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Gabriel Aubry Catches an Evening Movie at ArcLight!

Gabriel Aubry Catches an Evening Movie at ArcLight!

Gabriel Aubry checks his messages on his cellphone as he leaves the ArcLight Cinemas on Thursday evening (August 1) in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old Canadian model made his way out of the theater by himself after catching a night time flick at the popular Hollywood cinema.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gabriel Aubry

Late last month, Gabriel‘s daughter Nahla, 5, was seen with her mom Halle Berry‘s husband Olivier Martinez in West Hollywood. The two picked up a pizza for dinner at Vito’s before heading home!

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gabriel aubry catches evening movie at arclight 03
gabriel aubry catches evening movie at arclight 04
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  • my buisness

    that what I like about him he dance to his own drum.

  • ladyb

    He needs a woman..I mean it in a good way. He’s too calm.

  • Penny

    Dreamy! and he seems like a very nice guy. I can’t believe he’s still single.

  • huggybear

    Maybe he not, the poor guy is a fraid to be seen with any one, because if halle don’t like them it’s hell to pay.

  • Verity

    Gabriel probably does not want to bring a woman into his crazy-berry mess.

  • Love The Shoes

    Way to many females just give this gold digger – gigolo – baby daddy a pass and that’s scary. When even his own friends say he was about Halle’s $$ and you still defend him, that’s REAL scary. Females are other females worse enemy sometimes and that’s sad. He could have beat her ass and you’d all say she brought it on herself just because you think he’s good looking.

  • msirene

    May God bless Gabriel with a good wife one day, more babies and i’m sure he is always going to be a great father to his little daughter Nahla. I believe that once he finds the right girl, he will move on with his life. I don’t blame him for taking his time. He’s been through a lot already and needs to take his time! Don’t know him personally, but from what I’ve read, I think he will make a great husband, father, and friend. I wish the best for him!

  • Just saying

    @ msirene I agree with you so true.

  • Lisa

    @Love The Shoes: Shut up,ok?You should stop defending Psycho Berry.Gabriel may not be a saint(nobody is,fyi),but Berry is mentally unstable and crazy,just like her new future ex,Olivier.She even lied about her pregnancy,she claimed it was “natural”,but the baby is an IVF baby.
    I hope Gabriel finds a better woman one day,but Psycho Berry is so unstable,that any woman dating him would be in imminent danger.She had the courage to she set her daughter’s father up,i wonder what she would do to his girlfriends.

  • Stella

    Aint nobody wants his gold digging gay self.

  • Just saying

    did you see him being guy some where please sended us the picture’s, if not shut.

  • mh

    @huggybear: Oh please the guy is gay.

  • mh

    @msirene: Oh please the leech scored $20,000 a month. He gets to sit on his LAZY @$$ until his meal ticket turns 18. What a tough life.

  • just saying

    @mh is you the one who is paying him $20,000.00 a month and are you his boyfriend, so that you know he is gay.

  • msirene

    @lovetheshoes, stella & mh:

    I don’t think he’s a gold digger at all. If he were, I think he would have written that “tell all” book that everyone is urging him to write about his time with Ms. Berry. (myself, and thousands of others would be in line to purchase a copy of this book, if he ever chose to write it & he’d be even richer). There have been sooooo many opportunites for this man to talk, and he simply doesn’t because he has his child’s best interest at heart. This is a good, decent, honest man that earns almost a million dollars annually for modeling. Anyone can have a nice life with a salary like that. Just because he apparently dumped Ms. Berry’s azz, you are assuming the worst about him. (Shame on you). For those of you who say that he is gay, I wish that he could find out who you are and sue you for slander. If you were educated, you would know that just because a man doesn’t have babies all over the place, and is not putting his personal life out in public, as his ex does, it doesn’t mean that he is gay. Just because he is a model doesn’t mean that he’s gay. Just because he’s not married doesn’t mean it either. That’s hollywood for you, I guess. If people can’t find “dirt” on you, they’ll say anything. (smhh). I am old enough to be this young man’s mother and would be proud to have a son – in – law like Gabriel. I’ve not read anything about him that turned out to be true. Stop trying to slander him. Go to school and get yourselves educated in order to be better people than you are and stop picking on innocent people.

  • jen

    STILL the most handsome man in Hollywood!

  • Fran

    @msirene: Woaaa, i loved every word you just posted :) so true! He is a good guy. I hope he finds all the happiness in the world.

  • Mary

    You never see him with a woman in all these years is because the boy is gay. He likes boys ladies, check him out at Fergies baby shower with with Rupaul, Adam Lambert and Perez Hilton.

  • Tara

    Yep, he’s gay alright, saw the article of Fergie’s baby shower and he was right there with all the other queens. @ Mary your right, all the pictures taken of this guy and not one with a woman. If there was a woman the paparazzi would have found her long ago. If I was a man and looked like that I would have a different woman everyday, but he doesn’t, cause he’s a gay gold digger. Nice ponytail.

  • just saying

    and so what, I don’t know being gay is a sin .or against the law, and that all you bully can find on him come again.

  • my buisness

    By the way Halle have a lot of gay friend’s and she is always with them is she gay too?

