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Miranda Kerr Receives Kiss on the Cheek from Flynn!

Miranda Kerr Receives Kiss on the Cheek from Flynn!

Miranda Kerr carries her adorable son Flynn while exiting Milk Studios on Wednesday (July 31) in New York City.

The 30-year-old Australian supermodel was seen flashing a smile while her two-year-old son planted a kiss on her cheek.

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Check out Miranda as the face of Mango for the Fall-Winter 2013 ad campaign below!

“The clothing is especially fun this season with a punk-inspired edge. I loved that Inez and Vinoodh kept the look of the campaign very raw and natural and I think it complements the collection very well. They did a fantastic job, as always!” Miranda shared about the brand.

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miranda kerr receives kiss on the cheek from flynn 02
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miranda kerr receives kiss on the cheek from flynn 04
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  • Sara

    So cute!
    Flynn is just such a beautiful, sweet child.

  • Ava

    This kid is so fuzen adorable , such a sweet kid.

  • VIP

    Flynn is a cute boy. I’m not a fan of her VS work but all her MANGO shoots have been so stylish.

  • so sweet

    he’s too cute for words… such a little bundle of joy!!

  • kasia

    It would literally be impossible not to smile at this

  • Belle

    so precious!

  • danielle

    he’s sooo big… love them

  • Anon

    Flynn is such a cutie. Love seeing pics of Flynn with Miranda and Orlando.

  • oscar

    I love this kid. He always has a smile on his face even when being followed the paparazzi. I bet even the paparazzi are like damn, he’s adorable.

  • ta

    Too precious!

  • adambrodyrocks

    flynn looks like dad, but is a mommy’s boy for sure

  • Reba

    Love the look in the ad campaign! I’d by it!

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  • octopusmagnificens

    Miranda is superhot.

  • ok

    Already showing the boy how to act in front of the camera. I dread for him.
    I know modeling is this woman’s job but can she be anymore narcissistic? Jessus Christ. She makes me love models like Adriana, Doutzen and Gisele even more; they are private people are more successful I might add.

  • goog

    It’s happening, irrelevance is creeping in on her. Why did VS and DJ have to do this to her?

  • P

    @ok: She’s not showing him how to act in from of the camera, he’s like that in front of the cameras.

  • siennagold

    This kid is so adorable. He always has a smile to his face!

  • @15

    Oh please he’s TWO years old & like most little kids his age he’s learned how to smile for the camera regardless of who is holding it. Flynn wouldn’t understand at all about papparazzi.

    Miranda is smart to stay calm & just smile when the paps call out things to make him smile so he doesn’t get scared & upset him unnecessarily unlike poor Suri Cruise.

    Your suggestion that Miranda has somehow made Flynn smile just for the
    paps is sick & twisted.

    I see plenty of papparazzi pics of Gisele with her kids every week.

    I’ve also seen pics of Adriana & Doutzen in magazines but they don’t live in NY so you don’t see them as often.

    It has nothing to do with privacy. It has been said many times there are lots of paps in NY & LA that’s why you see so many pics of celebrities going about their business.

    You will use any excuse to insult Miranda simply because your jealous of her popularity otherwise you wouldn’t keep bringing up Adiana’s name!!!

  • so lame

    That you choose to lie only goes to show you’re well aware of Miranda’s attention seeking actions (then again one has to be brain dead to not know this). Why are you lying about seeing Gisele’s kid every week? To justify Miranda’s relationship with the paps? Why? No one is going to say we don’t see her baby but every week? Girl please stop. No one is going to beat Miranda in the paps department… No matter how much more you’re famous and successful you are than her…and the secret behind that is she phones them as often as her breath intake.
    Gisele, Doutzen, Adriana and Alessandra don’t live in New York per se…but they are present there for the better part of a year for photo shoots and events….yet still those ladies go in and out of the airports without a single pap in sight (most of the time).
    One might think if the paps follow her because of her nonexistent popularity, then they’d be moving heaven and earth to get a picture of Kate Upton, who’s like two lifetimes more popular and relevant than Miranda can ever wish for. Yet still we get candids from Kate far less than from this famewhore.
    And why are you getting on Adriana? Lol don’t even go there. Wish her fans would come in here and teach you the basics of a supermodel and a paparazzi model.

