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Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller Hold Hands in Tribeca

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller Hold Hands in Tribeca

Jake Gyllenhaal holds hands with his girlfriend Alyssa Miller as they head out in the Tribeca district of New York City on Saturday afternoon (August 3).

The 32-year-old actor and his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model gal took in the sunny day in the Big Apple as they picked up some groceries.

Jake and Alyssa were first spotted out together in mid-July, sparking rumors that the two were definitely an item. Later in the month, the duo enjoyed brunch at Sant Ambroeus in New York City’s West Village neighborhood after news broke that Jake had exited Into the Woods.

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jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller hold hands in tribeca 02
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jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller hold hands in tribeca 05

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  • erica

    They look good together.


    new beard?

  • Dan


    It’s his “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model gal friend” *wink wink*

  • Is this a joke?

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: It’s ok Jake, we know you’re gay, we don’t care. In fact it will probably help your career, since it stinks right now anyway. Straight or gay, we don’t care for you as a leading man

  • jill

    @Is this a joke?: that’s for sure, he’s NO leading man and she’s a fame hoe. look at all the attention she’s getting.

  • andy

    she sure looks old for 24. she looks as old or older than him. groceries? are they living together already?

  • hotshot

    at least he got rid of the beard. now get rid of that malignant growth attached to his arm. take off all that make-up and she’s ugly as sin, even manly looking.

  • manson

    the gay blade called the paps again
    look at me look at me
    see i’m not gay!

  • mimzy

    Jealous, bey otches? Post up some selfies. Let’s see how you compare.

  • Jason


  • zion

    Good arrangement. He gets a good cover and she gets great exposure.

  • Darrin

    Who in the hell is she? I’ve never heard of her.

  • Jessica

    I’m an ex fan for sure now. I lost a lot of respect for him with the Taylor Swift thing, but this dumb underwear and topless shots model seals the deal for me. No more Jake movies for me.

  • Amy

    She looks really old for her age. She looks like she is in her late thirties. I thought he was going out with Emily Didonato? She would have been a better choice!

  • Helen

    Great looking couple, wish them the best. She is almost his height and very pretty. Together they will have beautiful babies (;

  • miller

    Looks like jake pinch ledgers butt


  • Kira


    I’m gonna LOL at these words when Jake’s character will save the little girl + Hugh’s character in Prisoners next month. Before you ask: I saw a test screening. Hugh and Jake are leads, with Jake being the ultimate hero in the end. Good times ahead.

  • Kira

    at 2:59 jake come on to the interviewer,the interviewers voice quivers

  • jamie

    it’s 2013 FYI, Brokeback Mountain was 8 years ago… just a movie, not reality…’re still getting your rocks off watching it?…..therapy didn’t help one bit?

  • prairiegirl

    Where are his 5 kids?

  • gay, gay, gay

    Jake please find good-looking beard next time!

  • prairiegirl

    You guys, THAT IS NOT JAKE’S BODY NOR IS THAT ALYSSA’S BODY in those photos.

    Those are photoshopped.

    Please. Use your computers and your eyes in the way they can be used and blow those things up.

    Those are mish-mashes and they are not real.

    PR – get the heck out of here and get yourself a better photoshopper. OhMyGodot is smarter than the average internet surfer.

  • xyz


  • boring people

    Stop now with this bitterness and envy towards this dude and his girlfriend

    By now we got that you are always the same 5 \ 6 people, is’ getting boring and even a little creepy.
    Okay, Jake destroyed your “brokeback wet dreams”, it sucks but it seems that he likes her pussy, give up guys, or at least be more clever in your strategy and change style of writing! You are transparent, is getting pathetic guys!
    And please this “gay thing” is so 2006!
    join us in the future!

  • God bless you

    look at the level of obsession these 5 idiots have reached about Jake Gyllenhaal and his life!

    They have a blog with about 5 followers and
    their theory is that Gyllenhaal has 5 children with That OTH dude and hides them in some basement!
    it’s amazing the peaks human stupidity can reach! LOL!!

  • Another gay summer

    Here comes the loon who is posting blog sites to distract about Jake the deceiver. Jake’s career has tanked. He looks like a mountain man for years at a time, grunts at people who want his autograph and hangs with the cool kids like Jay Z because he’s better than everyone else, until he hooks up with another beard and then suddenly he loses his own facial hair to make everyone think he has cleaned up his act for her. I never thought this guy would stoop so low, but he did fake date Taylor Swift. He is all kinds of phony and really has a low opinion of fans if he thinks they are gonna buy this crap.

  • BBM


    Changed your meds “girlie”? Last time you said 6 kids. A few months ago on Just Jared you claimed there were 9 kids but that was the methadone talkin’ right? Oh BTW “prairiegirl” is a powerbottom old gay man and we know who’s the object of his wet dreams.

