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Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Shares Her Makeup Free Pic!

Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Shares Her Makeup Free Pic!

Jennifer Aniston leaves a We’re the Millers press conference on Saturday (August 3) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actress was spotted later in the day leaving that same press conference in a different outfit.

Jennifer‘s longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan recently shared a pic of the duo, makeup free! “Best #friends #no makeup #girl-time ’,” Chris captioned the picture.

Also pictured inside: Jennifer‘s co-stars Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts arriving for the press conference.

FYI: Emma is wearing an Elizabeth & James top, Skaist Taylor skirt, John Hardy necklace, Casadei shoes, and Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the We’re the Miller press conference…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 01
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 02
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 03
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 04
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 05
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 06
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 07
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 08
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 09
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 10
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 11
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 12
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 13
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 14

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  • Not your friend


  • African Girl

    Yikes! She looks like someone recovering from an illness!!!
    Stick with the makeup woman, natural beauty is something you do not possess.

  • Jenna

    She looks fine!

  • Nom

    She does not have a beautiful face. At best, a few years ago, she was maybe pretty. She was very lucky to make films in Hollywood with her common face. She has nice blue eyes though, I’ll give her that.

  • Mary

    Considering she has spent half her life with heavy makeup on (TV-movie makeup) she looks good for her age. This is the point of the picture I think, having healthy skin and not pilling on makeup all the time. Not if she is pretty or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all :)

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    I love her more now

  • diane

    Even with the botox and fillers, she still looks 44 years old. She must look much older without the botox and fillers.


    You-all are going to get pretty freaked out by just how many gay guys are going to absolutely fall in love with the upcoming Shampoo sequel. I promise you, there will be something very inspiring in it for everyone.

  • Paula768

    Loooooove her so much!

  • Li

    HE must hate her to share that pic! hahahha

  • sammi

    Jen looks GORGEOUS. Love that she doesn’t do the botox, filler s hit that other movie stars do. @African Girl: That’s a pretty bad thing to say. Imagine someone who really has an illness reading your comment. Grow up

  • Anna

    Very pretty :)

  • Joy B Angie

    She is beautiful anyway.

  • Jessie

    Mary @ 08/03/2013 at 9:30 pm #5
    If the purpose was to show healthy skin the picture would be clearer and free of shadows and the light in the background which diffuses her skin tone and her features. I think that was the point. You’re not seeing a true picture of her skin, you’re seeing the results of lighting.
    She looks her age, which isn’t a diss. For someone who’s dedicated her life to how she looks, it shouldn’t be a surprise if she looks decent without make up, although I can’t tell from this picture.

  • redundant

    bull$het shes not makeup free, its called concealer. stop proving whatever you feel you need to prove maniston, and stop dragging you’re equally superficial friends into this as well just so you can look good. all you have is blue eyes.

  • Joy B Angie

    So where is her famous “chin”
    on this picture ?
    Also the ears are opened –
    and oops -
    anyway beautiful.
    This picture is for breakfast
    to the haters.

  • Tish

    She looks awful and dried up. Her forehead is all wrinkled up and also around her thin lips. She should keep her makeup on she too ugly. Did you see her purple dress showing her fat stomach, yuk. The woman is fat and ugly worse when she speaks she is not intelligent and a total ass9 bore! Her life and her movie are the same, EMPTY!

  • Joy B Angie

    Why not show a photo with just washed her head ?
    Or during the application ?
    This Chris is a “very good” boy.

  • jentheho

    That’s BS. She is not make up free. She doesn’t has her eye make up it doesn’t mean she s make up free.

  • jentheho
  • Paige

    Looks like Barbara Streisand

  • jentheho
  • Joy B Angie

    Chris McMillan apparently wants bigger money.

  • jentheho
  • Eve

    JA is too ugly. She needs to fix up her greasy thinning hair and go on weight loss program. Pushing 50 and have nothing to show but her short boyfriend is a shame. Plain old woman she is big time media whore and I’m sure all are tired of her.

