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Kate Bosworth: 'And While We Were Here' Trailer!

Kate Bosworth: 'And While We Were Here' Trailer!

Kate Bosworth goes in for the kiss with Jamie Blackley in this new still from their movie And While We Were Here.

The 30-year-old actress plays a woman who finds love with a younger man (Blackley) while on vacation with her husband (Iddo Goldberg) in Italy.

The film, directed by Kat Coiro, premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival and was presented in black and white, but when it is released this month, it will be seen in color.

And While We Were Here will be released on iTunes and VOD on August 13 and in theaters on September 13.

Pictured inside: Kate running errands in a multi-colored dress on Wednesday (August 7) in Los Angeles.

“And While We Were Here” Trailer
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  • mforman

    @Macy and @ladybug——-I also just read that she has been spotted going in and out of Oscar de Larenta (probably spelled wrong, sorry), it is like when she made sure to get papped outside of Vera Wang, I think that was just after the big “engagement” notice. KB is going to milk this for all it is worth, because she has seen that she has gained some attention and has been written and spoken about since the Page Six announcement.
    I loved when Celebitchy wrote that she hasn’t written about the creature for quite sometime, it just goes to show you what a nothing she is.
    I think the creature and hobbit will “postpone” their big honeymoon till after the Met Gala, so that the famewhore can get asked all the questions she wants to get asked on that red carpet, or try to set up any interviews with anybody; the best is going to be what The Daily Mail writes, the are going to go completely overboard, it is going to make for some great laughs.. I am sure she will talk to everybody and anybody and/or give interviews to whoever that asks.

  • ladybug

    @mforman: Of course she’s going to milk this for all it’s worth. If she really wanted a low-key wedding like she said she does she and MP would just get married and then let people know about it.
    Lively and Reynolds may have sold their pics to Martha Stewart, but they didn’t let people know about the wedding until after it happened.
    And I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes sure she gets to NY Fashion week, it’d be her debut as newlywed, her fellow fashionistas could fawn all over her. She’d love it!

  • Macy

    She’ll probably get married before then, and then make her debut at fashion week as a Mrs.

  • pretty kitty

    lively traded wedding photos for ms mag paying for parts of the wedding, that way they didn’t SELL OUT like the kartrashians/ timberbiels, etc. wording indifference, new name / same game.
    this wedding will come / go and she and hobbit will have to pull a jenn Anniston and pretend to have a burrito in belly in order to get attn. does she still share ame publicist as alex?? robin??
    alex should find a new pr person and move on w/ his life once ad for all

  • mforman

    @pretty kitty——-Whether or not they share the same publicist, AS moved on with his life a long time ago, the disgusting famewhoring creature is the one who keeps trying to make sure her connection with him remains.
    All of a sudden we see tweets with the wording “My Great Friend and designer Lisa Larsson”, we haven’t seen her with Lisa in a very, very long time. Does anyone but me remember that video when she totally ignored Lisa at the house party Sienna Miller hosted. That video is just painful to watch. The creature stopped being seen with Lisa a long, long time ago, I just find her timing very unusual.
    @ladybug—–You are absolutely right, the KB and MP wanted a “low key” wedding as the thing stated, they would have done it ages ago and then said surprise, I mean they both have been wearing those gold bands forever, so nobody would have been surprised, but at least KB would have for the first time in her “career” not look like a famewhore, but KB and Robin B are making sure that they are putting this “quite” news anyway.
    Thanks @ladybug, I had forgotten that Blake L and Ryan R put their photos in an issue of Martha S,, after they had even returned from their honeymoon, they know what it is to be discreet.
    I still cannot wait till the Daily Mail starts writing their usual crap, it is going to be to funny.

  • ladybug

    @mforman: Lively and Reynolds let people know they’d gotten married the evening of the wedding, and it was a fairly big wedding, so they did want the actual ceremony to be private.
    Since Weddings is only published four times a year, it’ll be awhile until we see the pics of KB’s wedding.

    @pretty kitty: regarding Robin Baum, KB’s publicist. Some of this pre-wedding stuff is probably from her agency. But it’s been speculated over the years that sometimes Kate will do her own thing, since she doesn’t have much else going on. And Robin is also the PR for Daniel Craig, who’s worlds away from KB. RB is one of the most powerful PR people in the business, no reason for KB’s exes to leave just because she’s still with RB.