  • Nice beard, Jakey!

    Seen an interview with her, she sounds dumber than a box of rocks. Not much of a looker either with that overbite and manly physique.

  • jealousy is not cool

    @Nice beard, Jakey!: Oh look! also one of the two regular poster for “wft” has joined the discussion!
    Well the hags party can start now!

  • prairiegirl

    @BBM: silly bit-ch, trolls impersonate me all over the internet m’kay. There are two sets of twins, and another girl (the oldest).

  • European

    @Nice beard, Jakey!: It´s not only the interview, you must see her twitter account. I really though that Jake was a intelectual type o guy but now i just think that he is not that smart, well and now be a modelizer is kind a turn off. you don’t have a swimsuit model girlfriend because you want stimulating conversation, that´s is for sure.

  • Diane

    Nothing trolls can do except bitching cause in a couple of weeks Jake Gyllenhaal will be everywhere in the press promoting 2 movies.

    It starts with Inside The Actors Studio taping on August 20 * Prisoners at TIFF September 6 * Prisoners premiering in NY, LA, UK * An Enemy in competition at San Sebastian Film Festival late September * t alkshows, press junkets, photocalls

    Keep bitching, it’ll get you through all the big promotion.

  • The Waltons

    @Another gay summer: Hi PG!@prairiegirl: John: Good night, Son. Good night, Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen: Good night, Daddy. Good night, Mama. Olivia: Good night, Mary Ellen. Good night, Jim Bob. Jim Bob


  • spinsters

    Bitter spinster hags from OMG and WFT can’t stand Jake being associated with an icky female

  • yep

    @spinsters: yes, they are pretty predictable and lame LOL!

  • last year

    @Another gay summer:

    Oh Robert, how are you bear?
    Robert, the scorned gay who stalked Jake last year at his play for days in a row,
    shouted obscenities at Jake
    and ever since bashes him
    complaining he didn’t get an autograph ROTFL

    What did you expect for the nasties you shouted at Jake?
    People heard U, y’know?
    Do your twitter friends know what a disgusting jerk you are?

  • I’m straight, dammit!

    Jake is a loser. Relying on cheap publicity with a very unattractive “model” who is using him to get new professional contracts and get her name out there. Another loser. Whatever happened to just being recognized for your work? Oh, that’s right. When you’re, at best, mediocre at what you do, no one pays attention to you. Jake is gay. Pure and simple. These kinds of stunts after years of seeing him do nothing with women tells the whole story. Gay rights have advanced. While Jake Gyllenhaal is still parading around like a dog on a leash. Self hatred is an ugly thing. I thought he was an intelligent guy once too, but when you treat the audience like fools and act like they are stupid enough to buy anything you’re selling, then you are not only an idiot but a shallow one at that.

  • evie

    @prairiegirl: More proof PG is retarded!

  • spinsters

    @I’m straight, dammit!: You sound like one of the unhinged hags from OMG, pissed because Jake isn’t playing your deluded fantasy!!

  • cardiologist

    @I’m straight, dammit!: calm down lady! At your age, all this bitterness and anger may cause you a heart attack honey

  • ace11

    For 2 people suppesed to be in “love”…they look totally miserable

    Never thought he was gay, but the girls he goes for since Reese are barely out of college

    Hard to figure

  • real world
  • ^^

    @real world: Stupid fangurl posts that pic everywhere

  • geez

    Oh well looks like Jake Gyllenhaal attracts every kind of Freaks!

    poor guy

  • I’m straight, dammit!

    I’m a guy who is 24 years old and I despise Hollywood’s bearding culture. Jake Gyllenhaal is the poster child for it. Sounds like whoever is trying to distract people from stating their opinion about Jake’s bearding ways is not just homophobic, but hates older people and women too because of the comment “at your age.” As if you can tell by my comment how old I am. And, by the way, who cares if I were 50? Would that make my comment any less valid. Or, are you hired by Jake’s media team to try to intimate posters? Not working. Nice to know that Jake and his people are homophobic, misogynistic and hate senior citizens.

  • how sad


    awww don’t be so sad, is not his fault if jake like p*ssy

  • you are not fooling anyone

    @I’m straight, dammit!: Sure ol’ Methodical muser rested now

  • Gina


    Don’t worry they’re not normal trolls, it’s the schizo OMG people.
    6 nutjobs screaming I’m Straight, Dammit!
    who won’t stop putting 60 posts filled with hate and paranoid theories.

    Their problem is, even if they don’t buy 6 tickets for PRISONERS it won’t matter at all. They don’t matter and it makes them mad.

  • ^^

    @how sad: yes silly fanbitch/minka troll, your stupidity gives you away every time LOL

  • chop

    @Gina: and do not forget the two bitter hags posters from WFT