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Behati Prinsloo & Erin Heatherton: Body by Victoria Celebration!

Behati Prinsloo & Erin Heatherton: Body by Victoria Celebration!

Erin Heatherton and Behati Prinsloo sandwich in Karlie Kloss at the Victoria’s Secret Celebrates Body By Victoria event on Tuesday (July 30) at the Victoria’s Secret Soho in New York City.

The three models promoted the Body by Victoria line, and you can meet them TODAY if you are in the area!

“Come see me @karliekloss and @erinheatherton at VS soho store from 12:30-2:30 #bodybyvictoria” Behati tweeted. “My babes are still the best babes @erinheatherton @karliekloss #bodybyvictoria #xovictoria”

Also pictured inside: Behati rocking a different dress earlier in the day.

FYI: Behati is wearing a Dana Rebecca Designs ring. Erin is wearing a Dana Rebecca Designs bracelet and ring. Karlie is wearing a Melinda Maria ring and Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

15+ pictures inside of Erin Heatherton, Behati Prinsloo, and Karlie Kloss promoting for Victoria’s Secret

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erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 01
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 02
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 03
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 04
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 05
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 06
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 07
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 08
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 09
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 10
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 11
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 12
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 13
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 14
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 15
erin heatherton behati prinsloo body by victoria celebration 16

Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: Starpix/JustJared, SplashNewsOnline
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  • LOL

    OK. Erin looks FCUKIN gorgeous. Best I’ve ever seen her

  • hoe

    I admire them for their ambition guys.

  • Baby

    You shouldn’t admire them at all, I can’t believe ppl see these guys as role models damn.

  • Anonymous

    Behati girl you need a chesseburger. You make Karlie Kloss look healthy!

  • lilou

    Victoria’s secret’s modeals are not what they used to be back in time!!! Bring some exotic curves in!!!!


    The only time Btrashy looks put together is when someone else is dressing her but she still looks like she forgot to brush her hair.

  • YY

    They all look alike sort a like Stepford wives. Very boring. Need more color and curves here.

  • @6

    The whole modelling industry is not what it used to be. VS Angels StephanieSeymour, Karen Mulder, Tyra Banks will now all be called FAT!

  • Kitty

    Erin is the only one looking healthy.

  • GAA

    How are Victoria Secret models not role models? According to the American Heart Association, in the USA, there are 23.9 million children between the ages of 2-19 that are overweight. Of that number, 12.7 million are obese, 15% of that number being female. These women are showcasing the beauty of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. I use to be obese, and I used VS Angels such as Candice for my thinspiration. Of course these girls are role models. Have any of these Angels been arrested? No. So please, do not judge who is a role model and who isn’t. If and when I have children, I would hope they look up to VS models instead of the women/girls on the Disney Channel (who has produced Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus who is most famous for “twerking”.) Also, it shows that you are weak using explicit words when they are not needed. Do you really think that successful individuals do that? I guess that is what separates you from the girls in the article.

  • dumbeddown

    @GAA: \\ F U ”


    I honestly hope any daughter of mine would look up to women who do truly important things in life not model cheap underwear. You should be looking up to women who are trying to change the world and make it a better place to live in, not looking up to someone just because they are thin. Most models smoke, don’t eat and do drugs to stay as thin as they are not live healthy lifestyles.

  • soy

    yall fatties hating lol

  • GAA

    Hi @HMMMMMM, thank you so much for sharing your opinion. So are you saying former VS Angel Gisele Bundchen is not helping the world? The United Nations doesn’t agree with you. They gave her the honor of being the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environmental Programme. Through my eyes, that is helping change the world. The next lines are going to be copy-and-pasted “As Goodwill Ambassador, Gisele Bündchen will help UNEP in its mission to raise awareness and inspire action to protect the environment. The new Goodwill Ambassador will help focus attention on some of the biggest threats facing the planet, climate change and environmental degradation. The designation of Gisele as Goodwill Ambassador took place at New York’s Washington Square Park Fountain, where hundreds of fans and journalists assembled to witness the supermodel accept her new role.Gisele Bündchen, a true environmentalist in her own right, said: “I’m really honoured to join UNEP’s work on the environment. The environment has always been my passion. I grew up in a small town and I had the opportunity to live surrounded by nature. I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood. We must act now, so future generations have the same opportunity. Mother Earth is our fundamental life-support system, and by becoming aware and responsible now, we can assist in preserving the planet.” “She added: “I have been working on environmental issues for a long time and agreed to become a Goodwill Ambassador to be part of a global and far-reaching organization. Now it’s about action on a global scale to secure a healthy future for the next generation, wherever they live in the world.” On climate change, Gisele noted, “Climate change is something we can’t deny? It affects all of us. At the end of the day, it’s our planet ? we all have to feel accountable.” Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director said: “Gisele is among a handful of talented individuals and personalities that have a truly global reach. She is also a committed and passionate environmentalist. UNEP is delighted to welcome her on board as a Goodwill Ambassador so that with her help, we can make environmental action a global brand and a life-style choice, from New York to Nairobi and from Sao Paolo to Shanghai.” Also, the Victoria Secret brand has introduced a Greenpeace campaign and has publicly stated they will eliminate all hazardous chemicals by 2020. As for models’ drug usage and such, I would say that I was a pretty horrible parent if I let children stay on the computer for very long doing uneducational things and get to google and find that. My entire family works in forestry and my husband is a logger, I would hope that I can introduce my children to hiking and other things especially since being around computers and televisions can damage children’s eyes. I can only protect my kids for so long, but good parents teach children not to follow the group and go into drugs and alcohol. As for modeling underwear, there is nothing wrong with that. I studied abroad in Europe for a long while and learned how conservative Americans actually are. We need to teach children to be proud of their bodies, because they only get one. As I previously stated, I use to be obese and even was suicidal because of ashamed I was of my body, I always stayed indoors, never spoke to anyone, etc. So, I would love to teach children to embrace the body that God gave them and when they are old enough, flaunt it, because those days will be good and people will get older and gravity will do a number on their skin. Finally, as you can probably tell, I am American, the same country which previously had Sarah Palin as a Governor in one of the 50 states. Please tell me a great, feminine leader who children can aspire to? Hilary Clinton went back to a man who cheated on her with probably tons of women. Obviously, we as a country need to keep out women’s rights movement going because back when the women doing their protests, they built it off of facts that we have the technology today to prove was wrong. My lunch break is almost done, and I usually just read stories and not comment, so I most likely will not be back, but it was great talking to you and learning others’ opinions on subject matter like this! Thank you so much for contributing your ideas and not just saying “F U.”

