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Rihanna Wears Next to Nothing for Barbados' Kadooment Day!

Rihanna Wears Next to Nothing for Barbados' Kadooment Day!

Rihanna bares her body in an extremely skimpy bikini while attending the Barbados Kadooment Day Parade on Monday (August 5) in Barbados.

The 25-year-old singer has been in her hometown celebrating the annual event all weekend.

“Woke up in paint and a veil from partying in de street all morning!!! #Barbados #FOREDAYmorning CROP OVA almost here!” Rihanna tweeted.

Kadooment Day is the climax of the Crop Over harvest festival and is celebrated with a massive parade and summer street carnival.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s Kadooment Day outfit?

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rihanna wears next to nothing for barbados carnival parade 01
rihanna wears next to nothing for barbados carnival parade 02
rihanna wears next to nothing for barbados carnival parade 03
rihanna wears next to nothing for barbados carnival parade 04
rihanna wears next to nothing for barbados carnival parade 05

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  • Sue

    I love her. Young, wild and free. She is living her life to the fullest.

  • Well

    No surprise here. She’s used to being naked most of the time. I’d be more surprised if she wore too many clothes.

  • Sarah

    omg I love it. I want to go to some island carnivals or to brazil. we also have carnival in germany, but its not so much fun and its always cold on carnival here.

  • Alexander

    Props to her for living life to the fullest, while others are always worried about what people may think.

  • Missy

    She’s young and single, I’m so glad she’s enjoy her vaca! She seeems to be having so much fun!

  • Mandy

    Yes exactly. In Europe its always cold, when we have carnival. I need to start saving my coins to celebrate carnival in Barbados next time :) It looks like so much fun there.

  • LemonHead

    I really don’t care for Rihannas tattoos, hair cut or her wardrobe selection. Rihanna is such a natural beauty, with classic elegant features and talent. I wonder why she’s abusing her body and trying to change something that wasn’t or isn’t necessary.

  • Brittany

    Really? She’s got a beautiful body but does she have to show it to the world? Props to her for having the confidence, I guess.

  • jesse


  • Frank

    Rihanna is my HOTNESS. I love how she enjoys the carnival and is even a part of it. She seems like such a fun young woman. Live your life girl.

  • Rachel

    Wow carnival in Barbados. I wished I could be there. Looks like fun times. Love it.

  • Tao

    She looks cheap.

  • Do you Babe

    Riri Baby do your think, thats how carnival looks like in sunny areas :) Love her, she looks like a member of the summer street carnival.

  • AngelinaKnowsAll

    Save your coins in come to Trinidad instead. The carnival is better and you may run into Nikki Minaj!

  • Mandy

    @AngelinaKnowsAll: Lol but I want to meet Rihanna not Nikki :) but I can come to Trinidad to meet you there lol :) Do you want to come to west Europe? In summertime its even hot here lol :)

  • http://veryverysexyandhandsome sharyllee

    Very cheap and trash!!!!

  • http://veryverysexyandhandsome sharyllee


  • Annie

    It’s nice that she always marches in these parades. It’s also funny that no matter what she wears during the parades, she always has a comfortable pair of shoes on her feet.

  • Only decent

    Samuel L Jackson daughter

  • Simon

    She looks hot while having fun, as always.

  • cw

    I just threw up a little bit

  • paul

    Riri is such a hot and sexy woman.

  • Seven

    I love it. Every year she goes to her hometown and celebrates there the carnival like there is no tomorrow.

  • berry

    I don’t think she has a bad body but she’s trashy in how she shows it off.

  • afsd

    This chick is a balding train wreck

  • ash

    hating the hair, but her body looks great.

  • Stephanie

    Her body is awesome. She looks so great.

  • marnie

    Riri is living it :)

  • cindy

    She looks beautiful,and is dressed just like all the other females celebrating.

  • YummyRiri

    @cindy: Exactly. This is CARNEVAL IN BARBEDOS. A lot of women are dressed like her at the parade. Whats next calling the women at the brazilian carneval names because of their costumes. And Rihanna looks great <3

  • LooseLipz

    I’m not a fan of her or her body. Too narrow on top, too wide on the bottom. Pear shaped.
    She sure takes every opportunity to show it off though. The way she drinks and parties she won’t look like this in 10 years.

  • Oh yes Riri

    Yes girl live your life. Ri is hot, young, fund and has an amazing body <3

  • Oh yes Riri

    Loveeeee. Gorgeous girl and body. I’m so happy that she has fun with her girls in her hometown. Dance for me too. Wished I was there.

  • JossBoss


  • Verity

    @AngelinaKnowsAll: Nothing like Trinidad Carnival! For people calling her trash, you know nothing about carnival costumes. This is normal attire for people in the band/float.

  • Emily

    The 3amigos Ali, behati, hellotoshiko posted a pic that said “we hate everybody” well b itches we hate you too. Especially Behati and her stank ass

  • Veep

    i think she’s very lost, and not just because she has an exhibitionist’s problem. She’s a bit self-destructive in her choice of men and lifestyle.

  • Smith

    I love Rihanna. She is living her life like she wants it. Thats something that most people are to afraid to do. She is a brave young woman with an amazing body.

  • Venus7star

    It’s cool that she is celebrating in her hometown. Dressed like everyone. Partying like every girl :)
    For the rest of the year, I guess it’s her life but at least, she’s not slimming down like some ecstasy party-girl who can’t stop or having small talks with toasters. Her parents don’t rule her life and she definitely seems hardcore but at the same time, keeping her head on her shoulders.

  • Freeza

    I LOVE IT. Showing her pride of her culture. Please take it into context, the article didn’t say “Rihanna wears next to nothing in New York city” SHE’S AT A FESTIVAL, PEOPLE. Please take a moment to get educated on the norms of the culture before casting judgement! Her costume is very beautiful!

  • Juanse

    I like Rihanna, she its always wearing next to nothing tho. LOL.

  • TheEricaStar

    Why are so many people hating Carnival in Rio alot of people wear the same stuff some even topless who cares, uptight ppl are so lame.

  • Natalie baker

    Awesome so nice..

  • A-J

    Why are people acting like @$$holes? This is what Caribana is! And we all know she loves being naked, this is nothing new. She probably looks tame compared to others!

  • Anonymous

    Ae you ffing kiidding me!!!!???? You don’t have to take your clothes off to HAVE FUN!! OR BE A FUN person!!!! What kind of b…ll s…t is this???? She looks and act like trash.. As far as the.. I am not a role model cr..p. if you are a public person…guess what… You will always be influencing people’s thoughts and behaviors. She is the reason why certain men think all women are like that and then go and rape and kill, innocent little girls and women!! Se is on my trash list!

  • Anonymous

    She’s living the life that she wants to with an army of bodyguards around her.!!! Brava!!! Step into reality!!

  • anonymous

    You know what WOULD be cool and interesting? If she put some clothes on. That’s a news story you can report on!

  • Alexander

    @Anonymous: lol its eating you up alive. LOOOOOL. Stay mad. We love Rihanna and she is living it up on carnival, while you are here bitterly commenting ON HER POST. LOL. If you dont want to see it dont read, you chose to do it. LOL. WE LOVE YOU RIHANNA.

  • Ben

    Riri is so awesome. I love how she participates on her hometown carnival.

  • Mike

    Oh man I love Rihanna. What an awesome body. Ri should marry me already.