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Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulos Are Happy Together!

Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulos Are Happy Together!

Taylor Lautner has his hands in his pocket while filming scenes for his upcoming flick Tracers on Thursday (August 1) in New York City.

The 21-year-old actor was on set without his co-star and rumored girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos.

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Earlier in the week, Taylor and Marie were spotted holding hands for the first time while taking a stroll in SoHo.

“They’re happy and having a fun time together,” a source told People about the pair.

“If I could bottle the way my dog smells and spritz myself with it, I would . I miss my girl that much,” Marie recently tweeted.

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  • blabla

    We’re not stupid. We all think Taylor is a good guy, but we all know he’s gay. There’s no need for him to come out of the closet, but stop trying to put on this fake relationship show to the public. Nobody forcing him out, so he shouldn’t use his time and overwork himself on this stupid act.

    Remember, an actor is ALWAYS ACTING!

  • harry s

    he’s gay
    she is a nobody and needs to be seen with someone like him so her career can get a boost

  • Jessy

    he does not seem happy at all in those pics of them holding hand lol PR

  • Jack In The Box

    @blabla: He’s not gay, he’s still mainly with his little blonde lady partner, though. I believe he’s an American actor, so the biochemistry will be there for the heterosexual relationship and not for that homo way you describe, no matter how high your ridiculous hopes are.

  • laquina

    @Jack In The Box:

    he gay

  • blabla

    @Jack In The Box:

    lmfao, something tells me that you are working for his camp.

    Listen, we all know he’s gay. the general public are not idiots. We have nothing against him being gay or wish him any bad will. I am sure he’s a good person, but the acting needs to stop. He doesn’t own anybody to come out of the closet to, but the straight acting is making people laugh at him.

  • Sara

    there are a lot of people want him be gay so badly . that comment ” he is gay” about taylor is just said more than the real gay guys in hollywood!! …. so why? why are you all so obsessed with him and his sexuality?

  • Sara

    @blabla :) So why is he acting as he is straight in your opinion??! , if you “has nothing against him being gay” and i think every one in the world “has nothing against any guy being a gay” do you think the gay in hollywood have less talent or respect or less love and fanbase than the straight guys ?!! or that’s depend on their skills and talent!.
    no one in nowadays has to cover his sexuality especially when gays thing being so famous and fashionable !!<<<<i hope guys you can understand my since i have a bad english skills

  • aquarius64

    Actually, we DON’T know if he’s gay. He’s never stated it himself, nor has there been evidence such as compromising pictures of him with another man. If anyone has such evidence, come with it; and if someone does have it I’m surprised no one has run to the tabloids with it. That info is a big payday. Hearsay screed on a social media account doesn’t apply. Fair enough to wonder if he’s gay; and to be honest, consistently dating your leading ladies feeds into that meme. If true and he’s exposed (I don’t think he is) there would be a backlash not an acceptance. It would be seen as lying to the public for YEARS because he put out an image that convince people, mostly teens, to pay money to afford him a wealthy lifestyle. The girls he dated, the ones that have been called “beards”? Their reputations would take a hit too. Who’s going to believe they had no clue? Selena, Swifty, Lily, now Marie would be seen as accessories to fraud. Sara Hicks, the girl from high school, would get the brunt of it because she knows Taylor the longest and she has done pap strolls with him.

    Until iron-clad proof surfaces, I’m still calling this a location-ship, spilling over to help promote the movie until opening weekend. If it goes past the first weekend box office results, this may be solid. @jack in the box – if Taylor is still hooking up with who I think she is, she’s an idiot for staying with him. Sitting back and enduring yet another round of embarrassing headlines; that her bf is openly fooling around with a co-star? By doing this Taylor is announcing to the world he has no respect for her.

  • aquarius64

    oops, left out Maika; but her time was so short she was a “blink and you’ll miss it” deal.

  • leelee

    This is like the fifth time he’s dating his co star. Sorry, not buying it.

  • drew p weiner


    seriously, this movie will bomb and he’ll still be gay

  • eve

    Another showmance for Gaylor Lautner…

  • aquarius64

    @leelee: Actually Marie is Taylor’s 3rd co-star he’s been dating. Not only it perpetuates the gay accusations, but it affirms in some people’s minds that he is so bad of an actor he needs to pimp out his love life to get press notices. This is simply a lousy PR strategy, assuming everyone in the movie-going world has the mind of a teenage girl. It didn’t work for Abduction; that movie’s domestic box office was horrible. I guess Tracers is going to have to tank big time, and studios not checking for him as a result, for Taylor to stop the PR dating and clean house with his team.

  • misti

    IMO-I think he would have hooked up with Kristen had he not been a minor and new to the big biz. He had a much better reputation back then as well.

