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Beyonce Cuts Hair, Debuts New Super Short & Pixie Haircut!

Beyonce Cuts Hair, Debuts New Super Short & Pixie Haircut!

Beyonce shows off her new super short haircut in this photo posted to her Instagram page on Wednesday (August 7).

The 31-year-old entertainer’s new pixie cut comes just two days after she finished the summer leg of her Mrs. Carter Tour with three shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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Bey has a couple of shows in England later this month and will play a Latin America leg of the tour in September.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s new super short hair?

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beyonce cuts hair debuts super short blonde look 01
beyonce cuts hair debuts super short blonde look 02
beyonce cuts hair debuts super short blonde look 03

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  • Bonnie

    You mean a she removed her wig, if for one second you think anyone with a clue thought her real hair was caught in a fan and that whole thing wasn’t just a publicity stunt, then I don’t know! Meh, she looks 50 in this photo and she is overrated, so over her.

  • Hmmm

    Cut her hair or simply removed her weave /wig?

  • lola-c

    She sure is pretty regardless

  • TurnipGreens

    NOOOOO!!? Beyonce looks better with long hair, hopefully that’s a short hair wig. I bet that fan incident rattled her.

  • hmmm

    she removed her wig, not cut her hair. LOL. no one is insane enough to believe for one second that long blonde wig was her real hair .

  • Susan

    I think she looks better with longer hair and I’m sure the hair she had before wasn’t all her’s at all. Extensions, yes but no way was it all hers.

  • spill it

    wig or not it’s a lil more shocking then gaga. never seen her with that short. o_O

  • kami

    she didn’t cut her hair. she removed all those hair extensions.

  • Hmmm

    @TurnipGreens: it’s too thin to be a wig, I think.

  • TurnipGreens

    She looks just like her mother now… Extensions or not, she looks better with some length.

  • vool

    It ‘s because of that fan incident

  • DontBeDumb

    Yes she removed the extensions but Beyonce’s REAL HAIR is down the middle of her back. So she did actually cut her hair if this is not a wig. Google it, she has long hair guys.

  • DontBeDumb

    Here is an older pic of Beyonce with her REAL HAIR,it’s long and was way longer than this before she cut it.

  • Asha

    All I can say is I see her in concert in December and I hope she puts her weave back in by then. She looks ok with short hair but I prefer Beyonce with long hair.

  • mzhello

    I googled but I didn’t’ see any down her back hair of her own. I saw slightly past shoulders and thin lanky hair so yeah her best bet would have been to cut it all off and hope its grows back healthier or thicker. But I too thinks she looks better with length or else this cut is just not the one for her.

  • mzhello

    the longer thicker hair are extensions. sorry…..

    and this is with extensions braided into the hair to support the weaving

  • Chris Jacobs

    Beyonce actually has a nice length of hair on her. She definitely cut her hair. I think she’s trying to pull a Rihanna. Obviously I think she looks better with longer hair.


    looks like Justin bieber

  • lolatoopointoh

    It looks awful. Hopefully it’s just a wig.

  • Wig wearer

    I say she removed the wig and with this cut looks like a dude.

  • Beyonce fan

    @hmmm: Uhm excuse me Beyonce has dark brown hair and it was by her back. There are many times she left her own hair at concerts so get your facts straight. All she would do at times was dye it blonde and curl her own hair and go to her concert yall dont know nothin

  • allison

    She looks better with the long hair. But after the fan incident I can understand why she cut it off.

  • Just Jared best site on the ne

    @ beyonce fan

    “get your facts straight”

    ROFL. It’s ironic that you would tell someone to “get their facts straight” when beyonce is the queen of lies. All she does is lie. She had her “short hair” for that Cadillac Records crap movie, she looked bad then and went back to the long wigs. She is overrated in every area; music, beauty etc. The only ones who look good with short hair are Ginnifer Goodwin, Natalie Imbruglia, and best of all Halle Berry.


    Oh noooo It’s not Beyonce now.

  • getyourlife

    @Bonnie: listen here you heifer and for anyone else who doesn’t have a clue, she HAD to have cut her hair because she doesn’t wear wigs, she wears WEAVES and you need long hair underneath to wear a weave so the hair can be sewn/braided in. and she already talks about her weaves in public she never hid it. andat 50, 60 or 70 she looks better then your raggedy ass ever will or did. take a seat girl.

  • Beyonce fan

    @Just Jared best site on the ne: That was a WIG! Behind the scenes she pulled the wig ofd and her REAL hair showed underneath it was by her back! Look it up on yourube ! Smh

  • Jani

    @DontBeDumb: If that’s Beyonce’s real hair then I am the queen of England.

