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Nina Dobrev & Mark Salling Party Together at Lollapalooza

Nina Dobrev & Mark Salling Party Together at Lollapalooza

Nina Dobrev and Mark Salling hang out together while attending the 2013 Lollapalooza Music Festival on Saturday (August 3) in Chicago, Ill.

The 24-year-old Vampire Diaries actress and the 30-year-old Glee actor had dinner together at HUB 51 with pals Derek Hough, Chris Masterson, and others before heading down to the lower-level club SUB 51.

“illest meal ever. much appreciation to @Hub51 #chicago #lolla #holla” Mark tweeted.

“Mmmmm carbing up after a festival day of great music&dancing! This pappardelle pasta at RPM @hub51 is hitting the spot!” Nina said on WhoSay.

The pair also stopped by the Samsung Galaxy VIP Lounge to play some ping pong in between musical sets.

FYI: Nina is wearing the Reese & Riley Heartbreaker blazer.

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Photos: Tyler Curtis
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    Nian </3

  • Suri Cruz

    Pretty People.

  • Jenn

    Party Party Party! Is there anything else she is good for? She’ll end up like Amanda. Good luck with your new selfish self Nina.

  • leelee

    Mark’s boyfriend is hot…jk

  • Daniel

    Nina after the end of the relationship has changed so much! I actually prefer their behavior when I was with Ian or even before Ian! I do not recognize now prefer Nina before!

  • Suri Cruz

    @Jenn: Party Party Party? She went to a music festival and then dinner afterwards. That is not a party…

  • Daniel

    What scares me is to see how it’s value to “friendship”! She is so innocent! If people really want to hear her well, know that friends do not exist … I hope she sees this soon and not too late …
    Her behavior now influenced by some friends I do not recognize her anymore!! Nina wakes Please!

  • sarah

    @Daniel: You don’t even know her. Get a reality check. Geez people she’s YOUNG, gorgeous, hard working actress that has the $$$$$ to do whatever she wants. Just because she’s not with Ian doesn’t mean she’s the bad one. Ian dated Nicky Hilton when NOBODY knew who he was (did it to get his face out their) he dated Ashley Greene because she was on Twilight, he dated Maggie Grace because she was a bigger star then him and he’d once again get noticed. When he was with Megan he started dated Nina which shows he probably used Nina to get the shows name out there. Everybody has seen pictures of Ian smoking, drunk out of his mind so give us ALL a break and stop the hate of Nina. Ians obviously MOVED on because he didn’t need Nina anymore. Watch you’ll hear he’s with someone wayyyyyyyyy before you’ll hear NInas dating someone. NOBDOY who Ian was before Vampire diaries. He’s only done D movies and ONE TV show. Lost.

  • TheMuffinMan

    To me it looks like she is FINALLY enjoying life abit more, im not saying she wasnt with Ian but since they broke up she looks like she has been having alot more fun like other girls her age do and there is nothing wrong with that.She should be out there making the most of being young it goes by quickly.

  • Sarah

    You guys are slipping. Shouldn’t the headlines be about Nina and Derek Hough…

  • shaney

    whay? Mark has boyftiend? he’s gay?

  • blue.ocean

    @Jenn: she work all week, often through the night when they have shooting.. in week-ends can do what she wants


    @Sara@sarah: Funny how you say give Nina a break and then go on bashing Ian. No, he was a pretty big name before doing TVD. He had fame from Lost and other shows such as Smallville and Young Americans. He’s had fans since back in the day and he’s still the most lucrative actor on TVD. He doesn’t NEED Nina nor did he ever. He got nothing out of dating her. In fact Nina broke into the Hollywood scene all because of him. He didn’t get one movie or project while he was with her whereas Nina did. And just FYI he was NEVER with Nina when he was with Meghan. in fact he wanted to marry her but Nian fans trashed her car when they heard Ian talk about how much he loved her causing them to lay low. Nina on the other hand was also dating Bens Hollingsworh at the time and they are CW 2010 Upfronts together. Funny how you all blame Ian when Meghan is still with him and funny how you all forget about Nina’s boyfriend. Go ahead google him and while you’re at it also look at how many pictures of Nina there are before dating Ian. You’ll know who used who in the relationship. When Nian went to Coachella how many pictures were there? and now she goes to lolla with Derek and we have random fan sighting. When Nian went to Toronto how many pictures were there? And when Nina went alone she was tweeting them herself. Nina goes around tweeting everything which is a desperate plea for attention. She can do whatever she want tbh cos I don’t care. I am just glad Ian is no longer with her.

