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Beyonce Didn't Wear a Weave, Stylist Talks New Haircut

Beyonce Didn't Wear a Weave, Stylist Talks New Haircut

Beyonce‘s longtime stylist Kim Kimble has spoken out about her client’s brand new short hairdo that has shocked the world!

“I got a little teary eyed!” Kim said to People of the 31-year-old entertainer. “I’ve been working for her so long, she has this beautiful long hair and it’s hard to grow hair out. I feel like it’s my hair, I work so much with her. I feel a little emotional but excited for her too. Maybe I’ll cut my hair off now. Short hair, don’t care!”

“She had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement,” Kim said about Bey not simply wearing a weave and taking it off for the picture. “It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, sexy, bold and I can do it all. She’s the perfect model for that: A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself.”

“It had to be her decision,” Kim concluded. “This was a big step, and it’s perfect timing.”

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    I’ve got a bridge to sell you if you think that hair that was “cut” was her natural hair. She removed her extensions. PERIOD.

  • lola-c

    It’s not that serious for official statements

  • Leah

    Finally Beyonce needed a new hair style. The long honey blond locks was getting old.

  • karen

    She had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement,”

    WHAT statement would that be??

  • blahblah

    The title is misleading because it’s not true. She never says Beynce doesn’t wear a weave, she just says Beyonce had long hair, which she does. Sometimes, she would put in extensions or wear a weave, but it was not an indication that she didn’t have hair. Here’s a photo of her rocking her real hair. You can tell it’s real cause you can see her scalp.

  • blahblah


    You’re an idiot who probably thinks that just because someone wears a weave or extensions, they have no hair. First of all, you have to braid your hair to be able to sew in a weave. If her hair was ever this short, she would’ve been wearing wigs and not extensions or weaves. Since she hasn’t been wearing full on wigs for a while, it means she had hair. Educate yourself about Black women and their hair. Once again, here’s a photo of her real hair. You can’t see someone scalp if they are just wearing a wig or weave.

  • chelsey

    Umm, she wore wigs. No offense.

  • hmmm

    Is her transformation into a white woman complete yet….? or is this another in a series of stages….

  • Irina

    What is that statemen? Of course it comes from an employee, it is ridiculous!

  • shesaidso

    long or short hair. she still aged pretty bad. Shakira with 36 looks even younger than her.

  • Hannah

    @shesaidso: not really

  • reading this $het made my day



    It’s not great on her, it’s change a lot her face.

  • Wow

    She looks like a regular chick now. That won’t last long.

    Also, ” the world was shocked???” Really??? I’m not. She probably cut it due to damage from the weaves and hair glue.

  • Yohji

    She made a statement? That hair has been so popular for years now. Carey Mulligan was one of the first celebrities to revive that style and then Halle Berry chopped it off again after so many years.

  • YAWN

    bey copying rihanna AND miley. stupid illuminati b******. sacrificing their hair for the devil just cause they think its the year to be bald, i mean bold looool.

  • Hmmm

    Still wondering why she’s trying to be blonde….

  • blahblah


    Women cut their hair everyday. Miley and Rihanna didn’t invent a haircut. You must be in high school, perhaps I’m giving you too much credit cause I would hope a high school student is smarter and more mature than you appear to be right now.

    For those of you who can’t comprehend, including JJ, her hairstylist never said she didn’t wear a weave, just that she had long her. Beyonce herself never made a statement about her cut, People magazine sought out her stylist and interviewed her.

  • ladyb

    Excuse me let me go throw up.

  • you

    this is THE WORST publicity EVER.

    why lie about the hair?!!!!

  • kelsey

    She wore wigs and weave. Black women do not have long flowing hair like that. And for all the rah-rah statements she makes about black power, she sure does want to be white.

  • blahblah


    You are an idiot. She’s a Black woman with hair. I am a black woman with long hair. Sometimes, people like you need to STFU because you sound ignorant and embarrass an entire race. She’s a light skin Black woman. Stop flattering yourself thinking everyone wants to be white. Once again, here’s her real hair. Educate yourself before you make your ignorant statement to a Black woman in real life.

  • Alaia

    Remember when she used to be very private? Now she’s such a famewhóre. Posting stuff like this, those stupid Pepsi adverts and that awful documentary.

  • angela

    Some of you guys are so dumb. Obviously she cut her hair in ADDITION to taking out the extensions.

  • Jessie

    Why does a powerful wealthy woman need to cut her her to make a statement? If she’s making so much of a statement, why didn’t she go back to her natural hair color? She’s just another celebrity wanting attention and trying to keep up with the younger women in the business.
    kelsey @ 08/08/2013 at 4:39 pm #21 some black women DO have long and thick hair, although Beyonce did wear extensions. She didn’t have to make a production out of having shorter hair now. People would have notice without the announcement.
    She’s a pretty woman, but I don’t get all the hoopla about her singing. Meh. She’s a lot of flash.

  • Katie

    This is a sad day in music. We are given a statement that a Barbie Doll Pop Star took off her wig, cut off her extensions, cut her remaining thinning hair, and had a pixie haircut. NO ONE CARES! I am so sick of Beyonce thinking her every move is news worthy. I wish the world could go back to the days of real singers who were not overly concerned about their image. Jim Morrison…where are you??? Marvin Gaye, Janis Joplin, even Celia Cruz…Aaliyah…anybody.. please!