  • aquarius64

    @misti: That reputation would have been destroyed had Taylor got involved with Kristen while she was still with Rob. While Twi-hards who can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction would have seen that as Bella choosing Jacob over Edward; those with any sense and people outside the fandom (a greater number I may add) would have seen Taylor as a cuckolding bastard who backstabbed his colleague. You saw what happened with Kristen and her Mini-Cooper mess. Imagine if similar compromising pictures of her and Taylor surfaced while she was still dating Rob. To save her reputation and career, Kristen would have to go on the record and say 1) she never dated Rob; 2) she and Rob broke up before she and Taylor hooked up; or 3) she and Taylor were never involved and the pictures are fake. Either way she’s throwing one of the guys under the bus. Taylor was suspected as a sidepiece before and after Kristen got caught; and I still think that’s why he put Maika on display one week after “Robsten” ended: to keep the heat off him. If Taylor and Kristen were ever involved on Rob’s watch they better pray that is never proven and exposed; for that would be the end of both of them.

  • Nadja

    Taylor doesn’t has Twitter or something else. So, why he should tweet he miss Marie?? Oh i’m more and more bored on his stories about girls!!! So what a bad bad bad PR team he has! o.O Alway dates co-stars haha or suddenly a girl comes out, like Maika!!! The first and the last relationship he has was Sara Hicks! Oh Taylor wake up!!! You make yourself to a bad bad and bored actor!

  • aquarius64

    @Nadja: IMO Sara Hicks needs to drop Taylor for good because all he’s doing is making a fool out of her. I don’t care if he’s just dating these girls for his career; it’s disrespectful. Dating his HS gf doesn’t make him look like a good guy when he treats her this way. If Sara is willing to put with it, she can’t cry when Taylor finally pulls the plug on them.

  • Nadja


    Yes I think you’re right! May its the real Taylor? Or he wants to be a bad guy like Chris Brown? IDK but I don’t like this. It makes him to a joke…. Or the new Co-Stars have to be afraid of him, bcs he wants to fall in love with them? Haha! But, do you think Taylor is still with Sara?

  • aquarius64

    @Nadja: Can’t say for certain with Taylor & Sara, all I know is that Taylor has dumped Sara for starlets for years, and he runs back to her when the Hollywood flings flame out. That’s not love and care in my book. I think maybe this time it’s over. for good:

    1) Sara was on an out-of-town trip with Taylor in May; one week later he debuted Maika to the world at the Dodgers game. She came out of nowhere.

    2) July 4th weekend – Stories went flying that Taylor was caught making with a brunette that looks like Marie. There’s a Twitter picture of said brunette putting her hand on Taylor’s thigh at a nightclub. That was clue one that Maika was out.

    3) Grown Up 2 premiere, few days later: when asked who’s he dating, Taylor said nobody seriously at the moment. That can cover Marie, but that definitely covers Maika and Sara.

    4) Multiple stories of dinner and theater dates – even when they were with others, they were seen holding hands and looking cozy, according to tabs.

    5) Stories of Taylor’s attentiveness to Marie: helping her to her car, carrying her piggyback because of her injury. Reports of “stolen glances” while filming were going.

    6) The hand holding pap stroll in SoHo topped off with a selfie, announcing their “coupledom”. He did the hand hold with Maika, but he was never too attentive to her.

    All this happened within weeks. I haven’t seen this much media saturation of Taylor + co-star since the days of TaylorSquared. I think it’s a location-ship running pass the final cut until premiere weekend. But because Marie is older (27) Sara won’t be able to undercut her. Dating a woman close to 30 gives Taylor a mature image; dating his high school girlfriend doesn’t. I don’t think Taylor will go back to Sara after Marie. Hopefully Sara gets a clue and moves on.

  • Nadja


    I think the same, its right. And I think it’s strange and it looks like kidding his fans!
    Taylor don’t think to his future in acting…. He believes his PR team and this is wrong. Not good for him.

    And what will Taylor does when he finds the real one, the real woman?!

    This is the wrong way for love and his career.

    But his dad says to Taylor that he allowed a relationship only when his 28 ;) Haha what a joke!

  • Nadja

    But since the end oy may, Sara is back on Instagram and Twitter ;) Hmmmmm :D

  • aquarius64

    @Nadja: That ‘s the time Maika came on the scene. Sara always takes to social media when Taylor has a new gf. She knows no one pays attention to her unless she’s on Taylor’s arm. And relationship: Dad needs to get over it. Taylor doesn’t look mature if he listens to his dad waits until he’s 28. Taylor’s old enough to get out of the house now.

  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Taylor Lautner still looks Sex-tremely YUMMY despite of those critics!! I thought Marie is fabulous by the way!! His past girls— Sara, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, Maika Monroe and now Marie Avgeropoulos!! Remember despite his relationship status, he always has a place for Kristen Stewart, a perfect shoulder to cry-on after Robsten breakup?? We’ll find out and see but we can’t deny that he is much more handsome and yummylicious than the desperate vampire Robert Pattinson!! Team Jacob always!! I can stare on his face all day long!!!

  • blossom

    he’s gay
    she is just his friend

  • loblolo

    @Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang:

    how much crack are you on???

