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Lea Michele Attending Teen Choice Awards for Cory Monteith Tribute?

Lea Michele Attending Teen Choice Awards for Cory Monteith Tribute?

Lea Michele is rumored to be making her first public appearance since the death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards tomorrow night (August 11) at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress has been seen a couple times since his death, but this will be her first time attending a public event.

There is reportedly a tribute being planned to honor Cory‘s life at the awards show and the entire Glee cast is expected to attend, according to People.

Lea is nominated for two awards at the show – Choice TV Actress: Comedy and Choice Style Icon.

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26 Responses to “Lea Michele Attending Teen Choice Awards for Cory Monteith Tribute?”

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  1. 1
    Elisa Says:

    well… TCA will be the end of me.. it’s gonna be so emotionnal..

  2. 2
    bob Says:

    she sure is milking his death. guess that’s why she an actress.

  3. 3
    Jimmy Says:

    It’s not like they were married, she will ride the wave off his death.

  4. 4
    Smdh Says:

    Of course she’s going to be there, mugging for the cameras…

  5. 5
    Lauren Says:

    She will milk this for all it’s worth. She is, and has always been, a shameless famewhre.

  6. 6
    Elisa Says:

    Bob, Jimmy, Smdh, Laurent (the same person of course) : you can go to hell. Seriously.

  7. 7
    yup Says:

    Maybe she’s not milking it.

    I didn’t keep up with Glee or their relationship too closely, but when I saw a pic of them they looked really happy and solid. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had been planning to get married. With that in mind, can you imagine how devastated you’d be if that was you? She’s just trying to support the guy she loved in as many ways as possible since those opportunities will now be limited.

    I think it’s really great of her since it’ll be difficult to do.

  8. 8
    Smdh Says:

    @Elisa: Actually, a.s.s.h.o.l.e, I was not the same person as the other posters. As shocking as it may seem to you, a group of people CAN have similar opinions differing from your almighty own. Just a funny little way the world works. RME. P.S. Bite me.

  9. 9
    Monica Says:

    OH GOD, people act including Lea Michele like she is a widow. Pathetic. And agree that everybody is milking the death of Cory (Lea, Glee, FOX, Ryan,his cousin, The actor guy Kevin Zegers, and now the TCA and possible the Emmys )
    Feel really sorry for his mom, who apart of losing his son, have to see how horrible and famewhores are the so called friends,colleagues, bosses and girlfriend of his son,,

  10. 10
    Jamie Yearout Says:

    Never watched the show but feel sorry for her loss.
    I lost my beloved husband a bit over 4 years ago after almost 33 years of marriage, and it is not easy. I know they were not married but from what I have read they seemed very close.

  11. 11
    Emma Says:

    milking? how can people be so cruel, you have know idea what she is going trough. If you dont have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself. stop judge people when you dont know them!!!!! stay strong Lea!

  12. 12
    Chris Says:

    @Emma: Yes Milking, they want to gain everything they can until the public and blogs focus to the next BIG news. And that’s gonna happen for sure when the tribute episode is done and Glee goes to hiatus for months.
    Even the producer of the Emmys said in an interview they are receiving pressure to do a tribute to Cory, the guy who never got nominated to the Emmys and was irrelevant to them.
    Now when the tribute airs on the Emmys everybody will know is because they are milking Cory’s death, as he doesn’t deserve it more than the others stars who died the same year.

  13. 13
    moon Says:

    Bob, Jimmy, Smdh, Laurent….Rebel is that you?

  14. 14
    hannah Says:

    how is she milking anything when she hasn’t commented on him or has only been since twice?

  15. 15
    Lim Says:

    @Monica: mom was milking it too on tweeter. And so was Cory’s cousin. Please stop being a *****. Lea has do go out and do things it isn’t her fault. The media is the ones milking it.

  16. 16
    pop Says:

    @hannah: they just like to spread hate.

  17. 17
    media is milking it Says:

    @yup: she isn’t milking it. She has madea tweet and this is her first public event. That isn’t milking it that is trying to go on with her life. It is not her fault the media and web sites like Just Jared feel the need to write stories on everything she does.

