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Keith Urban: Returning as 'American Idol' Judge!

Keith Urban: Returning as 'American Idol' Judge!

Keith Urban is officially returning to American Idol as a judge for the upcoming season!

Keith is going to return to the show,” Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour (via THR). “The fans really liked him. Keith is a really funny guy.”

News of Keith‘s return comes on the heels of the rumors that Jennifer Lopez may be returning for the new season. More announcements may also come today! Stay tuned to for the latest…

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  • solecito

    Yay! Keith did a great job last season. I wish Randy will be back as well.

  • http://Comcast Joni


  • mimi

    The worst judges were Mariah and the other bat sh@t crazy Nicky.

  • julie

    YEAH!! Great news. My family all loved Keith and thought he was by far the best judge. Glad to hear the show will make some format changes as well.

  • Keith is simply the best!

    They would have been stupid not to bring him back. He’s so knowledgeable, so funny, and only gives helpful criticism. If only all judges on these shows could be this way. And his new album cover is smoking! Can’t wait!

  • yay

    Good news for the show.

  • ForMe

    It’s good he’s coming back. He got overshadowed by those two bickering witches.

  • Lia

    “Nicole, I’m tired of this sham contract marriage and I want a divorce.”
    “No Keith, I am so incredibly unpopular, I need the happy family illusion to continue. What will it take for you to stay?”
    “I want to do another season of Idol. My music no longer sells and I literally need to be close to Ryan.”
    “But Keith, due to your boring personality you cannot generate ratings.”
    “I love the attention and exposure it gives me and I literally get to spend more time with Ryan.”
    “OK Keith. I will make the call to Rupert.”

  • She Stinks!

    Eww, no JHO, please! Hasn’t the audience suffered enough? Why continue to torture us with that low class self absorbed old no talent HO!

  • Aisha

    I’m not a fan but JLo is a much better choice than Mariah. She needed to go. Keith is a gem. They need someone with credibility who also has charm.

  • lenni

    Sweet, feminine Keith with all his makeup and pouting is akin to having another female on the judging panel. Let’s hope they include a masculine man on the panel to even up the sexes.

  • mirelle

    Keith is a favorite in our house. He puts his heart into everything he does. Looking forward to more Keith on TV.

  • Carolyn

    So happy to hear that Keith is returning. I’ll tune in again just to see him.

  • Oh dear

    So much for sweeping changes. Urban obviously comes cheap, is more than willing to play the Idol PR game and like his wife “the queen of box office bombs”, he doesn’t mind being part of something nobody wants to watch.

  • No!

    Not another season of more chair dancing. The mustard has come off this hot dog. The show needs to go.

  • galey

    We love Keith Urban. If you have been to one of his concerts, you would never consider saying feminine and Keith in the same sentence. He is one sexy man and very talented and a nice person, what a great combo.

  • Urban is soooo GAY

    “Thrilled to be back on @AmericanIdol with my pal @RyanSeacrest and dying to know who the other judges will be!!!!” Urban tweeted.
    “Thrilled” really is not the kind of word real men use.
    “my pal” refers to his close and cosy friendship with Gaycrest.
    “dying to know” another feminine phrase and oh so theatrical!!!!

  • Wilmington

    Good choice AI! Keith urban has been my favorite judge and I’ve watched every year.

  • Riley

    The AI makeup department had better plug in the straight iron, heat up the body wax pot and stock up on botox, bronzer, eye liner, mascara and hair bleach to keep Keithette Urbanski looking pretty for the judges panel.

  • Gemma

    I’m very happy Keith will be back. But can we please have Rob Thomas join the panel? Keith and Rob would be a riot!

  • Who’s got the good seats now?

    Certainly not the judging panel on the out of touch, terminally ill singing show called American Idol.

  • Torre

    I wouldn’t be watching unless Keith returned. Programme producers – have all the judges be of Keith Urban’s quality.

  • Laura Gesine

    I hope the rest of the lineup is announced soon.

  • duddles

    I’m relieved the two big egos have left. Keith Urban is talented and confident but still humble.

  • Bargain Basement Judge

    “When asked about Urban’s possible return to ‘Idol,’ Gaycrest replied, “I was with Keith yesterday, we (closely) embraced, and said (whispered) to each other ‘I hope we get to spend a LOT of time together.’ He’s a great guy, and I’ve become a very good friend (wink wink).”

