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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'American Hustle' Trailer!

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'American Hustle' Trailer!

Check out Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in the newly released trailer for their collaboration with David O. Russell, American Hustle.

Also featured in the trailer are co-stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and more!

Here’s a synopsis: The story of a con artist and his partner in crime, who were forced to work with a federal agent to turn the tables on other cons, mobsters, and politicians – namely, the volatile mayor of impoverished Camden, New Jersey.

Look out for American Hustle, in theaters on December 25.

“American Hustle” Trailer
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  • http://- Kate

    Looks AMAZING!! I’m sure it’ll be big at next years Oscars!

  • Fresh

    The whole cast is vanilla. They should hire some more people of different races. Just my opinion.

  • hmmm


    Yeah I agree considering the era it looks out of place…but then again this reminds me alot of the film GoodFellas so…that only focused group ….Looks good and will be on my winter see list.

  • ugh

    really jared?? the movie’s leading roles are Christian and Amy, and you use these 2 supporting roles to be the higlight of the post? ridiculous.

  • Summer

    I’ll be seeing this. The cast look great.

  • Summer

    * looks

  • Katherina

    It’s totally understandable: Jen is trending now because of The Hunger Games.
    But anyway, trailer is HOT! Amy, Christian and other cast are absolutely perfect)

  • pbs

    looks good .. definitely will see it ..2 of my favorite actors are in it .. Bale , Adams . Great leads also the supporting cast not too bad ! THe styling of that era was kinda ugly ..LOL..



  • lima

    Amy Adams looks like she’s going to OWN this movie. The trailer looks really great with the Zep music. Bale looks good as well. I can already sense this movie massacre-ing Awards Season

  • Chris

    And Jenn is going to ruin one more movie which has an amazing plot and great cast…pfff

  • i

    Not really impressed. The Wolf of Wall Street looks more promising.

  • David

    LOL this looks so awful if they’re hoping another Oscar next year well they are dreaming ! poor them ! and seriously silver linnings playbook was the most overrated movie of all time and so is Lawrence as an actress !

  • kara85


    ruin? *rolls eyes* lol
    how exactly? like hunger games where she is the lead and the movie is both a critical hit at 85% rotten tomatoes and also, a box office success at nearly 700 million dollars or silver lining playbook where she is also co-lead and this movie is also a critical and box office success, plus the 8 oscar nominations etc etc
    Funny how she ruins all these movies like SLP, Winter bones and Hunger games. lol those movies were ruined by being both a critical hit and box office success LOL
    May be her acting is not up to your taste but, it seems many people in the industry think, who know more about acting , think she has talent which I personally completely agree IMO.

  • kara85


    and it seems you have awful taste in movies IMO
    Your opinion is not universal, as evidence by the movie being both a critical and box office hit and earning Jennifer an Oscar so stay press I guess. JMO

  • adriana

    Oh my god Amy Adams is so hot

  • Teddy VonVuten

    the brilliant Silver Linings was so quiet and this looks so loud.

  • Melissa

    Why is this site always pro-Bradley Cooper?

  • Toni

    Oh wow. I’m so seeing this!

    I wish the trailer a little more about the plot though :P

  • http://P mmmmm

    Can’t stand Cooper now that he’s dating minors. Every time I see him and his jailbait girlfriend a little bit of sick comes up on my mouth. To me that shows what a disgusting creep he is. That means he’s always been checking out girls who are the same age as One Direction. I would never finance his lifestyle by seeing his movies now. Sick of all these HW types getting away with bullshiiit behaviour because they are “artists”.

  • allison

    Looks like Bale is schooling Cooper on how to really act. Cooper gets his hair curled but doesn’t even try to change your voice.

  • Queenie

    Christian Bale and Amy Adams look spectacular. Jennifer Lawrence looks too young for her part, and Bradley Cooper looks “meh” and upstaged by Bale.

  • TurnipGreens

    Christian Bale looks pretty interesting in this.. Was that Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence getting spanked on top of that desk by Bale?

  • sweetness


    Actually it’s a better idea to sell Amy adams as supporting and NOT lead..if she wants to win an Oscar. As a lead she is up against Meryl Streep in another amazing performance and Julia Roberts..not mention Cate Blanchett is getting amazing buzz for her role in Blue Jasmine..sooo if she is sold as in a supporting role she is the strongest contender to win.

  • http://P mmmmm

    Cooper doesn’t have much range. He’s probably playing the same character from SLP but with a perm and seventies suits. The guy is overrated. It would have been overlooked a little while longer if he hadn’t start dating minors.

  • dan

    amy looks hot in this movie, she definitely has a sexy side and its nice that we get to see that for a change. i think she has a prettier face than jens tbh

  • Cate

    This is definitely going to be serious awards bait! I’m excited to see everyone especially Amy Adams get to play a very different role. She doesn’t usually get to play sexy vixen characters even though she is very pretty.

  • Teddy VonVuten

    I don’t get all the hate for Bradley, he deserved his Oscar nom for Silver Linings, his performance was sublime.

  • sweetness

    I don’t get the hate for Bradley either. It’s his business who he dates… He received accolades for his work in SLP because he gave a nuanced performance..And even if people choose to think Bale is better..keep in mind Bale can’t act alone. He’s an actor who also needs to work off other actors in order to seem good. At one point he looked weak next to Heath Ledger who played the Joker so it varies from role to role who is good and when onscreen.

  • what

    And the movie is about…… ?