  • Lol

    You idiotic haters actually think that you can force a two and a half year old to perform for photographers? Without a lot if coaching?
    There are more pics out there showing how Flynn puckered up and grabbed Miranda around the neck to pull in for a kiss. All this while Miranda is just walking, facing forward. That sweet child kissed his mum because he wanted to. How hard is that for you simpletons to admit?
    And we always see pap pics of Adriana when she is in NYC. And when she isn’t in NYC, she’s inviting paps to watch her work out. And Doutzen always makes a point to call the paps when she takes her family to the beach. Private my rear end.
    Oh, and btw, Miranda just scored another Vogue editorial.
    Just thought that you would want to know that. That way you can start to organize your ‘if it isn’t American Vogue it doesn’t mean anything’ attacks. All the while throwing heaps of praise on Doutzen for scoring Vogue Outer Mongolia on other sites. Come on. Get that hypocrisy organized.
    Such idiots.

  • tam

    You cretins still haven’t explained why more than nine paps showed up to take her picture. How could that be worth their while, even if she did call them? Simple. Their numbers prove that she doesn’t HAVE to call them.
    After all of your years of lies, is common sense now impossible for you to comprehend?

  • guest4114

    this Family is too beautiful for words!

  • Vivienne

    Flynn is a mom’s boy.He loves Miranda so much

  • @20…

    Alessandra is papped in LA all the time. You see pics of her in the Daily Mail at least twice a week sometimes more… on their site & see for yourself.

    Kate Upton is also featured on the DM site as well, at the moment they have 3 articles about her. Last week & the previous week as well with Cameran Diaz & another of Kate topless on the beach…..again search the site & see for yourself.

    There have been several articles about Gisele in the last week, pics of her in a bikini, walking her dog and with her baby… the site!

    Adriana & Doutzen are not featured as much because as I said they dont live in LA or NY BUT when they are in NY they do get papped.

    So once again YOU are being a hypocrite.

    YOU have a double standard when it comes to Miranda, one rule for other models but a different set for Miranda.

    We have told you over & over again about the paps in NY knowing where celebrities live because of there not being underground parking in their apartment buildings so they use a car & driver. So celebrities get papped entering & leaving their buildings.

    Your extreme jealousy of Miranda is very obvious but what is more creepy is that you’re jealous on behalf of another model…..that’s just plain weird.

    Soon it will be the VS fashion show so hopefully there should be lots of pics of Adriana for you to look at. I saw Karlie & Behati promoting VS just
    yesterday but no Adriana, maybe she was just busy that day???

  • lok

    Lol.gurl as an Adriana and Gisele fan, I’m here to tell you all you’re spewing here is utter BS and pathetic lieeess…. The candids of Adriana boxing were taken in Miami. She has been in New York countless times these past few weeks for photo shoots but she wasn’t photographed by the paps. Gisele also posted a photo at instagram for some photo shoot wearing a Vetsace suit IN NEW YORK and the paps were no where to be found! Let’s face it, for every one time these women get papped, Mtranda gets papped like 8 times (whether in New York or elsewhere) which is very unrealistic.
    She’s more important than those women, eh?
    And the fact that you’re gloating about a Vogue editorial says a lot. It says just how weak her portfolio is.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: A Miranda Kerrdashian paparazzi stroll with her brat before departing on yet another trip, all in the name of “slowing down.”

  • @19, 20, 21, 22, 25

    Aren’t you the one always blathering on about sockpuppets??