  • A Twitter from an Old Twit

    Keith Urban ‏@KeithUrban
    @KingsOfLeon Supersoaker!!!! Red white and blew em all away…..? sho nuff you did. Instant classic!!!!! -KU

  • curious

    Is this the way normal 46 year old men speak? What a humble gem Keith is.

  • tan

    Why Keith wear hairpiece , why Keith not embrace bald head .

  • Sheri


    I couldn’t agree with you more, Galey. I saw Keith here in Seattle in concert and he was amazingly talented, kind and appreciative of his audience and fans. Plus he is GORGEOUS!! I will be tuning in to Idol again next season just to see him … :)

  • Elena

    @She Stinks!:
    I agree! Keith is great but Lopez? NO! She was a terrible judge, she offered nothing constructive, can’t sing and used the show for self-promotion. Funny that she left to “pursue other opportunities”. Yeah, right! A failed movie and a flop single later she realized that the show was her career.

  • x

    @A Twitter from an Old Twit: Urban’s publicist should ban him from Twitter because he is making a fool of himself.

  • Tracy M

    @Sheri: We traveled several hours to see him in Georgia last month and it was totally worth it! The show was fantastic. Nicole was there and he introduced her as the love of his life. If you go to a concert you won’t be disappointed! He’s great on Idol as a mentor and judge.

  • Macy

    Keith’s complimentary tweet to musician friends from Tenn. quoting a few lines from their new single,, Supersoaker, must have pleased the Kings of Leon. He’s always supportive of other musicians. Nothing wrong with that.

  • x

    “Sho Nuff you did” … DESPERATELY trying to appeal to a younger audience with his immature tweets. Problem is, young people think he is an old lame try-hard and everyone else feels embarrassed for him.

  • Lia

    @x: It appears 46 year old Keith is having a very public mid life crisis. Interesting photo over at cynicspointsofview exposing the obvious seperation between Keith’s receding hairline and his hairpiece. Expect it to get worse.

  • Is Keith “literally” tweeting?

    May 16, 2013 – Killer job @RyanSeacrest!!! You’re such a freakin bad ass!!! -KU … @KeithUrban

  • Oh dear

    @Is Keith “literally” tweeting?: Tweeting any type of reference to Gaycrest’s “ass” is probably not a brilliant idea.

  • Y

    @Tracy M: “Nicole was there.” Nice to see Nicole took the time to fly into Georgia for the PR and immediately fly out.

  • julie

    Nicole spent the day with him in Atlanta and they flew back home together after the show.

  • brooke

    It’s ridiculous to say he wears a wig/hairpiece/toupee. I don’t think a wig would stand up to the rigors he puts it to on stage.,

  • Eve

    Nicole came in with Keith and the girls. They were at a local kid’s gym the afternoon before the show. They went home and then all flew out to New York where Keith worked on the album. Came back together to Nashville. Plenty of sightings.

  • Lia

    Like it or not, Keith wears a hairpiece and unless he is doing cartwheels on stage, the audience would be none the wiser. The photo clearly shows shorter hair underneath his longer hairpiece which is used to camouflage his receding and thinning cranium …… inherited from his father.

  • bahahahaha

    Whatever happened to ‘Nicole on the tour bus writing a screenplay while the girls are in their bunk beds’ fantasyland concoction?

  • brooke

    Lia, what photo? Not the one above.

  • Lia

    @brooke – Photo courtesy of cynicspointsofview:
    (Scroll down to the 16th photo)

  • Eve

    Don’t bother. More of the sides were cut than usual to match the length in the front. Keith has had the same so-called ”receding” hairline for years.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    Regarding Nicole and the little girls not being on the bus. I don’t remember reading a timeline on this. Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until the tour was up and running a little longer? At this stage, there’s still a lot of changes to be made.

  • Lia

    Make sure you take a look Brooke so you can make up your own mind. BTW, have show the photo to professional hairdressers and it is their professional opinion that Urban is definitely wearing a hairpiece.

  • ..

    Photographer’s Notes:
    “As you’ve probably noticed, these images were taken at an angle not typical of most concerts. That’s because, for this show, we assigned to shoot from the sound booth. This happens for a variety of reasons, but it also happens very few and far between. Some reasons include the artist not wanting to have close up shots to maintain their “image”, and the seating arrangement allowing concert goers to stand where the pit typically is.”
    I think it is safe to say Urban will NEVER allow photographers to shoot from the sound booth again so as to maintain his fake “it’s all my own hair” image!

  • Y

    With all due respect @Lizzie, there is no timeline because it is not going to happen. No tour bus. No screenplay. No bunk beds. No “the wife by Keith’s side” family time vacation.