  • Superman’s GF

    This movie looks so sh*t-awful. I finally just watched (or tried to) the trailer but turned it off halfway through. It’s creepy. She’s a horrible actress and the guy looks 17, which is creepy. Who needs this mess?

  • Whycantipost

    To me, as a fan of someone, you have to dare to be critical. Lot of people act like their ‘idols’ don’t have flaws. Please.
    No one is perfect. I have been bashed for mentioned not liking certain aspects of my idols life (Askars, Charlize Theron, Jolie). But to me, that’s what it is all about. Kissing behind is mindnumbing and boring, and if something ‘your star’ produces is terrible you should be able to say that and hope for better :P If not, they will turn into delusional zombies. Criticism is good.

    The amount of ‘omgggg KB is perfect, every argument someone has is BS because she is as perfect as Jesus’ from certain someones here is just silly. EVERYONE has flaws.

  • Whycantipost

    And ‘a low key wedding’ but giving up tons of details in the press, hinting about it on Twitter for 500 years, mentioning Martha Stewart and having pics publicized of said wedding… That does not add up.

  • Macy

    Agreed. I’ve mentioned things I don’t like about people on other threads like the way they insist on doing their hair, etc but that’s normal. Nobody is perfect all the time. Like you said, everyone has flaws and not being able to see them is ever delusional.

  • ladybug

    Is Star just making things up?

    “Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish will be getting married soon. Probably this weekend or next. Page Six says that Bosworth is going to sell/give the wedding photos to Martha Stewart Weddings, and if I know Bosworth (I don’t), I think she’ll probably arrange for at least one wedding photo to be given to People Magazine or something too, just so we can see her dress. I’ll admit, I want to see her dress. I’m curious about it. I’m curious if it will show off her body or whether she’ll go for a more conservative, covered-up look. Star Magazine says that Kate is determined to GAIN weight before her wedding so that she’ll finally be up to a size 6 wedding gown. Um…

    Notoriously skinny Kate Bosworth is doing the one thing most brides shun – gaining weight for her big day! Bosworth, 30, wants to move up two dress sizes by the time she says “I do” in late August to her director fiancé.

    Kate’s close pal tells Star that Kate will be “at least a size six when she walks down the aisle.” Kate will wed in an intimate country-style ceremony, sources say.

    Kate is tired of starving herself for movie roles and wants to become more lenient when it comes to food.

    “Her fiancé Michael Polish is a butt guy, but Kate really doesn’t have one. He’s been after her forever to put on weight, so he’s overjoyed.”

    [From Star Magazine, print edition]”

  • mforman

    @ladybug—-Oh, I definitely think Star Magazine is making stuff up.
    The first thing that made it so obvious was, what movie roles is she starving herself for. The last film she took part in was Homefront and she already looked the part of a meth addict because of her disgusting body type, so no weight loss was necessary.
    More lenient with food, what the heck are they talking about, that is actually so completely ridiculous. The creature doesn’t eat, everybody knows that and comments on it, she drinks. When she was giving away details about her wedding, not one mention of food, but the creature did mention whiskey.
    I think my favorite is that the hobbit is a “butt” man, since when. KB has looked the same since they began this joke of a relationship.
    I mean sometimes the Star does a little better than this, but this is such a load of cr^p and it is only going to get worse.

  • Macy

    There is no way she’s a size 2 right now, more like a zero. If she gained two sizes she’d probably only be a size 4, which I seriously doubt is happening. That butt part is laughable. If Polish cared so much about her arse she would have gained some weight a long time ago. It was obvious her acting career wasn’t going anywhere fast, anytime soon, so there’s no point in starving herself to be that sickly thin.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I’m pretty sure Star made this up, even though KB isn’t really relevant Robin can still get her a mention in US and People, and I think that’s where this would it would have gone if it were true. And if it were true she’d be looking healthier.

    Perusing her Twitter it seems they are in Montana-she posted a pic from Jasper and a couple of Jasper’s pics look like that’s where they are. Jasper posted a pic of her jumping off a small cliff and Kate retweeted it, going ‘swan dive’. No, KB, that’s not a swan dive. It’s just a jump.