  • lok

    @@19, 20, 21, 22, 25: umm the hell are you talking about? You can’t handle the common truth so your sick self is telling you it has got to be the same person? Wake up chum lmao. She’s an attention ho aka common knowledge. DEAL!

  • @26

    Lol! You just admitted that Adriana called the paps to watch her work out. LOL! You just make this waaaay too easy.
    And what? We’ve seen lots of recent pics of Gisele.
    I guess that you have a very selective memory, eh?

  • VIP

    OMG, here we go again. Some people should just commit themselves.

  • ya know…

    There are lots and lots of famous people who live in NYC. Actors and actresses and musicians who are far more famous, have actual talent and something real to contribute to this world and they are not papped anywhere near as often as this useless woman is. It’s not because pics of them won’t sell, it’s because they don’t alert the paparazzi to their every move and go to great lengths to protect their privacy because they actually do value their privacy unlike this woman who claims to want privacy but they courts the paparazzi by smiling for them and flirting with them and allowing them to takes pics of her kid.

  • @32

    Huh? We see pics of other celebs and models in NY all the time.
    maybe you don’t realize this because you don’t stalk them across the internet like you do Miranda.
    And AGAIN….if her pics didn’t sell, the paps wouldn’t wait for her en masse like they do.
    Are you too simple to understand such a basic concept? Or is it the logic of that statement that causes you such confusion?

  • @33

    Are you too simple to understand that you don’t know this woman so you don’t know what she is capable of or to what lengths she will go to be famous? I know you think she is beyond reproach but in her line of work, NO ONE is actually innocent of gross extremes in self promotion. She calls the paps. Just like tons of other celebs call the paps. You can’t accuse other actors/models/whoever of doing it and exempt Miranda. THAT is being simple and naïve. And stupid.

  • @34

    Uhmmm, her fans aren’t the ones claiming that other people call the paps, but not her. You idiot haters are the ones claiming that other celebs don’t call them, but she does.
    And you have yet to answer the question of why so many paps show up if she has to call them.
    Why don’t you put aside your hypocrisy for one minute and see common sense for a change?
    Why is that so hard for you?
    Is it such a foreign concept?

  • lok

    I for one I’m not claiming other models/celebs don’t call the paps, I’m saying she does. And you don’t want to accept that. Heck a lot of celebs call them, even A listers, but it’s the rare ones like Kim K and Miranda K that do it to an excess with a ruthless PR strategy so thirsty for fame it qualifies them famewhores. Sorry, spend a lifetime denying it but it’s the reality.
    Where exacly do you live? Do you people don’t know about pop culture? I mean this is basic knowledge to not just people obsessed with celebs but anyone who reads magazines and what not. Then again, there’s always a chance you’re playing dumb, in denial etc.
    LOL BYE <3

  • @35

    You’re a Republican, aren’t you?

    @36 This is my point. Her fans think they know so much about Hollywood and celebrity and how PR works but, in reality, they haven’t got a clue. She calls the paps and when they arrive she smiles and poses and slows down so they can get a good ling string of pics an she flirts and plays with her hair and makes sure the kid smiles and shows off her handbag…just like everyone else. If someone, any celebrity, gets papped as much as MK does, I don’t care who that person is, it is because they tip off the paps, pay them and do whatever else it takes to make sure they get their picture taken.

  • Ha

    Gotta love the haters.
    Whenever they can’t come up with an answer, they just plough through like it was never asked.
    They claim that Miranda isn’t famous, and that no one cares about her, but they can’t explain why her pictures show up on gossip sites around the world.
    They claim that she calls the paps, yet can’t explain away pap pics from other models and celebs.
    They claim that she calls the paps yet can’t explain why so many show up.
    Typical hater MO. Pathetic losers with one agenda. Keep lying no matter what. LOL

  • @38

    Yup. You’re a Republican.