  • Jani

    @getyourlife: You need to have SOME hair, not long hair to get a weave. Anyways, she looks gorgeous with short hair. Her features are so beautiful, she doesn’t need hair to look good.

  • Monae

    I actually like the hair. It is OKAY some people are going to overhype it though which is annoying. I will be over this situation in approximately two days.

  • Brittany

    … I don’t know how I feel about this. She’s probably gonna put her extensions back in when the tour restarts. I seriously hope so anyway.

  • V-Money

    We all know she didn’t cut her weave cause that stuff is too expensive. I guess cutting her hair is the new being different. Bey always looks good anyway, whether its her ‘long hair don’t care’ or short hair. This diva knows how to work it and put on an A list performance.

  • Boondocks

    We all know that wig wasn’t Beyonce’s real hair. It doesn’t really matter. Her real hair may have been long once upon a time. But you basically seen the length it was on Cadillac Records that was her real length. She’s probably cutting it for a new style and also so she can grow it back healthier and stronger. Maybe she should die it black or something. I was getting tired of that wig. In the hair department….Beyonce is so boring with it…so I think this will be refreshing to see for awhile. I think she should dye it black

  • Sarah O’Riley

    ANYTHING for attention. She is a hard core addict for 24/7 attention and needs serious help. Sick and tired of her and any magazine/ site posting anything about her. She’s a horrific example for young women. Selfish diva with zero talent.

  • Mandyz hill
  • Really?

    It boggles the mind that there are people who fancy themselves as being BEYONCE HAIR EXPERTS. I wish she’d embrace her blackness and just go with a natural. Hahahahahaha like THAT will ever happen. Beyonce needs to sit her big ass down.

  • Nao

    I think long hair suit her wel, hope she will not keep that short hair for a long time

  • bobbi

    this is a joke. there is no way that someone who is essentially the biggest star in the world can do something so hideous. this is a joke.
    an atrocious joke.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it suits her. Beyonce is vaaavaavoom with the hair!

  • Anonymous’s mommy hair!

  • Coffeeschock

    She looks great with long hair, but short hair donĀ“t suit her very well, sorry.

  • Tara

    That is Charlize Theron’s hair cut. I cant stand weaves, great cut

  • http://bettinamcclendo Tina

    Nice B! People it’s just HAIR!! She is awesome and very talented!!

  • CeCe

    YES–FINALLY! I can get with this look, Bey…please keep it and give the wigs and weave a break. She’s a already beautiful, but this just takes her beauty to a whole new level. Work it, Bey!

  • Love The Shoes

    YES!!!!!! I’m not even a Bey fan but dmn this makes me happy and it looks amazing!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Bonnie: Bonnie Bubblehead, go away. You’re jealous that even if she had a sack on her head and a face drawn on that sack, she’d still make ppl look at you and say “dmn, I rather look like the sack.” Go away and take your real face with you.

  • Nellie

    I thought she was a man when i first saw the photo.This photo reveals she has a manly face,and that that weave was making her look like a woman,she already had a masculine face,but at least her fake long hair was better than this one.One more female celebrity trying to get attention by getting a male’s haircut.Nothing new here anymore…

  • Love The Shoes

    @CeCe: Yep to every word. It’s gonna mess up a whole lot of emulators though. They aren’t trying to not have fake flowing locks. It’s such a bore and tired and I’m just happy at least she said no more “for now at least.” I’m sure she’ll periodically change up but for now, I’m loving it.

  • http://jbryant03 Hi

    She does wear wigs too! Very expensive lace front and full lace wigs. She MAY wear extensions. A lot of celebs are geting away from sew ins bc they are damaging to the hair. So yes, she does wear weaves. Yes she wears wigs. (most of the time) She did cut her hair. And I think she looks fine. It’s just HAIR people!!! KMSL!!! Over it! NEXT! And good day!

  • bitchesbrew

    …who actually cares though?!?

  • hmmm

    Beyonce has millions upon millions, just because she can afford the most expensive most real looking hair weave or wig than your average ghetto mamma odes not mean her real hair was long and naturally blonde. What is it with black women it’s as if it’s an insult to her character to accept the woman has short hair. Big deal. Miley Cyrus has jumped ahead and chopped her very real long hair off and is rocking the short look..And she’s proud of it.
    I would be more impressed with Beyonce if she wore dread locks or an afro, cutting her hair off to look like a Miley wanna be is not shocking it’s just redundant.