  • Ava

    Jennifer looks so hot and I can’t wait to see in this , her plaing sex kitten. And what can you say about Amy Adams the girl look fierce in this role And Bale is one of the best actors of his generation.. …going for sure on Christmas night to see this.

  • Nic

    I’ve already watched the trailer 10 times, this looks so good… And this is a proper trailer, a great song that goes with the movie and the era.. That sh*t song from Kanye West ruined the Wolf of Wallstreet trailer for me, as if there weren’t 100 great 80′s songs that they could have used instead of that god awful song.

  • Pat

    Jennifer Lawrence looks so yummy just want take a bite out of her, Bale is acting the sh*t of this role, Oscar here it comes.

  • just

    amy adams is really great and fantastic as always, just this trailer is not showing that much to say anything, like amy is the main actress here or more important than!by her hair style, jen reminds me of sharone stone in casino somehow! all the movie is like mix of casino with american gangester or something! just don’t think it would be that great for oscar! we ‘re seeing thiese kind of movies like this almost every year! just don’t think this movie has the chance for the oscar since the rivals are 12 years salvery or that other movie about the blake servant of white house, the wolf of wall street,etc. there r some other movies on the way such as runner runner which can be at the type of this movie! i just know this year there r lots of a-lister actors/actresses in the row and the competition is really hard, just hope the best of best get the oscar this year!

  • Zila

    @sweetness… Amy Adams is killing it this trailer, please Juila Roberts is no threat and Meryle Streep acting in the trailer for August : Osage was so underwhelming, Amy Adams can more then compete for BEST ACTRESS and win.. why you would even argue that is weird, especially with Julia Roberts as your example.

  • LemonHead

    Wow, both Adams and Lawrence are being made up to look like vixens in this movie, when they are both usually cast in ‘good girl next door’ roles. I thought Robert Deniro was supposed to be in this film, yet I don’t see him in the trailer.

  • beautybarbie


  • fernanda

    sweetness, honey, keep delusional that Cooper can act and not bale. as you said, Do you think that, most people do not. nothing against Cooper, I think he is an ok actor and has picked good roles lately and deserved his Oscar nomination. but bale is simply a superior actor. and as to the Ledger ‘Joker seriously when anyone doing Batman will be no longer be shadowed by someone doing the Joker?

    I agree with what someone said about Cooper and Lawrence taking the headline, it’s ridiculous. Bale and Adams are the leads.

  • R.

    Looks fantastic!!…really looking forward to this and my GOD Jennifer Lawrence is soooo freaking HOT!!. Talent plus Sex Appeal!….love her!.

  • Albie

    I am all about this!

  • Eddy

    American Hustle and the Counsler are the two movie I’m dying to see after watching their trailers so far and there’s no way that Adams and Bale don’t get nominated for awards for this movie, can’t tell how good the others acting is from the trailer, just the Jennifer Lawernce face is f-ing out of this world, her and Amy look so hot as female fatales.

  • Chrissy

    Amy Adams stood out from the rest

  • http://P mmmmm

    @ Teddy VonVuten @ sweetness

    Can’t stand prev enablers like you. Your the type of people who’d support Polanski and Allen. I sure there are some great plumbers and electricians but if I know they prevs I am not gonna employ them. Talented people are like peebles on the sand. Don’t be so lazy. Anyways Cooper ain’t all that as an actor. If you gonna support an actor go for the ones who don’t date jail bait.

  • Daisy

    Just by looking at the trailer you can alreaydy tell what an amazing performance Bale and Adams are going to give in this movie. Coop not so much, probably too preoccupied with his kid gf during filming.

  • adriana

    Can we talk about Amy Adams and her most definite Oscar nom in the leading role. She’ll finally be rightfully nominated in that category. Let’s all think of it as the Academy’s ‘sorry’ for not giving her a nomination for Enchanted to begin with.

  • free

    this looks really good.

  • juicy lucy

    The only standout performances in AH were Bales, Renner and Adams. Cooper was just meh. I seriously doubt that working with Danial Day Lewis could raise the level of his mediocre acting.

  • LOL

    @juicy lucy: Haha what a hater. You can tell that from a 90 second trailer with almost no dialogue?

  • Rosie

    The only one who looks good in this movie is Jeremy Renner in my option.( of the mens) I like The Wolf of Wall Street more than American Hustle from the trailer . Even I like Bale more than Dicaprio I hope that Leo gets an Oscar for his movie. Also Leo Dicaprio looks waaaay better in The Wolf of Wall street as Bale in AH srsly. I don’t understand why Christian Bale doesn’t play in roles where he looks “good” like as Bruce Wayne . Leo plays in roles where he looks quite attractive the great gatsby and now his new one. I don’t know why but I really like CB in his roles as a big rich powerfull man who can act like an asshole but at least he’s attractive and good looking. This Characters are not warming up to me just JLaw’s character I feel bad for her because she’s so pretty and has a husband who is not really attractive and than cheats on her. Where she cries in the trailer infront of Amys character is really sad :( she reminds me of my aunt from the look and a little from the character .Whatever this is just my option this movie is ok but Oscar worthy …….?:/

  • MAT

    @mmmmm: Suki Waterhouse is not a minor. Yes she is very young (IMO too young for him) but there is nothing illegal about it.

    @allison: Why would he need to change his voice like Bale? Bradley Cooper doesn’t have a Welsch accent. His normal voice suits the region of this film just fine.

    The random hate in the comments makes no sense to me.