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Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Shares Her Makeup Free Pic!

Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Shares Her Makeup Free Pic!

Jennifer Aniston leaves a We’re the Millers press conference on Saturday (August 3) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actress was spotted later in the day leaving that same press conference in a different outfit.

Jennifer‘s longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan recently shared a pic of the duo, makeup free! “Best #friends #no makeup #girl-time ’,” Chris captioned the picture.

Also pictured inside: Jennifer‘s co-stars Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts arriving for the press conference.

FYI: Emma is wearing an Elizabeth & James top, Skaist Taylor skirt, John Hardy necklace, Casadei shoes, and Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the We’re the Miller press conference…

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jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 01
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 02
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 03
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 04
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 05
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 06
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 07
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 08
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 09
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 10
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 11
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 12
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 13
jennifer anistons hairstylist shares makeup free photo 14

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  • aaa

    @Miss Piggy: you’re still ugly.

  • White Swan

    Y’all makeup free please and as for the famous chin it’s right there only folded up into the man shoulder

  • she love the Paparazzi

    This ugly-fake-selfish woman love the paparazzi.

    It´s incredible the number of times she is in front of paps. Always looking for attention, the typical famewhore. Boring .

    Tootsie-Ticky is the biggest famewhore in the world.

  • http://iPad Gun

    Jennifer saw a picture of herself in the purple dress, and sent her mouth piece to deny the pregnancy rumors.
    She is peri-menopausal , she can exercise, all day long and it won’t help her face or waist.
    How could she make a Burberry dress look like a fifty dollar prom dress?
    She and her gigolo look like two peanuts that were left in the sun too long, greasy, and dried up.
    Tootsie is pulling out all the stops in NYC, when the movie bombs, she will go back being surly to the fans and Paps.
    Beauty comes from inside, and she is ugly inside and outside.


    That was my take on that dress i swear purple is my favorite color but that shiny one she squeezed in and her cinnamon face and leather skin like I said a stuffed sausage and then the comical look of her and justin YIKES

  • Barren old Jen




  • Yep

    Wow! Jen looks beautiful without makeup! Love her!

  • chin

    Wow chin hanging in the shoulder

  • Chris

    She is amazing and way too beautiful!!! Let the haters hate and be more and more jealous of her!! This woman is stunning!!!! LOVE HER!!

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Emma has great legs! The family runs some beautiful legs gens.

  • Jennifer

    @Nom: #4

    Her eyes are brown. She wears blue contacts.

  • Jennifer

    @jafacts: #31

    Her real eye color is brown. Check her high shool pics.

  • Theo

    I bet everyone who said that she is ugly is either the same person either jealous girls…cauz a man must be blind to not see how hot this woman is!!!!

  • Joy B Angie

    @she love the Paparazzi:
    All beautiful people love paparazzi :)

  • Joy B Angie

    Brown eye color is very hot too.
    But you may trust to Jen’s choice :)

  • elvisgirl

    Jennifer doesn’t need makeup. She looks just as good without it.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Barren old Jen:
    No need to hide ANYTHING !
    Jen looks gorgeous, the dress is wonderful -
    what do you want else ?
    Her fans will blog she has a beautiful belly. :)

  • Joy B Angie

    How is your own stuffed sausage ?
    I hope it’s color is healthy. :)

  • Dawne

    B L U E EYES??? Omg, a Greek with Blue eyes……..NOT. People are so gullible………this woman works night and day to be ‘blonde and blue eyed. She has frizzy brown hair and brown eyes……..a full time hair stylist, extensions and hair dye and tinted blue contacts. For a woman with over a hundred million dollars should look better than the women I see at the supermarket……….she has a beauty ‘staff’……..dermie’s, plastics, spas, fitness experts, butlers, chefs etc. Try pulling her hair off her face in a ballerina bun and you will see what all the money in the world can’t buy. She is average at best even with her full time focus on her face and body. Woman is as shallow as a mud puddle.

  • Wow.

    She looks good!

  • Joy B Angie

    You told I can find you on the Johnny Depp’s thread.
    No need…
    All the main gays of JJ site are here :)
    So you think you’ll have a better look in this dress ?
    Just if you are enough beautiful inside…
    No doubt your partners will say: O, YEAH ! :)

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    Emma looks so cutie here

  • Joy B Angie

    There is no hair stylist when she swims in the ocean,
    but she looks great anyway.
    Check the pictures.

  • Joy B Angie

    Emma (22) is happy to be in one project with Jen (44).

  • allison

    BIG schnoz

  • Jen

    I am not saying she’s ugly in the pic, actually she looks decent. But I’ve seen so many people do selfie shots even I have done them and we KNOW we can manipulate the results by mere angle, lighting and if that fails there’s always the edit portion of the cameraphone which u can elimite spots, wrinkles or make the skin smoother. My point is if you wanna say or prove make up free and and beautiful let’s do this under fluorescent lights where it is basically a what u see is what you get result.
    I would rather see her with no make up taken candidly to really see the real jennifer aniston if she can be brave enough to do that i’ll then think differently of her.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen looks really good without makeup
    as we can see this wonderful discussion.