  • Janice

    @msirene there ain’t going to be any wife or more babies, the man is gay. He only had Nahla so he could get paid, don’t you get it.

  • April

    @Misirene, millionaires don’t need child support payments, come on, think will you.

  • justme

    @Janice gay people have baby everyday what are you talking about Neil Patrick have twin, Ricky martin have twin, I can go on ,you people needed to think and check your fact before you post.

  • Mary/Shelbe thanks

    @Mary: Mary/Shelbe/Shelbethegreat thanks for re-posting what you posted on threads.

  • Janice/Shelbe thanks

    @Janice: Old news-posters said this 5-6 years ago. No proof.

  • April/Shelbe thanks

    @April: April/Shelbe thanks for bringing up the $$$$ support again. Let it go!

  • OMG UR right

    Mary/Janice/April are all Shelbe/Shelbethegreat—great sleuthing, not surprised

  • ShelbetheGreat

    Don’t know these women but I agree, he is gay, and a gold digger. And when I think about it you know it too@just saying and @my buisness who are the same person. Only you would accuse me of all those names, this is the game you play and try to place on others, good try. You posted 6 times already on this thread using different names and it was easy to see. Get a life and get Gabriel a job.

  • ShelbetheGreat

    Now, I know that all theses multiple postings of apparently different people saying bad things about Halle and Olivier are actually coming from the same person or maybe only 2 or 3. All things being equal I would say Halle and Olivier have as many supporters as haters on these threads. But the haters are posting multiple times with different names to make it seem like a lot of people hates them, this is an illusion. I have even had people accuse me of being Halle or one of her employees, I didn’t understand why at first but I do now and this explains why.

  • ShelbetheGreat

    @OMG UR right, you are also the same person that said I was Janice, Mary and April. You actually pretended to be another person so you could agree with yourself. You made the mistake of posting just minutes after your last 3 posting , i.e. 1:18 am, 1:19 am, 1:20 am and 1:23 am. You should have spaced it out and it would have been more convincing. Pretty underhanded if you ask me and stupid.

  • Yank UR chain

    @ShelbetheGreat: done on purpose …knew you would catch it-yanking chain. As for the others, honestly don’t have a clue etc. Why even bother answering them?

  • British Latin American

    @ShelbetheGreat: Aren’t you really a gay black man who hit on Gabriel and got rejected? Get over it! You were exposed 6 or 7 years ago right here on this site.

  • Tara

    All these ladies on here making fools of themselves over this gay man.

  • msirene


    I looked at the pics of Gabriel at the baby shower and he was alone in every picture taken there. Geesh, stop trying to slander! Just because you don’t see him with a woman/women doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have one. Perhaps he doesn’t put his personal business out in the public’s eye, as some do. You think?

  • msirene



    From what I’ve read, Halle pursued him when on a modeling assignment. Why would she stay with someone gay for a whopping 5 years????? It just doesn’t make sense at all.

    Also, if you do your research on Gabriel, you will learn that he is one of the highest paid male models in the US. Why would someone who makes over half million per year need to go after money?? It appears that every man that Ms. Berry has been with, was initially pursued by Ms. Berry. Name one guy that she had a relationship with, that pursued her first. Seems to me that there’s something wrong with that picture, as well. Perhaps it’s because her elevator may not go all the way up to the top, as it should. You think?

  • msirene

    @British Latin American:

    Thanks for the post, British Latin America. Now, we know who Shelbethegreat really is. I figured that she/he must have been hurt by Gabriel, by all of the nasty post that she/he put here on a regular basis. This really explains the hatred that Shelbe has. Gabriel rejected her/him??? Wow!!!!!

  • I’m Banned

    Banned from JJ by computer’s owner, BUT I just HAVE to say that here is Gabriel once again… all by his lonesome self. Might be bisexual, but in any case, he is still a LONER. Loner men are usually strange types. Men do not do very well alone. Women can do much better. Even George Clooney has an active social life with good friends. I don’t see a wife, family or anything like that for Aubry in the future. I see a single man who is not “marriage material.” I believe Nahla is it for him. No more kids. As handsome as Aubry is, women should be lining up at the door and he should be passing on his beautiful genes, but women are not, and he is not. I think now that he has some deeper emotional issues. I hated to see it, but Halle Berry seemed extremely disappointed in him, for some reason. It was like she was going along happily, and then… BOOM — she discovered something bad about him that turned her off like a light switch. She took out the long hair extensions (that she wore for him) went back to her signature short style and kicked Aubry to the curb. I said months ago that Gabriel must have done “something,” but Halle wouldn’t dare’t tell it because he is the father of her child. Whatever he did, it pushed her straight into the arms (and even marriage) with Olivier. Halle had told interviewer after interviewer that she would NOT marry again. She was over marriage and didn’t need the fantasy anymore. I guess, never say never.

  • I’m Banned

    @msirene: Something else to consider: I think Aubry is quiet because he has skeletons in his own closet that will certainly come out if he starts hurling stones at Halle Berry. He wants to lie low. That’s just my opinion of him.

