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Jason Sudeikis Asked Justin Theroux for Olivia Wilde Engagement Help!

Jason Sudeikis Asked Justin Theroux for Olivia Wilde Engagement Help!

Olivia Wilde shows her stripes while meeting up with a gal pal on Friday (August 2) in New York City.

The night before, the 29-year-old actress was red hot while supporting her fiance Jason Sudeikis at the premiere of his latest film We’re the Millers in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivia Wilde

Jason‘s We’re the Milers co-star Jennifer Aniston revealed who helped him buy Olivia‘s engagement ring at the premiere.

“Somebody helped him on the ring, in fact. Not me, but my fiancé [Justin Theroux] did…He just guided him in the right direction,” Jennifer told E!.

FYI: Olivia is wearing the ALC Finn dress and RoviMoss bag.

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jason sudeikis asked justin theroux for olivia wilde engagement help 01
jason sudeikis asked justin theroux for olivia wilde engagement help 02
jason sudeikis asked justin theroux for olivia wilde engagement help 03
jason sudeikis asked justin theroux for olivia wilde engagement help 04
jason sudeikis asked justin theroux for olivia wilde engagement help 05
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jason sudeikis asked justin theroux for olivia wilde engagement help 07

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  • first

    Aniston is desperate to put the name of oompa loompa out there.



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  • Choyce2020

    WHY would Jason Sudeikis ask the grown-up Eddie Munster (Justin T.) for engagement ring advice? Can’t he see the one JT supposedly bought Jennifer A. doesn’t even sparkle, shine or anything? It just lies there like a lump of fake diamond…..this can’t be a true story.

    Hope it is anyway, have some confidence Jason….take Olivia out & shop for engagement rings together….that way there will not be any margin for error. Go dude & best of luck w/Olivia….she is goregous!!!
    (The other couple not so much!!!)

  • LooseLipz

    Slow news day…

  • diane

    Another plant story by Jennifer Aniston. Sadly this one makes Jason look stupid. Why wouldn’t he go to a close friend of his fiancee to ask for advice not some guy who going to marry his co star.

  • ann h

    Olivia and Jason have been engaged since January and now this attention seeking hog waits to announce this ground breaking news just before the movie comes out. I’m sure we’ll hear more saved up stories in the next couple of days.

  • Janna

    Most unimaginative PR release ever.

  • Heidi

    Ummmm, where’s my ring Justin?

  • kel

    That’s pathetic.

  • anna

    Olivia and Jason are two of the biggest famewh*res in Hollywood.

  • Cara

    Anyone else here?

  • Melissa

    Just got message. Yes!

  • Brian

    Hi guys!

    I hope this works. :)

  • Rose
  • Francis

    @Brian and @ Melissa: Good to see you.
    @Dan: Hope your email is not one of the ones that bounced? Are you here?

    It looks like Warner Bros and Bradley still looking for Director and a big studio like Dreamworks.

  • Yan

    @Rose: Maybe waiting to see if there are any trolls with new list?

    I see we are playing musical chairs. I guess Bradley is still in London?
    The comments in article below are good with list of possible directors:

  • Ellen

    For those new today. Yesterday we just spoke about how happy we were for peaceful mb, Spielberg motive for dropping BC, tried to find out if Bradley was meeting with Leo, Jlaw + BC working relationship, and American Hustle. @Allison also said pmb would comment here today.

  • Melissa

    Did we decide if this is her or not? I can’t tell if it is her and could not tell in the metallica concert pics it was her.

    @reply | flag this
    # 2358 Nelly @ 08/14/2013 at 6:51 am
    Who is that next to Cara in Ibiza with usual leg pose?

    @reply | flag this
    # 2359 Chris @ 08/14/2013 at 6:58 am
    Why does it matter if she was in Ibiza or not? Bc wasn’t there. When are we gonna see bikini pics with BC? Here she is in Ibiza tho with stupid laugh.
    @Carol UK: I think BC will date other girls and then AmFr. We will see pics and articles if they are in a relationship. We’ll know she is.

  • Eric

    @Yan: Thanks. I am googling directors now…

    @Melissa: Bad eyes. I did not see it was her at metallica but all did and @AFT confirmed it was her.

  • JLaw Fan

    Nose ain’t big enough. Not her in pic, dear friends, but I think she was there.

  • Jeanna

    You asked yesterday about others from that board but I fear a leak from them. Maybe we invite them tomorrow afternoon.

    @Francis: There are 4 people saying they are @Dan. There were several saying they were @JE fan but @TLR already had her email. I hope we get the right @Dan here.

  • JLaw Fan

    What?????????????????Please no chances. I already think there will be a leak with @Ju that was given link. He is on that board. Peace for one more day.

  • Cara

    Tick tock. Tick. How long till they find us?
    You know they are looking. I think pic her after nose job.:)

  • Gabriella

    @Cara @JLaw fan: Hahahaha
    No new pic of BC so aaaaaaaah,,20704755,00.html#21339283

  • Jules

    Hi i was given the link his morning and haven’t leaked i don’t intend to. Nobody that i know of from Suki board or other pmb is looking for you guys – or they haven’t disclosed that they are.