  • marie

    His management must be freakin out that they are telling him to be seen with human females in order to save his career as a crappy actor

  • misti

    Team Jacob’s ship has long sailed into the sunset.

  • kristen

    taylor during twilight: hot muscle, ugly face, can’t act

    taylor now: no muscle, ugly face, still can’t act

  • eve

    Gaylor and Kristen hooking up? In which world do you live?

  • eve

    @Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang:
    Gaylor Lautner is desesperate for a career, not Robert Pattinson who is the new face of Dior Homme fragrance, who is working with great respected directors.
    Lautner is ugly as hell, has a pug nose, is short, has a smug face. Soon you will be the only one to stare at his face all day long…

  • Anita

    So sad that Henry and Taylor feel the need to beard in 2013. Granted neither are truly talented but come on, man up and be honest. Superheroes and werewolves can be gay, right?

  • aquarius64

    @misti: If Taylor doesn’t get better that ship will go down like the Titantic.

  • Nadja


    Haha yes: My heart will go on and on :D

  • TeaCakes

    what? who are these people? never heard of them LOL

  • Nadja

    Ohh there are new pictures from yesterday o.O The same again like monday. Walk hand in hand and in blue! This guy is so much stupid!!!!
    Who the f**** is Gaylor Lautner :D

  • misti

    @eve-Apparently you can’t read-I never said they were hooking up. What world do YOU live in?

  • kasia

    You girls really are a holes. Why do you care who he’s with? He is not ugly. Leave him alone.

  • misti

    @kasia-no, you are the a hole

  • kasia

    @misti: That comeback must’ve taken hours of thought.
    Why do you care so much what (or who) Taylor does? Does it personally affect you who he does or doesn’t date? No, so why personally attack him? It’s just mean spirited.

  • Paulie

    NOBODY buys this. What’s the point?

  • misti

    @kasia-must really bother you that you have to come here and attack people yourself, huh?

  • kasia

    @misti: Yes, it does annoy me that people attack him for no good reason. He has never done anything wrong to you, yet, you feel the need to hate on him for whatever odd reason that you have to hate on a random quiet person who minds his business. Why? What do you find so hate worthy about Taylor Lautner?

  • misti

    @kasia-what is it I said that was so hateful? Not calling him names like many others, just stating facts as we all know them. If this bothers you, maybe you shouldn’t come here. I don’t hate the guy either, just see him letting the wrong people manage him badly and him tanking as a result. His people do come here and read this, so this is what they need to see.

  • aquarius64

    @kasia: People are reacting because they feel he is selling a false image so they will pay $10 or more to see him in a movie. Big box office = big paycheck for him. His lack of acting talent is not only mentioned on the comment section in blogs but by film critics. So he uses his personal life to get press notices. Because it’s done in a set pattern (dating co-stars consistently) and under controlled circumstances (staff is around when he goes on his dates) the feeling is he is playing folks for stupid. I don’t believe the gay claims, but this PR strategy makes him look like a jerk with his old hs gf and it feeds into the showmance beliefs. It’s a bad tactic that in the end can wreck the guy.

  • Jemima

    Taylor’s team and himself are so obvious…. I bet they are reading all of this and next week Taylor will be kissing Marie on a pic or at least faking a smile. I can’t believe how they think this is doing something good for him. Want a clue, Taylor’s team? Stop with the co-star fake dating, just to begin with… a kiss, a smile, a hand holding will not make a movie sell more. You should not be happy that he is on the tabloids in the last couple weeks, because he is in a not good way. I’m concerned with him, because people are saying mad things about this guy. This “relationship” is not the way to go… it just proves you don’t believe enough in him as an actor, and that he can’t promote a movie just by himself and his acting…

  • misti

    @aquarius and Jemima-thanks and so true!

  • kasia

    You girls are being unfairly judgmental imo. Maybe he really does like this girl. Many actors fall for co stars, it’s an intimate setting to work on a movie with someone. I don’t pretend to know everything, I don’t know him, I just think it’s sad to see him get criticized so harshly when no one really knows the true situation.

  • aquarius64

    @kasia: Yes actors do take it off screen but the problem is Taylor has done this 3X already, in practically every movie he’s done since he was of dating age. Nothing went down on the Twilight set because a hook up with Kristen Stewart would have been a major scandal. Given the chatter on them Taylor’s dad and his team would not let him get involved with a female that can instantly wreck his reputation and career. His romances with Taylor Swift and Lily Collins officially ended on or after opening weekend. I bet Vegas is taking odds how long Marie is going to last.

    @Jemina – I agree. The date night pap strolls and leaked tidbits announce to the world the team thinks he’s all looks and no talent to back it up.

    @misti – you’re welcome :)

  • Lulu

    it’s not a problem to date a co-star, the problem is to date almost all of them. It is just making the gay rumors increase, because he looks desperate to appear with a girl on a public holding hands nowadays.