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Miranda Kerr: Mango Fall 2013 Campaign Images!

Miranda Kerr: Mango Fall 2013 Campaign Images!

Miranda Kerr rocks various looks for these brand new pictures from Mango‘s Fall 2013 campaign.

“I had a great time shooting the Fall/Winter campaign for Mango with Inez and Vinoodh,” the 30-year-old model said in a statement. “They are an amazing team to work with, and we have such a good time together. The clothing is especially fun this season with a punk-inspired edge. I loved that Inez and Vinoodh kept the look of the campaign very raw and natural and I think it compliments the collection very well. They did a fantastic job, as always!”

25+ campaign pictures of Miranda Kerr inside…

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miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 01
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 02
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 03
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 04
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 05
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 06
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 07
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 08
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 09
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 10
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 11
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 12
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 13
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 14
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 15
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 16
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 17
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 18
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 19
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 20
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 21
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 22
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 23
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 24
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 25
miranda kerr mango fall 2013 campaign pictures 26

Credit: Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin/Mango
Posted to: Miranda Kerr

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  • Sayer

    The Kate Bosworth of modeling. Just pointless.

  • Sabreen

    doesnt even look like her!! photoshop!

  • okkk

    LMAO her last RELEVANT contract. Don’t let it get away darling

  • The

    The epitome of a one-note model. No wonder designers won’t let her go near their campaigns

  • Anon

    She looks like she is 6ft. She is tall and looks very beautiful in these photos.

  • joe

    She’s actually 5’8

  • Sara

    She looks gorgeous!
    Love it!

  • Yummo

    I seriously love her in all her Mango ads. Not a fan but she looks so fine in these.

  • Ali l

    These are better than the god awful ones last season. Now if only she could work on her poses. They are so amateur-ish

  • Cassie

    She’s too old for this style.

  • Shippers Delight

    Here comes Sara and LOL defending this no talent self centered pointless model

  • yupisaidit

    tired of her.
    sick of her calling the paps an using flynn.
    sick of the planned get togethers with orlando idgaf what anybody says they’ not a couple anymore and i expect a divorce sooner or later weither we hear about it or not. I’m sure orlando is getting very tired of miranda now…of course we wont be hearing that because he probably wants to keep any details about their relationship quiet but its obvious something isnt right about them.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: We see that Miranda Kerrdashian has only one facial expression. Or maybe she was constipated that day.

  • @11

    Why attack someone as harmless as Sara? She never insults you IDIOTS, even though you give us plenty of reasons.
    And LOL? Where? Are you hallucinating? Are your meds wearing off?
    Instead of stalking Miranda across the web, why don’t you do something useful with your life? Like finally moving out of your parent’s house? Or finding a worthwhile hobby? I won’t suggest getting a boyfriend, because we all know that is out of the question. That’s why you are so bitter about Miranda’s success, beauty and marriage.
    Isn’t that right?

  • @12

    Here we go. You morons haven’t drug out the ‘he’s only with her because she is blackmailing him’ bit in a while.
    I guess that you are desperate enough to go digging for some of your old conspiracy theories to boost yourselves up.
    But I know we all appreciate having a mind reader here to explain what is happening behind closed doors of two people you have never met. Must be an amazing talent. *eyeroll*

  • @13

    Oh, Elena, Elena, Elena.
    You really do need a new shtick.
    The Kerrdashion thing was lame when you first started using it. It’s just embarrassing (for you) now.
    But go ahead and keep using it. It just proves that you haters really are morons.

  • yes!

    LOVE her for Mango. Perfection!