  • http://celebitchyAngelinaJoliemakesherfirstUNHCRspecialenvoytriptoEcuador carolynlee

    @Joy B Angie: This picture among countless others is why she will not be having any bio babies. I can’t even imagine what a child with her reshaped, transformed, revised , and altered face paired with eddie munster’s face and physique will come out looking like! She knows what all she has had to do to even look like she does now. In some pictures she is downright ugly. So a poor little baby coming from that womb won’t be happening.

  • Plastic Fug Jen

    Even having 3 nose jobs we know about and her redic amt of botox/ restyline (sp) , bleached hair, blue contacts she still has to put a BS pic out telling more lies about wearing no makeup.
    The broad is FUG, always has been and can’t act except possibly on tv like 10 yrs ago. Hey! Watch this new film they are giving away free tickets to fill seats and nobody wants them. haha
    Another dud like the rest of her crap big screen jokes.

  • Yep

    The faults I see in others often reflect my own. Jen is gorgeous and such a caring and giving person. Haiti, breast cancer awareness, mental illness awareness, St Jude Children’s Hospital and so many more.

  • Joblo

    Men you guys are so freakin’ annoying and stupid she look almost identical when she has makeup on. I dont like her either she’s such a bad actress but come on she looks good!! Stop lying to yourself but eh I guess 95% of you just write comments when they are unhappy !

  • cee

    Fugly. Why are thry trying so hsrd to make her something she is not. The pity party continues.

  • Vee

    Have the babies, Ms. Aniston, if you still can. Life is short and beauty is fleeting. I never was vastly rich, but enough to be comfortable. I can tell you that I count now, with my large family of brothers and sisters, that I won the lottery (more than money). And my children and husband are the world. When it comes down to what’s important in life, IMHO, family is everything. (It does not matter if you’re in your forties and you look okay without makeup or not.)

  • Wow

    She’s been reading the blogs again for her to post a light makeup photo of herself. Aniston is 44 years old and still trying to make others believe she’s some great beauty and she is not. I know her fans say otherwise but the majority will agree she is very average, just very average with money.

    At 44 she has a low self-esteem and it’s telling for her to always be so concerned that everyone must like her.

  • Joy B Angie

    She IS a Top Beauty
    as she is in the Top 50 of the Most Beautiful Women of Planet.
    And a little question:
    how can “very average” woman
    make big money ?

  • Joy B Angie

    I want to look at your “world”
    when your husband will start spend free time
    with 24 y.o woman.
    And your children will be on his side…
    And your world will be just an empty kitchen.


    In Shampoo, Warren Beaty played the second coming of Jesus. So obviously, there needs to be some kid of a part two sequel to it.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Plastic Fug Jen:
    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA -
    this photo made you crazy :)
    What a poor “human” being…
    You may go on her movie or not –
    she has $ 8 millions
    in to addition to another 150.
    Industry is a BUSINESS first of all.
    Don’t forget this :)


    Carley Simon’s 70s swingers song, You’re So Vain, was about Warren Beaty 2 of course.

  • Joy B Angie

    What happened ?
    Your guy doesn’t want to look at you
    after watching Aniston in the news ? :)
    Women usually demonstrate a solidarity
    when it comes about having children and so on…
    You must be very unhappy.
    Jen has her frozen material to have a bio kids
    with surrogate mom without any risk.
    Money are not a problem.
    She can use also her DNA for another procedure.
    She is very healthy .
    So don’t hurry with conclusions.
    If Jen will decide to have bio kids
    they will be very beautiful.
    No doubt.

  • Miss Piggy

    Jennifer is ugly at any age. In her teens she has black hair and brown eyes. She’s so desperate to be blonde and blue eyed as if we don’t know any better. She’s always fat hence the name Piggy. Do we care to see her in the movies, heck no! Courtney is naturally beautiful and has more to offer. Jennifer is a fake and so dumb it’s not even funny. hahahaha ):

  • Evergreen

    Hello everyone. Is Jennifer related to Chelsea H? They look alike. Why is Jennifer so fat and is that a beer gut she has. She looks awful in that purple dress, looking rougher now makeup or no makeup. At age 44 she is aging fast, act like a bully out there showing her gut. What a shame!

  • aha

    I hope by the end of next week when her movie is a stinky bomb at the box office so old sour grape hag goes away.
    Want to she her crow feet eyes and wrinkle old face? Google her when old hag was at her Hollywood walk of shame ceremony.

  • aha

    Evergreen *92,
    I agree with you.
    Old sour grape hag and CheaShit HOdler are evil witchy sisters. They hate children.

  • aha

    This sour old hag does not have blue eyes and blond hair. Google old hag and you will see her pre Friend pic. She is a shame of her Greek ethicnicity. She is a FAKE.

  • Joy B Angie

    Her mother is Irish-Italian -
    so what the color for Jen’s hair is ‘correct’ ?
    Why then produce different hair colors and colorful contact lenses?
    In order for the girls to look as they like.

  • http:yahoo isjeh

    jennifer always looks great and haters really love her that they bother to read and post to say she’s ugly



  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Cutie pic

  • Joy B Angie

    Big letters doesn’t mean a big sense.
    :) :) :)
    Don’t you love my opinion ?
    Your taste is wrong. :) :) :)