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'Covert Affairs' Season 4 Spoilers: Five Important Questions Answered!

'Covert Affairs' Season 4 Spoilers: Five Important Questions Answered!

While this season of Covert Affairs is only beginning to take shape, we already have a TON of burning questions!

Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) are still fresh into their newfound relationship as they continue to uncover secrets.

Meanwhile, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) is dealing with the aftermath of his “affair,” Joan’s (Kary Matchett) surprising pregnancy, and his not-so-estranged son Teo (Manolo Cardona).

We recently caught up with the cast on set in Toronto, Canada where we got some answers to our growing list of questions!

Be sure to tune into Covert Affairs every Tuesday @ 9PM on USA!

Click inside to get five spoilers for this season…

1. Is Auggie & Annie’s relationship doomed?

“I love the parallels between the Arthur/Joan relationship and this emerging Annie/Auggie relationship. And there’s a scene about it at some point talking about how difficult relationships are in the CIA. And as much as I think Annie and Auggie look at Arthur and Joan as a cautionary tale, they are still together. They’re still making it work. They’ve got some big hurdles to overcome this season, but at least so far they’re still doing it. And I think the parallels between those two, and what Annie and Auggie are dealing with are also nice. It’s a theme that kind of gets woven into the season.” – Christopher

2. How does Teo fit into the story?

“Teo is a tough guy. He has had a tough life. His mother passed away when he was very young. Something happened there that we are going to realize later why it’s going on. He lives without a father-figure and then a mother so he’s a lonely guy working on some mission that he has. I think Teo is one of those guys that doesn’t have that many feelings, as I see the character. This is the first time that I’ve played a character without a soul, you know, like he is very passive-aggressive inside. I love it. We are going to see a lot of things going on from his point of view in the show this season.” – Manolo

“Teo comes into the picture for a reason. And he very much fits into this big puzzle that we’re putting together this year. He absolutely has a connection with Auggie that is pretty explosive. That’s really all I can say.” – Christopher

3. What kinds of interactions will Teo have with the characters?

“There’s a scene that I think is going to be shocking to the Covert Affairs audience…that’s coming up between those two [Teo and Agent Calder]. Let’s just say this: You remember there was a lot of controversy and discussion about Zero Dark Thirty and the type of actions you should be willing to take to justify saving people’s lives? It’s that kind of interaction.” – Hill Harper

“I don’t kill him when I’m given the chance. [Teo and Annie] don’t get as close as I’d like her to get (laughs). That’s how you know this is a fictional show – not as close as I’d like her to get, but she cares about him a lot and starts sacrificing things to save him.” – Piper

4. Does Agent Calder have a hidden agenda?

“He says he’s the youngest station chief in 20 years in South America, which is true. And he’s ambitious. So the question is – I think this is the real dichotomy – is that people who are successful and usually ahead, one or two things and maybe both exist. One, you know, definitely ambition and they’re talented. Or, they’re also ruthless and potentially have an agenda. So which is it for him? I think that has to reveal itself. Is he someone who’s just really damn good, very committed, and wants to do the right thing and is really great at that? Or is he somebody that has maybe benefited from a few shortcuts because he’s willing to do things that other people aren’t willing to do? And maybe he has an agenda. I don’t know. Only the future will tell.” – Hill

5. Given all these new revelations, what can we expect from Arthur and Joan’s relationship going forward?

“As I’ve been hoping all along, there will be a bond between Arthur and Joan that’s stronger than people realize, that I feel like we’ve been playing all along, you know? It’s very interesting to shake up what we’ve become accustomed to, just like life, you know? You’re walking down the street and all of a sudden, something happens in your life has changed. That whole event will hopefully be another way to reveal something about Kari and Arthur. And again, we’ve kind of sensed it was there, but we’ll have a chance to sort of see in detail the depth of that. So that’s what I’m hoping. I’m really excited about that actually because I love being a dad.” – Peter

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the season so far?

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