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Henry Cavill: Bodo's Schloss Nightclub for Second Straight Night!

Henry Cavill: Bodo's Schloss Nightclub for Second Straight Night!

Henry Cavill keeps it cool with black while exiting Bodo’s Schloss Nightclub on Friday (August 2) in London, England.

The 30-year-old English actor was spotted sitting in the backseat of a car with a mystery gal.

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The night before, Henry was seen chatting on the phone while walking out with another mystery woman at the same venue.

Armie Hammer recently shot down rumors that he would play Batman in Henry‘s upcoming sequel for Man of Steel.

“I’m not actually a big fan of superhero films. I think if Henry and I did that film and then a superhero film straight after, people might start to wonder about us,” Armie joked to Metro (via MTV UK) since the two actors will be starring in the upcoming flick The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

FYI: Henry is wearing the AG Adriano Goldchmied V-Neck tee.

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  • Wow

    I thought he was a cool guy, but he acts like a complete douchebag…wtf is wrong with him?

  • wawa

    exactly what makes him a douchebag??? Rock on Henry….you’re the man!

  • roonie

    The playboy plays around! He does come across as a douchebag because he dumped Ellen for Gina, dumped Gina for Kaley and dumped Kaley for whoever else he fancied. That is a douche imo. Stay single and eff around if thats what you want, dont date women then dump them and move on as fast as lightening because you see someone better. He cant be on his own and he cant be in a relationship.

  • B

    Isn’t The Lone Ranger a superhero flick?

  • cindy

    Henry and Kaley didn’t date long enough to be in a relationship. Two weeks is casual dating not a relationship. If he is single he can go out with friends and that doesn’t mean they are dating or in a relationship.
    I’m glad he didn’t start a relationship with Kaley. She was coming across as too thirsty for the attention.

  • not a pr plant

    he’s Gay!

  • getalife

    Kaley and Henry actually online dated during MOS promo. That to me is more than 2 weeks dating, so yeah it was a relationship. 2nd night at Bodo’s only means one thing…there are a lot of loose hoes there.

  • live or memorex

    he looks like he is wearing face makeup…and these are supposed to be “candid” pap shots?

  • Jen

    Omg, Gerard Butler 2 in the making. Do Brits and all of UK men drink so much? I’m 24 and date several guys but none of them drink back to back nighters. I mean like from Thurs and on through the weekend.

  • Jen

    And also, why do all the girls that get into the car with Henry all look ashamed? Is it because they are going to do the dirty deed together? I doubt any of us are naive to think not.


    He’s trying way to hard to convince everyone he’s not gay .

  • pssst

    Ooops looking like Henry GAYvill is looking for another & new HW beard…!!!

  • BoomBoom

    People who were there in the Nightclub said he wasn’t flirting with anyone and that he was having fun with a group of friends (women and men) and drinking…a lot ;-) Can’t these women be just his friends? don’t you have female and male friends? I think they look ashamed the same way I would if paps were taking pictures of me because I’m with my famous friend.

    BTW the girl from the night before was delivered home….without him.

  • In the know

    The queens over at datalounge thinks everyone is gay, however, they are almost right with Henry. He is bi. Not gay. He prefers guys for sex (not anal) but women for romance and relationships and emotional support (give and take).
    This however does not mean he doesn’t like sex with women, just that he likes variety.

  • Nora

    LOL – trying too hard to make the naive believe he actually likes the ladies. He’s just an average CGI “actor” – meh, 15 minutes, next.

  • HCfan

    he’s not a douchebag and he’s not gay, haters should stfu .

    He’s 30, single and having the time of his life!

  • Ewww


    If sleeping around means having the time of your life, then you are a loser with no self respect…

  • Meme

    He is just meh to me. Just another try hard… And man from UNCLE will be terrible. He seems to be jumping on anything, in the hope he’ll be the next big thing, not going to happen IMO, sorry.

  • Ambar

    When you least expect it is going down

  • Amy

    Henry went to Bodo’s twice in a row because he fancies a girl who works there at the restaurant. She was one of the girls in the car with him, right after she got off work. That’s why the girls have the same hair and are dressed casual. I do the same after I finish off work as a waitress and change out of my uniform.

  • Yelp

    What’s with the makeup? What’s happening wi him?

