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Ian Somerhalder & Alexis Knapp: 'The Anomaly' Posters!

Ian Somerhalder & Alexis Knapp: 'The Anomaly' Posters!

Ian Somerhalder looks handsomely intense while holding a gun in this newly released poster for his upcoming film The Anomaly!

The 34-year-old actor is joined in the film by the beautiful Alexis Knapp, who also holds a gun for a separate poster.

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The Anomaly centers on “a former soldier who is taken captive and awakens in the back of a van where he learns that he only has a few moments to figure out how he got there.”

Stay tuned, the flick is scheduled to be released sometime next year.

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  • Pattycake

    I can hardly think of two people less realistically cast as bad ass characters, much less bad ass and armed.

  • REALLY???

    What he really means is ‘Stay tuned, the flick is scheduled to be released DIRECT TO DVD sometime next year.”


    Anything Ian Somerhalder on this site is hilarious. He’s so desperate to matter. Doubt this ‘movie’ will help with that. Also his inability to I dunno…..ACT will probably hinder him as well.

  • LOL

    WHAT IS THE ANOMALY?? I already know! A straight to DVD flick nobody but their moms will see.

  • verox87

    you people are so mean..c’mon!

  • http://twiter clara

    my God every stupid comment you have know nothing about the movie and is like idiots c
    ommenting on what you do not know ….. Ian will pan!!!!

  • elena

    Love Ian Somerhalder I think he is an amazing actor. his portrayal of Damon on the vampire diaries is awesome no one else would of played Damon better …..cant stand that alexis knapp so called actress. I think her acting ability is below average and is basically taking her clothes off or acting like a sex mad slut…….Your 15 mins of fame is almost over Alexis Knapp ….thank god!!

    What is the Anomaly…no one gives a shit!!!

  • Bourbon Fan

    @LOSER: And yet you desperately search for every single Ian Somerhalder article on this site for you to spew all your hate on. Clearly you have nothing better to do, as your nickname implies, LOSER. Revel on the fact that you will never be as beautiful as he is, won’t have as cool a job as he does, you probably don’t even have any friends in real life, as he clearly does. So go ahead and HATE. At the end of the day, he will still be Ian Somerhalder, and all you’re ever gonna be is a troll.

  • Mkhay

    looks very lowbudget lol

  • Gina B.

    I love Ian Somerhalder and will support every project that he does, even if it means that I have to suffer through Ms. Knapp.

  • CC

    I will support Ian no matter what he is in. This movie sounds interesting. He has far more fans than haters, that was proof last night when he was a worldwide trend for hours. He is a beautiful genuine person, an inspirational person with a beautiful caring heart and he has a lot of love and is appreciative to his fans.
    These haters are really losers. They have a bitter hidden agenda because they are not getting their own way. Reminds me of a toddler stamping their feet. They are butt hurt and jealous that Ian gets more support than Paul Wesley or they want Ian with their Queen Nina. It will be one of those two …always the same. Give Alexis a chance, she might surprise you. I’ve been following her on Twitter and she’s a natural, down to earth, delightful girl.

  • http://IT'STRUE ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!

    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking. This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so they’re not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYBODY to know they can read minds!!! They will never admit they can!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  • @CC

    “I’ve been following her on Twitter and she’s a natural, down to earth, delightful girl”
    AND so was Reese Witherdrunk!

  • Bozo Head

    Knappyhead is a gold digging wh@re who lays down with everyone

  • Andrea

    Haters of Ian, in Brazil it is called “recalque” ! Ian is a talented actor and amazing person!! I love Ian!!

  • Wow

    @elena: Elena, I think your user name explains your need to bag Alexis. As a 26 year old single mom to a disabled son I find Alexis refreshing to juggle family and a career.
    I actually find Nina and that Hough friend that has changed and destroyed her so very typical Hollywood. Nothing special. Nothing different. Just trying too hard. So unnatural. So fake.
    Is everyone looking and talking about “My lipgloss, my hair, my nails, my boobs”? Life discovering hardships in mid twenties? Get in the real world honey.

  • lucy

    3,2,1……and the hate comments for ian somerhalder starts.
    i don’t know why you guys even bother to read about him when you can’t even appreciate what he does.
    that guy is an amazing actor and the proofs are lost, vampire diaries and the recent teen choice awards. use your mouths to say appreciate someone and not degrade them…………

  • catdog

    Well said WOW. Nina ditched Ian for Julianne Hough and now Ian is getting all the hate – so not fair – he seems like a good guy. Because Alexis Knapp dared to be in the same film as him, now she is getting hate – get a life people, if you don’t have something nice to say – shut the f..k up.

  • Talia

    B movie is complimentary in this case. It’s like a Lifetime movie…



    @LOSER We’ll just sit back then and wait to see the movie you star in lol

  • barni7

    i don’t like her

  • laviny

    “I’ve been following her on Twitter and she’s a natural, down to earth, delightful girl”?? ahahahahahahahahah

  • ellen

    @CC: could not agree more! Ian is a beautifull Man inside and out ,and has millions of fans and is beloved around the World. He will also be starring in a big Showtime Production by Cameron, a Mini Series, staring Mat Damon, Ian Somerhalder, Arnold Schwarzeneger, Harrison Ford , Michael C Hall and many more.

  • Jerry

    Well this looks laughably bad.