  • danny

    wow Mark with his boyfriend. HOT

  • normini.

    @IRONY: I am also glad that Nina is no longer with Ian, that man has no respect for women!

  • Julie

    LOL..Ian has no respect for women?? You clearly dont know a thing about Ian. He is the sweetest celebrity around, he is always very respectful as well as the nicest guy around

  • normini.

    @Julie: yes yes.. a saint please ahahah

  • charlotte

    @Julie: Or because Ians older he knows how to be a player. Ian seems a little to like a brown nose. He knows exactly how to sweet talk his fans. Nothing wrong with it I guess but do you honestly believe when he says he “loves you” that he really does? He loves that fans have made it possible for him to travel, where designer clothes, cars, sunglasses, jewelry, etc all for free plus be a millionaire because of the fans.

  • amber

    why do you all assume they are dating cant two people be friends like wtf?? and mark is not gay thats just his friend….. i cant with the delusion :\

  • Sigh

    You know what, I’m so tired of reading an article about Nina only to see negative and bitter comments from people (girls) who hate her bc she’s no longer dating their God Ian. Please, spare me. I actually thought Nina and Ian were a lovely couple when they were together but now seeing how IAN’S fans act so ugly towards Nina.. smh. I too think she seems much happier since the breakup and good for her! She should live and enjoy her youth.

  • Hannah

    @danny: Mark is not gay you idiot.

  • Carly


    I think it’s more the other way around. Nina has some of the rudest, childish fans I’ve seen. They send hate to any woman that now breathes near Ian. The model, Anna Beatriz Barros who he did a photo shoot with Ian in Italy for a perfume ad reciieved hate for working with him and the intimate poses they had to do for the shoot. Alexis Knapp his recent co-star from Anamoly that he filmed this summer received the most vicious comments from delusional ”Nian” Nina fans I’ve ever seen. Ian and Nina are no longer together and haven’t been for well over 3 months or so now. Sending hate tweets to women Ian works with or may have gotten close to(Alexis) is highly immature and so wrong on many levels. Yet, Nina is with Derek Hough this past weekend and I don’t see Ian’s fans sending her immature hate tweets.

  • marina

    she’s changed! not in a good way :( she became a self absorbed person
    she is just too childish for Ian.

  • belind

    @Carly: you don’t see Ian’s fans sending immature hate tweets to Nina or Derek? SERIOUSLY? look better, Ian’s fans are at the same level as Nina’s fans

  • @marina

    I don’t think she’s changed at all. I think the Nina we’re now seeing is the free spirited Nina we first saw at the beginning of TVD. IMO she seems much happier which I feel is a good thing.

  • @charlotte

    I agree

  • Jenn

    All her actions during the Summer, her Interview with Cosmo, her tweets… She’s not honest at all. Everything about her is fake. She’s an attention wh*re and a heartless bitch who only cares about herself. She’s really immature and I feel sorry for her next BF, whoever it is…Mark, Derek, one of those Beach Boys…who knows? Maybe she’s dating them all.

    Does she care about her Fans at all? Her tweets are ONLY about herself, every tweet is a pic of her…ugh so annoying and arrogant.

  • Welp

    @Jenn clearly you’re not a Nina Dobrev fan to begin with. The Nina bashing is from those who never thought she was good enough for Ian. Nina is single and free to mingle with whoever she so chooses. Also could you kill it with the negativity? There’s no point really. Nina’s true fans aren’t buying it..

  • Sierra

    Why Ian fans comment on Nina articles more? Go to his articles and worship your God Ian there and leave us Nina fans alone.

  • tsopo

    nice Nina!!

  • Raquel

    Virgi scrive:Be’ biosnga Anke provare a dargliela la possibilite0 di cimentarsi in un personaggio magari un po’ pif9 importante l’unica cosa k sn d’accordo e8 k se dite k il personaggio nel libro ha i capelli biondi allora ian nn va bene Anke a me de1 fastidio quando fanno ste cose! Cm Anke in the vampire diaries Elena e9 bionda e invece nella serie tv Nina ha capelli scuri!