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Gerard Butler Leaves London Nightclub with Mystery Gal

Gerard Butler Leaves London Nightclub with Mystery Gal

Gerard Butler emerges from the Le Baron Club with a mystery gal in the early hours of the morning on Friday (July 26) in London, England.

The 43-year-old actor got into a cab by himself and reportedly drove around the block before returning to pick up the mystery gal, who climbed into the back seat with him.

In case you missed it, watch the teaser trailer for Gerard‘s upcoming animated film How to Train Your Dragon 2.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler leaving the club with a mystery gal…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 01
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 02
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 03
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 04
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 05
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 06
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 07
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 08
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 09
gerard butler leaves london nightclub with mystery gal 10

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  • Verity

    So he thought once he left to drive around the block the paparazzi would magically disappear? Is he stupid?

  • pinoy

    Geez… what this man does is so disrespectful. He uses girls in needs

  • kelly

    wow just wow what more can I say I have lost all respect …….

  • TeaCakes

    Sitting back with popcorn, anyone want some? LOL

  • kelly

    ill take some teacakes pass the salt and can I grab a coke!!!!! im just floored at how he makes this girl/women duck down in the seat who the hell does that not any self respecting women I know ……

  • TeaCakes

    His gf Madalina Ghenea is way betterlooking than this woman. How old is she, I wonder? There must be something going down between Butler and Maddie. Here’s the woman, Hannah Bhuiya. Never heard of her.

  • Can’tGetEnough Bumped into Gerard Butler today, great actor and awesome man! Had a nice convo and took a picture with him :D

  • FFS

    The whole world doesn’t revolve around looks, Teabag. Other human traits are far more important.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    ShaunaCarabini Shauna Carabini 23m
    Oh hey there… Who’s that? Oh ,. Just Gerard Butler.. No biggie #starstruck

  • TeaCakes

    @kelly: Agreed! I’m not really much of a fan of his any more. He’s too skeevy for me, too unsettled and weird. He looks like he hasn’t sleep in a month.

  • Oh

    Is it a one night stand?

  • ohh lookie

    He’s got a date for the theater.

  • C.A.

    Well I will be going to London in august… allow me to hunt him down and smack him with loving regards from all you JJ’ers LOL ;)

  • dch

    Finally made it to JJ. Let the games begin.

  • Bring on the Brickbats

    Good lord JJ – were you afraid the last thread would crash the site if you didn’t get a new one up soon, regardless of the fact that this is THE lamest excuse for a post ever?
    There’s nothing to this. Poor woman didn’t want to be seen because of the speculation anyone in Butler’s presence causes. All of this brouhaha proves the point.

  • Just to say

    @What a shame….(Not): “There goes the pathetic lie and theory that his mum doesnt like her some of the garbage people make is unbelievable, and now even some jealous ones will say shes lying making it up they cant just accept the truth”
    That she is making it up. She claimed in an earlier interview that she spent Christmas in Scotland and that she and Gerry’s mom hit it off right away and became the best of friends and were constantly calling and texting each other. She wasn’t in Scotland at Christmas and the part about getting on with Margaret and calling each other was taken from an article about Jenifer Aniston and Gerry’s mom. Mg can’t even come up with anything original, she takes stories about other people and claims it’s her.

  • Theatre Date

    @ohh lookie: The lady resembles his previous publicist Joy.

  • Nice to See

    @TeaCakes. will grab the popcorn also.

    A few things. Actually there are things in perception to like about this female:

    She is established
    Nice facial features (that appear to be her own)
    Sade look-a-like (sort of) but a smaller version
    Classy looking
    Love the fact that this person seems to have “their own” and he does not have to build her

    Other than sitting on that floor..she appears chic, cheeky.

    Catching up, she probably does not want to be a part of the publicity. Do not rule that one out. Any 40+ woman, especially who is established would not want to be part of the nonsense. The floor is not my cup of tea but pap reasons might can understand the action. I would not have done it just use jacket or purse to avoid paps.

    For starters, Gerard needs an already established woman.

    It’s actually good to see him with someone else. This one does have a fresh face like Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

    Gerard you need an already established woman. God speedily bless him the one for him.

  • Ole Saying

    @TeaCakes. Remember it’s about

    Quality not quantity.

  • cupcake

    I can’t believe this a thread.

  • Agree

    @Just to say“:she takes stories about other people and claims it’s her.”

    Yes, like the vacation in Scotland. She claimed they hired a car and slept in it and stayed at guest houses and castles. It was all lies. The vacation took place but GB took it himself before he even met her and he spoke about it in an interview. She just took the story and added herself to it to make it look they had vacationed together.

  • 💗 GFW 💗

    #16 carried over so I will…
    by me…
    1. Charles Dickens museum*
    2. Grant Museum of Zoology
    3. Horniman museum (no pun intended)
    4. Pollock’s Toy museum
    5. Throw clay at Wheelhouse Pottery
    6. Handel House museum
    *Please see and report back. I just watched Edwin Drood.
    ~K 💗 💗

    Solely because I’m thinking of myself I think in addition to the above mentioned ideas Gerry could, perhaps if so disposed, hit a few of these places to sport a new look. I think the tired dark tee, the heather-gray one with the signage on it, might be in need of being sent to laundry. As I’m sure his hotel has.