  • Melanie

    Hahahah and here we go again. Same Person hating on Ian, what are you? A stalker? Get a life dude! >.< Your Obsession with Ian is unhealthy!

    Anyway I'm really looking forward to see this Movie. Ian is a brilliant actor and he always has my support. The Posters are beautiful. His eyes <3

  • Fay


  • Mona

    I don’t know who Alexis is but I love Ian Somerhalder. I’m definitely going to watch this Movie :))))

  • Love this

    I cannot wait for the movie! Ian is a very very talented actor and the reason why TVD is still on air. I don’t know why pressed Nian stans show up and start hating. If you hate him move on, we want to appreciate and show our love for Ian. Anyway, enough attention to useless people. Can’t wait! The movie has me really confused in a good way. Crossing my fingers! Hope it’s hugeee

  • Janire

    I like him

  • Me

    I love Ian, he’s amaaazing! Can’t wait to see him in something different than TVD and the Movie sounds really interesting <3

  • metball

    left Nina out of this! I think you are obsessed with her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nina

    @Wow: thank you for this comment I couldn’t agree more!!!

  • allthebestIan

    So many hatred comments from NIAN and NINA fans.. whats wrong with you guys.. you have enough article about Nina recently, please go there and comment …why always coming here and showing bitterness , Nian and Nina fans are same like Nina Dobrev and her freinds ….

    Ian all the best dude , you are doing WELL and will do WELL …. you are truly looking amazing in the Anamoly poster and so is Alexis.. Actually alexis is very nice and down to earth girl ….

  • elena

    hmm its called a comment section for a reason they want people to comment…all i said was my feelings on the acting ability of both people. I have nothing against Ian Somerhalder I think he is great in many ways but…. So far all we have seen from Alexis Knapp is that she knows how to take her clothes off in movies #fact…also i saw her in pitch perfect and thought her acting skills were mediocre at best… she has a child yeah so what there are lots of single mothers out there, it would be nice to actually see her spend more time been a mother then if she wants people to take her seriously.

  • catdog

    @elena – who they hell are you to judge Alexis Knapp’s parenting skills? How do you know how much time she spends with her daughter? Woman has to WORK to EARN A LIVING so she can give her daughter a good upbringing. So you think her acting skills are mediocre – wtf as well as an expert on parenting skills, you also think you’re a friggin movie critic too?

  • allthebestian


    who are you to judge Alexis parenting skill and who has given right to speak about her motherhood..she atleast work hard ( even she has to do nude scenes, most actresses of hollywood have done isharon stone, amanda syfried, julia robets etc etc ) to pay the bills and raise her child on her own rather than hanging around with the guys naked on the beach , climbing on their back , kissing them , partying, talking about lipstick, dress and self promoting herself everywhere etc etc …

    Give this girl a break and leave her alone and stop judging her just because she has done movie with Ian and you guys are not liking it .. who r u to judge her acting skill , you should better judge your idols acting skill and suggest her to improve ..

    I am glad Ian and Alexis did movie together and may be become friends and i respect that ….

  • mary


  • Neko

    @Bozo Head: How dare you say that to her. you don’t even know her. lol

  • welsy

    Humm , I wonder If they’re still a “thing” cause they were seen making out at the London airport month and a half ago, and even spent a nice vacation in Italy… but maybe they split …Idk… confused.

  • hahah

    @Welsey ..Were you there with them at London Airport and Italy or just making up stories, aleast Ian is linked with only one girll BUT what about Nina Dobrevo who says she is not one night stand girl n then making out with unknown men in Thailand, making out with Derek Hough and Making out having pasta dinner with Mike Salling ,how come all her stories published everywhere and papparzi could not find about Ian ..
    MAY BE NINA IS WAY TOO POPULAR AND take reports everywhere ????

    If Henry Cavil and coco can breakup in 2 weeks romance ..This is Hollywood …Do not be confused dear.. Ian, Nina, Alexi, Derek, Mark all of them are single n do whatever they want ..

  • Amy

    All i can smell is a bunch of Paul/Nina and Stelena shippers here. Stop being jealous freaks and don’t even start with that crap “I’m not jealous” because you are. DEAL WITH IT!!!

  • Cyntana

    Honestly, I don’t see how anyone can comment on this movie-we don’t know enough about it. I like Ian, like Noel Clarke don’t know anything about Alexis Knapp or the Helmsworth brother. We will have to wait and see closer to the movie’s release.

  • amanda

    ian acts??????????????????????????????????????????????? WOW…..

  • sepide

    i think ian will be one of the best acter in the world one day .
    i pay for him
    my hasbend and i love him

  • AMY

    The post look the movie is probably direct to dvd.

  • saghar

    i think the movie will be greate and ian will play perfect
    ian is my favourite actor

  • masoud

    i’m wating for this movie cos ian is the best .
    he always looks brilliant
    my wife and i love him very much

  • elena

    Alexis knapp try spending more time been a mother to your daughter and not at concerts and festivals, try doing something in films other than acting like yourself been slutish, and taking your clothes off and people might actually respect you. …although I wouldn’t hold my breath

    What is the anomaly…?? one big waste of time probably.

  • Sandi

    Love and respect Ian, and love the Vampire Diaries. Ian is involved in causes such as animal rescue etc.

  • catdog

    @elena – showing your true colors in that last post – how do you hate someone so much when you obviously have never met her, don’t know her…