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Lea Michele: Teen Choice Awards Speech Video - Watch Now!

Lea Michele: Teen Choice Awards Speech Video - Watch Now!

Lea Michele tears up while giving an emotional speech on stage at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (August 11) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress made her first public appearance since the death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith to accept the award for Choice TV Actress: Comedy for her work on Glee.

READ: The full transcript of Lea Michele‘s heartbreaking speech

Earlier in the day, Lea was spotted all smiles while attending a private party in Brentwood.

Lea Michele’s Speech at the Teen Choice Awards 2013

15+ pictures inside of Lea Michele on stage at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Sabreen

    I’m sorry, I find it a bit inappropriate to pay tribute to a bunch of kids at a “kids award show” to a guy who killed himself with heroin and alcohol. Not a proper venue.

  • Mike

    Are they celebrating themselves yet again? They act like this guy died some tragic death, he used heroin. Did it to himself.Yeah, lets honour the junkie so the kids can really have a great role model, wth?? + It feels like shes milking it.

  • ferdinand

    She just LOVES getting attention. Keep the tears coming, Lea. It may translate into ratings.

  • Kjt2013

    I’m not even a fan of the show, so I’m not jumping to lea’s defense like a glee groupie or anything, but I just thought I’d say you guys’ comments are really nasty and cold hearted. You can tell she was speaking from the heart. It must have been so hard for her to express herself like that to the world. I get Cory died of an overdose, but it doesn’t make what happened any less tragic. What if that was your significant other? Friend? Or son? People that are as judgmental and nasty as the other readers commenting on this post should keep their callous-ness to themselves. The people with good hearts are moved and sympathetic. Always put yourself in another mans shoes before you cast judgment their way.

  • RED

    Ok its sad that she lost him and brave to act gracefully, however, that happens everyday people die worse WITHOUT choice and he did it to himself!! a month ago she was annoying and hated, I bet she is LOVING all this publicity and thinking she is the next michelle williams or something. I honestly saw the video and was sad but there were no tears and no breaking down and the speech seemed rehearsed. People need to realise that celebrities aren’t important people and his death was sad but not effective or relevant to their lives. He was talented but was also a stupid druggie. Drugs make you stupid and drugs can kill. All this emoting over him is ridiculous.

  • soni

    What they hell is wrong with you guys!! She lost someone she loved very much, yes he died of an overdose, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be heartbroken. I love Lea Michele and all the character and actors on Glee. They too lost a friend. Let me ask you all, if you lost a friend to an overdose, would you wan you friends to tell you to get over it, he was junkie? I don’t think so. Be nice to someone who just lost a person she truly loved. Whether she is an actress or a regular person, the pain is the same.

  • Touched

    Seems like a heartfelt and loving speech.
    I think it’s good his situation became news because it show kids the
    affects of taking drugs… addiction, isolation, unhappiness and sometimes death. It is easy for kids to start taking drugs recreationally, so this is a wake up call. He had everything, but lost it all. Very sad.

  • Bianca

    Respect for this beautiful, strong woman! I cried my eyes out during her speech..

  • Idril

    She is very strong.

  • Lena

    He may chose to use drugs, but he was young. An addiction is not a joke, it’s serious, an illness. He definitely did not choose to die. I don’t understand how some people can be so hateful, like he didn’t even matter because he was an addict. He wasn’t a serial killer, he wasn’t an abuser, he was just an addict. He tried to get better. Cory was probably a much better person addiction ar not, that all the people who call him a druggie and saying he doesn’t deserve to be grieved. He was great, he touched many peoples hearts, may he rest in peace <3

  • Danae

    She may be all smiles, but her eyes are giving it all away. She is in deep mourning; she may not show it though, to avoid comments about being fake and unnecessary grief…and there we go with all the comments how she got over it and is already happy.
    I hope none of those mean anons will have to go through such a loss.

  • Me

    If you knew a tiny bit more about Cory you would know he was absolutely adorable young man…who was positive and was very giving to his fans.. The fans are exactly this bunch of kids at this awards !!
    Did he die from overdose …?! yes he did !! As well It is been seen as a mental illness and often you can not refer to it as a personal choice !! He made a difference while living and probably when dying..
    and who are YOU ??
    No ONE hiding behind keyboard and spitting hate for entertainment !

  • Me

    @Danae: such a public watch while mourning ..

  • Chris

    Sad Lea have to endure all this just for some guy who didn’t care for anyone but get high and doing heroine. He only went to rehab because his boss and gf tried to saved him (obligated it to go), he only wanted to save his job.
    Just wait in a few months as all this hoopla about this guy die like him, and even Lea gets a new and more deserving boyfriend.

  • annie

    theres a lesson to be learned from this for kids. apt venue, imo.

  • Rebecca

    Okay I get it that she lost someone she was dating and loved. Okay get that but it needs to reeled in a bit now. At this point she just wants attention. He was a drug addict who died from a drug overdose. Yes she is mourning but it needs to be reeled in now. They were not married, they were just dating. At this point her grief is most likey due to her guilt, she most likely was his enabler.

  • Jaque

    you are so mean.

  • Kay

    Wow i didnt know humans can be so heartless and cruel.

    Drug addiction is a disease. Its a deadly disease. Read up articles and do some research before you make such heartless comments.

    It physically and mentally binds you. Cory spoked openly about his drug addiction and not once did he act like he was proud of the addiction he had.

    the comments i see here really make me doubt my faith in humanity.

    Pssh. Americans.

  • N

    Some comments on here r absolutely disgusting, I hope they never have to go through anything like this.

  • superjosh

    Yes, he died due to an addiction to drugs, but it doesn’t change the fact that he has fans out there and deserves to be memorialized. He was always good to them so no need for you unsympathetic posters to tarnish this small moment.

  • loveforlea

    I have nothing but love and light for this girl. She handled everything with poise and grace. She obviously loved cory (and still does). I can’t believe there are so many heartless human beings out there. Yes he died of an overdose… addiction is a crazy disease. If you have nothing good to say or better to do.. please don’t say anything anymore. Its crazy how people are mean they can get. I don’t know lea personally (obviously) and cory but they seemed like a nice and genuinely sweet couple. So sad for lea… She has to cope with the pain of losing a love one, her soulmate maybe… and now she has to endure all the bashers and haters in the world..mostly in America (sad). She will never win here ..she shows courage and strength ,,, she get bashed for it.. she didn’t cry enough (WTH is that.. for all you know she was trying to compose herself).. and if she did break down infront of everyone she’ll be called fake and a drama queen. Its a lose lose for her.. Guys give her a break. I bet her emotions, thoughts, feelings is one crazy rollercoaster ride right now. all mixed up and intense.

    People need to be more loving and caring.

    oh and No i’m not some teeny bopper fan. Just a normal human being who believes that we all need to be nicer to one another.

  • Amy

    @Sabreen: Just because he was an addicted doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good person. He just had a bad addiction that he did try and get help but it didn’t work. Stop being such a hateful little bitch.

  • British Latin American

    @Lena: Thank you for what you said about Cory and for pointing out the flaws of the people implying that Lea or anyone else shouldn’t be sorry that he died just because he was an addict. These people have no understanding of addiction or compassion.