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Justin Bieber Goes Butt Naked with a Guitar in Leaked Photos!

Justin Bieber Goes Butt Naked with a Guitar in Leaked Photos!

Justin Bieber goes completely nude with just a guitar covering his private parts in these new photos from October 2012 leaked to TMZ.

The pictures were taken while he was spending the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday at his grandma’s house in Toronto. He reportedly overslept that morning and when he heard family and friends moving around the house, he decided to play a little prank on them by going nude.

Justin‘s grandma was supposedly amused by the incident, but begged him to put some clothes on. Lol!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s butt naked photos?

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justin bieber goes butt naked with guitar in leaked photos 01
justin bieber goes butt naked with guitar in leaked photos 02

Photos: TMZ
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  • groundcontrol

    Oh, dear. Another “funny” incident. Has he had a mental health assessment recently? There are some troubling signs showing. He’s at the age when certain mental illnesses manifest themselves. I hope it’s all just youthful stupidity or arrogant star syndrome.

  • Wexler

    He is so unattractive. What do young girls see in him? Eww and gross.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    When I just saw this I swear’d u in my native language! STOP THIS PORNOGRAPHY! THIS’S BEYOND FUNNY!!!

  • Jo

    I’d hit that

  • nr007


  • bwahaha

    You can only feel sorry for him…he has fame and fortune because of all the little girls with no brain…I swear whenever I see them going nuts over this dude I feel like punching them…

  • BetterThanYou

    Gain some weight man.



  • rosadimaggio63

    Da rinchiudere in manicomio e buttare via la chiave !
    Pazzo da legare da quando a raggiunto la popolarità, forse più per le sue bravate che per le sue qualità canore !

  • Mara

    I didn’t know anything could be so simultaneously childish and disturbing.

  • df

    what a loser

  • Jenna

    He doesn’t need that big a guitar to hide his c0ck. A harmonica would have done the job just fine, little guy!

  • Jeremy Handler

    I don’t know about a “normal” family but I don’t think I ever remember a holiday where someone in my family showed up naked with a guitar and we rushed to get our cell phones to take a pic. Add to that now that someone has “leaked” them for what I believe would be compensation of some sort, just goes to show a truly dysfunctional family on so many levels.
    If he really wants to be “known for his music” tell him to put on a shirt, get to the studio and stop releasing press bombs, shirtless selfies every 15 minutes & learn to keep his drugs and mishaps PRIVATE! Two words to define him: Attention Whore. Turn off the cameras and hope he will go away.

  • MaryDtn9

    More Media guessing games, fodder and/or BS!
    Got nothing to say, then lie and just make it up.
    Forget the B$hit. Forget the Haters. Don’t hate.
    Stay cool. Wait for the facts. Don’t judge.
    Take the high road. Who cares and so What! NBD
    If it’s on the web it must be true. LOL
    Neanderthals are not extinct.
    They morphed into Haters and Liars.

  • Justinebaby

    Hahahaha….!!!! Crying…..this is brilliant! I would hit that!!! With a guitar…lol…awwwww he is cute :)

  • Mel

    Awww bless, they’re giving his little bum an airing, probably got diaper rash.

  • Justinebaby

    Stop hating you haters!!! He is cute and he has a nice voice, leave the babebiebs alone!!!!

  • annie


  • selena

    isn’t this called incest?

  • Mike_54

    @bwahaha: yessss, we must feel sorry for him and all of his millions and millions of $, hits, platinum albums, sold out tours, number of times he travelled the world, tons of best cars.. I really feel sorry for him LOL

  • Mike_54

    @Jeremy Handler: it’s not Justin who takes shirless selfies every 15 minutes problem, but the world and tmz generation that’s obssessed with it!!!

  • Alejandro

    someone help him pleaseee!!!. he is the new amanda bynes!

  • farnaz

    i know he did damn things… but please understand him…. some1 thinks if some1 is famous and rich never has any problem but that is not true…. he is so so young and young people could make mistakes!

  • Ann

    don’t understand all the haters comments. he’s young and he is having fun and it’s a nice pic :)

  • louis


    the ‘tmz generation” will be the downfall of america if not the whole world

  • justmexxxx

    its Photoshop you don’t even see all his tattoos it just stupid!!!!! but his face looks cute…… <3

  • Mel

    What a little turd.

  • Rose

    I love Justin before, but damn who goes nude in front of his grandmother?

  • Midian

    @MaryDtn9: Why don’t you throw a few cliches in there as well?

  • DillPickle

    Looks like Grandma in that one shot, has got her hand on his instrument. Who took these pics he’s posed for anyways? Sic!!!

  • LemonHead

    Looks like Grandma in that one shot has got her hand on his ‘instrument’. Who took these pictures he posed for? Sic!!!

  • Get Real

    This guy is a train wreck waiting to happen! He’s the poster child for what happens when fame and fortune hit you too young. He’s let power go to his head and he’s lost his sense of reality, not to mention he could be snorting everything but his socks! Kid needs his parents to intervene and take charge and not use him as their cash cow before it’s too late.

  • hiya

    euw back then i totally respected him for his enormous success but right now, i don’t know what to say, i’m speechless. its like he’s taking advantage towards his success thinking that people still ‘like’ him when he does crazy things like this. omg no.

  • http://@astridveliz Astrid


  • enigma

    Even gays dont like his asexual as*

  • sophie

    so pathetic…a
    anyway who is the old lady? :D

  • Am I late to the party?

    Possible explanation….
    …It’s a long story…ihihih ;)

  • Jimmy

    Is that Miley Cyrus?

  • nr007
  • matt

    well-rounded attracted buttocks:he is naked cuz he wants to expose and offer his assets.his buttocks!

  • Diedre

    Gross. That poor guitar…

  • Koskalaka Maricón

    Parents of Justin Bieber (Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber): Where the hell are you? Your son is out of control…AGAIN! If you can’t transform him into a more genteel gentleman, THEN HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT! More embarrassing than your son’s behavior is your shameful abdication of parenting and failure to influence and to discipline him to behave as a proper young gentleman. When his fame has flamed out, he’ll be remembered as an adolescent joke of a talent, tarnished by his ongoing teenage shenanigans.

  • Bulla

    You want to punch little girls?
    I think you’re the one we should feel sorry for.

  • Bulla

    yes, it is called incest, since he clearly has his cock up her vagina.

  • A Finn

    As a Finn, who is used to go in the sauna with family members and friends, I cannot see any problem in Justin being nude (actually semi nude) within the family.

    The problem is somebody sharing these pictures (if not intentional), which must be very insulting, and secondly all the negative comments about Justin. He has the right to be just like himself (and he is even cute).

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    He has the body of a GIRL!

  • Glen Michaelsen

    Hahaha – This is so funny!

  • donniemask12

    The ass is absolutely delicious, I would love a taste!