  • Juice

    Alessandra AMbrosio is now the face of Calvin Klien CK1 and is shooting for H&M. Doutzen also has H&M and so many other contracts. Adriana is in the latest Miu Miu campaign and is also partnering with Amazon Beverages. All 3 of them have VS angel contracts as well.
    What contracts does this famewhore have other than Mango?
    She’s a pretend supermodel… That’s all she knows how to do…

  • @Juice

    Well, I guess that she has Vogue fooled. With the covers that they have been giving her, and all of those editorials, they sure have been treating her like a real supermodel. And I think that they know a bit more about that subject than a loser like you.
    Miranda has Mango, lucrative Asian lines and her own successful business. Something that none of those other girls have. And they should be embarrassed to still be modeling underwear at their age. Especially since VS is ignoring them in favor of Candice, Karli and Behati. I will feel sorry for Doutzen when she is passed over for the fantasy bra. Again


    To be honest, she’s nothing but an average model now, there has been no spark ever since her Victoria’s Secret and David John(?) contracts were terminated.

  • Juice

    @@Juice: Ummm Vogue giving you covers means you’re a supermodel? Get real. Do you know how many no-name girls/new comers get Vogue covers? And editorials are easier to get. Her last A list Vogure was ages ago. That’s not supermodel behavior in no way…
    And we’re talking about relevant brands here. Those Asian brands -sorry to say- are no where near Victoria’s Secret and H&M. And ok, she has her Kora. Yea, that’s somewhat successful.
    You mean you feel sorry for Adriana/Doutzen/Alessandra because they are modeling lingeire in their 30s? Ok, they’ll be keeping their faces relevant in the American market (something Miranda doesn’t have) and going home with millions while they are at it.And I’m sure Doutzen is crying over not getting the fantasy bra. The only Angel they ignored was Miranda. Doutzen has so many other commitments (paps callling and endless events are not one of them). Ale has been working less for them but who cares? And Nobody is going to claim they ignore Adriana.

  • thele

    Sorry Mango, but these clothes are disappointing! …or it´s just very, very bad shots.

  • well well

    I don’t follow her but she does get fashion campaigns right? If not, what’s keeping her from getting them? Lol here I am thinking. Mango was. high fashion

  • @Juice

    Funny. Before Miranda got her first Vogue cover, you claimed that they were the epitome of fashion magazines. Now after she has multiple covers, they don’t matter. And if editorials are easy to get, why do you gush about every one that other models score? Sounds like your classic hypocrisy if you ask me.
    When Miranda was with VS, you said that they were a cheap company that demeans women, and that she was too old to still be modeling lingerie. Now you act as if it is the best thing in the world, and it’s just fine if women even older than Miranda are still at it. BTW, the Asian brands that she reps are every bit as relevant in Asia, as VS is in the states.
    Yes, Kora is successful. I bet even that back handed acknowledgement that you gave it hurt your soul to admit.
    And funny that you think that VS “ignored” Miranda. As one of her stalkers you should have seen her in that gorgeous fantasy bra two years ago. And this past year, she closed the show in one of the most gorgeous outfits of the evening. Poor Ale was just about swept under the rug when they finally gave her the bra. And how can it not bother Doutzen to know that she is the longest running Angel who never wore the bra? It really is a slap in the face if one of the younger Angels get it instead. So embarrassing.

  • @Elena

    You know, Bealze always been obsessed with the ‘real’ Elena. Constantly sniping at her and stalking her across the net. re you Bealze? Everything fits. The hypocrisy, the stupidity, the obsessive behavior, and the lack of imagination. Yeah, I bet that you are. Why no just post under one of your other names?

  • Juice

    What in the world? Before Miranda had her first Vogue cover, she was a nobody to 99.9% of the world’s population, me included… How could I have said those things then Have you ran out of any kind of constructive arguement?
    And how do you know I gush about other models’ editorials? No really tell me.
    And calling VS cheap and what not???? I said that too? Lols. Why can’t you start telling/admitting the truth,
    Lol VS and H&M are internationally recognized brands. You don’t compare them to Asian detergent brands.
    MIRANDA NEVER CLOSED A VS SHOW IN HER LIFE!!! I guess the bitter truth is too bitter for you. She got the Bra once but so did Selita. Their real gems get to wear the bra more than once.
    Why don’t you answer #23? Or that subject’s reality. Is too cruel for you?