    That said, might I suggest to add a bit of choice in your life much like, say, clubbing…
    B Store
    A Butcher of Distinction
    Matche’s menswear

    I am delighted he attended some theater! I am. Despite his knack for grubbing about in unsavory places with disreputable characters, for some people in his life, with some he is a true and honest man. And true and honest men are very rare birds indeed in this world we live in now.
    Dressed, Piano Kingston looks inviting to wear your new duds to. Or The Piano Group. Positive they are nothing like The Grille [here] or The Box [there] but the point is, it is atmosphere for certain peace, and where the otherness about us can be with us, that we’re soliciting by making such suggestions.
    ~K ®

  • just saying

    It’s about time JJ that you create this new site.

  • Agree

    @tedious: “Show me a photo of her and Margaret side by side and grinning from ear to ear, and Gerry hasn’t got a gun to his mother head, maybe.”

    They will have some job as no such photo exists.

  • Staged

    @TeaCakes: What’s really strange is all the while Maddy is doing damage control from the Ro trip and posting sarcasm and giving interviews about HOW much they are in a serious relationship , the BadBoy boyfriend is doing EVERYTHING in his power to shoot it down. He wanted to be papped the other night and he wanted THIS headline. He has been playing the game long enough to be seen and unseen when he wants. I have a question for anyone who will answer ,is it true before Maddy started dating Gerard , she had not been home in 10yrs ? If that’s true then it’s all about her getting the attention from being with him.

  • Peekaboo

    Personally, I would hide under a jacket or stick my bag in front of my face and put the shades on. I probably wouldn’t sit on the floor of the cab, though. Not all of us enjoy cameras, or want our photograph taken, with a celebrity or at any other time. I’ve heard the narcissist fameho types enjoy it, though.

  • LemonHead

    Wonder what Gerard Butler was thinking as he held this womans body down to the floor of the cab (pic #3)? Himself. Since this is already all over the web, where’d the picture of her head bobbing up beside his legs go?

  • Penelope

    Who’s got money on “I’m not a d.o.u.c.h.e.b.a.g. who cheats on his girlfriend right after visiting her family in Romania” / “I’m not a golddigger fameho who lets a Hollywood actor user her as he pleases so long as he gets my name in headlines” damage control pictures of Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea together within the next week or two?
    I DO!! I DO!!
    These are two of the lowest people I’ve ever seen in my life. Lives in the gutter. No respect. No dignity. No class.
    So what do you think? A week before the damage control pics of them together come out? Less than a week? Two weeks?

  • @27

    He was thinking this will rid me of speculation I’m getting married in August for starters?
    He was thinking this will rid me of speculation I’m engaged?
    He was thinking how easy this is to create such noise to make some look like they overshot their mark?

  • Peekaboo

    I’m with you. We should be seeing a pap stroll in the next week to ten days, max. I’m expecting it. These two are completely predictable, and their game is getting stale and smelly.

  • @25

    You have The post of the night award regardless of time-zones. You have been right all along, staged. Or sadly good gone bad.
    This man (Butler) understands what is going down, literally.
    Do NOT f***k with Scorpios.

  • @TeaCakes


    So nothing new! We didn’t even know MG last year! This one has been a stylist for years, made a name for herself long before MG had to hook up with rich men to get noticed!

  • Madalina Ghenea Has No Pride

    @Verity: “So he thought once he left to drive around the block the paparazzi would magically disappear? Is he stupid?”

    Nah. Gerard Butler is a pro-clubber. His best friend is Ronnie Madra who owns clubs. GB knows that the photographers are outside these clubs and follow celebrities as they leave to see what deviance they might be up to. GB picked up this woman knowing it would be photographed, knowing the tabloids would run with it, and knowing that the tabloids would be asking “but what about your girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea?”

    GB put Madalina in this humiliating position on purpose. Whether it’s because he just thinks he should be able to do what he wants and Madalina just has to deal with it or because he is taking a deliberate shot at her, he did this on purpose.

    Doesn’t matter though. Madalina has no pride. She’ll hold on to him for as long as GB will have her – however he wants to have her. If it’s just when he wants to see her – Madalina will be there whenever that is. If he wants to get a piece on the side – Madalina will be there when he gets back. So long as Madalina is his Top Beetch, gets the girlfriend label, gets introduced to people who can help her along in her career, and gets the fancy vacations around the globe – she’ll be there for whatever Gerard Butler wants whenever he wants it.

    Just wait. You’ll see her with him again. She has no pride or self-respect. She’ll be there when he calls.

  • Peekaboo

    Come to think of it, it will probably be this weekend, because that’s when that Italian magazine puts out the issue with her interview, so she’ll want publicity (through him again *cough*), for that.