  • BoomBoom


    Do you know for sure or just a guess? I’m curious :-)

  • LOL


    You talk like you know him, or were there with him…you don’t know know s.hit…stfu…

  • Pauline

    I want hiiiiiiim

  • Anne

    Guys…you NEED to calm you tits down.I’m pretty sure what Hnery does,do NOT affect you or anyone close to you.Why you care so much?

    Anyway,here’s what i know and my thought….

    1.According to a blind item that was revealed Hnery was really into Kaley and would like thing to work out between them.The did not had a relationship BUT they did date for a while.The PR teams leaked it and they said to them to just go with it.
    2.One friend of Henry owns the nightclub.
    3.He is not gay.He had a relationship with a girl in Montreal.The girl actually left him.
    4.A playboy?He looks like THAT and he only had 3 girlfriends the past 5 years.That’s not a playboy.BTW there is this rumor that he and Gina were fighting akk the time furing the last coouple of months.
    6.Stop acting like virgins.He is a guy and like every single other guy at there he throws himself to women.That’s not normal for a guy who is 30.It’s not normal for George Clooney though.
    7.@meme Man from U.N.C.L.E was a movie that was being prepared for many years.Some of the gretest Hollywood talents worked on it during the last 5 years.You can’t just say it’s terrible.It didn;t even start filming yet.
    8.He once said that he wants his girlfriend to be able to dring.He like to have a drinking buddy.That’s something i don;t like about him.BUT he is from Europe,so…
    9.How did we reach the conclusion that any of this girls is “his girlfriend”.Why it just can’t be a friend?I mean..the guy was promotiong MOS until today (MOS just opened inJapan)and this is the first time he has free time.The last 3 months he was barely able to see his family.Ca you imagine how lone he has to see his frineds?

  • Anne


    WOW so many mistake in my post.

    First of all,sorry for my englsh!

    At #6 I meant that that is normal for a guy who is 30 years old.

  • BoomBoom


    Me? I don’t know him or were there. I just posted something someone (who supposedly was there) said. But I have no idea what happened, just shared the info. There’s no need to be so mean..

  • Jenny

    That declive does not give me pity

  • ryan

    does anyone know where he gets his jeans from??. i am always looking for something like them, dark wash, slim fit…

  • Julia


    he didn’t dump Ellen for Gina! He met gina in September and Ellen and Henry broke up in May or before! ;-)

    I also think he might be single for a while…

  • Kimmy

    @In the know:

    WOW! I see you ‘slept with him’, otherwise HOW you know those kind of ‘details’ LOLOL

    “He prefers guys for sex (not anal)” what? How can you do that?!

  • G&Y

    @Jen: Exactly what I was thinking – he’s already becoming Gerard Butler 2.0 with all of the partying and staged photo ops to make him look like some sort of womanizer *rolling eyes*. I thought he was a humble guy, but it looks like he’s going to become a douche&g who only cares about fame and publicity.

  • Laura

    Anne, I agree with you 100%. You said it right on. These haters need to calm down and take their shitty ass comments somewhere and get a life. Every time you come on here, you see nothing but bashing comments about him being gay and a douche. People like that, they have nothing going on in their lives. All i see is Henry Cavill being young trying to have time for himself. If that means going to bars and hanging out with friends who are females there is nothing wrong with that. Henry is a British guy. British people do things different from american people in the US. You people do not need to be so selfish and nasty. He’s done nothing to you or nobody. Henry is a wonderful actor who did a good job in Man Of Steel. I hope makes all you haters out there eat your worthless comments.

  • Carmen

    make up? that’s HIS skin! look his neck, arms near to his t-shirt, have the same tone and texture.

  • Ckatty

    For those who think that Henry’s relationship are beard… Here is a very informal pic when he was with Gina, it was taken in Puerto Rico (almost no one knew he was there while she was filming a movie) on a casual dinner, no one is famous there. Also it’s easy to see that he didn’t see that the pic was taken, only Gina catched the person who took it. Btw… very classy Gina!!!!!!! LOL

  • Rina

    Henry was hanging out with his Dad and a family member and then, he was spotted in a club… yes he IS a monster!!! LOLOLOL (with my father in law lol)

    (pay attention to the girl with the superman t-shirt, say “Went to a house party with a #Superman jumper and bumped into.. Superman!” Cute!)