  18. 18
    Disappointed Reader Says:

    You’re absolutely sick. Lea lost the love of the life, the man she was going to marry, and the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. You can’t just expect her to completely forget and act like it never happened. This is a tragedy that has impacted everyone, not just fans of Glee. She’s strong for being able to go out and put a smile on her face when her boyfriend died so unexpectedly without so much as even a goodbye.

  19. 19
    Amy Says:

    Love of her life? Was he the love of her life when they were drinking together? Oh, that’s right, it was ‘controlled’ with a known addict. As long as she got her fame who the hell cared what happened to Cory. Clean for over a decade, gets with her, DEAD WITHIN THE YEAR. A private person being made public. It makes me sick and you’re the disgusting one going on and on about his “girlfriend” How about his long time friends who have remained quiet, his mother, his band members? Cause they are the ones who actually gave a crap about Cory.Lea is using this. telling the truth through Finn? then I want to see when Rachel knows all abut Finn’s problem but only cares when it suits her.

  20. 20
    Becca Says:

    @Amy: Thank you Amy for having some common sence. Lea was the only one we saw Cory drinking with. She drank with him DAYS before he entered rehab. She drank in front of him in NYC after he got out of rehab. Lea didn’t give a **** about him. If she did she wouldn’t have drank with him all those times knowing he was an addict and that he struggled with drugs and alcohol his whole life. I can promise you that Lea is going to use Cory’s death and addiction problems to sell her book and her album. She probably glorify herself for “supporting” Cory through his problem. She’ll probably stay quiet till then. Not talk to much in detail about it so when she has to do publicity for her book and album it will all be “news” and not just her repeating herself. I place a lot of blame on Lea for Cory’s death because she enabled him A LOT. And Cory would probably still be alive if they never dated. So next time you little shippers sit there are glorify Lea about her “supporting” Cory just remember there is no such thing as “controlled drinking” with an addicted. Although Cory made his own decisions, Lea enabled him, she played a part in his relapse, so she played a part in his death along with every other person who enabled him.

  21. 21
    Becca Says:

    So Lea found out about Cory’s death when she was out with her friends after it was publicly confirmed that Cory had died?
    Cory was suppose to fly back to LA after he checked out of his hotel room. How do you go almost 24 hours without talking to your boyfriend on a day he was suppose to fly home? How do you not get worried and call him or text him to see if he got home safe? They didn’t see each other for two weeks. You would think Lea would have wanted to see him when he got home or you know pick up her boyfriend from the airport. But instead she went to go drink with her friends.

  22. 22
    Paulina Says:

    @Becca: wrong conclusion. Her friends were over at her place, surely because they were keeping her company while she was trying to get hold of him, because she was worried. Some are determined to hate her no matter what, it seems.

    As for him drinking again… yeah he shouldn’t've, especially those last days, but he was fine drinking socially for a while and probably thought he could handle it. Brain biochemistry and addiction are very poorly understood, and someone can be fine for a long time and then something really minor can trigger relapse. (I’ve been wondering about some sort of injury; medication’s a common trigger, and how he acted makes a lot more sense if the relapse was short-term so he thought he could reset himself back to how he was before.)

    Did Cory get caught by trying to have a normal life? Maybe. But whatever happened, I’m glad he had someone like Lea to love him, in those last months. They both looked very genuinely happy, and it’s good that he had that, after all his past troubles.

  23. 23
    Paulina Says:

    As for Lea starting to make statements and appearances — the media aren’t going to leave her alone until she does, so it’s better to do it in a controlled way so she doesn’t get intrusive crap yelled at her. Because she is going to have to get on with her life, somehow, and her career; she’s used to working and she needs to keep going.

  24. 24
    Becca Says:

    @Paulina: “…they were keeping her company while she was trying to get hold of him, because she was worried.” You claim this as fact even though you have zero proof to support it. Do you just make up your own facts? And you claim that Cory was fine drinking socially when clearly he wasn’t. Anybody who really cares about an addict would never be willing to risk their loved one’s heath and sobriety by drinking with them.

  25. 25
    yup Says:

    @media is milking it: That’s literally what I said. Did you even read my comment? We’re in agreement.

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