it could work, but I doubt it because of his drinking, smoking and womanizing and violent tendencies (which we all now have proof of).