  • Druzy

    @Anne: For someone who wonders why people care so much about what Henry does,you sure posted a lot about him,you must be interested in what he does. My post is similar to yours,but I’m not,I don’t think anyway,telling people what to do,or what to think. And by the way,saying things like ,”calm your tits down” is insulting,especially coming from another woman.

  • Druzy

    hmmm,guess my first comment didn’t take. Well,in a nutshell,I think Henry is a young man who likes to f**k and drink. He has just come off a grueling schedule of MOS promos and still has one to go this month…and then there was Comic-con…so he’s probably cutting loose back home.As long as Henry is single,who cares really. I’m not a fan of his being in a relationship,breaking up,the jumping into another one right away,I wouldn’t like that in anybody. He’s probably been on a dry spell since Kayle,and that may be a long time for Henry?..who knows.
    As far as the women being ashamed in the car with him,think about it,whens the last time you had paparazzi shooting pictures of you when you left a bar for the night? Don’t think it was shame as much as..whoa! And Henry wearing makeup, ha,I get such a kick out of some of these comments. This is night time,so I think it’s the lights/flash from the cameras,that make his skin look very light.

  • Blue

    Henry if you happen to read these hostile comments do not even care about them! There are a lot of people who think that you’re a great, down-to-earth person who has the right to hang out with friends and drink a couple of Guiness!
    After those pretty tiring days (filming, promoting MOS, Comic Con) why don’t you guys think he deserves to relax a bit??
    Henry is a 30-year-old man he can’t live like a hermit!!

  • Anne


    To begin with ,i’m not from US or UK.English is not my first language and i did not know that “calm your tits” was insulting.Sorry for that.

    I’m interested in what he does.I’m a big fan.But i’m not gonna judge him for what he does.It’s his life and nothing that he does affect me…so even if i don;t like something he will do i’m not going to insult him or judge him for it.He is just another person.We can possibly expect for someone to always be cut and measured.This is why i wrote the post.I din’t say to the other how they should thing.

    BTW, i just checked and Henry actually has to attend some MOS events.It did not open in Japan and Henry is confirmed for the premiere there.So i think going out and drinking in his time off is natural for someone that works so much (considering that he is definetly preparing for U.N.C.L.E)

  • Jennie

    the 2 girls walking out with him are waitresses at bogos…..if you look at their website there are pics of these girls at a recent event dressed as snow white…….

  • lissa

    Either he’s gay or asexual. Either way he’s getting some really bad advice from someone. Should’ve just stayed w/ that wrestler chick (can’t rmr her name). This is just tacky any way too obvious.

  • Stephania


    hi Rina, thanks for the pic with the real Mr Cavill!!!! haaa

  • Annoyed

    I love how people judge others without knowing a single thing about them. Henry and Ellen broke up around Nov 2011. He was single until Gina around May/June 2012. He surely must have had some flings seeing as he is a gorgeous, single, very charming man. It seems like he and Gina started having issues around the time of their trip to Japan. They split in early May after her FF6 premiere in London. He met Kaely in June and that was a very short lived thing. Not long enough to consider it a relationship. Now he’s free to enjoy his time off, fame and youth! Make up? Really? This man has the best skin ever! He likes to drink and is responsible about it, let him be. As for the gay… HA! Don’t you wish. Don’t know why people (mostly men) feel threatened by a gorgeous man. Don’t worry, he’s not coming for your girl or for you (if that’s what you fancy).

  • Druzy

    @Anne: okay.

  • Druzy

    If he is interested in one of the waitresses there,she is one lucky woman!

  • Dog lover

    Is it just me or does Henry look like one hell of a good time?! I’m not a big beer drinker, but I’d drink a jack and coke with him any day!

  • Really?

    @Annoyed – Finally a comment that is grounded in reality. Henry is 30 years old, single and famous. He is doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. Having a damn good time because he’s not obligated to ANYONE!!! What do you people want him to do? Sit at home and knit?

  • G

    I love how every time a hot guy comes along and has success he is gay. You people need to get a life and past your jealousy issues. As for Kaley I would NOT call it a RELATIONSHIP they had. A relationship is NOT over the computer, I DON’T care what the times are like. You can NOT be dating someone you have NOT met. If so you are ALL gay coz you must be chatting to the opposite sex from your computer. Kaley comes off as immature and Henry probably got sick of her clinging onto him. I don’t see comments of how many MEN Kaley has been with. Obviously she does not like being alone.

  • G

    @In the know: Personally know him do you?