  • African Girl

    Errrr…,, Why will someone with an illness be offended?
    Do us all a favor, next time before you hit submit. …pause and ask yourself “Does this make sense to me?” If it does, do not post….I repeat DO NOT POST. People in the real world do not understand the workings of your mind.

  • Joy B Angie

    Don’t worry,
    Chis will fix her hair.
    What will you say after that ?

  • Joy B Angie

    @African Girl:
    “ERRRR !…” -
    that is what women say
    looking at Jen’s makeup free picture.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Whaattt??? Sweet Jen. Angelina could never with her ANOREXIC self!

  • Joy B Angie

    I’d like to look at Jolie without makeup :) :) :)

  • jafacts

    I gues she’s approved that pic. Chris will not post that pic without her approval. She will not approve any pics unless they look okay. She wears blue lenses. Her real eye color is gray/blue mixed, not the blue color pictured.

  • Joy B Angie

    Chris has the same photos
    with Kardashian and the rest of his clients.

  • AGA

    Angie is seen regularly without make-up!! Don’t just post what you wish were true!

  • Joy B Angie

    Give me the date of article on JJ.
    Jolie with no makeup-
    I want to enjoy this.

  • Joy B Angie

    You can’t know what I wish.
    May be I wish Jolie looked without makeup 18.

  • Joy B Angie

    you have nothing to say about Jen without makeup.

  • umm hello

    Didn’t recognize her, she’s hiding her chin. Her face definitely looks like she had work done. She does not have pretty skin and this photo is photoshopped.

  • Piper

    If you hate then say such, but don’t spew untruth and lies!!! You people are so miserable and jealous that you find happiness in tearing apart this woman.

    Click on the pic Link to his twitter and it shows a better view of the picture. She has great skin, and she looks great without makeup. As for people who say she is pushing 50, that is not true, she is 44 get it straight. She clearly hasn’t had work done because she does have some faint lines on the forehead and smile lines. With that said, she doesn’t look much different from 15 years ago. She seems like a nice person, leave her alone and quit being mean girls. The bottom line is that she looks great with or without makeup. Her skin is clear and wrinkle free. Quit being jealous nellies.

  • Wow

    She looks like a regular mom. Problem is, she isn’t a mom and thinks she gods gift to man considering she gets naked for magazines, always goes for roles where she requires taking off her clothes and stips, when in real life, all the men she has dated leave her


    I wonder why she’s paying to have her ugly pictures shown. Her chin is long and square, she has a big stomach so shameful for that dress, fat arms, legs and face. Way to go unattractive & fat Aniston. Oh, and her thin lip disappear whenever she talks, gross.

  • Marta

    She looks good. Avarage 40 + woman.She was never super beautiful and she never will be. She’s pretty as most women on the streets and she looks good for her age.


    @Marta: Marta, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking hon. This woman is definitely not pretty as most women on the street. She is middle aged, menopause without children…no excuse to be fat, dry skin, crappy hair, manly features and she does not look good compared to women in her league on the street or off the street. She may do well in the hookerville corner.

  • NY Socialite

    Sunbathing and smoking has ruined her skin and not even botox/fillers can help her. She will always remain plain looking with coarse wrinkly skin. She also lacks acting ability and should never speak or act at all. I don’t care how much she lies about looking good for her age, etc. She has passed her prime and becoming a disgust, parading everywhere like she matters. She is a waste.

  • Joy B Angie

    @OMG FAT JA!:
    Life is so unfair -
    she is on Premier of her new movie…
    She doesn’t afraid to be with no makeup -
    because she is BEAUTIFUL.
    Eat this :)

  • Joy B Angie

    @NY Socialite:
    She is in her prime,
    people love her look and movies.
    She is filming in the next project.
    Producers are not stupid
    (unlike some haters).
    Have a nice day :)

  • Cate

    She looks fine.

  • FoolMyFans

    now you see it now you don’t wasn’t she pregnant yesterday? what did she do with this one? how much does that makes now 9?

  • Miss Piggy

    Where’s Kermit? Do keep the make-up on, you’re still ugly.

  • aaa

    @Tish: talking about yourself again?

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan