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Jennifer Aniston: 'We're the Millers' NYC Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston: 'We're the Millers' NYC Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston keeps it classy chic while attending the premiere of her latest film We’re the Millers held at The Ziegfeld Theatre on Thursday (August 1) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actress was seen receiving a kiss on the head from her co-star Jason Sudeikis on the red carpet.

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Earlier in the day, Jennifer was spotted enjoying a game of Pictionary while promoting the film on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Check out Jennifer talking about being a nudist on Chelsea Lately.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Burberry dress with Casadei shoes at the premiere.

Jennifer Aniston – Chelsea Lately Interview

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston attending the We’re the Millers premiere…

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jennifer aniston were the milliers nyc premiere 27

Photos: Starpix/JustJared, Getty
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  • shop

    Poor woman, doing her promotional rounds when she and everyone knows this movie is going be be another flop…does she have no shame anymore? LOL

  • Joy B Angie

    You didn’t see that movie.
    So shut up please.

  • DillPickle

    3 3/4 months pregnant.. Am I right?

  • Raven

    Poor Jen…her latest film We’re the Millers willbe a big flop of the year!!!Flop,flop,flop….like your carrer…like your weeding…JJ will many comments about this,for your joy!!!

  • Raven

    ,,,but I like your dress…

  • Katie C.

    Who is Jen?An actress??You believe this?? I think no….hahahahah!

  • Katie C.

    Flat arms!!

  • Katie C.

    Fat arms!!

  • Joy B Angie

    Hey Katie F U !

  • Barren old Jen

    Lord her face looks awful i wonder if she’s going to be a 60 year OLD OLD woman still wearing the hair style to hide that face her face looks processed.

  • Barren Old Cow

    The look of someone trying to smile through a botox face ans with that long chin …..SCREAM MASK. YIKES!!!!

  • Joy B Angie

    I can imagine your mom’s scream mask
    every time she is looking at you. :)

  • Yep

    Gorgeous! Real lady!

  • Dany

    @what happened:

    You summed up what I live posting here.

    Can’t compare Angelina with her.

    Angelina is the most famous woman in the world. Loved worldwide. A universal icon.

    I’m Brazilian. Here in Brazil, it is known as the ex of Brad Pitt and Rachel from Friends.

    A woman with nearly 50 years of a career useless.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jen is smoking hot

  • Harper1

    I didn’t know it was a requirement that every woman is supposed to have babies. Some of these comments on here are very childish and very superficial. Jen A is living her life her way. Jen isn’t trying to compete with anybody.

  • Sharyn

    Girl needs to unflab the arms -

  • Joy B Angie

    Her smoking is in the past.

  • Jesse

    @Harper1: Harper there is a reason. Jennifer Aniston played the sympathy card when Brad Pitt divorced her, saying she wanted to have kids. She trumped that card up so badly (and still does) She claims in ALL interviews that she wants kids & babies and blah blah blah. She tries to gain sympathy from all the women by playing the victim card but in reality, Brad wanted a family & Jen clearly didn’t (and doesn’t) which is COMPLETELY FINE! I don’t think ANYONE gives a rats asss about Jennifer Aniston having or not having a damn baby. Not every woman needs to be a mom. but if she doesn’t then at least OWN UP TO IT! Who cares that she doesn’t want kids? Well her and her publicist are the ones making an issue out of having babies! I would have soooo much more respect for her if she just freaking owned up to it like Cameron Diaz does and says she’s just too selfish to be a mom! Cameron Diaz owns up to not wanting to be a mom and nobody disrespects her for it! In fact most women respect a woman who can lay it all out there and be honest about it. But not Jennifer Aniston though. She still plays up that stupid victim card and claims she wants babies when EVERYONE knows she won’t ever have a baby. And yes, maybe one day she will adopt and more power to her but she is thee most vain, narcissistic, shallow woman in Hollywood and would never compromise any of her “good looks” and ruin her body for a baby. If she wasn’t willing to have a baby with her husband then she’s not gonna have no damn baby now. Her crazy fans are the ones clinging on to that hope that she’ll have a baby so they can say that Brad didn’t leave her because she didn’t want kids!! It’s really sad because it is NOT a requirement that every woman needs to have babies!! Hello!!! Betty White the most beloved actress of all time even said she didn’t ever want kids and never was a mom and she is so loved by all! And yeah Harper you say Jennifer is living her life her way… that’s GREAT! Then stop acting like everyone is a damn fool and pretending to want kids when you really don’t! NOBODY CARES that you’re not gonna have a baby. It just shows she’s a FAKE & a shallow liar!! And I have no respect for her cuz she plays all her fans for a fool and they fall for it while blaming big bad Angelina for coming in and giving Brad his family that he desperately wanted

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Best dress ,

  • SunnyAutumn

    She padded her stomach in a calculated move to keep her pathetic a-ss in the news. Desperate move.

  • queenzee


    Her face? What about her gut?? Talk about booze bloat.

  • Joy B Angie

    Where is a family?
    Just a kindergarten…
    No marriage – no family.

  • Ann Lockwood

    Did she have chin implant? She looks manly in the face

  • Jesse

    @Joy B Angie: Uhhh they’re engaged to be married and will get married, unlike Jennifer Aniston. And no family? She gave him a beautiful kindergarden boy, a biological baby girl and an adopted baby girl all within the first year of their relationship, and twins and another boy within 3 years. He told Larry King that some of his children are adopted, he just forgets which ones. He’s so blissfully happy and you can tell. Just look at his interviews about fatherhood and look at the interviews when he talks of wasting his life with Jennifer Aniston. She did nothing for him, Angie changed him into a better man. No man wants an insecure, vain, shallow FAKE for a wife. And since JA lied saying she wanted kids when she CLEARLY doesn’t, then he moved onto someone who could provide that life for him.

    I don’t think that anyone cares about this B list actress having or not having a baby except her weirdo fans. Because everyone with half a brain knows she’s not going to. And that bump up there? Well she’s gonna be a 45 year old woman. Bodies change when you get old! She probably just ate a sandwich before the premiere to keep herself relevant since her fiancĂ© is a nobody and all her movies suck

  • Belle

    All joking aside, I don’t hate Aniston but why does she talk like that? I don’t remember her slurring so much on Friends. It’s like all her interviews she’s slurring and talking funny now. It’s strange!

  • Amanda Bynes

    Ticky’s latest flick is going to bomb so bad and I can’t wait to celebrate it’s failure. So many so called A-listers have tank this summer. The makers of The Millers think they can put butts in seats by showing an old hag with zero sex appeal stripping will sell this movie are crazy as hell.

  • Amanda Bynes

    The jenhags really believe this old wh0re will marry squiggy is also delusional. I don’t believe for one minute she will ever marry again. I think her PR team also know this so they continue to prop her up with any man that is breathing to keep her “fans” and tabloids holding on to the dream that she will get revenge on Brad Pitt by remarrying at 50. It must sucks to be a fan of this old, boring, bland, talentless d-lister.

  • Harper1

    Jesse, you really don’t know anything about Jen A and why she did or didn’t have a baby with Brad. Maybe him sitting on the sofa high as a kite was a good reason to not bring a child into the marriage. Brad can’t blame Jen for his problems in the past. He was a grown man. He shouldn’t use children as an “excuse” to move on with another woman either. I would have more respect for Brad if he just admitted he found somebody else and left. Kids had nothing to do with it.

  • Aniston Reads The Blogs!


    Oh, you are so wrong. Kids had a lot to do with it. Look at their lifestyles to date. It is like night and day. Brad has changed so much from being the self loathing A-List Actor to a real man, husband/partner, father, entreprenuer, producer, business owner, humanitarian, builder, pilot, and family man. Where as Aniston is still in the same rut she was in when he left her. Nothing new, same routine, same boring movies, same boring topics, and no ambition outside of being a B-list tabloid celebrity who gets to do dumb movies.

    So being that he was not with a woman who tried to bring out the best in him because she was happy with not doing anything more other than being Mrs. Pitt for the perks. He was sitting at home with her and they both were smoking pot and looking self absorbed so much so the man had to go to therapy. Aniston is a know therapy case for over 20 years. I can see why one day he woke up and realized he was wasting his life away. No Change is not good, it means you don’t grow and you must grow to live a full life. It all started with the little orphanage in Mexico that Aniston tried to claim she helps but never revealed that it was Brad who first started giving there. She was mad because he titled the floors for the whole building. The last straw was when Bono invited them to Africa to see his vision for the ONE project and Aniston sitting on her lazy, snooty butt said NO. Brad left by himself and his awakening began. Angelina was just the cherry on top for the beginning of a new beginning from Brad’s rebound mistake.

  • jesse

    Harper– KIDS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT???? You are kidding right? I mean no one knows what went on between those 2 but I would say… actually I am 99% positive that that was a HUGE reason why they divorced. He always wanted a big family, and he has one. She didn’t want kids and doesn’t have any. It’s written all down for you to see, there’s really no mystery behind this.

  • Yep

    Love both dresses! Beautiful shade of purple like an eggplant. Jen is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvette Sanchez


    No it’s called middle age gut!

  • aha

    Compare these pictures to ones in Glamour Mag. This old sour grape hag is aging fast. She has no kids and with a lot of money and times, and yet her face and body are showing her aging no sooooo good.
    She is going down a steep hill.
    She is looking a lot like her bff babykiller Cheashit Hodler.

  • jesse

    @aha: LOL both of them look like old bitter aging prunes! Both clearly had botox and both are such D list old hags who think their status is so much more important than they really are.

  • deb

    @Barren Old Cow:
    If you all hate her so much why in the world would you take the time to google her, look at photos of her or research her? I’m seeing a lot of jealousy and ignorance on here. If you don’t like her that’s your choice, then don:t follow her it’s that simple.

  • devil’s advocate

    We’re the Millers is currently rated 27% on Rotten Tomatoes.
    This should come as no surprise to anyone as this is par for
    an Aniston movie.

    Doesn’t Aniston ever get tired of pimping her 3rd rate, meaningless