  • Becky

    @Madalina Ghenea Has No Pride: I’m not dating anyone famous, but if I was, and he did something as stupid as this without thinking how it would affect me, I’d dump his azz. That’s just so thoughtless and mean. He had to know this would cause a sheetstorm for her in the media. Madalina posted on one of her public Facebook pages that they worked out their relationship just hours before these photos were taken. What a blindside.
    I agree that she has no pride. No one who dates Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler all in one year without caring that it makes her look like a Hollywood ho has any self-respect. No one who doesn’t care that the reason magazines are interested in interviewing her is because of who has been in bed with her has any self-respect. No one who makes a name for herself because of who has been in her bed has any self-respect.
    But that doesn’t make it okay for Gerry to be this kind of a thoughtless, mean, cold jerk. I mean this goes well beyond inconsiderate, because you’re right, he knows how the paparazzi work. This is just really callus and mean of him.

  • Old pro

    GB has been going to these clubs for a long time. There are old photos of him coming out of these same clubs over the years. He knows exactly what happens. The paps wait outside because these places are frequented by royalty and celebs, and they are there all night. If he didn’t want to get caught, he wouldn’t have. He knows what he’s doing.

  • WTF!!!! Use Some Common Sense

    @Staged: I agree with you on this one….He knew the paps would be following him, he counted on it!!!!

  • LemonHead

    @OldPro I dont think so. The uncomfortable deer in the headlights look and the press hold he had on that woman to the floor of the cab was hardly a magicians/contortionists trick. Impossible to make her completely disappear. Wish those other photos circulating the web were including in JJ’s.

  • WTF!!!! Use Some Common Sense

    Hey there sorry if i didn’t write respond on the other thread….I have been gone most of the day, just checked jj before I had to leave…Forgive me????

  • TeaCakes

    @@TeaCakes: If the old bag he’s seen with here is so great, wonder what she thinks about him cheating on his gf, “if” these two did the dirty? What kind of woman goes off for a one-nighter with a major man-h/o like him knowing he has a gf he just took a vacay with a week ago? Doesn’t say much for the rep of this unknown stylist. I never heard of her, have you before bj-in-a-taxigate?

  • Laurie

    @Penelope: Put me down for within a week to 10 days that they’ll be photographed together again. Do I get bonus points for guessing that Madalina will be “THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!” on Facebook?
    @Madalina Ghenea Has No Pride: True dat.

  • Bonnie. UK

    @Staged: Spot on, of course he knows what he is doing. He definitely wanted this headline, I don’t think there will be any more walkabouts for MG. No more fake PR romance.

  • Old pro

    @LemonHead: What don’t you agree with? Do you think he honestly didn’t think he’d get caught? Remember, in terms of the facial expressions, he’s an actor. Or “was” an actor, judging by the way things are going.

  • Rosa

    This is not news to all of us here, c’mon! But I have to say that reading the comments from poster “kelly” who has always been a stalwart supporter of GB no matter what, that maybe he has hit his proverbial rock bottom. Staged? B’S! Doctored photos? Nah, don’t think so. Maybe this is what everyone has been praying for. For the truth to set him free. That often means hitting rock bottom. This reality extends well beyond him alone to all of his fans. For all the justifications, it appears that Gerard Butler’s fans have hit rock bottom right along with him. The free passes they are handing out are an insult. Seeing the writing on the wall now and hope everyone sane has also. It’s hard to believe that there are people who support his every move, just to get a glimpse of a FB photo once a day from a random fan. He’s the worst kind of joke now.

  • Rosa

    @Bring on the Brickbats: YOU are brilliant!! Thank you!

  • LemonHead

    If he was trying to send a message to MG, he simple would have sat upright alongside this woman in the seat…put his arm around her, perhaps kissed her, smiled, and waved… The phrase “It is, what it is”..speaks volumes… , not crouching tiger, hidden dragon…

  • Beaverstasia Anahausen

    He doesn’t look happy in any of these pictures. He doesn’t look happy with her at all, he looks more like he wants to get drunk. Is he still on the sauce?

  • Rosa

    @💗 GFW 💗: From your pen to God’s ears, sweetheart, but you are wasting your time. Your endless worship of him has more than likely helped with his undoing. You obviously have no idea the damage you might have done given your alleged relationship with him and the subsequent career and life damage you have done to him by posting on a gossip board. Did he actually trust you once? Did you betray him, GFW, by posting here after you assured him he could trust you?

    And this is me, yes, Rosa. Not a troll, not a sock. Just an honest and disappointed fan.

  • @TeaCakes


    I guess that makes Gerry an old bag too as he’s the same age as the woman!

    Surprised that he may actually for a change want somebody mature and not just for looks, somebody he can have a good time with without her calling the paps about it and playing games a 12-yr old wouldn’t play?

    FYI, your girl MG is not a saint either and not any better than him unless you believe the B.S. she’s still a virgin!

  • Beaverstasia Anahausen

    @Rosa: Kathy doesn’t have a relationship with Gerry except when the cryptic voices in her head take over.