  • Fiona

    Hi! This is Fiona from pmb. @TLR is still sending Abigail and me emails with name ID. We don’t actually see your emails or names. We are not sure of the following: Do you want a link to be sent to @Ovidie, @Huma and @Elizabeth? Thanks.

  • Jeanna

    @Jules: What other pmb? When I mentioned it, they told me it didn’t exist. Some people are looking for us. @TLR received fake requests.

    @Fiona: Ovidie asks the same questions over and over again. I say ‘no’ to her, yes to H (Sk fan) and yes to E(swings both ways). See what others want.

  • Jules

    @Jeanna Hello, there was another board but Carmen shut it down due to people posting on JJ. There is another board for BC fans and 2 boards for SW fans – Immy’s is one of them the other is run by some girl that knows her sister or something.

  • Fiona

    Some other posters want to find you. We have 8 posters pretending to be @Dan, 4 pretending to ben@Jack, 4 @JE fan and others.

  • Jeanna

    @Jules: Thanks.
    @Fiona: Which of these boards are @TLR group on?

  • Jules

    @Jeanna No probs
    @Fiona i’m confused as to why i was sent this link – i take it this is the PMB? Sorry if it’s a dumb question im a little tired : (

  • Yan

    @Fiona: Sorry but I can’t take OvidieDjDee. She also thought it was funny when there was a takeover making fun of @AFT. I don’t find any takeover funny even if they tell jokes like Jon Stewart.

    Anyone else is fine.

  • Brian

    @Yan: It’s also been pointed out by several posters that Ovidie/DJ/Dee are the same person.

    Dee was also the one who criticized AFT’s posts and then asked if she could join the AFT board.

  • Fiona

    @Jeanna: We have posters on many pmbs including BC fan boards in US and Europe, Gerard Butler pmb, Leo pmb, her 2pmbs…

    @Jules: This is not pmb. Pmb is not part of JJ. They are no longer posting on the JJ BC hotel exit article. I sent you the link through @TLR but maybe I should have asked you first. I did ask posters if they wanted link and everyone said yes so I stopped asking.

  • Jules

    @Fiona I clicked on the link you sent me and it took me here that’s why i was a little confused…..

  • Elizabeth

    @Fiona: Everyone okay except those stealing names.

    @AFT: Hope you visit us soon.

  • Fiona

    @Jules: I haven’t read all but the other mb was getting dark

    @Elizabeth: He will and others from pmb too

  • Jules

    @Fiona ok thanks. Still not sure what’s going on but i await your wisdom
    : )

    Other SW board are fighting amongst themselves now it’s turning into another JJ.

  • May

    Found you! Just got email from @Abigail. I hope @Dan,@Ray, @Just a girl find us.

    @Yan: Stone as a director would be great!

    @Melissa: The group one looks like her. The close up does not but
    they do not look like each other. Look at Cara and Jourdan.
    Jourdan does not look like herself at all. Her face features look smaller in pic too. See:

  • huma

    Thanks for link. I will not leak this location. I just want to hear @AFT. Bradley is more attentive but I do not like how he is with Suki.

    @May: I am a Suki fan on her pmb and that is not her. The instagram comments say @Cara sister.

  • Elizabeth

    @Fiona: Thanks. Back to the good ‘ole days….

  • May

    @huma: Oh did not know she has a sister. I know nothing about Cara.

    @Fiona: Are there 2 Elizabeth’s? It is a common name but Check the 2nd one.

  • Chinwe

    @huma: Cara’s sister does not look like that. She is taller than Cara, tall beautiful blonde. The blonde Amfr. They are all back in london or on their way back. Pic:

    Women will also enjoy fashion in link:)

  • Zady

    @Brian: I agree. I think @AFT is okay with criticism but say it again when he posts. @Dee posted it on another story. Even last time, there is a person always critiical of @AFT but says nothing when he is there. @Dee also tried to say she did not ask to be on @TLR board but I feel she did.

    @huma: Who is the girl then?

  • Ray

    I don’t think it’s sw in that photo but its hard to tell since they all in costumes. Cara back in London so……..

    Poppy is cara sister name if I’m not mistaken.

  • Chinwe

    Yes, Poppy Delevigne. Cara back in London and other friends on her pmb on their way back.

  • Melissa

    @Jules @huma: Are they fighting as still upset about Bradley or do her fans like him again now?

    @Chinwe: Was she there? Just curious.

  • Chinwe

    @Melissa: Pic, it might be her or not. I can’t tell. One guy on Cara pmb said she went for a short time but left early. Other Cara pmb friend said she did not see her but she was very drunk and does not remember.

  • Jules

    @Melissa I’m new o SW pmb so i’m sill trying to work out what exactly they speak about bu they are all fighing abou whether SW was in Ibiza or not. Some say she was there for one nigh and then left and others are saying she wasn’t there and was with BC. They are slaing and supporting BC i depends what mood you get them in. They all agree though that it’s a real relationship and that she is now the one pulling the strings not him.