  • who knows

    @msirene: they were together 4-4.5 years not 5

  • JJ2009

    @msirene: yes you are correct that for most of Halle’s relationships, she’s always been the pursuer including Aubry (she herself has admitted how they met etc) the 4+ years they were together whether as an actual couple or an arrangement. A lot of her relationships are treated like a business deal. His orientation is moot. Yes, at one time he was one of the top earning models, he still could be, after Halle dragging him into court ever two seconds. Yes, Berry is several fries short of a happy meal.

  • JJ2009 to I’m Banned

    Whether he’s bi or not is his/their business not ours. We don’t really know who actually dumped who regardless of what the tabloids say. I don’t think it’s so much Aubry having skeleton’s in his closet as Halle freaking out that it was getting too real since he was still around because of Nahla since she didn’t expect the guy who would father her child to stick around as she was vocal in her pursuit of a sperm donor. Also, several sources alluded to Halle being upset if Aubry followed through with alleged 6-figure tell-all-book about the real story about he and Halle. Other than David Justice calling Halle a liar and her recanting the abuse comments saying he was a nice guy, no one has ever spilled the beans of Halle. Eric was supposed to have made some comments, nothing materialized. Even if Aubry is gay/bi, Halle had IVF and all of the other rumors that have been circulating over the last 6-7 years, is still not worth 6-figures and think Aubry was acting like he was playing hard ball–who knows if he was.

    Think her pregnancy/marriage are more to save her image than for true love etc. And to make Nahla happy with a brother or sister. Still don’t get why she is with a creep like Martinez regardless of their longevity together.

  • JJ2009 part 2

    @msirene: Do think he is more private than Halle. With all of Halle’s relationships she takes hostage and is clingy.

  • msirene

    @JJ2009 part 2:


    I agree with all of your post! Also, for those who think I don’t like Ms. Berry, please know that I used to be a great fan of hers. I have every movie that she made…..until “Monsters’ Ball”. I was quite disappointed in her x-rated performance and how she lowered herself from the classy, beautiful, intelligent woman to put herself out there showing everything. My respect after that movie, went down the drain. I loved her performance in “Queen, Boomerang, and so many other movies, and for the life of me, cant understand why she would stoop to making a movie like Monsters Ball. It probably wasn’t for the money, as this was a low budget film. How she won an Oscar for this movie, is way beyond me. There are so many other movies that she acted in that would warrant an Oscar, (ex. Losing Isaiah).

    You are right about Martinez, he doesn’t compare to Gabriel, physically, or mentally, I believe. She really stooped, but on the other hand, they probably deserve each other. It will be interesting to see how long this relationship goes before she tires of him. Oh, well……

  • JJ2009 part 2

    @msirene: I like her work too. I just don’t like how she makes herself an obstacle when making her private life so public. I think Martinez is more like a mirror image of her lower self. So, in that respect they kinda sorta deserve each other. It all depends how the rest of her pregnancy goes will determine their longevity together. Still wish them the best.

  • msirene


    So do I. I would love to see Ms. Berry find lasting love and hope this 3rd time is a charmer, indeed!

  • I’m Banned

    @JJ2009 to I’m Banned: Well, let me say this: When did Martinez become a creep? As far as I can tell, he became one just because he started dating Halle Berry. The fight he had just gave everybody an excuse to UNLEASH! Before that, nobody ever said terrible things about him — even his ex, the singer Kylie M….. It just seems to me that the problem here is not with the men. You posters have a problem with Halle Berry, and any man she dates, you pulverize and put him down bc he’s not black. When Halle started with Aubry, OMG! You guys were incredibly nasty. That’s how it all started with her — when she dumped the black men and started dating Caucasians. I know this. I’ve been visiting JJ for years and that’s when she became hated. Yes, Monster’s Ball really started the fire bc she was “doing” a white man. Hey I didn’t like the performance either. I totally understand what you’re saying, but I got over it. However, black people lost their minds and they are still stuck in hating her. But let’s face it—everybody was talking about her in that role…… As for Aubry, I still don’t believe he is “all there. And I was plenty FOR HIM in the beginning. I was really for the both of them. But I can sense that he has issues. And I never thought Halle Berry was clingy. How would you expect her to act? She loved the men she was with and was probably expecting faithfulness and commitment, but they broke her heart. She did not love and marry “casually.” I think a lot of you need to give it a rest now. David and Eric married other women. Halle moved on. That was a long time ago. People grow and change.

  • I’m Banned

    I’ve always thought Aubry is handsome, but Olivier… well, not so handsome. Now, after seeing Olivier and Halle together and seeing him with Halle’s daughter and how he can protect her from a danger…. well, I have changed my mind! Honestly, I think Aubry is just a pretty face, but Olivier is all man. I think he is more man than Aubry will ever be. He has become more attractive in my eyes. He is relaxed and he is cool.

  • shelbe etal is i’m banned

    shelbe/shelbethegreat and crew is i’m banned. if you are banned why keep posting? who are you trying to convince?

  • @msirene

    @msirene: don’t we all. he’s not the last, there will be a #4 and that will be her true and lasting love. marriage #3 will be short lived regardless of how her pregnancy goes–not hating.