  • Reba

    @Hmmm: same reason EVERYONE else is too!

  • RL

    Not that serious to me, but Kim is implying her REAL hair was long and thick, not her WEAVE. Black women alternate between sew-in weave, or lace front weave. Furthermore the two help to grow and protect our hair strands. Plenty of black women have long flowing hair, but have weaves/wigs to create the color, style cut they want without sacrificing there real hair. Any race of women can have long hair.

  • Alanso… hair dresser

    No, black women don’t have hair that’s long or straight or wavy hair, it’s always a weave… All them have kinky hair some can straighten like Michelle Obama put it kinky straight hair and it isn’t white/ Asian texture that all these black actress and models have. Give people a brake with the bullsh*t, even half white chicks like Hally Berry need extensions ….. And Beyonce didn’t have a weave she had a wig… That massive , blond long hair wasn’t a weave it was a wig.

  • A

    @Alanso… hair dresser: Um, no. I have long natural hair, it’s thick and wavy. Sorry to burst your ignorant bubble. I’ve never worn a “weave” in my entire life and I am fully black.

  • Lillian

    It made her unrecognizable. I don’t know if that was done on purpose. I guess when you have the kind of money she does, what difference does it make. She still has that voice. I cut my hair short recently and hate it. Never had it before, but I wish I can grow it back overnight. It takes a lot of work to make it stylish and you have to constantly wash it to make it look good. I hate it

  • you

    @Alanso… hair dresser:


    get some class.

  • Mare

    A woman cut her hair, what is the big deal? Pathetic.

  • Dolores

    @Mare: It’s not because she has short hair. It’s because her people are trying to make us believe that the long hair she had before was her real hair. Everybody knows that she wore weaves and wigs.

  • Alanso… hair dresser

    @a… Ah your full of it , name one black actress who has long , not kicky like when Oprah or Michelle Obama straighten their hair ,it still has the black kinky hair texture… … Gabrielle Union.. Extensions, SANAA LATHAN natural and it’s at her shoulders or hair extensions, Kerry Washington, wigs, Rihanna hair extensions and wigs, Janet Jaskson, weaves, wigs, Hally Berry weaves , wigs… Tyra Banks , wigs, weaves, Naomi Campbell , wigs …Model, JOURDAN DUNN , weave .I’ve seen them all them . NONE HAVE NATURAL hair…not one model or actress… All fake hair…. And some of the people mentioned aren’t even black, their mixed .

  • Lisa

    Personally, I think Beyoncé looks absolutely STUNNING with her new short do. She definitely has the bone structure in her face to pull off a hairstyle that short. Regardless of Beyoncé’s hair length, she is and will always be an breathtakingly amazing and GORGEOUS woman.

  • Monae

    Just like I said before I knew this situation was going to be hyped for noooooo reason. I don’t understand how this women can literally sit there and say that was Beyonce’s real hair. If that was her real hair how come Solange’s hair looks the way it does? Aren’t they full sisters? How come blue’s hair doesn’t look that SPECTACULAR? Girl bye with this hyped for no reason lying just obviously for publicity bullcrap. There are people dying of starvation. Where is there publicity?

  • Beyonce Piano Sheets


    Afro-Americans can’t grow hair so long — it’s genetical

    lies around bey forever

  • My Comment

    It makes her look butch, it’s like she wants to be a man all of a sudden. I also don’t get the blonde business. Be natural Beyoncé or be gone.

  • http://CalifornI.A. Beyond Say

    Short hair on women makes them look fat and that’s a well known fact, plus blonde hair on afro chicks makes them look cheap and they really give me the creeps.

  • Robsten Fan

    Her voice is amazing and unique. She always buys the most ROMANTIC GIFTS FOR WOMEN at —>*** AthenaToysDotcom *** <—

  • A

    Not all black women have short hair or wear wigs and weaves. Sheesh, get out more and see the world. I can’t stand ignorant and uneducated people.

  • Jimmy

    When is Scary Cyrus gonna pipe up and claim that she’s copying her? Miley thinks anyone in the world with short hair right now only has it because of her. Even though some of us had it before she was born.

  • No Name

    I got lost somewhere what is the big importance of Beyonce taking out her weave and getting her hair and ends cut to a short length. When get their hair cut short everyday. I am just trying to understand if I am missing something didn’t she sign a ten year contract with L’Oreal hair product and she had to keep her hair a certain length and color. Well has the contract expired and now she can do whatever she wants to her hair. The short cut is nice once she get it style. I shaved my head bald and I liked it. I am thinking about having it shaved again. So women getting their hair cut short is no great deal.

  • Jay


    and the media feeds into too. and I LOL at “celia cruz”…rip the queen of salsa.

  • Jay

    correct me if I’m wrong, but doesnt she have some white in her? isnt her mom half white? and i don’t mean cause shes light skinned. which might explain her “long” non kinky hair some people are eluding she cant have cause shes black. btw, i’ve known black women that have long flowing hair that looked just like hers but they were mixed.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    SO Sexy!

  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Rih only wish she was this good looking!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Love Love