  • @38

    The pics of Miranda sell an show up in tabloids an blogs but that does not mean that she isn’t overexposed, that the blogs (like Just Jared) aren’t oversaturated with her and other celebrities like her who call the paps and court them, encourage them the way she does. The pics of all of them sell but that doesn’t take away from the extreme lengths they go to make sure the pics are taken in the first place…you pathetic, willfully obtuse loser with your own one agenda.

  • Dee


    And you are an idiot.

  • @39

    LOL! That has to be the most ridiculous comment yet.
    Especially since it’s you haters who like to pretend to be shocked by photo spreads containing any n*dity at all. Or by any mention of s*xuality.
    Those comments scream tea party losers, if anything..
    And extreme measures to make sure that pics are taken? You mean that extreme measure of *gasp* walking OUTSIDE????? LOL!
    Do you realize how STUPID you sound?

  • @42

    And they still haven’t explained away the number of paps that show up.
    Go figure.

  • lok

    @@42: I didn’t know it was impossible for a mind to grasp that a famewhore would go out of her way to call every pap she can lol.
    I can tell you’re so pressed right now.

  • @44…

    You really are showing your true colors.

    You can’t argue that Miranda is not successful, popular & famous because there is to much evidence to prove you wrong.

    For example her magazine covers, campaigns, 3.5 million followers on social media, expanding her skincare line, all the fashion & beauty articles on how to get her “look” & her health philosophy and her being on the Forbes 100 most influential celebrities list.

    So therefore your last resort is to try to attack her another way.

    Trying to put Miranda in the same category as Kim K is just desperate, cringeworthy & embarrassing but I guess you have nothing else left.

    Kim K is famous for her sex tape, taudry money making wedding, her horrible fashion style & now her crass relationship with the loathed Kanye.

    In comparison Miranda is known worldwide as a Supermodel, a successful businesswoman, best selling author, her healthy lifestyle philosophy, her elegant & feminine fashion style and that she’s happily married to a famous movie actor with a sweet adorable smiley child.

    Yet YOU would have us believe that people view them in the same way…….lololololol.

    Oh dear I think you need a new strategy as this one is to delusional even for a “hater” like yourself.

    Your obsession with Miranda has stopped you from thinking straight.

    Miranda is papped just like lots of other celebs who are famous but I suppose according to you the current pics of Alessandra in a bikini at the beach with her Husband & child is different…..right???

    Hypocrite much???

    Double standard much???

  • @44

    You haters have a conundrum.
    In order for you to explain the fact that so many paps show up to take her picture, you will have to admit that she is popular enough to make it worth their while, whether anyone called them or not. LOL
    Poor, pathetic, “pressed” haters.

  • lee

    Little Miss “private”, Gisele just posted a happy birthday message to her husband on twitter. Could she not say happy birthday in private? Did she have to post a picture of herself and Tom? Isn’t that invading HIS privacy? Hmm? Well, at least that is what you would say if Miranda did such a thing. But oh no, that is fine if Gisele does it. At least it is fine in the hater land of double standards, right? lmao

  • @45

    Best selling author?? Tell me, when was her “book” on the NYT Bestseller list and for how long?

  • @48

    It was a best seller in Australia, and was even given an award by the Australian government. It was so successful that it was translated into several different languages, and encouraged Miranda to start working on another one.
    Are you now going to reveal your xenophobic idea that America is the only place that matters? Huh? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is wondering how big of a bigot you really are. We always put your double standards down to hypocrisy, but I’m beginning to wonder….

  • @26

    Since I tend to blank out halfway through most hater rants, I missed this little gem earlier.
    “And the fact that you’re gloating about a Vogue editorial says a lot. It says just how weak her portfolio is.”
    You think that an editorial in VOGUE means nothing?
    Wow. You’re either incredibly ignorant about the fashion world, or an enormous hypocrite. No, never mind. You’re a Miranda hater. It’s no ‘either/or’ for you. You can be both. Usually at the same time.
    LOL! Idiot.