  • lololokoklololol

    I’m not at all surprised this imbecile is saying Miranda closed the show last year when everyone knows it was Toni Garrn. She’s probably the same fool that says VS sent her to all the TV shows.
    Somebody won’t accept her favorite’s status. Sorry the paps won’t make her a supermodel. You can ridicule Doutzen all you want but her body of work is beyond Miranda’s reach.

  • LOL

    So they took one picture of her face and just pasted it on different bodies? It’s the same face in every picture. Maybe she’s had too much Botox and she’s just frozen that way?

  • nina

    She’s too old for those clothes.

  • @26

    Oh come on. You aren’t fooling anyone by pretending that you aren’t one of the idiot haters who stalk her across the net. Same tone, same double standards, same lies and hypocrisy. Denying it just makes you, and your sockpuppets, look even more ridiculous.
    But since you insist, re #23
    Miranda has repped both Jill Sander and Prada. And she’s walked for Balenciaga, Prada, Miu Miu, and Chanel, among others.
    She has also appeared on numerous HF covers, including Vogue, iD, Harpers, W, and Jalouse.
    Now what were you saying about HF not liking her?

  • Juice

    @@26: She had her moment 4 years years ago for like two seasons… that’s a very sad high fashion portfolio.

  • @juice

    Moving the bar again, I see.
    So unless you want to acknowledge that you rely on double standards in your insults to Miranda, you also have to discount all of Adriana and Doutzen’s previous work.
    If you’re not willing to do that, then you can’t claim that Miranda’s previous work means nothing.

  • @juice…

    Mmmm….This YEAR Miranda has had a Jalouse, 2 Vogues, editorials in US & UK Vogue as well as several other magazines covers.

    She is also once AGAIN the face of Mango replacing Kate Moss.

    Tell me again which other models apart from Gisele made the Forbes 100 most influential celebrities list?????????????????

    So I would say Miranda is doing very well for herself fashion wise as well as expanding her business.

    Hypocrite much???

  • YAY!

    Miranda was chosen to be in the 50th anniversary Pirelli calendar for 2014!
    You go girl!

  • Um…

    @YAY!: Is it really an honor to be in a calendar of sleezy pictures taken to sell tires to sleezy mechanics??

  • Piiia


    Why don’t you research a bit about Pirelli calender first.

  • @35

    The Pirelli calendar is only sent out to VIP’s. a “sleazy mechanic” wouldn’t be able to get his hands on one.
    BTW, that comment was a bit elitist wouldn’t you say? Insulting blue collar workers who are making an honest living to support their families? You should be ashamed of yourself.
    And also, wasn’t it just the other day when one of you haters was using the Pirelli calendar as a standard of success? Insulting Miranda because she had only appeared once? Yeah, you sure did. Now that Miranda is not only featured again, but was invited to appear in the 50th anniversary edition, what say you now? Oh, that’s right. You already made a fool of yourself in your last comment. Never mind. LOL

  • @35

    The Pirelli calendar was begun as a marketing tool to sell tires to men. Women in various states of undress used to sell tires to men. It may be sent out to MALE VIP’s but it is still a marketing tool used to sell tires to men. This is not a grand honor, this is misogyny, the degradation of women…TO SELL TIRES TO MEN. You should be ashamed of yourself for glorifying the subjugation of women to the patriarchy. Also, that little elitist rant you just went on there…deflection from the point and therefore, irrelevant. Every time you haul out that sanctimonious bullcr@p it is simply to take away from the fact that you have no real and valid argument. Every time you call your opponent and “idiot” your argument becomes invalid. I want you to take notice to the fact that you defended the mechanics (men) but you are glorifying the debasement of the women used in the calendar and insisting that other women see it as a badge of honor that the models allowed themselves to be used as objects of titillation for men who see them not as whole people but reduce them to their parts and see them only as w@nk fodder while they decide what tires to purchase.

  • mistake

    #38 should have been directed @37.