  • @14

    Well Damn!!!!

  • Pfft…

    These 3 VS models are sooooo bland.

    VS made a huge mistake hiring Karlie as she has zero sex appeal, Erin & Behati are not much better. Behati is all skin & bones while Erin is just another generic blond.

    Now that Miranda has left & once Adriana & Ale leave the rest are all meh, Douzten & Candice are so boring & don’t have that “it” factor!

  • Sayer

    The 3 least attractive VS models.

  • °°°°°


    Amen GAA. your comment totally make sense. some ppl just like to hate on them for like no reason.

    althougt i gotta ad that barbara palvin should have been a vs angel instead of Karlie

  • NO

    @GAA: Is this a joke? They are NOT role model. They smoke. They are not as healthy as they want people to believe… You are stupid and you want stupid children. I think Gisele is a role model, she works out, she doesn’t smoke and she never dieted. She is healthy. But those VS models? It’s just marketing. You said all these good things about Gisele, but Candice is your role model? Gisele worked for VS.. And? This is her personality, she doesn’t think like that because she worked for VS. “I would love to teach children to embrace the body that God gave them.” Really? So why Candice is your thinspiration? Why do you want to be slim? It is nonsense.

  • debong

    they so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • hoe

    I would give money and everything for me and for others who could be like me but dont have the guts lol

  • xyz


  • xyz



  • xyz



  • Um

    Behati is too skinny… Erin looks ordinary & Karlie should stick to HF

  • ugh

    Karlie has a weird smile..and Behati is too skinny. Erin has a nice body but her face is plain and average.

  • fjones

    all these vs models are hoes

  • ugh

    @fjones: true they make money off of showing their bodies for the world to see and sleeping with photographers and rich movie stars..not different than prostitution at all.

  • TheSecretIsOut

    Victoria’s Secret models are cheap looking nowadays, just like their clothes. Their new underwear fall apart after 2 washes. Never buying from them again!

  • TBH

    Erin looks beautiful. Karlie looks radiant

  • Danielle

    I don’t know if they r ugly or not… They sure need to eat a little… But i used to think that vs models were the most beautiful women in the world and looking at these 3, i don’t think that anymore…

  • Sharyn

    These women are beautiful- how did Miley Cyrus get that Maxim cover and not them?

  • Sharyn

    I want to see Liam Hensworth with one of these pretty girls.

  • Fake

    God these girls are so skinny. They have to be stuffed and padded to have any curves. These three are so awful, the only one worse is Lily. Please, VS, get some exotic sexy models, not these bland sticks!!

  • Yeah.

    looks so boring. cheap b-itch

  • The Bitch

    These are the 3 least attractive VS models. I do not understand what the appeal is. They look like beanpoles. How fake can this brand get? To promote the 2012 fashion show, Karlie was photographed cutting her hair off , only to have her walk the runway wearing long extensions. Not to mention her Indian attire…which was another disaster entirely.
    And let’s call a spade a spade, the only attractive thing on Behati is that engagement ring she’s been wearing. This, by the way was a brilliant marketing strategy. Get engaged to Adam Levine, launch a fragrance within 24 hours.
    I am so over the Behati/Adam show. Oh, and FYI maybe Behati should stop getting high and start paying attention to her faithful & loving fiancée. It seems that when she sleeps off her high, he likes to sit in the lobby of hotels trying to pick up other models.

    I cannot believe that there are people actually saying these women are good role models for their daughters. What kind of daughter do you want to raise? An anorexic, half-wit, with self-esteem issues who gets engaged to a rock star a few days after he finishes vacationing with another woman? Get a grip. If I had children and they idolized someone like that, i would punish them for life. This is no example.